June 2, 1952 – March 21, 2019
This memorial is dedicated to Eddie’s memory and to celebrate and share the love he gave to our lives. We invite and encourage everyone to share your stories, photographs and videos about Eddie through this website

Edward Meisel, known to all as “Eddie” or “Ed,” was the best son, brother, husband, brother-in-law, uncle, great uncle and friend anyone could have. Our hearts are broken, but overflowing with love and affection for Ed. He made our lives worth living. We were lucky to have shared our time here with him. Solace may be found in that he lived a full, balanced, engaged and vibrant life, and overcame many obstacles to do so. He may have been at times skeptical or even cynical, but his life was truth. As William Blake wrote:

“He who binds himself to a Joy

Does the winged life destroy

He who kisses the Joy as it flies

Lives in eternity’s sunrise”

Ed passed away peacefully in his sleep after struggling with a rare cancer that substantially impaired his quality of life. Pneumonia was the immediate cause of death, but the cancer was incurable and progressive. Throughout his battle with amyloidosis, he took great comfort in having Dr. Carol Ann Huff of Johns Hopkins as his doctor and rightly felt so fortunate to be under her care.  With dignity, grace and courage, he accepted his circumstances, seemingly free from fear of passing away, perhaps even embracing the journey. While just a bit stubborn at times, Ed insisted on living life on his terms, and at the end he chose to pass on his terms as well.

Ed made an impression on everyone and was a character larger than life. His friends knew him to be bold, outrageous, mischievous. He was a leader and a comrade. He loved golf and was quite competitive. He enjoyed working out, keeping himself fit. We have heard through the grapevine he drove too fast on an occasion or two. He loved horses, animals and especially his gray cats (the departed Belladonna and Isis, and Smokey Joe and King Henry VIII who are yearning for him). A consummate professional, Ed worked as a comptroller and later financial trader. He was beloved by those who worked for him.

Ed was a faithful, loving, and devoted husband to the love of his life Nancy. Making their home in Washington, DC, for all their years together, they also traveled to see friends here and abroad. When Nancy battled cancer, he took care of her in every way, and she did the same for him when he was sick. They were the best thing that could ever have come along for each other; they gave each other's life meaning, purpose, love and fulfillment. With remarkable dedication he cared for and protected his mother for almost thirty years after his Dad passed away in 1989. These acts of caring distinguish his life as exemplary in the service of others.

Ed was a wonderful brother, loved and cherished (at least most of the time!) by his siblings, Sheri and Andy and his sister-in-law Robin. As an uncle, Ed had a close relationship with his nephews Scott and Benjamin, and nieces Lindsay and Lauren. He was completely at ease with them, and they in turn were completely at ease with him – they felt like his best friends.

Ed could be prickly, and a bit impatient, but his essence was a man with a big heart, caring, compassionate and vulnerable. For all who knew and loved him, there is nothing they would not have done for him. Ed’s journey reflected joy, wisdom and compassion. His passing magnifies his positive impact on all who knew him and opens infinite possibilities. As his journey and ours continues, might his soul be honored by acts of kindness, to ourselves and others.

~ Ed’s Family

Posted by Docmondo . on 17th April 2019
sad to hear of Ed's passing. even tho i only knew Eddie from the halls of Jericho, it is always unsettling to hear of the loss of our classmate, just as easily it could be any of us. may you rest well, Ed. steve doris
Posted by Bruce Belodoff on 16th April 2019
Eddie and I have been friends for over 50 years. During those years especially the early ones, we had some wild adventures together. I have a lot of fond memories of Eddie and he will be missed. Nancy, Andy and Family I am sharing in your sadness as you remember Eddie.
Posted by James Heenehan on 12th April 2019
Ed was a great guy. He had a good sense of humor and he loved to laugh. Ed was up for any adventure. The day a bunch of us got dressed up in odd costumes and went over to see Lucy the Elephant pretending to be the Royal Armenian Society of Ohio will always be one of my fondest memories - as will all those summers in Brigantine. And I'm so glad Ed finally won the Hearts Tournament in 2014. He is beaming in the photo. Ed was a nice guy. Although Eddie sometimes exuded a whimsical cynicism, he cared about people and animals a lot. I feel honored to have known him these past 33 years. RIP Eddie. You remain forever, Young Ed.
Posted by Don Russell on 12th April 2019
I loved every minute with Ed over more than 35 years of friendship - even when he was dumping the Queen of Spades on my trick. (That didn't happen often, I want it noted for the record.) My heart is broken.
Posted by Nafeeza Mohamed on 12th April 2019
Eddie Meisel This wonderful human being that I have had the pleasure of knowing and work for was my boss my friend his name is Ed on March 21 2019 I receive this saddest news on the phone the call was Eddie passed away I was shocked I couldn’t believe that this world is without an angel may he rest in peace until we meet again I love you always and forever you will be missed Give mom a big hug and kiss for me I know she’s asking you what are you doing here probably saying to you go back unfortunately it does not work that way it was an honor to be a part of your family
Posted by Gary Berlly on 12th April 2019
Andy, Sheri Robin And Nancy,, I can not say in words how empty it makes me feel that Eddie is Gone, Andy as you know Eddie and i were long friends for many many years,, With such great and fun memories,, From Junior High well into the Mid 80s when he went to DC Eddie was fun, strong willed and a real great character in so many Good ways Really Loved Eddie like a Brother, spoke to him maybe 9 months ago, never said anything to me about how he was feeling..Eddie or as we called him a lot (Sybil) lol May you rest in peace,, if betting upo there pick some winners LOVE ya Guy,,, Gary,, or as Eddie would say (chopper)))
Posted by Rachel Glickman on 11th April 2019
I am so very sad to hear of Eddie's passing. We knew each other in passing back in the day, but his presence and personality were so much a part of my years at Jericho High School. May his memory be a blessing to all who loved him.
Posted by Ilene Springer-Linder on 11th April 2019
This is a beautiful memorial. So sorry for your loss. I have memories of Eddie hanging out at my house in Brookville with my brother Steven...Maybe they have reunited...
Posted by Susan Weinstock on 11th April 2019
Sheri, Andy, Robin, and Nancy -- This is a wonderful tribute page, and looking through these pictures brought me all the way back in time. Thank you for taking the dedication and love to put this together. My deepest condolences on this great loss. I will remember him fondly, as he has always been a part of my life!

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