Let the memory of Dustin be with us forever.
  • Born on May 8, 1986 .
  • Passed away on May 1, 2019 .

Dustin loved his life. We know because he told us so. More precisely, “He wuved his wife,” which somehow made it even better.

He loved sports and cheering for the Suns, Diamondbacks, and Cardinals. More than watching sports, he loved playing them. Whether it was bowling or playing baseball with his friends, or bringing the smackdown on you as he performed a “high-risk” maneuver. And he loved “talking smack” like all the wrestlers or baseball players he emulated. If he trash-talked you by calling you a pickle head, a punk, or a million other names, it meant you mattered.

He also loved music. He loved singing songs in the morning with his mom, music therapy with Miss Ann, and the music of Raffi, The Beatles, and most of all, singing along with Walt Richardson at Walt’s live gigs or at Dustin’s birthday parties.

And Dustin loved people. He loved his family. His aunts, uncles, cousins and his huge extended family that included Tim-Tim, Richie, Lena and so many others. He loved his friends Louie, Travis and too many more to mention because to meet Dustin was to become his friend. He loved laughing and making others laugh and always wanted the latest update of what was going on in your life. He loved whenever his dad called or visited, but more than anything, he loved his mom.

Dustin’s body is finally resting, but his spirit and joy will live on in the memories of all who were lucky enough to know him.


Posted by Linda Hutt on June 4, 2019
❤ We miss you more then we can say. ❤Until we meet one day. ❤ Forever in our hearts you'll stay..❤
Posted by Roberto Matiella on May 25, 2019
Dustin, the not so perfect me was blessed to have a perfect friend like you. You are missed.
Posted by Scott Stone on May 23, 2019
Although I was only Dustin's infusion nurse for a relatively short time, it does not mean that I did not get to know and love my buddy. I always looked forward to seeing Dustin every week and was usually greeted by him with a warm and loving smile. Sometimes he was in substantial pain when I walked into the room but I always tried to cheer him up to the best of my ability. Sure, I used to tease him about how much better the Dodgers were as a team than his Diamondbacks but it was enjoyable for me to get a rise out of him. My buddy never failed to ask me what patient I was seeing after him. He got to know that "Ben" would be my next patient and that he lived in Phoenix. When I rode my motorcycle to the Phipps'd home, Dustin never failed to ask me where I parked it. It also became a routine that i always had to rev the engine when I left. Every visit every week was a pleasure and when I stopped seeing him, it left a hole in my heart. I remember that Lisa told me that I shouldn't tell Dustin when I wasn't going visit him due to me being out of town on vacation because it would upset him that I wouldn't be there. I wish I had the opportunity to say goodbye to my favorite patient of all time but I am comforted by the knowing that Dustin, you are finally free from pain. Rest in peace buddy and know that this nurse loved you and misses you. Scott
Posted by Lisa Phipps on May 13, 2019
Posted by Travis Faust on 12th May 2019 Dustin Phipps and I were great friends, we have met in elementary school. we have been best friends for years he loved it when we all got together for his birthday and Christmas the excitement in his face said it all past he will be missed and loved.
Posted by Linda Rocks on May 12, 2019
Dustin you were a light in our lives. You will continue to shine as your memory lights the way. Sending love to Lisa and Tim and family.
Posted by Rosanne Kuipers on May 11, 2019
Cisco, my husband and I sure will miss seeing the delight on Dustin’s face as he was pushed around the bases after getting a hit at the hilariously fun baseball games we had the privilege of sharing with him. It takes a very special mom to raise a very special son and you and Dustin were two of the most special people I have ever met. Lisa please accept our deepest sympathies over the loss of your wonderful son. “No day shall erase you from the memory of time.” Virgil
Posted by Robert Rodgers on May 11, 2019
Lisa, Karen, Bob and family, we are so sorry to hear about Dustin's passing. He had a smile that brightened a whole room, and personally that made u smile back. He will always be in our hearts! U had a amazing son and were amazing mom. Karen and Bob
Posted by Brigitte Bavousett on May 6, 2019
Dustin's playful humor and sense of adventure transcended the physical constraints. His joy to be with friends and family (especially those personal visits from Santa, the annual birthday bash at the Hilton, the outings to the ball games) was always so heartwarming to experience. And during the days or nights when his body fought pain, Dustin was an absolute warrior. Lisa, you and your vast entourage of devoted loved ones, helped Dustin live a full life of music and travel and gatherings and cheering for the home team. He lives on in the hearts of all who had the pleasure to meet him.
Posted by Luis Zayas on May 6, 2019
So sorry for your loss, Lisa. I was humbled seeing how much you loved and cared for your son, and how much he filled your life. It was a great pleasure meeting Dustin. May he rest in peace.

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