"It is what it is."
  • 74 years old
  • Born on December 6, 1939 in Detroit, Michigan, United States.
  • Passed away on May 11, 2014 in Vista, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Donna Jaoudi 74 years old , born on December 6, 1939 and passed away on May 11, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Jo Kay Martinez on 7th December 2018
Donna, Thought about you all day yesterday and today. Wasn’t going to write anything but as I was decorating my house for Christmas you were on my mind. This time of the year was one of your favorites. You were always so giving. Miss you my friend. I wish we could have had that lunch date one more time.
Posted by Jacqueline Shada on 6th December 2018
I dislike having to write you e-mails dear friend. Today many people thought of you at the Annual Moonlight Luncheon. You and other ladies made all of today possible. It was SPECIAL. Enjoyed seeing Julie, her French Beau, Dan and kids Thanksgiving~~~~ Only problem there was an empty seat in the dining room~~~~ Happy Birthday once again, God bless you, I will always miss you. Lovingly, Jacque
Posted by Susan Roncone on 12th May 2018
Donna I mostly smile at all the fun memories, but i feel a lump in my throat that you are no longer with us. You modeled so much goodness in your earthly life that all can relate to or learn from! Love, Susan
Posted by Juliana Jaoudi on 12th May 2018
4 years today Mom. I feel your presence every day as I carry your gifts with me. Just this last week, I attended a retreat where I looked at the most influential people in my life. And I recalled so many memories — the time you sent me to a class on better communication and listening skills (Dan still doesn’t think I’m a good listener but I still cherish the class!). I was just 12 and yet you were preparing me for life. I miss you. And I still think you’re rooting for me. Love you, Jules
Posted by Jacqueline Shada on 11th May 2018
Another tear, another year, I miss you, sharing, trips, skiing, especially with your Cool Dad on his wooden skies~~~~ life here goes on with it's ups and downs, BUT, our family still intact, our of 5 grandchildren, 3 Nurses, we are well taken care of! So much we need to talk about!! Sometimes I think can you hear me, Donna? Till we meet again, Loving you, Jacque
Posted by Jo Kay Martinez on 11th May 2018
Donna I can’t believe it’s been 4 years. I think about you around this time of year and also in December one of your favorite times of the year. I’m sure you are missed my many. Just wanted to let you know that you were one special lady, but wait you already knew that by the lececy you left. Love you Donna Jaoudi. Missing you Jo Kay
Posted by Jacqueline Shada on 11th December 2017
Forgive me being so late in wishing you a Happy Forever Birthday! It is now the 11th, and I have thought of you every day~~~ Alan said as we drove down East Vista Way today, I really miss Donna~! That blew me away, he's very unexpressive, but he feels same as I do.........we've had fires beyond belief, Bill's house was spared, but 3 around him ashes. Everyone evacuated, but he didn't leave, the firefighters made their home around his home~~~~ he had hot water, no power though!! Well, enough of these earthly issues, you are not bothered by anything now but PEACE, and our Lord. See you one day!! Lovingly, Jacque
Posted by Susan Roncone on 12th May 2017
Hi Donna, Our fun group dinners will always be fond memories for me! The last time I saw you was at the dog groomers. We were both surprised to run into each other there. That was shortly before you passed on. May your eternity be filled with love a thousand fold just as you lived your life for and with your friends.
Posted by Jo Kay Martinez on 12th May 2017
You were in my thoughts all day today. I still think you left this earth too soon. You are missed by a lot of people. Our last conversation you said "we need to go to lunch sooner then later." I always think I wish that would have happened so I could have had one more conversation with you. May your family and friends be blessed with a angel on their shoulder.
Posted by Jacqueline Shada on 12th May 2017
Another year passed, 3 now, and I still think of you, things we shared, our families. AND probably every day I repeat your quote, "it is what it is!" My friends all say this now, "to repeat Donna's quote!" We all smile. Love you dear~~~~ Jacque
Posted by Sabrina Johnson on 6th December 2016
Hi Mom! Happy beautiful birthday. I miss you every day. I think of you every day, but more so during the holiday season. I enjoy doing the many wonderful things for Justice that you did for me during Christmas. Justice thinks of you too, and she misses you. She remembers you as a silly, loving, playful, and giving Gram. We read and listen to the audio book you made for her. I love hearing your voice. Mom, you were such a wonderful lady. Thank you for your unconditional love. Happy birthday. I love you.
Posted by Jacqueline Shada on 11th May 2016
Donna my friend, did you think I could forget this day you left all of us? Hardly, and I think of you so often, and repeat~~ It Is What It Is~~~ A hole in my heart, but I'll see you again someday!
Posted by Jo Kay Martinez on 11th May 2016
You are missed by so many Donna. Just want you to know I think of you often. May you RIP my friend.
Posted by Susan Roncone on 11th May 2016
Posted by Daniel Jaoudi on 7th December 2015
Happy Birthday Mom, I think about you often during this time of year. It isn't the same without you. Your memory lives on through the recipes, the dishes and the love you put into making the holidays special.
Posted by Jacqueline Shada on 6th December 2015
My dear friend, I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I miss you~~~~~ so the next best thing today was to eat at our favorite place, The Curbside Café. Brownie leashed to your chair. The coke you always ordered as we'd leave~~~ You're there. I'm here. I miss you. Lovingly, Jacque
Posted by Jo Kay Martinez on 6th December 2015
Happy Birthday Donna. This world is not the same without you! Think of you often.
Posted by Juliana Jaoudi on 12th May 2015
Hi Mom, I miss you more than ever. I am stunned by how quickly the time passes. I feel as though it were just a few weeks ago we said goodbye. The first summer without you was excruciating. Then came my birthday, Thanksgiving and oh man, Christmas! You'll be happy to know we didn't screw up the turkey nor burn the sweet potatoes (we just didn't make 'em ;) over Thanksgiving. Jan hosted us for a beautiful Christmas dinner and Katie wrote the most loving letter in your honor; Marley read it aloud to all of us. Took us a couple of days to figure out who wrote such touching words since it was part of our Secret Santa exchange. She captured your spirit perfectly and donated to a local women's shelter. So like you! Of all the holidays this past year though, Easter was the hardest. Easter 2014 is the last time I saw you and that's just too much to bear. I felt like my heart was breaking all over again that weekend. i miss your one-liners, overly butterred bread, ice cream sharing with Brownie -- all your mischievous ways. It's just not the same without you. I do hope you're smoking up a storm and carefree as ever up there or out there. . .wherever you may be. You deserve that at least! I love you Mommy. Love, Jules
Posted by Jo Kay Martinez on 11th May 2015
Thinking of you today Donna and sending thoughts & prayers to all your family and friends on this day. I know you are missed dearly. "RIP
Posted by Sabrina Johnson on 6th April 2015
Hi Mom. I miss you so much, every day. I think of you often and feel your spirit in many things I enjoy doing. I feel your spirit the most when I am in mommy mode. Justice still talks about you - apparently you made quite the impression on her. Justice loves you and misses you very much. We enjoy listening to your sweet voice through the audio book you gave her. My heart pounds when Justice holds the book, I get scared she might press the button to erase your voice. Your sweet voice. I love you, mommy. You are the most beautiful lady in my world. Thank you for being a loving mother and doing your best to raise me well.
Posted by Jacqueline Shada on 26th December 2014
It is December 26, 2014, I sit tearfully but knowing you are now in God's special place~~~~ I still miss you dear friend, tell Roberta we miss her terribly as well. Love you, Jacque
Posted by Nina Timonian on 26th December 2014
Did you think it was okay for you to leave? Yes I know life goes on The clock keeps ticking The calendar pages keep flipping New precious life keeps growing But it was definitely not okay for you to leave yet. You left without leaving us instructions On how to love without pretending On how to give without expecting On how to forgive without punishing Mainly on how to celebrate without missing you.
Posted by Jeanette Nichols on 7th December 2014
Happy Birthday, Love. We think of you often and spent your birthday at Roberta Buckley's Celebration of Life. Give her a big hello. Someday we all be together again in the ultimate joy of God's love.
Posted by Jacqueline Shada on 29th May 2014
Where do you begin a Tribute when so many years have passed, so many happy times, laughs, tears, raising our children. Skiing, I smile when I look at the two of us, Donna in her "pink ski suit" and me in my "Khaki". AND your Dad, Donna, in his very cool wooden skies!! He was very fun, and went down the hills with all of us!.....The time we drove to Los Angeles to watch Julie in a Horse Show, we were so busy talking, we missed the whole event, and realized eventually when they were taking things down. We laughed and did feel bad Julie dear!! The times she would call me, say, "Jacque I need a break, pack your suitcase, we are going to Palm Springs." A couple of days was a renewal for the both of us, and back to Vista we drove. The Christmas and New Year's evenings, WAY BACK WHEN..... Don and Honey were with us then. Danny, she was soo proud of you and Bill's Trumpet. You were always polishing it, It was a beauty! I shall miss you dear friend, the lunches that we "shared." So, life goes on, I truly believe we will meet up one day in Heaven~~~~ be ready when that time comes. My love to all your wonderful family who love you so dearly, and made your Memorial so special. I shall never forget you....... Lovingly, Jacque
Posted by Juliana Jaoudi on 25th May 2014
One of Mom's favorites, The Serenity Prayer. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
Posted by Bill And Ellen Pierce on 22nd May 2014
Words seldom can express the thoughts that come from the heart.... may you find comfort in knowing others sympathize and care. Because we live in Northern California and have not had the opportunity to see her in years, we will certainly miss her wonderful Christmas letter with all the family updates and activities. It kept us in touch and we so looked forward to it. We are so sorry for your loss. Bill and Ellen
Posted by Jeanette Nichols on 20th May 2014
Donna would have been so pleased and proud of all of you. You gave her a wonderful tribute, one worthy of a Donna event. She has left her body, but her spirit and love goes on forever. I shall miss my zany cohort, but I am certain that she now sings so well that she is busy conducting the angels' choir. Think of where she is and feel her love.
Posted by Nina Timonian on 19th May 2014
An Evening To Remember" The friends you loved were here The people you mothered were here The children you raised were here And knowing you I am sure you were also here. The room was filled with memories and stories Stories of laughter and joy Stories of adventure and courage Stories of patience and resilience But most of all stories of how you left a piece of your heart with each one of them...
Posted by Jo Kay Martinez on 18th May 2014
I always knew that Donna was a very special & giving person but didn't realize how special she was till I attended her memorial and heard all the wonderful stories her family and friends told. You will be missed Donna by me and many, many ,many people. Till we meet again. May God bless your family and all your friends at this time.
Posted by Mark Olivier on 18th May 2014
Sorry to all of you for your loss.

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