Let the memory of Mom/Nana be with us forever.
  • 93 years old
  • Born on May 8, 1921 in Carnarvon, Ontario, Canada.
  • Passed away on October 12, 2014 in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada.

This memorial website was created in memory of our mom, Doris Anna Cooper (nee Cowen), 93, born on May 8, 1921 and passed away on October 12, 2014. We will treasure her always.

Posted by Lynda Brohm on 12th October 2018
Four years have passed but your memory tugs on my heart. I wish you were here to share the fun and love Emma has brought into our lives. Like you she loves animals, and the water but God knew you needed a rest so he gave us her to love. I pray that I can be as wonderful a Nana as you xxoo
Posted by Teresa Lonsberry on 12th October 2018
Mom your legacy of caring love for others continues to grow. Great grand-daughter Emily is now enrolled in Nursing. Your light will continue to shine through all your family. We miss you much!! Love Teresa
Posted by Wanda Bates on 12th October 2018
All my life I kept wanting to grow older and move out so I could do my own thing - and I did. This year I got married to the love of my life Rick and retired from work. But now I just wish I could turn back time and be a child and hug you again. Miss you. Love you. Wanda & Rick
Posted by Wanda Bates on 8th May 2018
Happy birthday Mom. Spent a day together with my sisters on Sunday. I'm retiring soon, so we are making plans to spend many more together. We compared feet and decided that Teresa and I have your lovely ones....ha ha. Always enjoy our time together and relish all the great memories we have of you. Miss you. Love you. Your baby girl Wanda
Posted by Wanda Bates on 15th October 2017
Three long years without you. Always near to us by way of an answering machine message from you, which we listen to when we need to hear your voice. We have lots of reminders of you in our home which we treasure. Wanda & Rick
Posted by Lynda Brohm on 13th October 2017
A beautiful fall day Mom. I did our trip to the park this week with Gina and Emma I know you would have been so proud of your granddaughter and great granddaughter and loved sharing Gods creation. Missing you.xxoo Lynda
Posted by Teresa Lonsberry on 12th October 2017
Mom today is filled with sadness for us and joy for you. It was your time to meet your Saviour. We will forever keep your memory alive sharing with our grandchildren and one day great grandchildren the treasure you were to us but also countless others. We miss you so much. Love you forever. xoxo
Posted by J Mckenna on 12th October 2017
Miss you so much, Mom! Feels like you've been gone forever but I know you're actually with me every step of the way! And right now you are watching these beautiful Fall leaves with me. One thousand hugs and kisses, Judy
Posted by Wanda Bates on 9th May 2017
Hi Mom: Miss our annual celebrations of your birthday and Mother's Day. Spent the evening with one of our grandchildren playing a board game, reading bedtime stories, hide and go seek etc. - all things I love to do as I watched you from a young age interact with all our nieces and nephews when they came for extended visits. You showed me how to shower them with love. Love Wanda
Posted by Teresa Lonsberry on 8th May 2017
Mom it is your special day but your family misses you everyday! I treasure the beautiful afghan you knit for us. We have it displayed on our bed. I always snuggle up in it when I have an afternoon nap. Words can't describe how precious your gift is to us. We miss you terribly but God's timing is always perfect. Love Always Teresa & Garry
Posted by J Mckenna on 8th May 2017
Hi Mom! Happy Birthday! I'm sitting here reflecting on your amazing strength of character! What an example to continue on for 14 years without Dad and Mary! I miss your sparkling eyes and warm grasp. They are forever imprinted on my memory and I'm fortunate to be able to carry them with me forever. Love Judy
Posted by Gina Brown on 8th May 2017
Happy Birthday to an amazing Nana. We think of you everyday as Emma and I cuddle in the pink afghan you made for her before she was born. I miss you, but I am so thankful we had you in our lives for such a long, blessed time. Miss our weekend visits when Craig and I would come up to Haliburton. Xoxo
Posted by Lynda Brohm on 13th October 2016
Missing you Mom, the leaves are beautiful we would have made our yearly trip around the area to see them, picked up a pizza and found something to laugh about, a special time together. So thankful for the memories. Love Lynda
Posted by Teresa Lonsberry on 12th October 2016
Mom our hearts swell with thanksgiving and joy all the incredible blessings you bestowed upon our family and so many others. Our hearts deeply miss you. Love Teresa xoxo
Posted by Wanda Bates on 12th October 2016
My best friend Sandy sent me this text today, couldn't have said it better: Sending you hugs and good memories of your sweet, gentle, caring, wonderful, amazing Mom xxoo That she was!
Posted by Shelley Orlowski on 12th October 2016
Missing you every day and our little talks. The good news is that I can see some of you in all of our family and know that your legacy lives on.
Posted by Teresa Lonsberry on 8th May 2016
Mom so many wonderful memories today of your Birthday and Mother's Day. You and Dad arriving home from Florida and everyone gathering at our place to celebrate. We treasure those memories and share them with our grandchildren so they know of your great love for all your family. Love Teresa
Posted by Wanda Bates on 8th May 2016
If only heaven had a phone; I'd be calling you everyday. Instead, we are so lucky to be able to replay a message you left on our answering machine at one time and hear the warmth of your love whenever we need a "hug" Love Wanda & Rick
Posted by Gina Brown on 8th May 2016
Happy 95th Birthday, Nana, on Mother's Day! We shared so many wonderful Mother's Days with you and the Cooper Clan. I will always cherish those memories. Today is my first Mother's Day and I know you had a lot to do with helping us get our little angel, Emma. I so wish you could have met her but I know you watch over her with Poppa, Auntie M & Grandma & Grandpa Brohm. Love you and miss you so much, Nana.
Posted by Wanda Bates on 12th October 2015
Remembering you is easy, I do it every day Missing you is the heartache that never goes away. Love always Wanda & Rick
Posted by Shelley Orlowski on 12th October 2015
It's hard to believe that it's been a year since you became the true angel you have always been. I can't count the number of times I've picked up the phone to call to tell you the latest escapades and then I realize that you have seen them which fills me with both joy and sadness. Hug Mom and Poppa for us. Missing you more today.
Posted by Roseann King (Lepine) on 8th September 2015
Aunt Doris was very special to me.I have fond memories of her gentle smile's and warm hugs as a little girl. Her kindness and love will never be forgotten. My Mom (Ada her sister) looked forward to her visits as did I. With deepest sympathy and Love Roseann (niece)
Posted by Teresa Lonsberry on 3rd August 2015
Mom Thinking of Dad today brings cherished memories of you. You were a team and now together again. Miss you both so much. Thank you for the incredible legacy you gave us. Love Teresa
Posted by Wanda Bates on 10th May 2015
Missed planning your birthday/Mother's Day party; always enjoyed our family getting together this weekend. Your warm, generous spirit fills me with joy everyday; we were very very lucky to have you for 93+ years Your baby girl Wanda
Posted by J Mckenna on 8th May 2015
Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!! Love you so much! Judy
Posted by J Mckenna on 10th November 2014
The reality is that you will grieve forever. You will not ‘get over’ the loss of a loved one; you will learn to live with it. You will heal and you will rebuild yourself around the loss you have suffered. You will be whole again but you will never be the same. Nor should you be the same nor would you want to. Miss you so much, Mom! Love Judy
Posted by Shelley Orlowski on 2nd November 2014
May we continue to live life to its fullest the way Nana did and try to positively impact even a portion of the lives she has. We think of you often these days and miss you more every day.
Posted by Wanda Bates on 1st November 2014
An Angel An angel lived among us, A gift from God above. She showered us with kindness And shared with us her love. She cherished every moment With the man who was her life; Walking hand in hand together, Facing life with all its strife. She loved her children dearly, Each one a different way, Nestled close within her heart. Though, now, she’s far away. She’s gone to live with Jesus. But, she’s here with us, today, Smiling down on every one of us, And telling us she’s O.K.. Author - Unknown

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