Only those people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do.
  • 82 years old
  • Born on January 18, 1930 in Manila, Philippines.
  • Passed away on January 3, 2013 in Manila, Philippines.

Today January 18, 2016 is Daddy's 86th Birth Anniversary.  We continue to remember you always!

Posted by An-Marie Jon on 18th January 2017
A candle for your 87th birthday uncle George...we love and miss you..continue to guide us and watch over all of us. I miss the experiences and wisdom you would share with us. Happy birthday , we send you all our love. Love, an, Laura and anabelle
Posted by Nida Rodrigo on 27th January 2016
Thank you Dr Eufemio for taking care of the family of Eddie V. Rodrigo. Eternal rest unto your soul. Amen
Posted by An-Marie Jon on 18th January 2015
Dear Uncle George...we miss you this day, your 85th birthday...I reflect on warm memories of birthday celebrations I had the fortune of sharing with you when we visited you in the Philippines as children....It was a wonderful time and memories I will cherish forever. We love and miss your effervescent are, an, laura and anabelle
Posted by Princess Ladignon on 6th January 2015
Dockie, wherever you are, i pray for you, dont be surprised if an old chap taps you, my abuela has also left our physical world na din. I hope you and lola elisea would see each other up there. -Atchie
Posted by Henry Chan on 18th January 2014
We join the family and friends of George in commemorating his birthday. And we say to him: "George, we remember the warmth of your friendship; the gift of talent you shared and the smiles you put on our faces. Those will ever be felt as we all gather to remember you. Happy Birthday, George!"
Posted by Henry Chan on 6th January 2014
It is never too late to express one's sympathy and appreciation to a reknown physician and family doctor to my family, especially to my mother and father. You have made a mark in our lives not only as a physician but as a family friend and contibution to the medical profession. You will be missed dearly.
Posted by Jane Dejesus on 5th January 2014
George will always be remembered as a savior in our family , we can't thank him enough for all his help especially to my parents whom he cared for with no reservations to the best of his knowledge in medical field. George you are 1 in million. Thank God for who you are! We miss you!
Posted by Jon-Eric Eufemio on 3rd January 2014
Dear Uncle George, The speed with which time passes is a reminder of how precious each moment spent with loved ones is. You are alive in our hearts and shared memories, in our remembrances of the laughter and special times. Eric, Johnny, Tessie
Posted by An-Marie Jon on 2nd January 2014
Our dearest uncle George...a year ago we all celebrated your wonderful life and legacy and continue to remember and honor your memory. We miss you dearly as we think of you on this one year anniversary..smiles and beautiful thoughts of you as you have touched all of our lives in a special way. With love, An, Bill, Laura and Anabelle
Posted by Bernadette Panopio on 2nd January 2014
It's been a year since you left us. I am continuously praying for your soul and for your family as well. Until we meet again, Sir!
Posted by Kimberly Wong on 2nd January 2014
Dearest Uncle George - you always had a smile on your face, and a big hearty laugh with a pretty funny or insightful or clever thought that followed. Whenever I visited Manila, you and Auntie and all of the cousins made me feel like I was just there. I will find and add photos I the near future. I believe that you and my mom have already reunited in heaven and that know that your positive energy and compassion and humor will always leave a lasting mark in the world. Your kindness and humility are always felt deep in our hearts. With much much love and respect, your niece in California - Kimbie
Posted by RB Guillermo on 2nd June 2013
Thank you Dr. George for all your contribution.... You'll never be forgotten. I can still remember you performed Whipple's operation on my dad duringthe early90's. . Definitely, one of the greatest surgeon... Until then Dr. George...
Posted by Prudence Almoete on 29th January 2013
On behalf of the Admitting Section, we will missed you Doc George. Thank you! Rest in peace Doc George.
Posted by Ysobel Eufemio on 18th January 2013
Happy Birthday, Angkong! I miss you!
Posted by Lynyrd Diaz on 14th January 2013
You will surely be missed Doc George. Isasapuso at isasa-isip po namin ang mga pangaral ninyo. Maraming maraming salamat po sa lahat. Til We meet again Doc.
Posted by Bernadette Panopio on 12th January 2013
I will definitely miss you, sir... I can't find words to describe you..All I know is that you're one of a kind. You left me not only with your pangaral, sermon but also a father's love to his daughter. You will always have a daughter in me. I will make you real proud of me. Bitbit ko ang Eufemio's way of treating patients especially your concern with others. Rest in peace, Sir...
Posted by Voltaire Veneracion on 10th January 2013
Thanks Dr. George Eufemio for your trust, generosity and caring. We'll miss your stories. In behalf of Ginny, Kay, Ava and the Big Dipper team, I'd like to express our deep sympathies to the Eufemio family.
Posted by Don De Jesus on 10th January 2013
We will forever treasure the times you have spent with our family in New York. You are an amazing surgeon with the biggest of hearts and compasion we will never forget. We are forever greatful for the care and love you have given the Chan family and our family. Yes you will be forever missed...Until then...Don, Jane, JD and Ian
Posted by George Barrios on 10th January 2013
George was among the few who never gave up the dream to make surgery in the Philippines world class. I am sure that the great bard, many hundred years ago, was referring to him when he wrote that "all the elements were so mixed in him, that nature might stand up and say:'This was a man'".
Posted by Fernando Angeles on 10th January 2013
I will miss his friendship, wit, and most especially his humor. His greatest gift and his greatest legacy to the medical profession was the way he treated his patients, putting their welfare before anything else.You will always be in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Do and Nancy.
Posted by An-Marie Jon on 8th January 2013
Our beloved uncle are lost but not forgotten..forever you will be in our hearts and we celebrate your life. Your legacy is left behind in all the lives you have an, bill, laura and anabelle

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