We will always cherish the twinkle in his kind eyes, his wonderful stories, and his generous heart.
  • 68 years old
  • Born on October 13, 1943 in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Passed away on August 4, 2012 in Seattle, Washington, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Dr. Jan Smulovitz, 68, born on October 13, 1943 and passed away on August 4, 2012.

Dr. Smulovitz passed away after a hard fight with unexpected illness. He is survived by his wife of 44 years Constantia, son Stefan (Viviane), daughter Anika (Oni); grandchildren Aviv and Ruby, daughter Margit (Randall) and sisters Tove (Michael) and Bente (Carl). A man whose generosity and attention to detail will be remembered by many. He worked as an Endocrinologist in Eugene, Oregon from 1978-2003 and enjoyed almost 10 years of retirement on San Juan Island, Washington. His wisdom on all things medical, his love of sailing, his beautiful glass beads, his many stories and most of all his incredibly generous spirit will be missed by all.

To honor Jan's memory please donate to the charity of your choice. A Celebration of Life will be held at the San Juan Island Yacht Club on Saturday Sept 22, 2012 from 2-4 pm.

Posted by Gerard En Gerri Wildschut on 5th August 2016
We had amazing days with Constantia and Stefan. It was so nice to share pictures of the days Gerri met Constantia for the first time at an age of 12 years. And now we are both 73. A long time of friendship gives many memories. So we looked the albums with pictures and we talked about the time we were together wirh Constantia and Jan. This time we shared the memories with Constantia and Stefan. We saw many pics with Jan, on his anniversary in Holland. We miss him but don't forget him.
Posted by Irene Rose on 11th October 2015
I just now learned of Dr. Smulovitz' passing, and I am heartbroken. Dr. Smulovitz saved my life in 1979 when he diagnosed an advanced case of acromegaly due to a pituitary tumor. I had been suffering for 9 years 24/7 with extreme headaches and my extremities and skull had grown significantly. By the time I was referred to him, my looks had become quite distorted. He was the first medical doctor to know exactly what the problem was when he first looked at me. A brain surgeon removed the tumor in November 1979. I am so thankful to Dr. Smulovitz for his medical skill and caring manner. I think of him often and was trying to locate him when I found this website. I moved from Eugene OR soon after the surgery and lost track of him. I pray I will be able to thank him in heaven. I pray your loving memories of him sustain you. May God bless you and keep you.
Posted by Gerard En Gerri Wildschut on 7th August 2015
We remember Jan every day. And every day we son't understand his passing. Love you all.
Posted by Rose Ellis-Herrera on 4th August 2015
I continue to see patient's who thought the world of Jan. I pray for Constantia and his children. I hope all is well and your memories are good. God Bless.
Posted by Pat Megaw on 13th October 2014
There is a vacant spot that is only filled by wonderful memories and thoughts of all your kindness and the beautiful twinkle you shared with us all. You are missed every day.
Posted by Peggy Soomil on 5th August 2014
dear lost friend and kayak buddy,in my memory we continue to trip together. jerry maliner and peggy soomil
Posted by Rose Ellis-Herrera on 4th August 2014
I cannot believe it's been 2 years. He was a great physician and a good friend for many years. I miss him, as do many of his former patients that I run into. Blessings to all of his family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Salko Leinson on 4th August 2014
I allways remember My loved Cusin Jan ho past away to early with love salko and family Sweden
Posted by Katherine Saeman on 6th September 2013
no one understood my condition like dr snulovitz. He was one in a million. He will be sorely missed by all. I believe there is definitely something awaiting us when our time ends. I am sure the good lord is holding him as we speak. I have just lost my only son and I know the heartache you are going through..but you will see him again.
Posted by Wendy Marshall on 4th August 2013
A week does not pass without thoughts of Dr. S. I am still in medicine and often run into someone who asks about him. He is remembered by many with respect, kind words and thanks for changing their lives. I am at the top of the list. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Rose Ellis-Herrera on 4th August 2013
It seems impossible that it's been a year. Constantia, Stefan, Anika and Margit-my prayers are with you. I miss him. Take care and know that you are all in my heart and prayers. God Bless.
Posted by Rose Ellis-Herrera on 13th October 2012
Normally on Jan's birthday I'd be sending him an email wishing him a happy birthday and rubbing it in that I'm 10 years younger than he is. I wish I could do that today. He will always be a part of my life in my memory and heart. To Constantia, Stefan, Anika and Margit: I know this is a hard day for you. You are all in my prayers and thoughts. I hope to see you at some point. Love, Rose
Posted by Peggy Soomil on 22nd September 2012
A word to Constantia: I have your beautiful painting that you did, "Dancing Daisies" hanging on my wall and want you to know how much joy it has bought to my house. Everyone comments on it! Life is beautiful if you know where to find it! My love to you and all who surround you. Peggy Soomil and Jerry Maliner
Posted by Peggy Soomil on 22nd September 2012
Dear Family, We are sorry we could not be with you, on this day (9/22 /12) for Jan's memorial. He did so much good for this earth. We love him and you. Peggy Soomil and Jerry Maliner.
Posted by Salko Leinson on 22nd September 2012
Med värme kommer vi i håg vår kära kusin Janne som vi besökte I Eugène på 70 talet och de trevliga träffarna vi hade i Helsingfors Och Stockholm då vi träffades.Vi är chockade över hans bortgång Må hans namn bli upptagen i de. Eviga livets bok
Posted by Robin Dubovi on 19th September 2012
My memories of Jan are from his teenage years when he was the cool big brother of my best friend. Although we visited him once when in Halifax, my fondest memories are of his teen escapades. He was always kind to his little sister's friend - although he liked to poke fun at our preadolescent behavior. Sending love to all the family.
Posted by Sophie Rogers-Gessert on 19th September 2012
My heart goes out to Constantia, Stefan, Anika, and Margit -- this is an unimaginable loss. I will always remember Jan's deep intelligence, his quick wit, the twinkle of warmth & mischief in his eye. I learned so much from him, both in the advice he gave and the way he lived his life. I can only imagine how many lives he changed. Jan will not be forgotten.
Posted by Rose Ellis-Herrera on 19th September 2012
Jan was a good friend for many years and will be sorely missed. His intelligence, kindness and sense of humor helped so many people. My sincere condolences to his loving family. God Bless.
Posted by Stefan Smulovitz on 18th September 2012
The Celebration of Life for Jan Smulovitz will be this coming Saturday the 22nd of September from 2-4pm at the San Juan Island Yacht Club. I will be webcasting it here: http://www.livestream.com/stefansmulovitz for those of you that want to see it. A deep thanks from me and the rest of the family for all of your support
Posted by Gerard En Gerri Wildschut on 11th September 2012
We are shocked about the passing of our good friend Jan. We know him so many years and shared many times with him, Constantia and their children. It is hard to realize that he has gone. We will share photo"s about the moments we were together in the past. With love and feelings of deep sorrow,
Posted by Peggy Soomil on 6th September 2012
"The kayaking trips and others, conversations and parties. Also my life you saved. The great experience of seeing a whale from your kayak. So I'm not saying goodbye, but instead committing you to living eternally. Love from Jerry Maliner and Peggy Soomil
Posted by Mary Clingingsmith on 1st September 2012
My heart goes out to his family... you were always number one to him. He was an amazing physician with such a rare bedside manner, an unexpected sense of humor and a no nonsense approach to treating his patients. Many years ago, in Eugene, I had the great peace of mind of placing the care of my spouse in his, oh so, competent hands.
Posted by Maurice Harris on 29th August 2012
Dear Anika and Oni, I'm truly saddened to hear of this terrible loss, and I'm thinking of you... may his memory be a blessing always
Posted by Anneli Norling on 27th August 2012
Det är ofattbart att Jan inte finns mer och jag beklagar djupt min sorg till hela familjen! Åter igen får man en påminnelse om att inte ta allt för givet! Jag förvarar fortfarande silversmycket som jag fick tillverkat av Jan strax innan vi åkte hem samt alla minnen från den fantastiska tid vi fick tillbringa i ert underbara hem, samt er gästvänlighet. Anita o Jag tänker på er
Posted by Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin on 26th August 2012
My heart goes out to your grieving family. I remember the sweet feeling of being in the gentle caring presence of your husband and father. His warm and loving presence was a great blessing and may his memory always be a source of comfort and blessing for you.
Posted by Lamoine Savage on 25th August 2012
I want to extend my Sympathy to the Smulovitz Family. After working with Jan & Constantia on several projects I found him such a pleasant man to work with. I will always remember him. Lamoine Savage
Posted by Kaethlyn Elliott on 23rd August 2012
After four doctors and no resolution, a psychiatrist had the where-with-all to referred me to Dr. Smulovitz. After only a few minutes with Jan, with his skilled questioning, touch, compassion and intuitive knowledge, my five-year struggle began its reversal. I am forever grateful. A wonderful man. An outstanding doctor.
Posted by Pat Megaw on 21st August 2012
We are better for having been honored to call you friend. You will forever be missed, but always remain in our hearts with beautiful memories.
Posted by Candice Rohr on 21st August 2012
He was such a kind man who had a brilliant mind. He was an excellent communicator enhanced by his ability to listen. I truly enjoyed knowing him and his family when they lived in Eugene. It must have been wonderful to have such a life force present in your family. The loss is more dear but the memories are exponentially greater.
Posted by David Witkin on 21st August 2012
Remembering Jan is a gift...he was an inspiration and a terrific doc to refer patients and family too. He was always himself, being a perfectionist, but human, fun to be around. We will miss you and knowing you was a REAL pleasure and honor. Ann and I enjoyed working with you and missed you when you left the Coburg Rd office, and we will miss you now.
Posted by Kim Stafford on 20th August 2012
We are honored to have known you and now have an empty space in our heart. With love and the utmost respect. Tamsen Mosiello and daughter.
Posted by Kim Stafford on 20th August 2012
You saved my moms life, when others gave up. you took the time too figure out what was wrong with her and for that I will be forever grateful. both mom and I will miss your smile the twinkle in your eyes and your great stories.
Posted by Connie Mitchell on 20th August 2012
A stellar, one of a kind, generous spirit, missed and deeply saddened by the sudden loss of a, rock and gentle soul of a person.
Posted by Jim And Gayle Buie on 20th August 2012
Words do fail us right now. We are so sad,but must say that Jan was a dear friend. His friendship and comradeship in our early days of practice were a joy and blessing. His help and compassion when our Susie became diabetic was an amazing comfort. We delighted in the whole family, such a talented fun loving bunch. Wishing we had risen "above the deep intent" and come to see you all sooner.
Posted by Liz Siegel on 20th August 2012
As our doctor for many years, Leo and I are grateful for Jan's kindness and generosity. He became a close friend as well. Our condolences to his family.
Posted by Bazil Freedman on 20th August 2012
Jan was always the best doctor for me to refer patients to, always willing to be available, especially in sorting out thyroid problems. He was able to cut through confusion, and give his opinion, in a clear manner. He had the best of reputations, and deservedly so. I am very sorry to hear of his passing and wish deep condolences to his Family.
Posted by Marianne Curtis on 19th August 2012
Very sorry to read of Dr. Smulovitz' passing. He was always very good to his patients and nurses alike. So sorry for your loss.
Posted by Terrie Saari on 19th August 2012
I was shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Smulovitz! I met him in Eugene, OR in 1979 when I went to seek medical help from him as I was very ill & no other doctor could diagnose my problem. I can honestly say that had it not been for his wisdom and tenacity, I would not be alive today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to a very kind, loving & dedicated doctor!
Posted by Mary Kirkpatrick on 19th August 2012
Was so shocked to read the paper today & learn about Dr.S. I worked with him for several years on Coburg Road. He was such a knowledgeable person & very interesting! My condolensces to the family.
Posted by Richard Pfrender on 19th August 2012
Drs. Ann and Richard Pfrender are saddened to hear of the death of Dr. Smulovitz. He was a true "Doctor's Doctor".
Posted by Viviane Houle on 14th August 2012
I miss Jan so much. So much. He was the best the father-in-law in the world! His smile, his generosity, his strength, the twinkle in his eye. Miss you Jan... Love, Viviane
Posted by Anika Smulovitz on 14th August 2012
I have no words... I miss you, Dad.
Posted by Miles Kishpaugh on 13th August 2012
Although I didn't know him that well, I know his wisdom, intelligence, and love for art was passed to his children. Anika has become an amazing mother and a wonderful spouse of my best friend Oni. With the two of them raising his grandchildren I am comforted knowing his influence will remain in the world forever. He will always be remembered and missed.
Posted by Oni Kinberg on 13th August 2012
Jan was more than a father-in-law, more than a friend, and more than a grandfather to my children. Somehow we will go on, but he will always be with us.
Posted by Wendy Marshall on 13th August 2012
Jan's (bigger than life) presence will forever remain in my heart and mind. He is missed. Sincerely, Wendy & Kimm Marshall
Posted by Lenore Bayuk on 12th August 2012
Though I did not know Jan very well or your family, I am sad to hear of his passing and send my heart felt condolences to you all. Jan was very interested and concerned for healthcare on the island. Be well and take care of each other. Fondly, Lenore Bayuk, Chair San Juan County Public Hospital District #1
Posted by Margit Sage on 10th August 2012
I'm beginning a new chapter of my life, one that will take me a while to figure out how to navigate. My father was such an inspiration, a resource for information, and a rock to lean on. I don't know how I'm going to fill the gaping hole he left behind.
Posted by Margit Sage on 10th August 2012
I suppose it is an opportunity for friends and family to step closer and fill in bits and pieces. It is so surreal that he is gone. He was the picture of health. It is a reminder of how fragile life can be. He had a happy, full life and I am going to try my best to follow in his footsteps.
Posted by Stefan Smulovitz on 10th August 2012
My dad had the most amazing twinkle in his eyes. His rosy cheeks and beautiful smile made everyone feel warm in his presence. A super gnome, the rock, the story teller, the heart and foundation of our family. So many people were touched by his generosity. He was always there for whomever needed him; always helping.
Posted by Stefan Smulovitz on 10th August 2012
His fantastic t-shirt collection showed how much more important it was for him to make someone else smile than to impress them.

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