If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.
  • 58 years old
  • Born on January 15, 1959 .
  • Passed away on December 7, 2017 .

This webpage was made in remembrance of my loving dad, Devon Suddarth. He was always cracking jokes, and having adventures. 

We would very much appreciate it if everyone visiting the site could leave a note of a memory, and any pictures you have.

VIDEO TRIBUTE: https://youtu.be/ScVcP5ReGJI

**** A note about the song: Everyone who knew my dad knew loved Queen. My dad and I danced to Bohemian Rhapsody at my wedding in 2008. It was our "father daughter dance." I told him to pick any Queen song he wanted, and he picked the longest Queen song ever. He got embarrased half way through the dance and we sat down, but it was really fun. There are pictures of the dance in the gallery. 

Posted by Art Barrett on 9th September 2018
My brother Paul and I were roomates with Devon when we all lived at University Villa at BYU. He was a great roomate, and a fun person. I last saw him many years ago south of the Marb building by that windows of heaven sculpture, when he told us he was headed to off Spain on a mission. Always a great, fun-loving person. God bless.
Posted by PAUL WREN on 17th January 2018
I have warm, wonderful memories of my time with Devon and his family: Tae Kwon Do, hikes to indian ruins, the trampoline, the potato cannon, the monkeys. He was also really wonderful to my children. For any event or situation, Devon could cite an applicable scene from a Simpsons episode. Every moment I spent with him made me feel happy. Being around him made me feel better about the world, and better about myself. Devon was a renaissance man: He could program a computer, dig a well, raise monkeys, and discuss intelligently any topic under the Sun. Devon was an original. The world is less without him.
Posted by Kim Thomas on 10th January 2018
To my cousin Devon, I will miss you and remember all the cousin times we spent together, going to Disneyland and playing many hours of Monopoly!
Posted by Lynnell Fulkerson on 2nd January 2018
He met my sister in Spain. He swept her off her feet in Utah, and married her and created a family in Arizona. He built her two houses in the desert (cue romantic music from How the West Was Won). He raised cute monkeys - lots of them - and knew each one by name. He was a computer whiz. He brought fresh water to seaside communities in the Gulf of California. He took his family to awesome far away places, instilling intangible memories. He taught his kids to follow their dreams. I will miss his good humor and wit, and his smile. I will remember the things he taught me about the world we live in - things like local Arizona archeology, and the reason for "the path of the sun" as the seasons change.
Posted by Liz Lage on 20th December 2017
Devon was a very intelligent man. At our family gatherings, I marveled at how knowledgeable and well read he was, how much he knew and how much his statements and questions where teaching his children, encouraging them to discover, to know more, to question more and to research more. It seemed like he could do anything; mechanical, electrical and technical. He built two houses for his family. He drilled the well, installed the water pump, poured cement, installed all the water lines and electrical wires etc.,etc. He also had a desalinating water business in Mexico. He was a very good computer programmer. He went to Washington and worked on airplane computers; his job was to write the one program on the plane that would check all the other programs to see if they were working correctly. Yes, he was a man of many talents. His children are fortunate to have him as their father. He will be dearly missed by all of us. We are thankful that we will always have many happy memories of Devon.
Posted by Blair Suddarth on 15th December 2017
Well... I sure have a lot of memories when I think about my older brother Devon. Some memories were good, some were great and a lot of fun, and some were not so good. After all, that's how it is with brothers; besides, we were only 4 years apart. I will only remember the best things about Devon. When little "Von Von" (as our mom would call him) was in elementary school, he would often correct his teacher when he knew she was wrong. Of course, this angered her, so she sent him to the school psychologist to be evaluated (she hoped for some kind of defect to use against him). When the psychologist was done with the tests, he said "There's nothing wrong with this kid...he is a GENIUS!" I think that set the stage for Devon's positive attitude and aptitude to learn and accomplish anything he set his mind to do - like neutering the cat himself and then giving it 'mouth to cat resuscitation'! Who does that?!! Not McGyver. Or boiling a dead cat in a pot on the camp stove in the backyard so that he could assemble the skeleton for a science project. Or scuba diving in a narrow and dangerous hot spring in the middle of a farmer's snowy field in the dead of winter in Utah, just to name a few of his experiences. I was always amazed at the things he did and accomplished. I'm grateful for and love all of my brothers. Devon will be missed. Until we all meet again.
Posted by Tyson Tucker on 11th December 2017
Devon was one of the kindest men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The thing that comes to mind was the time I broke down on my way home and was stuck in Phoenix for an unknown amount of time. Not knowing what to do I called Adam and Amy who immediately informed me that I was welcome to stay at her parents house. This is all great and wonderful but I am as anti-social as they come and could not wrap my head around staying with people I don't we met once before. I'm so happy that I did because I have never felt more welcome or more at home then I did with Devon and his family. He even made me dinner because hot meal always makes everything better! He was so kind and genuine and fed me till I nearly popped. I know he will be missed by all because he was loved by all. He was truly an extraordinary individual with a personality Larger than Life, and I am truly grateful to have had him and his amazing family in my life. I love you all dearly. T
Posted by Chase Suddarth on 11th December 2017
I don't know what to say. I'm grateful for the time our families spent converged as a massive Suddarth pack. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment is passing on his best qualities to his kind, open, FUN, hilarious, optimistic children, who can't help but rub the same qualities off on anyone fortunate enough to spend time with them. I love you guys. I'll miss you Uncle Devon.

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