Let the memory of deeanne be with us forever
  • 19 years old
  • Born on March 10, 1980 .
  • Passed away on February 20, 2000 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, deeanne dorkins-chetter 19 years old , born on March 10, 1980 and passed away on February 20, 2000. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Peter Chetter on 10th March 2019
Love you always doll I miss you more every year feels like a life time ill never stop loving missing you love you millions my baby xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 10th March 2019
Hiya deeanne happy birthday my baby girl all grown up now 39 I feel old but my heart is still full of you the love I have will always be there till we meet again doll please watch over us xxxx missing you forever xxxxxxx mum
Posted by Peter Chetter on 20th February 2017
Hello our baby girl missing you always not just today we went to your garden yesterday you weren't there cos your safe in our hearts forever ours we love you angel xxxx my daughter my world xxx love dad an mum xxxx
Posted by Maria Rogers on 26th August 2016
I love u so much doll my Emma looks more n more like u everyday she's funny sarcastic kind n loving just like her aunty deeanne I put her pic up with her holding your balloons we sent up to you I heard someone call my name the other night I was on the sofa it was a lady n she spoke to me again the next day I don't know if it was u because u never called me Maria please can u protect us if its a not so nice lady pj felt her push him and saw a figure at the top of the stairs I think my gift I kicking in big time I hope it helps me to see you love u so much my doll xxxxxxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 18th May 2016
Hello my baby hoping your still with me but I no you're moved on an upward now your at peace sitting along side the Angeles I love you so much deeanne your still our world never be any different I really wish that day never happened I wish I could change that day so much pain we will never never for get to love you our baby girl see you soon sweetheart kisses from mum an dad xx
Posted by Maria Rogers on 21st March 2016
Hi my doll sorry I haven't been on here but I know your not on here I hope you got our balloons on your angelversary and on your birthday
Posted by Maria Rogers on 21st March 2016
Doll please look after your princess for me until we can all be together xxxxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 16th March 2016
LOVE YOU DOLL missing you loads my baby girl xxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 13th March 2016
Hi doll been thinking about you all week wishing you were still here wondering if I'd be a grandad by now iam thinking that I would miss you so much doll life is so empty with out you my princess you was my life loved you more then anyone more then my own life if I could have you all over again I would remembering the day you was born peaceful and when we took you back to our caravan how all the travellers bought you gifts so meny people wanting to hold you so tiny you only weighed 6.2 that's where I got your name from they said you looked ike a china doll I felt this overwhelming love for you I was so proud of you xxx I still love you like the first day nothing can change my love for you doll my first born my heart xxx millions of kisses doll shed loads of love xxx my angel xxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 11th March 2016
Thank you doll for the song you sent us it made me believe that you felt our pain yesterday and today love you millions our baby girl xxx loads of love all ways dad an mum xxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 10th March 2016
Hello my birthday girl I hope your having a party with all gods angel's and all your friends miss you my baby girl 36 today love you so much not just today everyday all ways love an miss you so meny years still we are going be together soon I still see your face still remember you deeanne your my world love you birthday girl xxxxx what a life to take why you x loads of love mummy loves you dollyanne dad loves you to the moon an back xxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 10th March 2016
Hello my baby girl my princess love you so much I think about you all the time I miss you so much your my first born ill never love anyone as much as I love you my special angel 36 today words cant explain how much I hurt when you were taken it still hurts now .you will always be my one and only princess my heart I love you above all others happy birthday love you doll xxxxxxxx see you soon princess
Posted by Maria Rogers on 30th November 2015
Hello doll I cant believe its nearly another Christmas without you I cant sleep anymore I cant think everything hurts I want to see you so bad I want you to cuddle me n tell me it will all be ok like you used to I miss you so much I will never get over losing you you were the only one who really knew me at all as the words are in our song I didn't understand or have a clue did I I still don't really you know what I mean about how you felt you his it so well always with a smile and a laugh the prettiest smile in the world I love you so much xxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 20th September 2015
Hello my dollyanne its. Mum I no you probably no that iv just been listening to. A song called dancing in the sky it made me cry iam very down at the moment you came to see me just like I asked ill never ask you again doll it hurt so much I was ill for days I loved seeing you I get it now I understand why I really tried to get you to stay I really did I miss you so very much my daughter iam crying writing this it feels like iam grieving all over again iam so sorry I was a bad mum I can only hope and pray you forgive me ifeel like being with you ill never get over losing you never never I love you deeanne love you xxxxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 12th September 2015
Hello doll iv been really busy but all so been struggling iv just got a job can you believe that a proper job its only in a kitchen but it helps as its only me working its so hard doll we struggle all the time we planned to go to your garden but just don't have money it play's on our mind hope you understand doll we love an miss you so much mum keeps having dreams about you really nice dreams mum say's there not dreams and that you come see her I hope its true doll pls could you come see me one more time doll just a minute pls doll I want to feel how mum feels she say's you look like an angel and I believe that but if you could come see me I no iam probably asking to much I miss you my baby girl hurts so much xxxxx mum's got a bad back again she's been poorly she has a hospital appointment coming up soon but I think you no that x so pls doll keep an eye on mum xxx love you my princess xx dad xx
Posted by Maria Rogers on 31st August 2015
Hi doll you have been on my mind so much lately i been sharing memories with the old crowd miss u so much no matter wat i do or write or say it doesnt ease the pain i love u so much xxxxxxxx <3
Posted by Maria Rogers on 5th August 2015
Love u so much doll i got your song that i want to put on here from google but it will only let me do it on a computer or laptop your on my mind day n night and u have half my broken heart im strugglng so bad doll ita just me n kids i wish i was with u sometimes life so hard i cant cope too good i got 2 academy uniforms to buy shoes expensive pe kitsbags ties blazers shirts botto.s for em n pj n same for baylee n i just had to buy em n pjs bus pass what cost 500 for both as i got them halp price all my life no one ever cared about me except u n ma as u callled her us 3 were were the only real family i ever had and my uncle peter i cant cope n got uncle pete xxxxxxx
Posted by Maria Rogers on 29th July 2015
Im sorry doll i havent had a phone for ages so couldnt get on here but your on my every min of everyday emma is so much like u doll its mad she has your nose n curly hair n she has your nutty ways n has us all in stit ches like her aunty deeanne i miss u doll sp bad plz watch over pud he needs us aĺl to be strong i am writing to him love u xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 11th July 2015
Hello my special baby girl its your brother's birthday today iam gutted I could not see him iv been thinking about him all day I wish I could have wished him happy birthday but I think he's slag of a mother stopping me from seeing him never mind ill see him when he comes out she can go fuck herself dirty tramp she is ........... Oh sorry baby girl just needed to tell you xxxxx love you doll xxxx wish you was here you would have beat her arse hahah missing you doll xxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 5th July 2015
Sorry doll for yesterday asking for your help that was really selfish of me must have looked like I only talk to you when I need help sorry baby girl just been desperate to see tye love you loads my special girl as always thinking of you wishing you were here with me now xxxxx love your dad xxxxxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 4th July 2015
Hello baby girl well what a mess tyes been and got him self nicked he's in prison just when I thought nothing else bad could happen iv been ringing the place up trying to go see him not sure why I cant see him something about the needs to leave. Paperwork at gate could you help me doll to go see your brother on my own I don't want to be near his dog of a so called mum so if you could my angel pls help me to see him thank you my baby girl love you loads for ever in my heart
Posted by Maria Rogers on 9th June 2015
Yes that was the song is it ok with you and the second one all day long but just wanted dancing I the sky on here for doll xxxx
Posted by Maria Rogers on 31st May 2015
Hi doll sorry I couldn't stay long at your garden and I wish I could come more often the trains are too expensive you don't have to thank me I mss my big sister so much your garden looks beautiful and me and Emma took some photos with u there your on my mind and my heart hurts constantly doll please look over us all especially mum and be there for there wedding ❤
Posted by Maria Rogers on 31st May 2015
I love ❤ u n will never get over losing you till the day I die and my heart ♥ will be healed as we will be together again and I visit your garden as much as I can till I'm with you xxxxxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 24th May 2015
Hello my baby girl loads of love ❤ from your dad an mum xxxxx heavenly hugs and kisses' just wanted to say thank you to Maria for visiting you its nice to know that at least Maria can go out of her way to remember you and visit your garden she lives so far away but still comes to see you thank you x
Posted by Maria Rogers on 23rd May 2015
Hi my doll sorry I haven't been on here for ages I haven't had no internet I'm proper skint me and Emma went t tour garden on Wednesday and it looks beautiful just like u love n miss u every second of everyday xxxxxxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 20th April 2015
Hello my baby Anne iv been missing you so much if only I could go back to when you were born if I had only known how special you were I cry when iam alone I miss you my angel I just cant seem to get put of pain I feel a million times over its like a video just plays and plays over and over iam really down pls deeanne pls one more time pls I just want to hold you kiss cuddle you talk smile pls deeanne pls xxx if you can iam losing faith. Xx. Love you my angel xxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 15th April 2015
Hello my doll just wanted to share with you I have a job i love it me working bet you cant believe that haha at last my life sorted out miss you still doll xxxx loads of love my very special baby girl love you forever my life my love always with you pls look after family xxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 21st March 2015
Sometimes doll I catch myself thinking we're you really here its so long doll time has left you behind me iam old your still young will you no me when I knock on your door of course you will don't forget me doll I miss you everyday everyday not on special days all days doll my heart still cry's for you my special sweet baby girl xxx your for ever dad xx love you deeanne xxx
Posted by Maria Rogers on 21st March 2015
Doll please look after mum dont let anything happen to her. Please i love n miss u so much we need u more than ever now doll mums ill im ill look over n protect us xxxxxxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 20th March 2015
Hello doll pls can you look after your mum she's not well going for heart scan iam panicking just in case she had chest pains look after her pls doll she's not ready to go yet I need her its to soon doll look after mum my angel xxxxx love you lots my baby girl xxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 19th March 2015
Hello my doll been lots of changes happen life might just be better something good you no what that is pls can you help me with this doll love you lots my baby girl xxx love you xx
Posted by Maria Rogers on 15th March 2015
Posted by Peter Chetter on 15th March 2015
Hello my daughter mothers day today I really wanted to be a mum but your not here been upset just want yo be a mum wanted grandkids wanted to be with you here on mothers day wanted to see your face hear you laugh see your smile just 1 more day 1 more moment missing you so much deeanne pls send me a flower I so desperately need you love you my dollyanne mummy loves you cxxxcxxx
Posted by Maria Rogers on 10th March 2015
Another year another birthday. Without u doll i hope your having the biggest party ever up there look out for your balloons and lanterns were ssending u later happy heavenly. Bday beautiful. xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 10th March 2015
Happy birthday deeanne my special angel xxxxxx 35 but forever young miss you sweetheart your always in my heart never forgotten live on in heaven xxx pls look after us all xxx love you so much my forever babygirl xxxx
Posted by Maria Rogers on 9th March 2015
Its your heavenly birthday tomorrow. Doll i hope whereever u r u watch over us all because it gets harder and hurts more as time goes by i b back tomorrow. To add more pics and to say happy birthday. Again xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 8th March 2015
My tears wont stop falling deeanne. So unfair why did it have to be you I'm hurting doll nothing I say can bring you back to us I want to say happy birthday doll but I want you here to shear cuddle tell you ill never let you go ever you my princess my only princess no one else matters just you o hope we all get oveit family friends 2
Posted by Maria Rogers on 8th March 2015
I miss u so much doll xxxxxxx
Posted by Maria Rogers on 5th March 2015
Doll I saw u there u knew it wasnt my time u saved me u stopped me from going to the light I so wanted to u looked so beautiful so at peace thank u for saving my life doctors called it a miracle I know it was my big sister I miss u so much it would of been so easy to come with you but u showed me my kids need me and u was right please keep us all safe and please watch overum and your dad they need u get your best dress on for there special day I love u forever thank u my doll xxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Maria Rogers on 5th March 2015
Lit with all my love xxcx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 3rd March 2015
Hello doll my baby girl once again a date to remember its your birthday the day ill never forget the you we're born the day I held you in my arms you were so small so perfect I cried you had the most amazing eyes blue eyes blond her you we're the image of me you were a Chetter right from day one everyone who saw you said you were a little me I laughed little did I no when you grow up you still looked like a Chetter. You were stunning funny happy I am so proud to be your dad I had to keep my mates away from you xxxx love you doll your my First born daughter the one I will always love the most my special daughter love you so so much deeanne xxxx see you soon my angel xxxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 2nd March 2015
Hello deeanne its sim your forever aunty your dad said I could write to you hope that's ok with you. Dad tells me its your birthday come soon so I wanted to say happy birthday to you iv bought you something for your grave its only small bit wanted you to no iv not forgot you mum nan. Sends her love an birthday wishes love you always Dee xxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 2nd March 2015
Hello Dee its sim your auntie dad tells me its your birthday come up I wanted to wish you happy birthday from me and mum your nan iv bought you a gift its only small but its sent with forever love from us we never forget you see me an mum are going to try and get down to see your grave we've been once along time ago but now we have a car were coming to see you thinking of you always Dee xxx love auntie sim an mum xxxx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 2nd March 2015
Oh dear I seem to have written it twice sorry deeanne I did not know how it works xx wooopppsss ill tell dad iam stupid xx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 23rd February 2015
Hello babygirl lifes a struggle right now seems like everything going wrong it might because iam so down x I miss you so much doll everyone seems to think I should pick myself up after our day I cant it leaves me so low for ages it might be a day to them its my loss my life something I live with every day iam feeling sorry for myself iam so lucky really missing you doll love dad xx
Posted by Peter Chetter on 21st February 2015
Its late my special daughter iam still missing you I can't sleep thinking about you I keep crying I wanted to ask you something will you pls come to mine and you mums special day at last were getting married I all was new I would marry your mum iv always loved her even when apart she's always been my one and only your mum is has been the one woman I was definitely going to be mine I want you there. Baby. xxxxxuxxcxxxxc if
Posted by Peter Chetter on 21st February 2015
Hi doll well yesterday did not go well your mum wanted to be on her own even though its was my birthday but I understood she finds it hard it never gets any easyer never I just sat thinking about you its like nothing else matters our day the 20th of Feb is all about you just like it should be its your birthday soon doll your going to be 35 my big girl now iam getting old too 57 this year then mum's birthday oh god we feel old bit you no what another year nearer to you xxx love you doll xxxx miss you pls watch over us all be our earth angel sending you love my special girl love dad xxxxx
Posted by Maria Rogers on 20th February 2015
My doll I have not had any internet these last two weeks have been bad today is worse I wish. I could go bbck and change things we wiil be reunited against all odds won't we my doll please stay with dad and mum today as its your dads bday as well as your angelversary I need your help doll stop the animal getting me please I'm terrified scared out my with I love u
Posted by Maria Rogers on 20th February 2015
Lit with my eternal love ❤

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