Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.
Proverbs 31:25
  • 69 years old
  • Born on October 1, 1945 in Miami, Florida, United States.
  • Passed away on January 10, 2015 in Wabash, Indiana, United States.

The family of Doris Parrish is overwhelmed by the love and comfort each one of you has given to us during this time. We are honored and humbled that you all may wish to share in remembering of our beloved mother and wife.

As requested by Mom, there will be a private memorial for her church family and immediate family only. These arrangements are due to Dad’s health condition also. Both of them have been dealing with serious health issues for quite some time and the stress of a large ceremony would not be advantageous for his health. We truly appreciate your understanding in this matter.

We are blessed to have you as friends and loved ones to share in our lives. Although we know many of you would love to be here in support of us, instead of your presence, we would be honored if you would share memories, special moments, or pictures that you have had with Mom throughout her life.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Apostolic Church of Wabash, 1259 West 200 North, Wabash, IN 46992, in honor of Doris Parrish.

Posted by Andrea Propst on 3rd February 2015
This was a post on the Grandstaff-Hentgen guestbook for mom: Thursday, January 15, 2015 There could never be a more definition of "Grace, Dignity, Honor or Respect then Doris Parrish... I have traveled many places, met many interesting people and without doubt, Doris was one of the Top! She had the ability to carry an entire room with conversation. You could feel her warmth and caring personality the minute you spoke with her. I remember having special times with her. She had a Boundless Sense of Humor! I remember working with her in many different kitchens. We have prepared simple Dinners for a dozen people or Elegant Banquets for Hundreds...Her Cooking was Legendary! Nothing less then an Art. Sis.Parrish had the ability to make a "Grilled Cheese Sandwich" feel like an elegant meal! She had an eye for perfection! She could work with colors, fabrics, styles many would fear and put together a single room or an entire home that would rival any Home Design Magazines...I remember a trip we had all taken years ago, we were setting in the Lobby of The Adams' Mark Hotel in St. Louis and Doris motioned for me, As I made my way to her table she said Ron, Dont you think that Wallpaper Boarder would look nice in your Dining room! It was an Honor to have met Sis.Parrish...I will remember her Always... ~ Ronald L. Osborne
Posted by Andrea Propst on 3rd February 2015
This was a post on the Grandstaff-Hentgen website for mom: Friday, January 16, 2015 My deepest condolences to the immediate family & church family. Doris was was very inspirational & very kind. I had nothing but respect for her & Brother Parrish while I attended Wabash Apostolic Church & I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her play the piano. Soon & very soon, we are going to see the KING!!!!!! Much love always, ~ Carolyn Sparks
Posted by Danny StClair on 21st January 2015
Such a wonderful lady, who made a positive impact wherever she was involved. She modeled a Godly life which was carried on in her family. We love you all very much and there will be a hole in our lives, yet a hope that we will meet again on the other shore! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Posted by Sheila Willis on 17th January 2015
She loved me and I dearly loved her.I have watched her lead choirs, paint and decorate camp restrooms and kitchens, .....fix the best croutons ever! Honeywell Mansion will always be a favorite memory.My last dinner with her and Ray was at The Journey in Indy.She made me smile. I PURPOSELY WILL SEE HER AGAIN!
Posted by Faythe Gill on 17th January 2015
My first memory of Sis. Parrish was when they came to our church in St. Louis as young evangelists. During that revival, I was enamored by everything about Sis. Parrish. She was beautiful and talented and loved to laugh. She didn't change through the years ~ she remained beautiful and talented and funny. She made everyone she came in contact with feel like they were the most important person in the world. She truly had a great gift for hospitality. She will be dearly missed.
Posted by Richard Vail on 16th January 2015
I graduated with Doris in 1963, loved the visit with Doris, and her friends Bevely, Ann at the 50th Class Reunion. She brought memories and joy of our days as kids, and the camaraderie did not dimish, but was only stronger over the years for our classmates at J-HHS.
Posted by Jo Parker on 16th January 2015
I graduated with Doris King Parrish at JHHS in Jonesboro, Louisiana...She was such a sweet person and I enjoyed being around her always. Our paths took different directions when we graduated butt I'm so glad she had a beautiful and amazing family life... Prayers go out to the family of this Lady...JoGilbertParker
Posted by Carole Hays on 16th January 2015
What a joy it was to see Doris at our JHHS Class of '63's 50 Year Reunion. I had not seen her since high school, but those friendships survive the test of time! Obviously her family and friends will miss her, but we must rejoice that she has reached the goal she has reached for all her life: Heaven!
Posted by Paula King on 15th January 2015
Sis Parrish was one of my best friends. She taught me so many things about hospitality, determination and a love for God and his word. We laughed at so many of the same things. We could just say one or two words and we knew what the other was thinking. So grateful for the mercy God showed her. As one of her care givers, I saw Him come on the scene and grant her peace in the midst of her storm. She will always be missed by me and so many others. I know she was taken to spare her from the evil to come...another way God granted her mercy. She was a true lady..
Posted by Vivian Boyd on 15th January 2015
Beautiful lady, my best friend for over 20 years! We had so many many wonderful times and shared so much! Rest in peace dear friend until we meet again!
Posted by Barbara Long on 14th January 2015
God has taken another angel home. The memories just "rush" through my mind. I remember all those years as teenagers in the church in San Antonio pastored by your uncle, L. E. King. In looking at your pictures, I remembered how we used to get together and style each other's hair, In fact in picture #18 I had combed your hair. It took your beautiful face to make it look so good. RIP Doris. You are in the arms of God.
Posted by Katie Horton on 14th January 2015
My deepest condolences to the Parrish-Bingham families. May God shower each of you with His peace, fill the void in each heart, & wrap each of you in His arms of comfort. Trish & Mike Bingham, I will lift your families up in prayer.
Posted by Matt Gaines on 14th January 2015
Our deepest sympathies and prayers are extended toward the Parrish family. Sis Parrish was a saint, full of love and hospitality. I remember several times going out to eat with them and going to partake of one of her home cooked meals. Always reaching out to make sure you felt welcome and at home. Matt Gaines
Posted by Carla Castro on 14th January 2015
"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints" Psalms116:15 We have been privileged to have had Sis. Parrish for our First Lady. Such a wonderful, talented, giving and caring lady. She always had the welfare of others at heart. Knowing she is resting in the Arms of God gives us sweet peace! We loved her so much! Mike & Carla Castro
Posted by Jane Carrell on 14th January 2015
Our hearts are broken by the passing of a great lady. Our prayers are that the Lord will wrap his arms around the family and help them cherish the memories you have. A Mother is what holds a family together and also the church family. May the Lord give you peace beyond understanding and strength to bear your sorrow.
Posted by Micki Mooney on 13th January 2015
Such a Wonderful lady We will always remember how much fun they were to be with. Also foe Also for the time they helped us when Paul was in the Hospital in Wabash. They completely took care of us. We love Parishs praying for you all
Posted by Teresa Baker on 13th January 2015
We have lovely memories of such a Precious Lady that always greeted us with a big smile! Her life leaves a testimony of a Godly and Caring Woman, and her children rise up to bring her honor. Our prayers are for her dear family as God brings His peace and comfort this day. Teresa and Roland Baker
Posted by Lois Hand on 13th January 2015
Pastor & Sis. Parrish have been great friends to us. Sis. Parrish had such a sweet spirit and good advice to give....some was quite comical...she always spoke how she felt with Bro. Parrish saying "Doris!". I will never forget her friendship to me and to my husband. She was a beautiful, loving, kind & humble woman of God. She had the talent many longed for...played piano, speak at ladies functions, decorate and many more! I always think of her singing "There's A Promise Coming Down the Dusty Road". I will miss my friend...Our prayers go up for Bro. Parrish and the family. We love you all. Clarence & Lois Hand
Posted by Amy Hernandez on 13th January 2015
I knew Doris my whole life. She was a mother-figure to my parents. She was my pastor's wife, my music teacher, drama director, our church event planner. My favorite thing about her was her love of entertaining. She loved a great party! The food and drink were always delicious and plentiful! If you were going to an event she was planning, you did a lot of laughing and eating! She introduced me to caviar and laughed at the horrible face I made after tasting it. She loved to see people enjoying themselves at her table. I remember with her husband being diabetic, she would always make him special items that were diabetic-friendly to keep his glucose in check. I always thought that was so sweet of her to take that extra care to cater to his needs. As an adult, I too love to have friends over for meals and entertainment. She thought me so much! I am grateful! She was one of a kind!
Posted by Beverly Garrett on 13th January 2015
My heart is saddened at the loss of my dear friend, Doris. We have been friends since high school. I have lots of fond memories of our high school days. Doris let her light shine for the Lord. She kept me on the right track. I didn't get to tell her goodbye, but hope to see her again very soon. Bro. Ray, you and your family are in my prayers.
Posted by Gloria Bates on 13th January 2015
" Doris was a person I grew up knowing and I always looked up to her. She had a smile and a prayer for everyone. I loved Children's Church mostly because of her. You will be missed."
Posted by Nelda McGuire on 13th January 2015
I graduated with Doris and so enjoyed seeing her at our 50th class reunion. Sat at the same table and had such fun remembering things that happened at school that had been long forgotten. My prayers and thoughts are with the friends and family and may God comfort them.
Posted by Buster Tumlin on 13th January 2015
So glad I was able to visit with you at our 50th class reunion, even though it had been many years since I'd seen you. Our next reunion will be the best one yet. It will be in heaven!
Posted by Teri Sluss on 12th January 2015
Such a wonderful lady with a beautiful heart. Her Love for God and for people go beyond words that my heart can express. Will forever love her. aka... Rose Sluss
Posted by Becki Wagoner on 12th January 2015
Doris was such a graceful lady. Our girls were in school together and she visited Video Sideline nearly every week. We had so many delightful conversations through the drive-up window. Many times, she was my very last customer when the window closed at 8 p.m., so we had time to share news of our families and our lives. I treasure our memories and am grateful for her friendship.
Posted by Sheila Baker Blaylock on 12th January 2015
I know you're going through a difficult time right now. I wish I could do something to make everything all right for all of you, but since I can't, I just want you to know that I'm praying for you. What a blessing just to have known Doris.
Posted by James Mullins on 12th January 2015
She lived her life as perfectly as one could. She was such a joy to be around! I will miss her smiles and her compassion! We can't imagine what Bro Parrish & you daughters are going through. We are praying for you all!!
Posted by Theresa Hughes on 12th January 2015
I really think she was one of the nicest people I've ever met, she will be greatly missed, so happy for the life she lived!!
Posted by Stephanie Straub on 12th January 2015
Doris was an awesome lady, she will greatly missed. Thoughts and prayers for all the family.
Posted by .Alice Fay Kirk on 12th January 2015
Lloyd and I have always thought of Doris as one of the sweetest and selfless person that we knew. She was always trying to make someone else's life brighter. We were so sadden to hear of her passing, but she will be a wonderful addition to God's beautiful flower garden. Brother Ray, you and your daughters and their families will be in our prayers. We love you all very much and have wonderful memories of Doris. She will be missed by all that knew her especially the Kirk family in Ohio
Posted by Tonya Cook on 12th January 2015
Sister Parrish was the most humble lady I have ever met in my life. I went to school with Andrea Propst and I never knew why she wore skirts all the time till I went to church there and you could feel the move oof God in the church :) sister Parrish played the piano well she said that she felt like to l tickling the ivoys for the glory of God and she sure could this lady was not only the pastors wife,mom, grandma, she loved everybody she met and I think GodI got to see her this summer bBc I had no clue that she was gonna go base sure will be missed and I love this lady with all my heart and I love her family they are the sweetest people ypu will ever meet rest in peace sister parrish
Posted by Lillian Burdick on 12th January 2015
Doris was one most greatest person I have known. Doris was thoughtful and kind, there was time when I was 17 my mom passed away on Friday the next day prepare a awesome breakfast for my entire family had us come to home to eat. One of funny things I remember was when Rhonda was baby she tried to get her stop crying she was getting stress over so what she do she put her in bouncy put her on top the dryer put load of towels in dry start it and it rock her sleep it worked. I will surely missed my friend.
Posted by Debbie Berry on 12th January 2015
The Parrish family is in my thoughts and prayers for strength and comfort during the difficult days ahead. Your mother was a beautiful lady and mentor with a servant's heart. She was the epitome of a virtuous woman and set that standard for the ladies of the Indiana ALJC. Her smile will always be remembered, and now cherished. A true and faithful servant has gone to get her reward, and Heaven is a little sweeter with her there.

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