Ocean City ...

Shared by Quentin Chaney Jr on July 28, 2019
Last week was another tough one ... Edward and I spent many a summers down at OC that everywhere I looked brought back memories of some of adventures together ... Wendy, Katie, Jessie and Sophie stayed at the Princess Royale on 91st street which is right across from Lombardi Pizza ... now Lombardi used to be located during the 50’s and 60’s around 1st street on the Boardwalk and known as the “Tower of Pisa” ... Edward from age 4 and me would have a slice at least every other day during our weekly family vacations and afterwards head down to Thrashers Fries for some vinegar soaked potato sticks of magic .... even when Edward and I went down the Ocean City with Mom and Dad or with each other during the the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s we always stopped at both for pizza and fries ... and of course it is now part of my familys ritual every year we go to OC ... Another yearly stop later on in life was when they opened Seacrets ... Edward loved the Jerk Chicken and watching the sunsets with Rumrunner in hand ... the fishing pier stretching out into the ocean, Trimper rides, the boardwalk, the beach, deep sea fishing watching everyone chum the waters for us, bay fishing with Dad, Frontier Town amd campsite, the Sandyhill Motel where I taught Edward how to swim, sandcrabs, diving the waves and riding them in on rafts, (about 10 years ago we were in the ocean with the riptide banging the hell out of all our replacement parts but neither one of us wanting to admit they had had enough) and the last time Edward, Cindy, Wendy, Katie, Jessie, Sophia, and I spent on the beach together, no matter where I was last week, Edward was there with me ... and he always will be. Missing you Boy ..

Memories with Ed

Shared by Wendy Chaney on July 13, 2019

Some of my favorite memories of Ed are when we would get together as a family. Cindy is an amazing cook and we would gather around her dining room table for Thanksgiving dinner. Some of the funniest stories were listening to the boys adventures (Ed and Quentin) growing up. They would egg each other on and it was always a laugh a minute. The boys were like two peas in a pod. Ed was always so great with the girls and his acting goofy always had them laughing. We had some great times on their boat and on the beach in Ocean City. Ed loved his boy toys, his car, their boat, jet ski, the beach, their cats but most of all he loved his Cindy. The way he acted around her made it so clear that he absolutely adored her. She adored him too. They had a love like no other. I need to find comfort and peace in the fact that he is no longer suffering and that’s he is up there watching over us all. Rest In Peace, Ed. 

The very first time I met Ed

Shared by Charles Guggenheimer on July 13, 2019

Sometime back in the Eighties, I had started working out at the Towson Holiday Spa. I usually kept to myself but overheard two guys (Ed and Scott Spangler) discussing going out to some of the clubs nearby in Towson, Timonium and Hunt Valley. I piped up and mentioned the Flaming Pit, and they laughed and said, “you must not get out much cause it’s Christopher’s now” and I agreed, and that perhaps I’d see them there later and check this Christopher’s place out. Later that summer I saw Ed hanging down Ocean City and we started going to all the same clubs and started getting to be friends. Lifetime friends. Back at Holiday Spa, Ed started showing a couple of us members about Kenpo Karate. I started meeting Ed in the dancercise? workout room on a regular basis with my white karate gee, and for many years, off and on, Ed taught me about Martial Arts. We became neighbors. I met Ed’s roommates, his parents, his brother, his girlfriend, went to his Bachelor Party and was Best Man at his wedding. I bought my first motorcycle from Ed, his 1982 Kawasaki KZ440. Still ride, a Honda motorcycle these days, and I always wanted to ride down to Florida to visit Ed and Cindy, but never did. I will miss Ed, but I will cherish my many memories of our Friendship for the rest of my life.

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