Doris Ladean Chandler Turner passed away peacefully with her family on December 24, 2014 at her residence. She was born to the late Roy & Ruby Chandler on April 21, 1931.

 Visitation was held from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM, Sat., Dec. 27, 2014
Location: Johnson Brown-Service Funeral Home Chapel in Valley 

Funeral Service

Was held at 4:00 PM Sat., Dec. 27, 2014
Location: Johnson Brown-Service Funeral Home Chapel in Valley 

Interment followed at Resthaven Memorial Gardens in Lanett AL.

Evangelist David Copeland Officating
Music By;
April Barber and David Copeland "There is a River".
Iris Adams  "Amazing Grace" 

Dot's grandaughter April Barber performed live the song you hear on this memorial, 3 days prior to her Nanny's transition to heaven.

Her memorial video tribute can be viewed at 

A very special thanks to the Hospice caregivers,
and all the food provided by friends,family,Dan & Net Deason, Aubry & Iris Adams, Kathy Chandler Dukes, Nancy Gauntt, Saundra & Wayne Hood and Evangel Temple of Lanett.  

Posted by (Jeff Jones) Administrato... on April 21, 2021
Happy Birthday in heaven Moma Dot! We sure do miss you! GREG ASBELL
Posted by Greg Asbell on December 26, 2019
Just 5 years ago our hearts were completely shattered on this day as we were forced down the path of unbelievable grief as we were saying our goodbye's. Yesterday we were able to celebrate Christmas at home for the first time since you left us! Missed you so much this and every year!
Posted by Greg Asbell on April 21, 2019
Happy Birthday in Heaven today Moma Dot! We sure do miss getting to celebrate this day with you!
Posted by Greg Asbell on April 21, 2018
Moma Dot, you would not believe (or maybe you know) how beautiful your flowers have been this spring! Truly beautiful and amazing just like you! Hope you get a BIG cake today, so you can share with all your heavenly family, as you loved to do when you were here. Love and miss you!!! Happy Birthday in Heaven!
Posted by Greg Asbell on December 24, 2017
Hard to believe it has been 3 years since you joined the Heavenly Host! Missing you so much today!!!
Posted by Susie Asbell on April 21, 2017
Happy Birthday Mom ! I can't believe you are 86 years old today .I have missed every second being around you .I know how much you loved birthday parties it did not matter who's birthday it was you always had to get a big cake .I know that you are getting a big cake in Heaven ! This birthday Paw will get to celebrate up there with you .I wanted to let you know that Greg is keeping your yard looking good just like you always wanted it . I walk around your house and listen sometimes just wanting to hear your voice again .I can sometimes make it through your front door but when I do I hear you say "Hey Susie ...Come on in here " .God of I could just hear that one more time .I am trying to remember every thing about you but as I get older sometimes I forget and have to ask Greg .I also wanted to let you know that you are going to be a great grandmother again .David and Tiffine are having another little one .I just wish I knew what it is like in Heaven .I know what the Bible says but I can only imagine .I bet the way you loved your "Bling " that walking the streets of Gold must be awesome ! Tell,Paw I said hello .I bet walking with no more pain and no worries is great plus seeing Paw walking around and not coughing or having to drag that oxygen around .It has to be the best and that is what you deserve with all the good that you did for people while you were on this Earth .I am doing okay .Greg helps me with the hard times and we always get you and Paw a flower for all the special occasions.I love you so much and miss you that sometimes it hates to breathe when I think of you .I will see you one day but until then I love you so much and Happy Birthday ! Your daughter Susie !
Posted by Greg Asbell on April 21, 2017
Sure have been missing Moma Dot! Hope you have a GREAT Birthday in Heaven Today. Love you!
Posted by Susie Asbell on March 10, 2017
Hey Momma , What are you and Paw doing today ? I miss you both so much .I think I need to call you sometimes and tell you some news and then I remember that I have to call you on The Royal Telephone .I saw a movie last night about Heaven and saw all the flowers and I thought about you and,Paw and how you loved flowers .I bet you can name everyone of them .Your Camilla tree is putting out some beautiful blooms .I remember how much you loved that tree . The kids and grandkids miss you very much .Sophie speaks of you a,lot and her favorite color is purple just like yours .She loves her bling just like you do and little Cam Cam is David made over .Aaron is doing so much better and want have to take many more IVIG .He will be 14 in June and is as tall as me .You would have to look up,at him as short as you are .He is still playing the drums .Isaac is our sweet little comedian .He has such a tender heart and like me he,loves the Auburn Tigers .Joshua is our little Happy Baby he is a mess and is cute as a button .I wish I could get just a glimpse of Heaven and see you for a minute .Your clothes and your room are still at your house .I just can't seem to bring myself to,getting rid of them because if I do I loose a part of you .I thought I would ask you a favor since you are up in Heaven with the Boss ? Could you,please ask him to help me out a little bit on my back it hurts so bad sometimes .I try to do things but it really shuts me down the next day .I would like to be able to play with the grandkids more and be able to help Greg more .He is just like you remember him .....he is caring and sweet and takes care of me .Is Paw acting up with his jokes up there ? I bet he has told everyone up there to not kill no dead snakes .Lol .Please give Ronnie a hug from me and tell him I miss him very much .I guess you are having fun with all your family up there but I know you miss me the most because my heart breaks every time I see or have a memory of you .A chunk of my heart was cut out the night you left me and I don't know how to get it back .Well I will let you get back to your garden so glad you do not have any pain in your back anymore and can work your garden in your purple outfit ....till we meet again Momma I love you and you are the sweetest,and most giving beautiful Momma that I was able to have .I love and miss you ....Your little girl Susie
Posted by (Dav) Administrator on December 24, 2016
It's hard to believe that it has been 2 years since I lost my Mama Dot! She was so very special to me and my family in countless ways. Since Paw joined her in May of this year, I am sure they have been having the time of their eternal life getting caught up from their 17 month separation. Missing them both so very much!
Posted by Susie Asbell on October 26, 2016
Hey Momma I was just sitting here watching tv and had you on my mind .I miss you so much the hurt never leaves me . Greg and I have been keeping your yard looking nice like you always liked it .We have a hole in the driveway but Greg has been working on it .So what is it like in Heaven ? I look at the clouds and try to make your face out but nothing is more beautiful than you were .I have not been able to do much to your house because it hurts so much to walk in and not here you say " Well come on in Susie sit down awhile " .I wish I had done it more .I miss your phone calls . I keep yours and Paw's resting place looking good as I can .I miss and love you so bad .I love you .....Your only little girl Susie .
Posted by Susie Asbell on September 12, 2016
I sure am missing you bad today Momma ! I look out my kitchen windows every morning and see your house and the hurt and pain just want go away .We also have a place in Florida with a camper but I get so depressed when I get home and drive down the long driveway and do not see a sign of you .My heart is so empty without you .I do not get any phone calls asking me how I am doing and how the kids are .I am so glad that you are in Heaven so you can not see the pain that has caused the kids to not speak or come see me .I get so lonesome we never see David anymore and he could always make us laugh .One day I will see you in Heaven and there will be no more pain or suffering .I guess what I am trying to say is I want my Momma ....I know you would never want to come back to this earth so I guess I am being selfish wanting you back .I have still not been able to go through your stuff .April got some of your jewelry and I know you would want her to have it .Well guess I will go I got a headache today but don't think I will ever quit missing you .You was my Momma and I love you and always have .I will talk do,you later your favorite daughter Susie ❤
Posted by Susie Asbell on May 10, 2016
Hey Momma just wanted to tell you how much I have missed you .Life is just not the same anymore .I think about you all the time .I miss all our shopping trips where you always gave me money and would say Go buy you something pretty with it even though I did not want you doing that .You were a great Momma to me and Greg and a great grandmother and great great grandmother .I wish you could see the boys and April .Boo is almost tall as me and he will be 13 years old next month June 2016 .April is still singing she sang at your going home celebration .Boo is well now and I know your prayers had a lot to do with it .Tiffine and the babes are doing good .Sophie has won 2 beauty pageants and we are going Friday the 13 to see her in her ballet pageant .Momma you want believe it but she talks about you all the time and her favorite color is purple .I gave her your purple rabbit in your room and she loved it .They made you a purple flower for your resting place . Momma I know I will see you again but I miss you so much .My heart aches for you .I just want you to know that Greg and Me and April were at your bedside when the Lord took you home .I know you are not hurting anymore but I guess I am being selfish for wanting you here with me .I don't see Brandi or Scooter or Bubba in fact I did not even get a Mother's Day card from them .That's okay I still have Greg and he loved you so much he helped me with you to the end .I also have Tiffine and April and all there children .I see your flowers outside and wish I could name them all but I can't .Well I guess I will let you go and enjoy walking the streets of Gold with our Saviour .Just know that your only daughter misses and loves you very much and no one can take your place .I love you Momma from your favorite daughter Susie
Posted by Susie Asbell on January 6, 2016
Hey Momma I was just thinking about you like I always do .I miss you so much .There is a hole in my heart that cant be replaced .They say it gets better with time but I am having a hard time believing them .Greg is taking good care of Paw I just cant go in your house yet your memories are too much for me ...maybe one day I can get piece to clean your room and give some of your clothes to the needy .I know that is what you would want me to do . I love you Momma and miss you so much .I often wonder what Heaven will be like I know it is beautiful and you are loving it .
Posted by Greg Asbell on December 24, 2015
Over the past year, I have had a lot of time to reflect on how blessed I have been to have had your wonderful Motherly influence in mine and my family's life the past 35 years. I so miss you daily, and also have a constant reminder in all of the beautiful flowers that you planted over the years that continue to bloom throughout the year!
Posted by April Barber on December 24, 2015
Miss you so much Nanny! Doesn't seem like it has been a year since you went to see Jesus! I think about you very often and I smell you in stores, on your jewelry that I wear and I know that if you had a choice to come back you would want to stay in the presence of Jesus. Papa is doing good as we are spoiling him like you did. Momma is just like you and I see you in her. We cooked yesterday and the only thing missing was you. I want so bad for you to be here. The boys are growing so fast! Daddy is taking good care of Papa. You would be so proud! I truly think you passed your shoe, clothes, and jewelry addiction down to me. Lol! I bet Christmas in Heaven is so amazing! Give Jesus a big hug for me and I can't wait to worship with you in heaven one day. My heart hurts but I have peace knowing I will see you again. I love you Nanny!
Posted by (Progressive) Administrat... on October 17, 2015
Mommy this is your daughter Susie .I got to have a hip replacement soon .Please tell God to watch over me its not because I do not want to see you its because I do not want Greg and April and the ones that really love me like the boys and Jonathan and the twins and Tiffine to be hurt again .Your death was the hardest thing that me and Greg and April have ever been through . I miss you so much but I need to be here for them .Till I see you again just know I love you with all my heart I love you Susie !
Posted by (MWL) Administrator on May 14, 2015
Mommy I miss you so much .I have never hurt so bad in all my life ...I am trying very hard to keep your resting place pretty with purple flowers and soon you will have a nice headstone . I cry every day and hurt every time I look out the window and see your house .I have not been able to go in your house since April was here but do not worry I will take care of your stuff and treasure all the memories .Hopefully soon you can show me a sign that you are okay and I can be happy again . Greg is taking good care of dad and me .I do not know what I would do without him .Please rest peacefully with the Angel's until I see you again ..I love you .....Your favorite daughter Susie
Posted by Greg Asbell on April 21, 2015
The last four months have been very very sad, with a lot of emotions as we still have a very difficult time trying to deal with your absence. One of life's greatest lessons, that we all share is that we DON"T know what we have until we are forced to no longer have it. We miss you so much and today being your 84 birthday, just want to say, Your love and presence is so, so, missed here.
Posted by Greg Asbell on March 6, 2015
A poem for My Moma Dot!

Each morning when I awake I know that you are gone. And no one knows the heartache as I carry on. My heart still ache with sadness and many tears still flow. What it meant to lose you,no one will ever know.
My thoughts are always with you, your place no one can fill. In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still.
There will always be a heartache and often a silent tear, but always a precious memory of the days when you were here. If tears could make a staircase, and heartaches make a lane, we'd walk the path to heaven and bring you home again.
I hold you close within my heart and there you will remain, until that day we meet again.
Posted by (Progressive) Administrat... on February 3, 2015
Mom I miss you so much ! I am lost without you .You were such a giving and caring Mother and I loved you with all my heart .Love you your daughter Susie
Posted by Greg Asbell on January 6, 2015
"Psalm 90:10 states that a normal life span is 70 years but if because of special mightiness 80. Dot certainly lived a long life and was dearly loved by her family and friends. May you all find comfort and hope in our Heavenly Fathers promise to very soon bring about a changed condition to this earth where sickness and death will be done away with (Rev. 21:4,5) and there will be a bringing back to life instead of losing. (John 5:28,29)"
Posted by Greg Asbell on January 4, 2015
Gone but never forgotten!

The years we've shared have been full of joy.
The memories we’ve made will go on and on.
We haven’t stopped crying since you went away,
and we have asked God time and time
why couldn’t you stay. You lit up our lives,
our hopes, and our dreams.
You’ve opened our eyes to see what it all means.
So now that you’re gone how can we forget;
Because you were the greatest out of all we have met.

Love Always,
Your Children
Posted by Greg Asbell on January 3, 2015
Losing a loved one can create loneliness and heart ache unlike no other, but having relatives and friends who care, will help ease the difficulty of the days ahead. Only those who have lost a close loved one can know the depth of this feeling. Susie and I sincerely thank all our friends and family support during this most difficult time in our lives!

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Happy Birthday in heaven Moma Dot! We sure do miss you! GREG ASBELL
Posted by Greg Asbell on December 26, 2019
Just 5 years ago our hearts were completely shattered on this day as we were forced down the path of unbelievable grief as we were saying our goodbye's. Yesterday we were able to celebrate Christmas at home for the first time since you left us! Missed you so much this and every year!
Posted by Greg Asbell on April 21, 2019
Happy Birthday in Heaven today Moma Dot! We sure do miss getting to celebrate this day with you!
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Shared by Greg Asbell on April 21, 2022
Today is the birthday in heaven of Doris Ladean Turner. Many remember her as “Dot” or “Sister Turner”. When you get to be my age, you can look back and appreciate the people that really had an impact on your life, and for 34 years Mama Dot had been a very special loving Mother-in-law, and Mother figure in our life as well as our children's life! I can only imagine the celebration that will take place when we get to see her again in Heaven! Lesson learned is to love and cherish every moment you now are afforded the privilege to have today with special people in your life while you still can. One of my old sayings is "We don't really know what we have until we are forced to live without it".

Carpe diem is a Latin phrase that means “seize the day”. It encourages people to focus on the present, appreciate the value of every moment in life, and avoid postponing things unnecessarily, because every life eventually comes to an end.

Missing Moma Dot for Christmas 2018

Shared by Greg Asbell on December 24, 2018

We will be playing dirty santa today in Dot's memory. She loved the game and we certainly miss how upset she would get if she lost the gift she really wanted.

Lots of fun and loving memories! 

My sweet Nanny...

Shared by April Barber on April 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Nanny! You've been gone for almost 4 months and words can't describe how much I miss you! I would give anything to feel your tight hug and hear you say "hey girl." I am thankful for so many memories that I had with Nanny. If I live to see my grandkids I hope I am an awesome grandmother like you were. I'm sure you prayed me through some stuff and I am so thankful for a praying grandmother . I will miss your sweet tea, chicken and dressing, talks on the phone about Jesus and eating with you and you asking me 10 or more times if I wanted your food. You were such a giver and so selfless. I pray I would be a giver like you. You were like my 2nd mother and it hurts everyday with you not being here. Can't wait to see you again and tell Jesus to come on back so we can all be reunited again. I wear your jewelry, makeup, and pajamas a lot. I think about you every time I put on jewelry and makeup and when I go shoe shopping. I think about the mornings I would wake up in your bed and smell cheese biscuits coming from the kitchen and how we use to go pick up cans or work in the garden. We would sit and shell beans for hours and I enjoyed being you every minute. 

Nanny loved her family....every single one and prayed for them daily. She loved Jesusand ttheir isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her. She was my Nanny, my grandmother, and my best friend. Gone but not forgotten...I love you, April