Let the memory of Dona be with us forever
  • 59 years old
  • Born on May 23, 1954 .
  • Passed away on December 22, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dona Thorman 59 years old , born on May 23, 1954 and passed away on December 22, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Tom Thorman on 23rd May 2018
Happy Birthday my love, miss you every day, enjoy your eternal vacation and hopefully your playing Bingo and plenty of lemon drops.
Posted by Dannette Truckner on 23rd May 2018
Happy Birthday Sissy! Cheers to Sunny skies, Turquoise waters and unlimited Lemon Drops! Love and miss you every day; but you know that! ;)
Posted by Dannette Truckner on 23rd December 2017
heading to the beach and having a lemon drop in your memory today, Sis! I wish you were here to put your toes in the sand with me. Miss you everyday! Love you always!
Posted by Brittany Smith on 22nd December 2017
It doesn’t feel real 4 years you have been gone. Today Hayden asked if you can come back home. We will all be together this evening is older kids will be having a lemon drop in your honor. Keep watching over all the grand babies. We all love you & miss you dearly.
Posted by Tawny Escatel on 22nd December 2017
Cant belive it been 4 years. I know you are lookong down on all the grandkids with a huge smile. Today the family will be together to celebrate christmas. Time for us to have a lemon drop with you.
Posted by Tom Thorman on 23rd May 2017
Happy Birthday my love, i know your enjoying a tropical beach, drinking lemon drops and snorkeling with turtles. Love always
Posted by Brittany Smith on 23rd May 2017
Happy Heavenly Birthday Dona! The girls an I talk about you daily. You would be so proud of them they're growing up so fast. Keep watching over them enjoy swimming with the turtles today
Posted by Dannette Truckner on 23rd May 2017
Happy 63rd Birthday Sister! Remembering what a great time we had swimming with the turtles in Barbados. It's World Turtle day too! Very Cool, will never forget all our great adventures. Miss you every day! Lemon drop cheers this evening. Love you forever!
Posted by Tom Thorman on 23rd December 2016
Cant believe its been 3 years still miss you everyday especially at Christmas. Christmas will never be the same with out you. Miss your joy and laughter and love, Love you always, Merry Christmas
Posted by Tawny Escatel on 22nd December 2016
Thinking of you this of year. I know how much you loved Christmas and watching the kids open the gifts and all the fun. I know you are smiling down on all of us.
Posted by Brittany Smith on 22nd December 2016
We miss you everyday, we know your looking down on all your grandkids. The girls an I will be making Christmas cookies in your honor today.
Posted by Dannette Truckner on 22nd December 2016
Remembering all the great fun we had together, sister! The memories and pictures I hold so dear. Can't believe I haven't seen you in 3 years. Always missing you.
Posted by Brittany Smith on 23rd May 2016
Happy Birthday! Like Dad said you better be sipping on a lemon drop. Your missed everyday. Your grand babies are growing like a weed. They dress up in all your costume jewelry and dance around.
Posted by Tom Thorman on 23rd May 2016
Happy Birthday my love. Hope you are drinking lemon drops on a warm sunny beach. Miss you every day. Love you always
Posted by Dannette Truckner on 23rd May 2016
Happy 62nd Birthday to my beautiful sister. My heart is still sad and I miss you every day! I always smile when I look at pictures and recall the memories we shared! Now Dave is up there with you too! Miss you both so much!
Posted by Sue Harvey on 2nd January 2016
Tom: I'm so sorry to hear about Dona - unfortunately after a while, we lost connection when I went back to Texas - Last time I saw Dona was at her shop on El Paseo - I only found out about her passing a week or so ago... when someone posted a great picture of her & two of her friends on FB... I've felt such a sadness since, when I first met you two, I felt such an instant connection to her... it was a short lived friendship, but I really liked her a lot & enjoyed her company... I'm sorry for your loss!!!
Posted by Tom Thorman on 22nd December 2015
Miss you every day especially now at Christmas. Miss your cookies, custom stockings, and all Christmas spirit. Love you always Merry Christmas.
Posted by Brittany Smith on 22nd December 2015
Oh hey there! Last night Hayden came out wearing your seashell necklace, I happened to say that's a pretty necklace and she said I know it's grandma Dona's!! right there I knew you were right there next to her. Keep watching over all of us and your grand-babies. We all miss you so much, I love how you live on through Hayden. She wears a piece of your jewelry daily xoxoxo
Posted by Fran Hebert on 22nd December 2015
Still Missing you!
Posted by Brenda M on 22nd December 2015
Miss you and love you
Posted by Dannette Truckner on 22nd December 2015
Heaven must be a pretty cool place 'cuz you haven't come back yet! I miss everything about you sis, Thanks for watching over me all the time! I know you are there! Love and miss you girlfriend!
Posted by Karen Young on 24th May 2015
Happy Day to you Dona... I know that May 23rd was your day of birth, but you may remember that I ALWAYS called on the 24th like a dufus. AND every year you would say "It's the 23rd" (so how perfect is it to leave this tribute on the 24th). I am normally very good with birthdays, but for some reason, maybe the odd number thing, the 24th was better? Well, I need to tell you that we have a new little dog who we got when Sedona passed. BTW, I know you are taking care of our girl up in Heaven. Well, our new little girl is a small dog, 15 lbs, but with a BIG personality! Her name is KOA like the Hawaiian beautiful and treaured brown wood. We don't know her real birthday but think it was in May about 4 years ago now. So we decided her birthday is May 23rd! as you would just love her to much. Koa would have fit in very well and adorned ALL of your doggie boutique accessories with pleasure! Now every year when we celebrate Koa's birthday by going to a local doggie boutique for a treat, we will celebrate you too! We miss you & Love you!
Posted by Tom Thorman on 23rd May 2015
Happy Birthday my true love Life is not the same without your beautiful smile I miss you constantly. I know your drinking lemon drops today. Love you forever, Tommy
Posted by Dannette Truckner on 23rd May 2015
Happy Birthday Sis! I thank God for all the memories we've shared during our precious time we had together. I still think of you every day and miss you immensely. We would probably be in the Greek Isles right now, if only you could have stayed! I still hear your laughter and see your beautiful smile! Thank you elevator Lady, LOL I love you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Dannette Truckner on 23rd December 2014
Only you would so understand why I'm a day late in doing this! Life gets in the way of life...No wonder we enjoyed our cruises so much, it was our time to just BREATHE!!! I miss you so much my dear sister, my BFF, a year has passed since you left this world to go find a better place! I love that you are always watching over me, I know you are there! I miss hearing your laugh! What do you think you'll get me to buy this year? Last year it was the camel, LOL My heart will always be broken until we meet again, face to face. :(
Posted by Karen Young on 22nd December 2014
A year later Dona and we miss you as much as we did last Christmas...if not more. I know you've been looking over us this last year, and you're taking care of our Sedona girl now.
Posted by Tom Thorman on 22nd December 2014
I can't believe it's been a year. I miss you always. Think of you always. Christmas is just not the same without you. I know you are watching over us.
Posted by Tawny Escatel on 22nd December 2014
today marks a year. i know you are looking down on us with a smile and a lemon drop in your hand. Logan and i pray for you nightly. you are always i our hearts.
Posted by Brittany Smith on 22nd December 2014
Hi Dona! Today marks a year that we said see ya later. Over the weekend we watched a video of Hayden's first Christmas abd their you were Hayden had the biggest smile on her face and her eyes sparkled like you where their watching it with her. We talk daily about you to your grand girls. Keep watching over all of us and will see ya later xoxoxox
Posted by Brittany Smith on 22nd December 2014
Hi Dona! Today marks a year that we said see ya later. Over the weekend we watched a video of Hayden's first Christmas abd their you where Hayden had the biggest smile on her face and her eyes sparkled like you where their watching it with her. We talk daily about you two your grand girls. Keep watching over all of us and will see ya later xoxoxox
Posted by Karen Tellier on 22nd December 2014
Just missing you the last 365 days! Dona will always be remembered.
Posted by Dannette Truckner on 9th December 2014
It was 1 year ago that I would see my sister for the last time. I never said goodbye to her only "so long"! They say time heals, but I guess a year just isn't enough for me! Love and miss you so much Sis!
Posted by Dannette Truckner on 25th July 2014
It's hard to believe that it's been a year since Dona was with me in Florida, getting on the transplant list at Florida Hospital. We had so much hope for her receiving a liver! Trying to accept God's plan is not the easiest thing for me to do! I sure do miss you sis!
Posted by Karen Young on 24th May 2014
I hope on this fine day you are floating on a cloud, with an umbrella drink and a smile. We will always remember and celebrate you this way, forever. Love and miss you!
Posted by Kat H on 23rd May 2014
I hope you are having a Heavenly Birthday!
Posted by Fran Hebert on 23rd May 2014
Happy 60th my friend. I know you're enjoying the sand between your toes and the sun on your shoulder wherever you are. I only wish that we were popping a champagne cork in celebration together! Missing you on your special day <3
Posted by Brittany Smith on 23rd May 2014
Happy 60th Birthday to my Step Mom!! We all know you are soaking up that beautiful sun while sipping on some lemon drops in paradise!! Rest in Paradise, we all miss you dearly. Hayden & Holly say Happy Birthday Grandma Dona xoxxo
Posted by Tom Thorman on 23rd May 2014
My love would be 60 today. I miss you so much. Miss your beautiful smile. Hope you are drinking lemon drops and having a good time.
Posted by Dannette Truckner on 4th February 2014
I only met Dona once and felt an instant kinship. I know her well thru her sister, Dannette, and have shared, through stories, of some of their escapades!!! God bless you Dona. We spent alot of time sending positive hopes and many prayers. I hope all your family and close friends find solace in their memories of you. Judy Hansen
Posted by Karen Tellier on 25th January 2014
Your in my prayers today Dona..And you will always have a place in my heart and my memories will keep you near. You are a treasured person in my life. I thank you for the year of getting to know you and realizing God created a very special woman with a heart of gold. You always cared. I had my ups n down's and you took the time to make me laugh again.. I thank you.. God needed you home to carry on..And i know your job will continue.. I can see you now loving all of God's animals. Be well in that beautiful place they call Home.. We will see you again. I know that. And everyday here i will remember that first day i meet you next door.. You made me laugh.. And yes we had days we cried together.. And through it all you left a stamp on each of us. You will never be forgotten. All of El Paseo is sending love and prayers.. And with you looking down on all of us...And i will just know!... love ya my buddy..Never goodbye.. I just wish i could have helped more..I prayed everyday. I learned so much from you.. You said never give up!. I haven't. You were so strong...You figured me out early.. My heart.. and you were right...
Posted by Janie Kinsley-janson on 20th January 2014
My Beautiful Sister, I didn't know until now.... I know that your dancing and laughing in the rain above us.... Tom, please know that when I was able to find Donna again ,,, I could tell that she was happy in her life.... thank you for bringing so much happiness to her life...
Posted by Cindi Hanna on 10th January 2014
Tom: Dick and I send prayers and thoughts your way and are so sorry for your loss. We met Dona when you guys moved next door to us at Lake La Quinta. You were great neighbors and we loved Dona immediately. She was always smiling and bubbly and so much fun. She included me in her holiday cookie bake party while in LLQ and it was a great time full of laughs and good eats. We stopped by her shop awhile back and she looked great and was so optimistic about her health status. I am so saddened to realize that was my last conversation with her. I am sure her 4-legged babies Shadow, Bailey and Maya are lost without her. She was a special woman who brought sunshine into the lives of anyone fortunate enough to have known her. Cindi Hanna
Posted by Michele Cole on 8th January 2014
We at Oscar Newman and CocoTherapy are so devasted to hear about Donna's passing. She was such a pleasure to work with and I always loved talking to her. She was such a truly wonderful woman and I know she will be terribly missed by her friends and family. Our hearts, love, and healing thoughts are with Tom and all her loved ones. With our deepest sympathy, Charisa, Carmina, Michele, Carrie, and Lisa
Posted by Joe Howells on 7th January 2014
Kristin and I say almost everyday that we cannot believe she is gone. We miss her easy smile and quick for a laugh personality. She was a beautiful lady that we had a lot of fun and laughs with. I know we will see her again. Shes kickin it on a white sand beach probably listening to music with a few past friends. She was such a great lady, we love and miss her very much.
Posted by Brenda M on 7th January 2014
My Dearest Dona you were such an inspiration caring loving soul and I so enjoyed working with you on adoptions and events and our dinners and wine I will truly miss you and always have you on my heart I will have a tribute to you for precious Mia
Posted by Dannette Truckner on 5th January 2014
Such a Beautiful tribute to Dona and her life! Even though, I didn't know her personally but only through Dannette's eyes, I felt like Dona was a friend! I am grateful for this experience! But, I do know that when The Lord calls our loved ones home, he leaves a gift of memories in exchange. Memories are always a legacy of love. Love Always,Christine
Posted by Jim/michele Gilmore on 3rd January 2014
Jim and I met Dona in December, 2011 at her Cosmopawlitan Boutique. We took our two furry friends, Gidget and Gizmo, almost every weekend to play with Mia. We always looked forward to seeing Dona and Mia and will miss them so very much. Dona always made our weekends bright and cheery!
Posted by Joanne Chretin on 3rd January 2014
Dona and I started our businesses on El Paseo at the same time and became fast friends as we sent customers back and forth to each other and compared notes about our little shops. I miss her deeply and will always remember her radiant smile and loving personality. Mia is my little Doodlebug's best friend. We send our love to the family and pray that you find comfort knowing that Dona was so dearly loved by so many of her customers and by her El Paseo business neighbors. With love and very fond memories of a dear lady - Joanne Chretin
Posted by Kai Martin on 2nd January 2014
What a beautiful tribute page and beautiful photos. I am friends with Dona's sister, Dannette and brother-in-law John. I only knew Dona via F/B and our mutual love of animals and helping them. It takes a special soul to help the helpless, and God needed that soul home. I'm sorry for the family and fur kids left behind, but this is not good-bye. Hold on to that thought as you go thru these difficult days.
Posted by Karen Tellier on 2nd January 2014
Dear Tom.. I just learned of the loss of Dona..I'm so very sorry.. My prayers are with you and your family.. She will be missed. She gave it her all! I was so praying she would beat this. I know God is keeping her close. My heart goes out to you.. And sweet baby Mia.. How she loved her . I remember the first day she brought her to the store.. It was the sweetest thing ever.. I enjoyed her company everyday i worked near her. I loved helping her as much as she needed. We had so much fun doing the windows up for the Holidays.. Such a giving and caring woman.. Her laugh!.. Her smile.. to everyone was so real and warm. She really won us all over in such a short time.. Every customer left with a new friend they made. Her store .. she was so proud of.. The desert will miss her. I will miss her. She gave so much of herself. A cause a week id say.. Never ending to spread the word of loving an animal.. Mia was much more then just her pet. I truly believe Mia gave Dona so much joy and pride. She was a wonderful gift for Dona's heart.. Take care Tom. I will keep you in my prayers. Dona was so proud of her husband. I'd love seeing all the little things you would do for her.. Lunch delivered everyday!!.It was so sweet.. If you need anything.. I'd hope the store stays.. she was so proud of it.. If you need anything just call Karen 760 832-3803.. I don't know when the service is.. But i will attend if it is not just for the family.I will look for a date.. It is a hard time of year to have to go through such a heartbreaking loss. But Tom know she loved you so very much.. It was in her eyes. I saw that..Be well. And please give sweet Mia a hug for me..God bless you..

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