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This memorial website was created in memory my big brother, Doug Kitchener.

Posted by Sandra Wilkey on April 4, 2019
Doug was my cousin. Our mothers were sisters. We had lost contact for many years, but became reacquainted mainly because of Doug's interest in our family history. We spent many hours visiting and sharing memories. Doug had an incredible memory. He knew and could describe the year, make, model and color of every car we Minnesotans drove.
A few years ago Doug, my sister, Karen, and I traveled to our mothers' home town. Doug was able, with very little help, to find the farmhouse they grew up in. He loved history, music, and Oldsmobiles.
Rest easy, Doug, you will be missed.
Posted by Betty Heller Myers on March 16, 2019
I knew Doug since high-school. His family's yard on Venice Dr. joined my backyard (on Downs Dr Silver Spring) at a corner. (He was a close friend of a group of guys who drove jeeps, were fascinated by cars and electronics, one of whom I dated my senior year...) Throughout the years we would see each other at various reunions and parties.
His compassion for his mother and his attentiveness to her was palpable.
I was so moved by his attendance and reflective comments at the funeral of his former room-mate, Dave, who was my former husband (for whom I ended up being a care-giver).
Last summer, a few of the high-school buddies met at the beach, and Doug conveyed his concerns about "reflux." I'm glad we had some time to reminisce during that beach trip. It was a shock to learn that he was dealing cancer. It was a bigger shock to learn that he passed. My thoughts are with his family and friends. Wishing Doug a sweet ride in an Oldsmobile to the other side.
Posted by Sam Wise on March 6, 2019
My dear friend and colleague Doug,
I was so saddened by your sudden departure from this world. I wish I were able to prevent it. You will truly be missed.
May you rest in peace,
--Sam Wiseman
Posted by Donna Musselman on March 4, 2019
I thoroughly enjoyed growing up next door to the Kitchener family. They were wonderful neighbors. Like his parents, Doug was always friendly and welcoming. He always had time to chat and would tell the most interesting stories. I will remember his love for restoring cars, his expertise in technology and his kind, sincere nature. He was always willing to help someone in need. Doug attended my father's, mother's and brother's visitations and funerals to lend his support and had uplifting stories to share about them and the impact they had on his life. Doug loved his parents deeply. I will never forget his devotion to his mother, especially as her health declined. He was a loving son. The world has lost a sweet soul.
Posted by Susan Sumpter on March 4, 2019
Doug ...
my loyal childhood friend, next door neighbor, school classmate.
I was so shy at school, but Doug navigated the way for me as we faced each new year. Doug was super-intelligent (no wonder he never brought textbooks home), and SO quick-witted. All of our classmates recognized his skills in repairing old cars. Yes, there was always a "car mechanics project" going on in his driveway to satisfy that passion. When our mothers enrolled us in 6th grade Cotillion Dance classes together, Doug never laughed at the stockings that puddled around my ankles (pre-pantyhose era) due to my skinny legs; nor laugh at my pointed eyeglasses or skin breakouts. He gave me my first taste of what it felt like to be treated as a LADY. Now that's a true friend! Although we landed states apart in our adult years, we kept in touch. Doug, I sure miss knowing that you are there -- but I cherish the memories of our growing up together.
Posted by Loughcrew on March 1, 2019
I met Doug back in the ‘90s, when our AV group joined his Academic Computing group at Montgomery College. His memory of old Montgomery County was remarkable, and his broad range of interests and knowledge always made for great, meandering conversation. He was endlessly helpful to all of us AV techs when we (too often) asked for help in an area of his expertise, dropping what he was doing to assist.
His helpfulness extended into other areas too numerous to recall; pouring coffee this morning, it occurred that the kitchen island I was using was there thanks to Doug’s help. Found it on Craigslist, close by the College, but how to move it to my car? I rang Doug, who immediately shifted his dinner break to assist. He helped in deliberations on a yard tractor when I moved to the country, recommending Wheel Horse (not many around!) and am surprised he didn’t recommend Allis Chalmers, as I see he was familiar with, in the photo:)
I miss his funny expresssions, Star Trek lines spring to mind, and his quick wit and refined musical tastes. His interest in obscure stories from the Andrea Doria shipwreck to the mystery surrounding Mary Pinchot Meyer in Georgetown, were endlessly entertaining.
I’m sorry I won’t have the chance to visit him in Winchester, but much sorrier still that he didn’t have the chance to enjoy his richly-deserved retirement there.
+RIP, Doug.

~Maura Hilburn
Posted by Ed Cunningham on February 28, 2019
Doug buddy, you will remain among my fondest memories of my time at Montgomery College. I will forever recall your wit & observations of our modern "tech world"
I have spent some time gathering photos I have of you, along with some you sent me. Just posted some. Rest in Peace+  ED
Posted by Ellen Marchessault on February 21, 2019
FYI: There will be a memorial service for Doug on Saturday, April 6 at 10 a.m. at the Adelphi Bible Baptist church at 8510 Riggs Rd., Adelphi, MD 20783. Doug was not a member of any particular church, but he had been taking Mom to services at Riderwood which were lead by Rev. James Lyons, who conducted Mom's funeral service, so Rev. Lyons agreed to perform this service for Doug at his own church.
Posted by Russ Panneton on February 19, 2019
Doug was my best friend through high school and the one person with whom I stayed in contact after I left the Maryland area. One memorable trip he took was to visit me in Germany while I was stationed there; from near Nuremberg, we drove to Le Mans, France, to attend the 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race. We camped inside the track and it was awesome! We also once took a trip together to Lime Rock, CT, to attend another car race. And there were a few epic times we enjoyed together in Shawneeland, too. 
Doug helped me build my first muscle car, a 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS. We swapped transmissions, rebuilt the engine and turned the old, tired car into quite a runner. I couldn't have done it without his help. You can tell that we were both car guys!
Much later on, Doug helped me move my Mom into assisted living. Over and over he showed what a good friend he was. I count myself lucky to have had him as my friend.
Posted by Ellen Marchessault on February 9, 2019
Doug was born on Feb. 22, 1950. He lived at 10105 Gardiner Avenue for the first 11 years of his life before we moved to 907 Venice Drive in August of 1961 and transferred from McKenny Hills school to Jackson Road. Doug graduated from Springbrook High School in 1968. He was ALWAYS passionate about cars; those early years when we drove on family vacations to Minnesota (where Mom's two sisters and five of our cousins lived), he kept close track of which kinds of cars we saw.

Doug passed away peacefully in his sleep on Jan. 22, 2019 from cancer. He had started chemo and radiation treatments, but apparently the cancer was caught too late.

Two of Doug's favorite institutions were those listed below. If you are interested in making a memorial donation in Doug's memory, here are links to organizations you might consider:

WBJC—Classical Music Station (Baltimore):

Hillwood Museum (Washington, D.C.):

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