Let the memory of Edgar be with us forever
  • 32 years old
  • Born on August 17, 1977 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Passed away on March 6, 2010 in Daytona, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Edgar Javier Gonzalez 32 years old , born on August 17, 1977 and passed away on March 6, 2010. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Lucy Betancourt-Gonzalez on 6th March 2019
Time flies so fast, I cannot believe its been nine years since you've passed. I am always hoping it was all a dream. Pops and I are missing you so much. Till we meet again, sweetheart.
Posted by Jessica Brenes on 5th March 2019
MISS you Primo. Never ever forgotten. You have been on my mind alot lately then I realized...the anniversary of your homegoing was around the corner. It is tomorrow. I can honestly tell you that one of the things that eases my thoughts of going home...besides the fact that Our Father in Heaven has promised us eternal life is the knowledge that you will be there. Love You Always! Your cousin Jessica B.
Posted by Norma Maldonado on 21st August 2018
Happy Birthday Handsome....I hope it was a beautiful one in Heaven..may you watch over your Mami and Papi..didn't have the honor to have met u..but that's ok because of u I met your Lovely Mami.....u are so missed like I miss My Papi who left a year ago..You guys are so missed..Rest in peace and send signs to your familia..love ya bunches.......xo
Posted by Jessica Brenes on 17th August 2018
Happy Birthday Beloved Primo! Love You! Love, Jessica B.
Posted by Lucy Betancourt-Gonzalez on 17th August 2018
Today we celebrate your 41st Birthdate... (forever 32) Knowing that you are celebrating forever life in Jesus gives us comfort, that you are enjoying great peace and health. In the meantime, we will forever celebrate you, until we meet again, sweetheart. Love always, MOM & POPS
Posted by Ken Pratt on 6th March 2018
It is so hard to accept or realize you have been away this long. Because of you; my life will never be the same. You were/are one of the kindest and compassionate people I have ever known. Your laughter and smile were /are contagious. When you were around we had no choice but to smile and very often laugh also. You took center stage and didn't even try and often didn't realize you had.
Posted by Maria Sena on 6th March 2018
8 years ago I lost one of the sweetest cousins a girl could ask for when God called my Javibear to Heaven. Javi you are truly missed and loved but thanks to Tio and Titi and your sisters and nieces that love lives on without skipping a beat. I love you Primito.
Posted by Lucy Betancourt-Gonzalez on 6th March 2018
We have no words to express how much we missing you, my darling. We are so grateful that God understands and comforts us in a special way. Till we see you again. Love always, MOM & POPS
Posted by Jessica Brenes on 6th March 2018
Love You Primo. I think of you often. I do not need the anniversary of your passing or your birthday to remember you. I know that many think of you often and throughout the year. I am not alone in this. It is a trestament to who you were and how much your our loved. Till we meet again. Xoxo
Posted by Lucy Betancourt-Gonzalez on 6th March 2017
It has been seven years since you went home to dwell with the Lord, it seems like it was yesterday, Pops and I are always thinking about you and know that you are doing well. But, we are missing you so much and can't wait to see you again and be with you where you are forever more. MOM & POPS
Posted by Lucy Betancourt-Gonzalez on 17th August 2016
Happy Birthday, sweetheart. We will forever celebrate you. Love, MOM & POPS
Posted by Lucy Betancourt-Gonzalez on 6th March 2016
It has been six years since you've gone away, but it feels like you never left. You live deep within our hearts, forever part of our lives. We love you sweetheart. Love, MOM, POPS and the girls.
Posted by Lucy Betancourt-Gonzalez on 19th August 2015
I want to take the opportunity to thank Ken Pratt for his loyal friendship, and remembering our son Edgar Javier on his Birthday. He certainly appreciated his friends. You may have not seen a recent message from our boy's parents on this site because we posted it on Facebook. God bless you. God bless, Edgar Sr. & Lucy Gonzalez
Posted by Ken Pratt on 17th August 2015
It is hard to believe that a year has past since your departure. Time has gone by so very fast but; your memory still remains intact and very strong. As I previously stated; I will never forget your infectious smile; and the happiness yo brought and shared with EVERYONE. I was and am blessed still; to have been able to call you friend; to share laughter; and some moments as only friends can share; the confidence we had in each others trustworthiness; and respect for each others heart. I said I would never forget you; and I haven't. Rest in Jesus my friend.
Posted by Ken Pratt on 20th August 2014
Although time has passed; the shock of your sudden departure is still very,very real. The disappointment of not being able to see your huge smile and boisterous laughter; your infectious humor and constant joking and being full of mischievous pranks; the happiness that flowed from you into all that were privileged enough to be around you; even if only a few minutes each day; is so sorely missed by those that knew you; and even the ones that did not know you; your happiness effected them also. You were a true joy to be around; and most certainly a man of integrity; honesty; and transparent in your joy to others. I was an am honored to be able to say;" We were(are) friends" When I think of you; not as often as I would like; I just sense your presence. I know it is you for no other could make me feel that unexplainable joy; no one else; other than Christ. I thank Kim that He allowed us to be friends; I was(am) truly blessed with memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you Jesus; and thank you Edgar. May you find eternal peace and rest with Jesus.
Posted by Lucy Betancourt-Gonzalez on 18th August 2014
Friends and family gathered around Javier (Biscocho's) resting place to commemorate his 37th Birth date. From there, we went over to Chilis to share sweet memories of our boy. Thank you "mi gente" for your love and support. MOM & POPS
Posted by Jnl De La Rosa-cuba on 6th March 2014
Tube el gran placer de conocer y montar con Edgar Javier aka "Biscocho" tremenda persona siempre con una gran sonrrisa en su rostro, recuerdo la noche antes de su accidente cenamos juntos en el Hotel donde nos hospedamos en Orlando y al siguiente dia el presidente del capitulo le asigno liderear un grupo(en el cual me incluyo) y el estaba muy orgulloso de su responsabilidad, fue bueno compartir a tu lado, estoy seguro de que papa Dios esta siempre contigo, tu siempre seras recordado Hermano. "cuba"
Posted by Ken Pratt on 6th March 2014
Although I didn't ride bikes with Ed; we worked for the same company and I saw and chatted; "Joked around" with him almost daily. I looked forward to his joking and the feeling I really did mean something to him as a friend. He always has lots of smiles and was never disrespectful. He was one of the few good people at Kenan. Someone you wanted to be around and talk to. My heart; even now; misses that great big huge smile he always had for me and many others; esp. when he had pulled a fast one on you. I too; felt a huge empty place when I fully realized he wouldn't be coming to work anymore; though nothing compared to yours. May God keep His hands on all of you and bless you with strength and peace. I thank the Lord that "Ed" and I were friends. My life was granted a unique experience I'll never forget.
Posted by Lucy Betancourt-Gonzalez on 6th March 2014
We love you, sweetheart, you forever live in our hearts and dearest thoughts. We celebrate you every day as we remember the happy times you brought to our lives regardless of your illness, or any adverse circumstances you went through,... you made sure your parents were okay. Thank you for always being there for us. We are very proud of you. Love always, MOM & POPS
Posted by Karen Vijil on 30th January 2014
I think of you always. I know your family must be missing your son so much. I hope with God's love it has been filling some of those vacant spots. I know remember seeing him across the street and how pleasant he always to me. I am sure in heaven, he is making someone smile. Love you guys! Karen and Jamie Vijil
Posted by Norma Maldonado on 30th January 2014
I didn't have the Honor of knowing u but I got to know your Beautiful Mami here on FB....ella es un Amor.....because of u....this is a Beautiful site and u r so lucky to have had such wonder parents..they miss u like crazy...I see u r a Leo like me 8/7....should of know through that Leo Smile ...we all Leos have it....Listen nice visiting u here and love the Music...Remember to always Guide Your Mami and Papi they r always thinking of u....Must go for now..Be at.. Peace and love always..Rip now....xo

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