This was a man who made a difference.
  • 53 years old
  • Born on December 18, 1958 .
  • Passed away on November 1, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Donnie Howard Clark, 53, born on December 18, 1958 and passed away on November 1, 2012. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Vera O Johnson on 18th December 2017
I love and truly miss you Donnie... You were my light in Pontiac, Michigan.... You are in my heart forever.... Love you
Posted by Anne Jantz on 1st November 2017
I can't believe it's been 5 years. I still miss Donnie like it was only yesterday. My husband Bill and I love this beautiful man, and we will never forget him. He was a true loving spirit, and he painted beautiful, magical paintings that could transport you to a place beyond this sad old Earth. Love You, Donnie.
Posted by Quettia Davis on 1st November 2017
I truly miss Donnie, I often ride past where we were neighbors and think of him everytime that I do. I’ve recently purchased my first home and the birds nests that he got for me are right in my livingroom. I hate that I missed out on one of his wonderful paintings. Now that it’s been five years, I am sure that Donnie has added his stamp to Heaven’s decoration :)
Posted by Sharon O'Hara-Bruce on 19th December 2016
I will always remember Donnie...he went into places of sadness and with his kindness, humor and art, he brought light and, and healing, in his wake. He was a healer.
Posted by Quettia Davis on 18th December 2015
Remembering one of the best friends that I had on his birthday. You are missed much by me and I often think of you. I cannot wait until we meet again.
Posted by Carolyn Walker on 14th December 2015
I love you and miss U so much my Brother I'm so sorry U had to go before the world could know just what a Great artist u are even I never knew just how good you were an for that I apologize. U are forever in my Heart Little Brother we were only 11 Months apart some say U were my twin I say I can only hope to walk in the Shadow of what U contributed to this world with your Art till we met again I love U forever
Posted by Sharon O'Hara-Bruce on 13th December 2015
Donnie was taken from our world on November 1st, All Saints Day. While he was with us, he honored the ancestors, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Sojourner Truth, and Harriet Tubman, with his beautiful art. Now he walks among them. When I think of the ancestors now, I see Donnie, among them. I miss him.
Posted by MsBeautiful HasArrived on 3rd August 2014
I think of you often, I cry so very often still. I miss my big brother. You always looked out for me. Justice has been served, but the heatache never goes away. Knowing now how you left us makes me terribly sad. I know your in Heaven, Drawing and Paining your heart out! Say hello to Mama, Andrena, and Ronald for me. Miss you, Sincerly, Roslyn.
Posted by Quettia Davis on 11th April 2014
Posted by Quettia Davis on 21st February 2014
Posted by Sharon O'Hara-Bruce on 18th December 2013
Donnie was a Saggitarius in this lifetime...always aiming high. I imagine him now, among the stars, always aiming high still... I miss him.
Posted by Anne Jantz on 1st November 2013
I can't believe it's been a year since a beautiful, bright light was snuffed out in Pontiac. I still miss you Donnie!
Posted by MsBeautiful HasArrived on 1st November 2013
Thinking of you and our many days of laughter, I miss you!!!
Posted by Katherine Slater on 10th June 2013
I ment Donnie in2003or2002 not share which one I lived acrossed the hall from him Donnie made me feel welcome there he looked after me I would do laundery he would be there so no one would bother Donnie was a great friend!!!! Iwill miss himalways
Posted by MsBeautiful HasArrived on 19th March 2013
I think of you daily my dear brother. You life cut short way too soon. I am in constant contact with the Oakland County prosecutor. Justice will be served, I promise you that.
Posted by Quettia Davis on 20th November 2012
Donnie was a wonderful friend whom I already miss terribly. I had the pleasure of being his next door neighbor from 2007-2008. I attended his memorial service, but didn't speak. I was in awe of how his life was summarized. I do not have any of Donnie's artwork, but Donnie knew that I like birds nests and he would bring them to me. I have uploaded pics of them in the photo section/
Posted by Steve Jones on 15th November 2012
"I met Donnie at The Art Experience in Pontiac in 1996. We had a special connection as two young artist. He was a free spirited, kindhearted person with lots talent, and full of inspiration. He loved to share his creative spirit with anyone who watched him work. If he wasn't painting, he was playing his harmonica. He will always be remembered and missed by all who loved him, and knew him."
Posted by Rosalyn Moore on 14th November 2012
When we were kids I would watch in awe as you would walk to the drugstore and return with something as simple as a posterboard and a package of colored pencils and transform them into something "magical". I v'e often wondered why you were blessed with such a gift. I figured it was an outlet to release your pain and frustration with this world.When i think of you Basquiat comes to mind.
Posted by Carolyn Walker on 12th November 2012
my dear brother i miss you with every breath i take, you are forever in my heart. the world and your family have lost a true gift from God, your allsome spirit will be forever remembered in your works of Art, thank you my brother for your wonderful contribution to this mistery we call Life. Good Night my brother until we meet again I love you.
Posted by Maureen Pesta on 12th November 2012
Thank you for sharing Donnie's story. Although I never me Donnie I hope his artistic spirit will endure. Artists everywhere feel the loss of this peaceful and loving member of our community.
Posted by Anne Jantz on 10th November 2012
I met Donnie in 1996 in downtown Pontiac, Michigan. He came to an art show at The Art Experience, a community studio which I had co-founded. We did several murals together, and he helped me do art with abused children in Detroit. He was one of the kindest and loving people I have ever met. My husband Bill, our children and I will miss him forever.
Posted by Sharon O'Hara-Bruce on 10th November 2012
When I first met Donnie, he reminded me of a Zulu warrior, who stepped quietly into our gallery, from another time and place. He painted the story of his life, his struggles, hopes and visions, and the ancestors...all on a piece of wood . We painted murals together, and talked to the people, as we painted. He paid especial attention to the children... I will never forget him.

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