A Commendation for our dear Dwayne today. O Christian Soul, out of this world into the heavenly gates; In the Name of the Father Almighty who created you; In the Name of Jesus Christ who redeemed you; In the Name of the Holy Spirit who sanctifies you. We
  • 27 years old
  • Born on July 20, 1986 .
  • Passed away on November 27, 2013 in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dwayne Cockrane 27 years old , born on July 20, 1986 and passed away on November 27, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Anissa Fonville on November 27, 2017
4 years...where has the time go? Gone but never forgotten!
Posted by Genia Blackwell on January 7, 2014
Dear WOGF Fellowship Family, Our hearts are heavy to learn of the passing of your loved one. May GOD continue to bless and keep you in his care now and always. The Blackwell Family Knightdale, North Carolina
Posted by Zhakeria Bruton on December 26, 2013
I'MA MISS THAT BIG PRETTY SMILE AND SEEING HIM WEAR PURPLE... the last time i wrapped my arms around my cousin was at a north Davidson football game in N,C in 2013 and he hugged me so tight and smiled at me and told me( i love you )and layed a kiss on my face but out of my 14 years of living and being around Dwayne i have learned alot and will continue to pass on his wonderful most powerful lessons and speeches i loooveee... you r.i.p and to Mrs. Valisha.C i love you to and to that big smile on your face when you came into town (midway) it was beautiful but god has blessed you with a loving husband and Im sure if you choose to move on he will bless you again and Dwayne will not wont you to be unhappy forever he wont you to be happy so love you all and r.i.p cuzzzz
Posted by Tiffani Faison on December 18, 2013
Hey brother just wanted to let you know that we all miss you dearly me mom quint and EJ lol oh and behr.. Just wanted to say thank you for always leaving me with words of encouraement
Posted by Jai Moore on December 11, 2013
Well, I wasn't ever big on posting on someone's wall if they couldn't read it and wondered why others did it. Don't know what it will accomplish but, maybe it will help...so, here goes. I miss you homie. I thought we would be able to pick back up where we all left off, me, you, Chris Bell, Kimmie Truly Blessed (and of course the companions) and have boatloads of fun and make more memories together. I also wanted to tell you face to face that you have no clue the impact you had on me. Although I have been saved since I was 12yrs old, I never encountered someone in my age group that understood the struggle of being a Christian in this world. When I was at my worst, you never judged me, you extended your love...that love Christians should extend to one another. You would fast and pray on my behalf when i was spiritually and emotionally in weak. I don't even think you realized how you held me up while I couldn't hold myself up the time when I was broken. You took out your time to make sure I had the support I needed in a time when I needed it and help me see when I couldn't see clearly. You were truly heaven sent and I will never forget who you were and what you did for me personally. This has hurt me more than I can even comprehend. I will never know why God called you back to him but, I have no doubt in my mind that you have made it there. You demonstrated what a Christian man should be. Kind, selfless, fun to be around, non-judgmental, having faith in God and always trying to be at your best for God. Nope, you weren't perfect and yup i got upset with you at times but, we all know...No one can stay mad at "Preach" aka Dwayne for too long, you flash that big smile and say "I still love you" to anyone who was upset with you, LOL! This world has truly lost something special when we lost you. I pray for your family that they have the strength to get through this all. It will not be the same knowing you are not here...It's been 2 weeks since I got the news and it still feels like I got the news only a few minutes ago when I think about it all. When I make my trip back down to NC there will be sadness because you will not be there for me to laugh with and catch up on what we missed being busy with life. Praying that all the people who love you here will make it to heaven to have their souls meet up with you there P.S. the tears that are shed for you are worth it and then some. R.I.P. Preach.
Posted by Chatney White on December 7, 2013
Dwayne just wanted to say thanks for always demonstrating and being a true example of what being a real man of God is all about. Every time I would see you and Valisha together, I would say to myself God please bless me with a man of God like that in my life one day! Lol, thank you for always being genuine and consistent with your treatment towards others, your wife, and with your dedication to the ministry. Even though you are no longer physically present with us, the impact you have made on so many lives will always last and your light will shine bright forever!
Posted by Dameian Battle on December 6, 2013
My friend, I didn't know you, but all that you have done for others still remains....Death Has not won!! In moments like this, it feels -- it feels like death has won. But the bible says that love is stronger than death. Your hearts are heavy, tears flow down. Your spirits are wounded. I feel that too. I didn't have the privilege of knowing him as long as many of you have done. I understand what it is to be in pain. You look around and everybody you love and everybody you can count on and everybody you can trust seems to be slipping through your fingers. And it feels as though death has won. The first family, when Cain killed able, it seemed like death had won. Noah escaped the flood. Still he died. It looked like death had won. Isaiah was an eagle-eye prophet, he could see thousands of miles and years away. Still he died. It looked like death had won. Habaka had come as a prophet to Israel, spoke truth so powerful and so profound, but no matter how close he was to God, still he died. It looked like death had won. We've seen scientists and astronauts and politicians and great thinkers of the ages and no matter how profound and prolific or bright they were, still they died. It looked like death had won. But the bible kept saying that love is stronger than death. And like two gladiators in a fight. Every time they enter into the ring it looks like death has won... Love rolled into the ring and said wait a minute, death. You've been bullying people for a long time. But I want to set the record straight. Love is greater than death. But early Sunday morning, love rolled up his sleeves and said wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Snatched great death and took the sting out of death and the victory out the grave. I want you to understand in a very practical and pragmatic way that death has NOT won. Your tears may flow. Your pain may come. The flowers will wither. The cards will all be filed away. The phone will stop ringing. Mama said, they're going to stop ringing after a while. Cakes and pies all stop coming. Don't you dare think that death has won. You will learn what all of us know who have lost people that we love. You'll be driving down the street one day and you'll hear Pauls voice talking in your head. Something he said or something he did will pop up in your spirit and you'll giggle inside of yourself as if he were sitting in the car with you. And you will find that people that you really love, they may leave you outwardly, but they never leave you inwardly. May the love of God, the peace of the Holy Spirit, the sweet communion of knowing that you are a child of the king keep you through this period in life when it might appear as if death has won, but it's alive. Love will last forever, for God is love. (Some shared from Bishop TD Jakes) Pastor Dameian Battle, MBA Upcoming Ministries
Posted by Sadie Vaughn on December 5, 2013
The Vaughn Family: Wow what a guy. Dwayne thank you for your endless work that was notice by everyone at WOGF. You always had a way of making things better with just your presence in the place. Your dedication to your wife was a testimony within itself. So from my wife and I, and our sons Tron, Corey & Marco, miss you much man. R.I.P
Posted by Wink Moody on December 5, 2013
Just seem like it was yesterday when I dj-ed you two's wedding. When Sister Ryals told me my heart was deeply hurt for the both of you. May your soul be in heaven for ever more. R.I.P. my brother.
Posted by Alpha Rakama on December 4, 2013
Dwayne, words can't explain the impact you left on your friends and family. For the short time that I knew you, I knew you were called to do great things in God's name. Its sad to see you go, but the Lord gained a great man. Rest in peace bro.
Posted by Keith Burton on December 4, 2013
Thinking of who I've been blessed to be here on this earth with and those who've been blessed to fellowship on high. Just thinking of the bright mansions you now inhabit. We miss you know you've gone on to glory...
Posted by Barbara Woods on December 4, 2013
God is sooooo awesome and my life is sooooooo blessed, its not blessed because all my prayers that i pray are answered but because God has given me complete peace, Rest and NO worries! Im living in heavenly places and not because of money or my job and not even because my bills are paid but because JESUS is FAITHFUL even when I don't deserve it!! abundant peace that GOD has given me is priceless!! #BELIEVEINTHEBLOODANDHISLOVE. ********** this was Dwayne's post from Sept 10th, *************and today, Dec 4th....I am feeling the same way! I want to Kick something, throw something, punch something.....instead, I choose to think on the Goodness of Jesus! This is the attitude Dwayne displayed to me on a continual basis. With heavy hearts, still we know that GOD is FAITHFUL!! He is simply AWESOME! I will miss Dwayne a great deal. He and Valisha are dear to me! May I say: rest in sweet peace dear brother.
Posted by Brandon Batchelor on December 3, 2013
I can't believe the news that I just heard, I'm completely stunned I don't really know what happened, but wanna say rest in praise and peace to my lil big brother in Christ and fellow mail carrier though I know you have moved on from carrying. Dwayne Cockrane Ill miss our convos.
Posted by Delbra Jones on December 3, 2013
Dwayne, Thank you for all the pray session you lead on Tuesday night. I know all the prayers that was prayed when I was in the hospital was the reason, I am healed. Thank you for caring about the teachers needs at WOGCA. You made sure we had what we need to be affected in our classroom. You always had a warm smile that lighten up the room. I my heart is hurting but I know you are in a better place. I thank God for allowing me to know you for the last two years. You are role model for all generation. Love you
Posted by Rochelle Bodie on December 3, 2013
Still at a lost for words......but I am happy that I had the chance to get to know you! Your daily smiles in the school hallway & your daily quotes on Facebook kept me inspired! From knock out games in the gym, to a random convo about what gospel songs I should listen to.....Your light will forever shine in all the hearts of the people you have touched!
Posted by Sylvia Minor on December 3, 2013
Saddened to hear of the passing of my former ConAgra Foods coworker Dwayne Cockrane he was a young cool saved Dude around my age with a good spirit about him.You don't find many like that anymore. I know one thing about him he was dedicated to God and his church. I never forgot when he invited me and Tiff to his Church Word of God. He said Sylvia I use to be into a lot of things not doing right by god and he brought me out he can do Anything.. And this here is the best route by being save yall should come to my church yall will not regret it. I said boy i am save i just need to repent with a giggle..Tiff said me too.So Tiff and I went to his church he was so excited we came.. We enjoyed the service lil long but it was worth it. I dnt knw what happen to him yesterday but I knw he's rejoicing looking down at us. To his wife and family on behalf on ConAgra Foods family we send our condolences. RIP Dwayne still cant believe im saying this. — with Dwayne Cockrane.Like ·  · Promote · ShareQue Tee, Linda Shire, Natalie Hill and 27 others like this. Maines Gemini RIP Too his family he was a good person and had a good heartNovember 27 at 10:09pm via mobile · Like
Posted by Sonya Dawson on December 3, 2013
After a UNC football game I was reminded of the last conversation I had with Dwayne Cockrane. He was teasing me about my UNC gear. I loved that dude and loved how he loved his wife. It was beautiful and palpable from the first time I saw them together and knew they were together to the last. It still doesn't seem real he's gone; but, they loved more and better in that 2 years of marriage than some would were they given 200. In the time I've been away this week since he passed away, I've said many prayers, shed tears, remembered all the feelings I had when I became widowed and shaken my head thinking of my young friend Valisha facing it now. I have another prayer as I prepare to return to Raleigh tomorrow. Lord help! Help his wife, her family, help his parents, his brother, my pastors, his relatives, his co-workers and friends. Help us, Word of God Fellowship Church family. Help us to heal and help us to help. Help me to help.
Posted by Cappo Grandé on December 3, 2013
My Dude, this is still unbelievable to me. I have tried many times over the past 6 days to understand, come to terms with, and accept your transition. I miss your smile and your laugh; but most of all how much you made me smile and laugh. As I was looking through the multitude of pics that you and I were in together I started thinking about just how far we came with each other. Remember that day that you, Chris, and I met up at Buffalo Wild Wings to just kick it? That was a long time ago. I remember how you and Bell made me feel like an OG in the game. Y'all both said that you wanted good paying jobs and wives one day. Y'all wanted to know about life and how to make your way in it. I remember telling Reco after that lunch, "I really like those dudes; they're funny as crap and focused". I saw a lot of me in you but more importantly I saw you as a better me. A more loving, kind, compassionate, and forgiving person. Remember that time that me, you and Jenkins was standing outside the school (like we did EVERY single morning) talking about Grace and laughing at the things we saw in the world and we some how convinced Sheanadore to bear crawl in the field and I got caught trying to video tape him? LMBO!!!! Man every week you would try and give me the business with whatever fit you were rocking that day. I recall many times saying, the lil homie trying to make me spend a lil bread and show him how it's done. You killed the game the first time you rocked the new time piece, with the grey suit, with the red and grey socks!!! Remember the ugly face that we both made that day, that ooohhhh weeee that's nasty face? LMBO!!!! I have given many ties, watches, or money away to people when they asked for it so remember when I tried that with you? I remember you taking it off your neck and saying "McCarver here man"! Man I still rock that tie like I had it hand made for myself. It became a competition, not to out do each other but to out give each other. You enjoyed seeing the people that you care about smile and whenever you were around you just had to be a grinch, a grump, daffy duck, a billy goat, or just down right mean not to smile when you came around. D-Rock, as I would call you sometimes, this is hard man. You're too good not to be here bro. This world was going to be changed because you are the real deal. I love you bro.
Posted by Latisha Moore on December 2, 2013
You were always great. A great friend, great cousin, all around great young man. Through adversity you found God and your rightful place in life. You helped me along the way when I have been down uplifting my spirit and showing me that no matter what God has me engulfed in blessings. I remember that little boy that always had a smile and hug for me that grew into a young man with awaiting arms and a smile that would brighten your day. I will always love you and have a place in my heart that keeps your light shining. You have always been my little brother.
Posted by Rodney Lindsay on December 2, 2013
Dwayne was my best friend more like a brother we grew up together did everything together it hurts to see you go man but your memory will live on for every life you touched thank you for being a shoulder to lean on for myself and my wife during our time of trouble. I'm gonna miss you Big D... Midway boys for life!
Posted by Crystal Smith on December 1, 2013
I would like to light a candle for Dwayne to symbolize the light he had daily with his smile and his personality.
Posted by Crystal Smith on November 30, 2013
Dwayne thank you for your genuine smile. You was one who always had the same friendly way of greeting people. You had a heart for ministry and people. I am honored to have known you. Thank you for your continual prayers for us . I will help to watch over Valisha for you while you hold it down in Heaven.... Rest in peace. WELL DONE!!

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