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Dr. Larry Morris
  • Date of passing: Nov 4, 2015
Empty of self I found myself not so empty after all.

This memorial website was created in memory of Dr. Larry Morris, Senior Minister of Hillside Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by David Mitchell on 6th November 2017

"I left a tribute message shortly after Larry's passing in '15, and I had the most lucid dream later that night.  I felt it was Larry imparting a lovely warm affirmation, and the message was clear:  "Not to worry, you won't forget what you've learned.""

This tribute was added by Mitzi Guice on 4th November 2017

"Dr Larry Morris was a huge impact on my life in the short year I knew him. He taught me to look inside myself to find the answers, to let go and to quit trying to control my life. Everytime I saw him he told me to quit forcing and to quit being so hard on myself. He said “Mitzi sometimes you’ve just got to let go”. He encouraged me to follow my heart and to figure out exactly what that meant. I was truly a lost soul not knowing which way to turn. Several times I wrote him a long letters and told him a lot of personal things about my life, that there wasn’t time on a Sunday morning to share with him. On Sundays he’d smile, shake his head and hug me with the famous Larry hug, and say “Mitzi you’ve got to just let go”. I’d cry and try all week to put those things in play in my life. I told him about a man I once knew as a young girl and how I still felt connected to this man, remember the love we shared, but was afraid after 40 years to try and contact him. He counseled that if this was in my heart then this is what I should do. So Finally I gathered the courage and I did it,and we reconnected with the love of my life, after 40 years apart. After that Larry called him every service we’d attend together, “Mr Wonderful”."

This tribute was added by Mara Weber on 25th May 2017

"Larry, I think of you very often and I miss you. I raised my daughter at Hillside and she her own children. Hillside was special and I am forever thankful to have been a part of that. Much love to you and Susan."

This tribute was added by Siva Rangavajhala on 29th January 2017

"Never met Dr.Morris.Have only known him as the author of UG Krishnamurthi:  A Dangerous Friend.The book showed how much he was devoted to UG. Was watching a video today at Sri.Chandrasekhar's house in Bangalore. It was from 2003 where Dr.Morris was with other UG's friends. I was telling Sri.Chandrasekhar how great the book was only to hear from him the sad news about Dr.Morris' passing away.It seemed from his writing his strong bonding with UG till the end had left an impression on his heart that he was no more the same person he had been before he met UG. Rest in peace, sir!"

This tribute was added by Feroza Jussawalla on 7th February 2016

"My heart goes out to Susan, my dear counselor and minister! I will most certainly miss Larry as I miss the Hillside church as it used to be! Pat Smith told me one Christmas that I would never read poetry to a bigger crowd than at Larry's Christmas Eve services! So far it has been true! The only way I could get my now ex husband to go to church was to go to Larry's, not just to hear his jokes, but discourses on Lao Tsu and Confucious and the Art of War! His wonderful forgiveness services, his great love of India, will always be printed in my heart! And when I came home to Albuquerque, divorced, he said, "love is grand but divorce is a hundred grand!" How true Larry! Who will come and talk to my classes about writing poetry?"

This tribute was added by Dominique Jones on 21st November 2015

"Some of us will never have the same kind of holiday rituals again. It was only for a few moments, but Larry blessed our marriage each year. He married us 18 years ago on Christmas Eve evening, right before the candlelight and poetry ceremony, in a tiny little marriage ceremony. For us, it was perfect. For anyone else who needs to have another chance to spend the holidays with Larry, I will be posting a few videos I took during the past couple years with my cell phone. Here is the New Year's Eve Service from 2014:"

This tribute was added by Carolyn Shaw on 19th November 2015

"My Condolences go out to Susan and all members of Larry's family and congregation. Larry was my first meditation teacher and for that I am very grateful. May he be eternally blessed. Carolyn Shaw"

This tribute was added by Annie Gant on 15th November 2015

"Farewell Larry,
Thank you for being my first Teacher-opening the door of my heart so I could feel Spirit's presence in the silence.  Though I had not been to Hillside in a while, I always held you brightly.  Your lightness of being, fun humor and sweet, loving ways will always be among my dearest memories.  I will miss you, but you have become one with the Absolute now-grace eternal."

This tribute was added by Berg Marian on 13th November 2015

"I'll miss you, Larry! Over the last 28 years, you helped me get through some of the most difficult times in my life and helped me celebrate the joyful times. I'm reading your "Easy Does It" book every day and thinking of you."

This tribute was added by Betsey Morgan on 11th November 2015

"Dumb jokes and wise quotes
Communing via forehead
Such lightness in depth

We miss you Larry!    Betsey and Alan"

This tribute was added by Nan Nollette on 11th November 2015

"Dear Larry,   I am so grateful to have known you in my life all these years. You taught me and guided me with such love and grace. You are my spiritual teacher, and always said just what I needed to hear,  Always sweet and available never harsh ,,,,just loving humor. I loved how you were continually calling me to come to church and to be with you for a time..   I guess that's why your leaving is so hard for me to bear now. I will carry on all that you taught me. You are such a treasure, love nan"

This tribute was added by Chuck Larntz on 10th November 2015

"My world is much darker today without Larry's light to brighten it. I feel adrift, having lost my spiritual anchor. Larry was that and so much more to me. For 25+ years I ushered at Hillside, and for 25+ years Larry always brought light to my life. He used to look at me (actually, more like through me, into my core) and he could always tell exactly what I was feeling, no matter how hard I would try to hide my feelings. If I was feeling down that day, he always knew what to say. More importantly, the days when I felt great, he would revel in my joy.

I have always told my friends that Hillside was a good reason to get out of bed on a Sunday. Now I shall have to find another.

Larry came into my life in its darkest period, having recently lost our first born son to a severe heart defect which took him from us at 59 days old. I don't remember how, but he helped me deal with the loss, as much as one can deal with that kind of loss, and brought me through the darkness into the spiritual light that seemed to emanate from him. I honestly don't know what I would have done without him, and now I will have to figure out what to do without him. They say that as long as you keep the person alive in your heart, they never truly leave, so I will continue to keep Larry close and never let go.

The most spiritual person I ever had the extreme privilege to meet, love, and share my and my family's life with.

Goodbye, my dear friend. You are missed..."

This tribute was added by Katie Johnson on 9th November 2015

"Larry taught me so much about how to be compassionate, and how to really appreciate everything that comes along no matter how big or small. He always had such a wonderful aura, presence, and outlook on life that most of us can only aspire to have one day. Every time I got one of his infamous forehead kisses, and really long hugs, I would walk out of Hillside feeling loved and cared for. He would always look into your eyes when he was talk with you and acted like your were the only person in the room at the time. I can only hope I can make an impact like that on people in my life. He helped my family when we were in our darkest spots, and our brightest spots. I always felt accepted and cared for when I was around him. I'm truly sad to find out he left this plane, but I know he's watching over all of us in the next realm."

This tribute was added by Jake Larntz on 9th November 2015

"Dr Larry has been a major part of my life, for the majority of my life. He was an intense spiritual guide for my father, and my mother. The news of him passing was disheartening to say the least. That's being said, I still feel him here with us. His jokes were the best, his spiritual aura was powerful to say the least, and he was a genuinely amazing person. You will never be forgotten Larry. Thank you for your time on this earth."

This tribute was added by Mitzi Guice on 9th November 2015

"Dr. Larry took me in like a Shepard takes in a lost sheep. Because I was indeed feeling lost, lost from myself and lost from God. Every Sunday in services I cried my heart out as Larry's words of wisdom, faith and belief spoke directly TO ME. Most Sundays I'd look around the room wondering if all the others gathered there knew Larry was speaking just to me. Later as I began to meet other people from the church I realized they had the same cosmic experience, in which Larry's words seemed that were meant just for them. Sometimes... Rarely but sometimes, God, the universe, the cosmos speaks through the words and thoughts of a very special person. Someone very open and very enlightened, that was Larry, he was a conduit of faith, a direct link to the mouth of God. Sunday after Sunday he touched my heart, as I sobbed through services trying to find myself. He preached words that addressed my problems like we had just discussed them and touched my heart.
One morning Larry said "Mitzi I've been praying and praying  for you and I really hope youre doing better because I've about worn the knees out of my pants on you! Please stop being so hard on yourself"
Funny thing is I could actually "feel" Larry praying for me. On Sunday mornings or on Saturdays with his tireless phone calls you could feel the power and kindness and love in Larry, it radiated and enveloped you. It changed lives and made a difference, he made a difference!
As my life got better and I followed his direction and found my way, I told Larry, I think you can quit wearing out your pants now, I'm
Okay. But Larry never quit praying for me and never quit reminding me not to be so hard on myself. And to follow my heart, never give up and just let it be.
How will I ever make it here Larry without a little worn out knees from you? Even with all you've taught me, I had so much more to learn from you.
Thank you for helping me find my way, for encouraging me to find Corey and for being the hand of Gods love on this earth. I will miss you forever. Mitzi"

This tribute was added by Peter Kelling on 9th November 2015

"Others taunt me with having knelt at well-curbs
Aways wrong to the light, so never seeing
Deeper down in the well than where the water
Gives me back in a shining surface picture
Me myself in the summer heaven godlike
Looking out of a wreath of fern and cloud puffs.
Once, when trying with chin against a well-curb
I discerned, as I thought, beyond the picture,
Through the picture, a something white, uncertain,
Something more of the depths - and then I lost it.
Water came to rebuke the too clear water.
One drop fell from a fern, and lo, a ripple
Shook whatever it was lay there at the bottom,
Blurred it, blotted it out. What was that whiteness?
Truth? A pebble of quartz? For once, then, something.

For Once, Then, Something
-Robert Frost

Thank you Larry, for pointing us the way to the whiteness.
Peace and Love, Peter"

This tribute was added by Karen Watrouse on 8th November 2015

"Dearest Larry I miss you.  I am so grateful for all your love and teachings.  "Be gentle with yourself" are golden words you spoke to me.  How well you knew me.  So many times you lifted me up through prayer and instruction.  I can only imagine the glory you are experiencing in God's presence.  I trust that we had a connection that God blessed us with.  I am grateful for all the gifts your ministry brought us all light and understanding.  "Let go let God". " Forgive" your words of wisdom. I am eternally grateful for your presence in my life.  Peace, Love,:and eternal gratitude.  KW"

This tribute was added by Sue Houser on 8th November 2015

"The phone was silent last night. No one called to ask "How are you doing?" No one to say "I'm praying for you."  We drank wine and listened to Bob Dylan. Goodbye Larry. You will be never be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Donna F. Erickson on 7th November 2015

"With gratitude and thanksgiving for the presence of Larry in my life ... for his unconditional loving support and gentle wisdom ... and in celebration of all he gave our world ... for all he shared at Hillside ... so much to so many!  Try easier changed my life.  Light and Love"

This tribute was added by David Mitchell on 7th November 2015

"How grateful I am for the time given to brush with lovely greatness.  To all of you for being brilliant to see it too.  It may be that God's grace is not earned, but blessing in a wave probably won't go unnoticed.  God bless.  Yes, have fun on that next plane, Larry.  Certainly nobody was more prepared for it."

This tribute was added by Mercy R Castillo on 7th November 2015

"Dearest  Larry, you were and will continue to be such a Blessing in my life. For over 30 years I could count on receiving a phone call from you on Saturday evening inviting me to Sunday service, "It will be joyous and uplifting Mercy",  and it always was. How many times did I attend your Forgiveness class before I got it? You made such a difference in my life and countless others. It had and will continue to have a ripple effect. I will miss you but I know that you are "Home at Last".  I love you, I am glad you have reached your Nirvana."

This tribute was added by Pamela Jackson on 7th November 2015

"Dearest Larry, Dr. Morris, friend, teacher,
  After 30+ years of having your gentle wisdom in my life, it felt like you would be there forever. Whether it was your forehead touched to mine when I couldn't hide the sadness, or doing a brief swing dance together at the back of the sanctuary on a Sunday morning, you will forever be missed but never forgotten or replaced!"

This tribute was added by Claire Nettleton on 7th November 2015

""laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life's not a paragraph
And death i think is no parenthesis"
–E.E. Cummings, a favorite of poet Larry Morris, mon père spirituel and editor of a countless number of my papers since the day he recommended I study literature."

This tribute was added by Annelie Gallea on 6th November 2015

"Happy trails Dearest Larry! You are forever in my heart ~ oldest and best spiritual teacher! Irreplaceable, Irrepressible Shining Soul Traveller, you touched the lives of so many around the globe. I know you're having fun ~ discussions, laughs, good music, bad puns and poetry slams with
your guru, or, Buddha, Aurobindo, Zhao Zhen... 
e e cummings perhaps
certainly with people from all walks of life... fellow authors, seekers and so many more. I've been honored and grateful, for 31years to call you teacher and friend."

This tribute was added by Jan Arrott on 6th November 2015

"Thank You for Your Life, Larry

Like many, Larry Morris was my spiritual teacher for 30 years. I kept coming back because he always said what I needed to hear.

The credo Larry often cited over the years from Confucius Unwobbling Pivot was the first one I took to heart. It went something like this, "you cannot leave your path; what you leave is not your path." This assurance of unwavering confidence in the innate process spoke to me.

Two other Larry phrases I use every day are:
"The good that you are seeking is also seeking you."
"Everything and everyone I need is on the way to me even now."

And this idea that meditation "has no goal level, it is a soul level."

I will truly miss my visits with Larry and his weekly call. I am so grateful the big former bowling alley church on Zuni sold and relieved Larry of that financial burden before he passed. Now may he rest in peace abiding in that Great Spirit.

Jan Arrott"

This tribute was added by Justin Slosky on 6th November 2015

"Larry was a really special person. He touched life at a point where nobody had touched it before.

It's rare that you find original people in this world, and he was truly original. Larry was learned and had profound insight about the world, but he balanced it with a friendly, corny, knee-slapping sense of humor. As deep as he was, he was always open.

Larry was charming and had the common touch. He made great conversation and great salads. He was a wonderful human being, and he will be dearly missed. I am blessed to have had him as part of my life."

This tribute was added by Hillside Church on 5th November 2015

"Quotes from Dr. Morris:
Take it easy.
Don't medicate, meditate.
Forgiveness is the WD40 of meditation.
If you want to do it, do it. If you don't want to do it, don't do it. If you don't know what to do, don't do anything.
Letting go is taking control.

Some of Dr. Morris' favorite quotes:
The way to do is to be. (Lao Tsu)
Disillusionment is the last illusion. (Ram Das)
Angels fly because they take themselves lightly. (G. Chesterson)
Gratitude is heaven. (William Blake)"

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