Eddie - You will be forever loved and eternally missed
  • 59 years old
  • Born on February 2, 1956 .
  • Passed away on March 20, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.


Posted by Jim Sellers on 13th May 2017
Eddie and I first ran across each other in January of 1980 when we were classmates and office mates in graduate school at Auburn University. As can be seen from the other tributes, Eddie has never met a stranger, so we quickly became supportive and complementary study buddies and then close personal friends. Eddie and I remained close personal friends over the decades, catching up with Christmas cards and a phone call between Christmas and New Year's Day. It became a tradition of sorts. We emailed each other frequently, and often called on more than one occasion during the year, just for the Hell of it. I knew that Eddie would go far once I got to know him at Auburn, and his meteoric rise through HW did not surprise me one bit. However, Eddie remained grounded in his roots, using a good South Georgia country boy raisin' (I have relatives who came from Adel as well) to make people seek his advice and follow him as a leader. I was thrilled to see a good guy wearing a white hat go to the top. Alex and Dana, I felt that I knew you kids as well, since your dad sent me pictures of y'all quite often. And, I would like to tell you kids something: your dad at times regretted his position and the travel associated with same, as he missed out on some mighty important events in your lives. He and I talked about that often, and he was truly sad many times that we talked because he missed something that he wanted to attend, but his job duties prevented him being physically present. However, believe you me, he was there in spirit. Dana, I could not help but see your recent post on the two-year anniversary of your dad's death. You and Alex are much too young to have to deal with the death of a parent, as I was in your general age bracket when my dad died in 1980. And, to hopefully make you feel a little better, your dad was my primary confidant during that time frame that my dad died. That is the kind of person and friend your dad was to me. I consider myself blessed to have been able to call him a friend. Jenny, I never met you or talked to you, but I can assure you that, besides Alex and Dana, you were the best thing that ever happened to him in the time frame that y'all were a couple. He told me many times about the positive relationship that y'all had, and I am elated that y'all crossed paths and found each other. These things do not happen by accident. I did make a donation to the scholarship fund at Auburn in Eddie's memory. He lives on in that manner by helping others get a good education like he and I got at Auburn. God Bless, Jim Sellers
Posted by Dana Wheeler on 20th March 2017
It is so hard for me to grasp how it has been two years since I have seen your face. I think of you often, many times each day, and it is never any easier to realize that I will never get to hear your voice or feel your big bear hugs. I think what hurts most is that I know you better now than I did when you were here, and that I missed out on really getting to know you like I should have. I find solace in wondering what advice you'd give me about all the hard choices in life, and try to find strength in all of the values you instilled in me through your counsel and unspoken actions. I miss you dearly, and I wish more than anything you were here. You will always be my guiding light, and I love you.
Posted by Thomas Arden on 22nd March 2016
Time does not stand still but memories coexist with the passage of time. Be still and feel his presence. A great human being!
Posted by Vanessa Vermillion-Meza on 20th March 2016
Thinking of you today Ed, actually think of you alot...you are so very missed here in this world. I know your watching over our Jenny and we all thank you for that. Reat in peace my friend. Xoxoxo
Posted by Beth Parrott on 25th January 2016
Eddie's mother Mary Ann Wheeler and I were good friends in Adel when he was born. I babysat him. I had hoped to reconnect with him and only learned of his passing a few months ago. God bless all his family. His sister Joy and one of my daughters were good friends.
Posted by Debbie Squires on 5th May 2015
We will always cherish our many memories with Ed. It was an honor to know him and have him as family. Our hearts are heavy with his passing but his legacy continues with his wonderful children, Alex and Dana. We are excited to see their lives continue to unfold and know he must be so proud of them as we are. God bless them and God bless Ed.
Posted by Thomas Arden on 1st May 2015
Forever and Always a Class Act! May Peace be with all that knew him and loved him! There is another Star in the night sky.
Posted by Ron Taylor on 21st April 2015
I am sorry to be leaving my comments so late; but I know from reading everyone else's comments that you will appreciate these quick stories. Eddie and I were fraternity brothers at Auburn. He was few years older than me but because of his Co-op jobs throughout school, we kind of ended up graduating around the same time. I remember Eddie as a smart of gifted fraternity brother. He was President of the fraternity (go figure). Subsequently, he became President of the Interfraternity Council being the lead person for all fraternities on campus (go figure). We both were selected as part of a group that were the "Top Ten Seniors" on campus and as such we had the opportunity to interact and maybe help influence many things that would take place on Auburn's campus. I also remember Eddie as a very good athlete; basketball, football, softball, golf, water skiing. I'm not sure what he wasn't good at. As the new group of Top Ten Seniors (1979), we were invited to the lake house of the Auburn University President, Dr. Philpott. This was our time to be alone with the University President, go out on his boat, and have an influence on campus. As we looked forward to the weekend and arrived at his cabin, the President's ski boat had literally that morning caught fire and burned to the waterline. We talked about that weekend for years to come. I posted a picture of the ten of us with Dr. Philpott. Eddie is third from the left with the big mop of hair. As time passes and we get older, we unfortunately lose touch. Ed was one of the few that I tried to stay in touch with. Reaching out whenever I traveled to the Phoenix area. My wife and I had a great lunch with Ed and Jenny a year or so ago. I miss my friend.
Posted by Srinivas Kuchipudi on 6th April 2015
Ed was always a class act regardless of the situation. A great person to learn from. My thoughts go out to Jenny and all of Ed's family.
Posted by John Kukowski on 5th April 2015
When I think of Ed's leadership style, I think of a quote from Arthur Ashe. "True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost." He will be dearly missed. I was blessed to know him.
Posted by Frederic Ramioulle on 4th April 2015
I feel fortunate to have met Ed. He was an approachable, thoughtful and charismatic leader. Always composed, supportive, and most importantly happy - even when things where though, there was always a positive vibe around him, somehow always a smile on his face even when he was not smiling. It was comforting to be around him...we all wish we would have had more time...
Posted by Steve Pagnucco on 2nd April 2015
I can't count the number of technical managers I've worked with since working with Eddie at HI MAvD in the 80's and early 90's, but he remains the standard that I measure all others and myself against. It's probably no surprise to anyone reading this tribute that none of us has reached the bar that Eddie set for me nearly 30 years ago, but I know I'm much better for having that goal to chase my entire career.
Posted by Jim Miletich on 2nd April 2015
The other night, a small group of retired engineers who knew Eddie got together over a few beers, toasted Eddie, and shared our memories. A manager who interviewed Eddie for a job at Honeywell remembers immediately going to his boss and saying “You have to hire this guy. Some day we will all be working for him.” And we all did work for him one day. When Eddie came to work at Honeywell in Clearwater, FL, he and I shared a cubicle. My claim to fame has always been that I was the one who showed Eddie where the bathrooms were located!! For Eddie’s first project he was assigned as a system engineer for a small inertial navigation system to support a torpedo project. I was familiar with the navigation system that was going to be used and explained it to Eddie. When I went into the lab a few days later, Eddie he had written all the algorithms that went with the inertial navigation system and the torpedo on this huge 6 x 12 foot piece of paper and put it up on the wall. When I saw the amount of detail Eddie had gone into I realized that Eddie was not only extremely smart, he was someone special who would go far at Honeywell. From that point on, Eddie continually proved me right. Smart, fast, and detailed was his mode for the rest of his career. To describe how fast Eddie was, his nickname soon became Megahertz Wheeler. For those of you who aren’t engineers, when you have systems you have real time interrupts that define how fast an algorithm can run in real time on a computer. A normal real time interrupt is around 1000-2000 hertz (1-2 kilohertz). Megahertz Wheeler meant that Eddie ran at over 1,000,000 hertz (1 megahertz). One of Eddie’s first supervisors was giving Eddie his performance review and asked Eddie the typical appraisal question “What is your long term career goal?” Eddie’s response was “President of Honeywell.” And he accomplished that less than 20 years later!! But Eddie had a fun side too. One year Eddie decided to ride to the annual Engineering Banquet with me. As was typical of young engineers, Eddie took full advantage of the open bar. On the way home, Eddie gave me very detailed instructions on how to get to the apartment complex where he was living. The funny thing is, I lived in the same apartment complex and we frequently car pooled to work together!! But the story doesn’t end there. When Eddie got home that night, he decided it would be a good idea to call his girlfriend who was living in Atlanta at the time. This was prior to cell phones so instead of his girl friend answering the phone, it was her father who answered. Undeterred, Eddie had a chatty conversation with him instead!! And last but not least, there was a group of engineers who would get together after work on Thursday nights to have a few beers. The idea was to get away from work so a “no work talk” rule was established. Anyone who broke that rule had to put a dollar in the pot. Needless to say, Eddie put in more money than everyone else combined!! Although we did not see Eddie often once his career at Honeywell began to take off, we thought about him often and kept track of his career. He was truly a special person – very bright, very ambitious and very personable. We will all miss him very much.
Posted by Roman Jamrogiewicz on 2nd April 2015
What I respected most about Ed was how direct he was. He didn't beat around the bush. This was true, not only at work, but in all aspects of his life. Ed and I used to play in the annual Honeywell Employee golf tournament at the Wigwam Resort courses. As was not unusual, my tee shot had left me with a tough shot to the green. Ed being the good teammate he was, came over for consultation. So I said, "Ed, what's the best option here?". He replied, "I think a low draw under the tree limb is the best shot". My response, "Do you think I can hit that shot?". Ed, in his most direct way said, "You've got no chance of hitting that shot". I'll miss you my friend.
Posted by Al Hasselbring on 1st April 2015
Eddie hired me into Honeywell from McDonnell Douglas in 1985 -- He was the best boss I ever had, and a great friend. We had so much fun as a bunch of broke engineers – We were working 80 hours per week, “playing hard” another 80 hours per week, and sleeping those few hours that remained. I knew that Eddie was a million times smarter than me, so I worked like crazy, and triple-checked everything I did -- which made me a much better engineer, manager, and a better person. He made us all better – Sending our love and condolences Al and Sandy Hasselbring
Posted by Bill Birtcil on 31st March 2015
We were shocked and saddened to hear of Ed's passing. I met Ed at Honeywell and found him to be one of the most genuine people I'd ever met. I was also very impressed by his leadership and personal qualities. My wife Maggie and I extend our thoughts and prayers to Ed's family during this difficult time.
Posted by John Bottimore on 31st March 2015
Ed was a great leader and will be missed. He was also self-deprecating with a nice sense of humor. I recall a Paris Air Show (or perhaps it was Farnborough :)) where Ed forgot to pack his ties. After discovering this on the day before the show began, he reprimanded himself and asked a few of us to accompany him to department stores to choose some new ties (not cheap in Paris!). We did so and enjoyed complimenting Ed on his taste in ties throughout the show.
Posted by Lisa Costello on 31st March 2015
Jenny - I cant say it enough, I am so very sorry for your loss. On behalf of Ed's colleagues at HCI, please know that he will be very sorely missed by everyone. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, his children and the rest of the Wheeler family.
Posted by Jackee Nester on 31st March 2015
To the family and friends of Eddie, I send prayers and thoughts. I went to Adel Elementary school with Eddie and remember him as a wiz kid. Eddie was very smart and also very nice and humble. I saw him at our 20th year reunion and was not surprised that he had grown into a very successful man. He seemed like the same caring person I knew back when. So sorry to hear of his passing.
Posted by Tim Creviston on 31st March 2015
Although I was acquainted with Ed, I really didn't get to know him until Jenny and I worked together on one of the many difficult programs at Honeywell. We used to joke that I was her 'brother from another Mother' and she was my 'sister from another Mister'. I guess that might make Ed my 'brother-in-law from another Ma & Pa!' And over the years I did get to know him well during lots of rounds of golf, and many other events we attended together. He truly did treat me like family, and I'm sure everyone else on here feels that way too! From a professional standpoint, everyone (and I mean everyone!) that I have talked to at Honeywell has told me he was one of the best leaders ever. Many of us (myself included) got invited for the first time into that 'dreaded' executive corner office to meet with Ed; but he was always kind, engaging - cared for what we had to say, and encouraged us with sage advice. One of the finest gentleman I have had the pleasure to meet and know. Ed, you are missed!! Jenny & family - our thoughts and prayers are with you. Tim & Corrine
Posted by VE Keller on 31st March 2015
John and I will always have special memories of Ed - the great parties at your beautiful home enjoying a special glass of wine. I remember all the good (and bad) times at Honeywell - how Ed was my coach and mentor, enjoying a side trip to the Taj Mahal on one of our many visits to India for the Jaguar campaign. Jenny, you are in our hearts always as Ed is. Love, John and Vicki
Posted by Julie Stanford on 31st March 2015
I am saddened to hear of the loss of Eddie. I met Eddie at Auburn and he was a groomsman in my wedding in 1978. I think we all looked up to Eddie, as he was a young man who was from Adel and who was ahead of us at Auburn, a few years older. He was always generous with his wisdom. I remember Eddie as super, super smart, always kind and someone who enjoyed a good laugh. God rest your soul, Eddie. To the family, I wish you peace and comfort in the days ahead. God bless.
Posted by Jenny Loveland on 30th March 2015
Eddie's obituary in the AZ Republic Sunday March 29, 2015. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/azcentral/obituary.aspx?pid=174508087
Posted by Yvette LeRoux on 30th March 2015
Our memories of Ed have special place in our hearts. They are treasured thoughts that we will forever hold near and dear. We will always remember all the fun and laughs we have shared all these years. We love you always! Yvette & TK
Posted by Jenny Loveland on 30th March 2015
We have established a scholarship fund in Eddie's name at his alma mater, Auburn. He would want to continue helping others through your contributions rather than sending flowers. Ed Wheeler Memorial Fund, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering Auburn University Foundation 317 S. College st Auburn, AL 36849 Checks payable to Auburn University Fund
Posted by Kelly Ware on 30th March 2015
Ed Wheeler probably the best horse show boyfriend ever! Here is a guy who didn't know one end from the other when he met Jenny Loveland..... but he went to the horse shows, paid attention and within a year was just about as knowledgeable as those who had been riding all their lives. I stood at the rail with him in Scottsdale as he chatted along about the horses in the pen, about 5 minutes into it..... I said, "Look at you". He said, "What?" I said, "I know people who have been actually riding for years that aren't that knowledgeable." and we laughed as I accused him of Jenny making him run through the flashcards over dinner. Ed was always quick to laugh and ready for a good time, even if that meant standing in the heat by the rail at a horse show.
Posted by Jeneen Nixon on 30th March 2015
We will never forget meeting you in Zihuat. We had so much fun with both of you and our dinners together were one of the highlights of our trip. So sorry we didn't jump on it and do it again last year. Eddie was just too young to be taken from you and from this world. All our love to you Jenny. And also to Eddie's family in their grief.
Posted by Betti Smith on 30th March 2015
Im so sorry for your loss Jenny. I didn't know Eddie very well but whenever he was with you at the horseshows he was always very nice. I know you will miss him greatly! My husband died three months ago so I know what a difficult time this is for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

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