Let the memory of Denny be with us forever
  • 60 years old
  • Born on March 8, 1955 .
  • Passed away on May 1, 2015 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Denny Murly- nee Pretorius, 60, born on March 8, 1955 and passed away on May 1, 2015.
We will remember her forever.


Denny was a loving sister,  She enjoyed spending time with family and friends.  Denny enjoyed traveling and meeting new people and experiencing everything life had to offer

Denny loved her family and was very giving.  She did so much for everyone and who ever knew her, knows what a truly unselfish person she was.  I am sure everyone would have a different story to tell you about how thoughtful, loving, caring, and giving she was.  Denny was truly a one of a kind person.

It is hard to imagine what life is going to be without her beautiful smile and wonderful sense of humor.  She meant different things to so many different people.  I am sure there would never be two stories that are the same.

Denny never met a stranger, she always made them feel welcome no matter who they were.  Denny was also an inner strength and that naturally drew people to her.  

Denny was a massive loss to our heart and our family. We never imagined that I/we would have to say goodbye so soon. We are crushed beyond any words. Words cannot describe the emptiness inside each and everyone of us. We know you are at peace now with our heavenly father and always know you will never be forgotten forever in our hearts. With our love always. Until we meet again my dear sister.

You will be forever in my heart and thoughts.
Sleep tight my sister
Until we meet again.
your Boet

Posted by Keith Pretorius on 2nd May 2018
My darling sister Denny. Wishing you a very heavenly birthday, sorry I am only wishing you now as I have been visiting mom and Lorna in Cape Town. Miss you so much, went to see where your ashes were thrown and sad a prayer for you which I am sure you heard. I was surprised when visiting Hilary, he gave me some left over ashes which Jade gave him, so I took the ashes to Cape Point where Dad is and scattered the remainder by Dad, said a prayer for you both and at least some of you is now with Dad. Spent a lot of time with Mom who I am sure will be with you one day soon, she is getting old and am sure that she will go to sleep and not wake up one day. I spent time with Andre, Robin, Hilary and Mark and stayed with Lorna who made my stay very pleasant, thank you Lorna and also Walter. Well Denny hope you are ok were ever you may be, miss you like crazy . Miss and love you my gorgeous sister. All my love Your Boet Keith
Posted by Tara Nizam on 1st May 2018
I love you mom
Posted by Lorna Mckay on 8th March 2018
My very Dearest Darling Denny, missed you surely are with all of my heart... cannot start to explain... happy happy birthday my darling sister.... forever and always in my heart and so much memories....
Posted by Lynnette Endean on 8th March 2018
Happy birthday to you Denny - hope you are blessed where you are with happy thoughts and great memories. Chris and I talked about you the other day re Red O and its still amazing how much I grew to like you and your spirit and yet never met you - so so so wish I had. I would love to give you a hug but can't so you are being sent one for your 63rd birthday.
Posted by Keith Pretorius on 14th January 2018
Denny, Another Christmas without you. I miss having a chat with you and still miss you a lot. Hope your heavenly Christmas was what you expected with Dad and Uncle Kenny and Granny Baker. Love and miss you sis. Your Boet Keith xoxoxo
Posted by Keith Pretorius on 1st May 2017
Gone two years now my Darling sister Denny. miss you more everyday. Sleep tight my sister. Lots of love Your Boet Keith xxxxx
Posted by Desiree Bentel on 8th March 2017
Happy Birthday Denny, fondest thoughts live on forever, and hopefully we meet again. Love Des xx
Posted by Lynnette Endean on 8th March 2017
Gone but never ever forgotten. I miss our chats but know you are safely resting with no pain.Hope you are blowing out your birthday candles.
Posted by Keith Pretorius on 2nd May 2016
Denny, we love and miss you every day. I still find it hard to believe that you left us one year ago. I know that you did not want to go so soon my dearest sister, one day we will all be together again and am sure that you and dad are watching over us. Your loving brother keith.
Posted by Lynnette Endean on 1st May 2016
The world is missing a very determined lady who amazed me with her clarity of wishes. Not gone - you live on in your family.
Posted by Desiree Bentel on 1st May 2016
Dearest Denny, about two months ago I received a "memory" on Facebook from you, saying I was in your thoughts. It did bring tears to my eyes. You are often in my thoughts, and I have this sense of happiness for you, I believe you are well and still so loved and remembered here at the same time ...
Posted by Tara Nizam on 8th March 2016
Happy Birthday Mommy. I miss you more and more everyday. I wish I could still share my boys with you. They are so gorgeous and you would be so proud of them both. Mason talks about you a lot and misses you heaps. Love you mom always and forever in my heart and my thoughts xxxxxx
Posted by Keith Pretorius on 8th March 2016
Happy Heavenly 61st Birthday, Denny. You made the big 60, it's sad to know that you won't share this birthday with us. I know you are watching over us. Sleep tight my sister, we miss you so very much. Your loving brother Keith xoxoxoxo
Posted by Lynnette Endean on 8th March 2016
Gone but never, ever forgotten - I think of you often and Chris and I talk about you.
Posted by Desiree Bentel on 8th March 2016
Thinking of you fondly Denny ....
Posted by Keith Pretorius on 14th January 2016
DENNY my gorgeous sister, tonight I am thinking of you and all the fun times we had growing up. Thinking of you every day. When we meet again I am sure that you will still have your gorgeous smile and a good story to tell.sleep tight sis,until we meet again. Your loving brother Keith
Posted by Keith Pretorius on 4th July 2015
Still miss you Denny.
Posted by Rose Haughton on 20th May 2015
Dearest cousin Denny will never forget you and the beautiful memories of our childhood growing up in Pinehurst Road. Will never forget how kind you were to me and all the special times we shared - you are a shining light, rest is peace dear cousin - your laughter will echo in my heart forever - love you millions , till we meet again!
Posted by Monica Davis on 16th May 2015
My Darling friend, I remember the days on the vlei with the family on the boat, the quick showers we stole in the hotel to wash of the sand, the triplets that we babysat and refused to give them lunch until they pronounced the words correctly, the naughty times we had when we went to muizenberg with a dart in our pocket hitchhicking lifts to clubs, sneeking into boys homes and sneaking out afraid that we would be caught and ran to the bus stop down the road and giggled and luaghed out heads off, working school holidays and OK bazaars and the shoe store, and so I can carry on and on, but the pleasure of spending time with you a year ago was precious, our chat's on skype and our messages until 2 days before your passing, I will never forget, till we meet soon and carry on with our friendship as if we never parted, I will love u always and see u sonn, love u lots my darling friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Jade Murly on 14th May 2015
Mom, Moo, Deniiiiiise gosh I miss you. I miss seeing your face when I get home from work desperate to hear how my day was. I miss seeing Jeremy Kyle in the sky planner. I miss your laughter. I miss the abundance of love you have for Ryder. I miss all of you....even the shouty parts. The strength and courage you showed through everything you faced was a force to be reckoned with....even though some days you didn't feel it. Mom it was through your sheer will and determination that we got SIX extra years with you. You got to greet two more Grandsons. I couldn't be prouder of you. Thank you for fighting so hard....until we meet again Mom....I will love you and carry you with me. Love your heartbroken daughter Jadie xxxxx
Posted by Deon Rossouw on 13th May 2015
It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I remember Denny as a young girl when I last saw her nearly fifty years ago. What I vividly recall of her is her, to me, remarkably attractive eyes. I met up with her again a while ago on a social website and, during the exchanging of messages, came to the perception that she had a most kind and noble soul. Denny displayed these qualities in abundance to me during the last number of months of her sojourn on earth. Denny, thank you for showing me what I should aspire to become. I look forward to reading the gentility radiating from those eyes once more when my time is due.
Posted by Jose Martins on 13th May 2015
My dearest Denny, I only knew you a short while on FB but the moment we started chatting it felt as if I had known you forever. The angel readings you shared touched my heart and showed me your heart. I know you are an angel now. Thank you for being my friend. I will never forget you.
Posted by Lynnette Endean on 13th May 2015
We never got to meet - Chris knew you in person - I knew you via the phone calls, texts and pm. A friendship founded on information re ancestral and ILR that grew when you shared re the primary and then the secondary. You were, 99% of the time, positive, determined, uplifting. I salute you. You ARE with us, in your children, your beloved grand-children and siblings. I so wish we had met - would love to have discussed the ceiling with you ha ha ha.
Posted by Nicole Pretorius on 13th May 2015
You will always have s special place in my heart. miss you Denny... miss our chats, I still go to msg you on Facebook thinking you will respond, then stop, shed a tear and know your pain free and all around us as our angel. Until we meet again, love you lorry loads. Xx
Posted by Keith Pretorius on 13th May 2015
Sleep tight my sister. Thanks for those wonderful memories and the time we had together as children and then as adults. I will always miss and Love you. Your loving Boet Keith
Posted by Carolyn Dobbie on 12th May 2015
Precious 'cool beans' Den, I still think if I whatsapp you, you'll respond... for the sheer privilege of walking into each others lives over 20 years ago and a soul mate I only could have wished to have prayed for, for the giggles, the tears, your immeasurable grace and wisdom, grit and endless ability to let the light shine in. Thank you for being my friend and indelibly enriching my soul and my world. Forever in my heart and forever I love you. Until we meet again my adored friend xxx
Posted by Desiree Bentel on 12th May 2015
To a dear friend, Denny, Thank you for the time and generosity shared when I was younger and in later years. For our chats and our laughs. For the example you set as a mother and person in general. You will always be remembered as gentle, kind and patient. It was a privilege to know you. Love Desiree.
Posted by Ethne Attlee on 11th May 2015
My dear dear friend Denny. Who always managed to make me laugh, who was always there for me. I remember us walking our first borns in Durban. Poor as church mice, trying to loose our baby fat on a stricked diet!!!!! Buying a fresh loaf of bread and finishing the loaf before we got home. I have so many wonderful memories with my friend Denny to carry with me forever. Den fly forever high until we meet again. Thank you for being my friend ...I will love you forever...
Posted by Lorna Mckay on 11th May 2015
Darling sister of mine, words will never never be able to say how much I miss you, your smile, your wicked look when you are so cross, but, most of all your support, love, and truthfulness, we have had many many fights, you and I but we have always come back together, be happy Den, smile from heaven and I will see you in the clouds and always always in my heart, thank you for being the most wonderful sister anyone could have, but, you know all of this, because I have told you.... miss you Den, so much love - your very heartbroken sister.......xx
Posted by Tara Nizam on 11th May 2015
My Darling Mom, You are the most incredible human I have ever met. I miss you terribly but am so greatful to of had the privilege as having you as my mom. I love you so much and am so heart sore but I know we will be together again. Always in my heart

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