Edwin Dodds
  • 85 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 19, 1930
  • Date of passing: Jul 31, 2015
Lives of great men all remind us; We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us... Footprints on the sands of time

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Edwin Dodds, 85, born on April 19, 1930 and passed into the presence of His precious savior on  on July 31, 2015. We will not forget forget your legacy or the fooprints left in the sands of time for us to follow. 

Enjoy the life and adventures of Edwin and Sally through the online digital Shutterfly book seen at:  http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=0QauWjZs4bsnug

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Leisha Akers on 19th April 2016

"Happy Birthday Dad, thinking of you today!!  Miss you!!"

This tribute was added by Sarah Taggart on 19th April 2016

"Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! I know you are having a great time up in heaven!!! You will always be missed!!!!"

This tribute was added by Brooke Desmet on 1st September 2015

"I was always encouraged by Bro. Edwin. I appreciated all his smiles that he had through all of his trials. I liked to shake his hand as he would show his appreciation for not only me, but each person who shook his hand. I appreciate his stand for and walk with the Lord. I am sad here on earth with his passing. However, I am encouraged because during these times Heaven is made more real for us all. I am looking forward to shaking Brother Edwin's hand on the other side. God bless all."

This tribute was added by Paul Naber on 27th August 2015

"Paul & Heidi loved our Christian brother so much. He was so special to us. Thumbs up to heaven! Christ-like! Our Brother Edwin wanted so much to help the Bride in any manner he could; and he wanted so much to find those last ones. He did well. Our good friend. His brothers and sisters and family were sooo important to Edwin. And, he showed it sooo well. Thank you Lord for allowing us to have Brother Edwin as part of our family. Allowing that has mean so much to us. We will join you, our brother. Praise God! Amen!"

This tribute was added by Natalie Hofer on 27th August 2015

"We are happy that we had the priveledge of knowing Bro. Ed Dodds.  I had the advantage because of my friendship with Sarah, to visit their home many times.  Every time you were there you felt right at home. I remember his home as hospitable and homey.  Bro. Ed  and sis. Sally had a great sense of humor and would pull pranks on their visitors, which made you feel a part of the family.  

God bless the family! We will be looking forward to seeing him again!

David, Natalie, Rachel, Heidi and Joseph
Psalms 116:15"

This tribute was added by Marci Price on 12th August 2015

"Truly a great soldier has been promoted and will be missed by so many on this side, as well as welcomed by those gone on before. Surely everyone that knew him appreciated this godly, gentle man of wisdom with a truly concerned and giving heart. He is loved and remembered by many. We look forward to sharing with him very soon."

This tribute was added by Sally Powell on 6th August 2015

"Bro Edwin and Sis Sally introduced my parents to one another about 32 years ago. Bro Edwin loved to shake my hand at church and tell whomever was passing by that "I'm responsible for this girl being alive!" and then he and I would both get a good laugh at the looks of confusion we received. I deeply appreciate the life and testimony of both Brother and Sister Dodds. They have been, and still are, outstanding examples of Christian character, and I will always treasure the years we have been acquainted
- Meghan Drake"

This tribute was added by Sally Powell on 5th August 2015

"Our love and prayers are extended to the Dodd's family at this time of our dear friend and Brother's passing. Bro Edwin has joined the ranks of the great "cloud" of heavenly witnesses that are awaiting the redeemed.

We shall always love and cherish Bro Edwin and Sis Sally's zeal for the Word of God; their love for souls who knew not the precious Saviour and also their seemingly unending hospitality. Having moved to Lynden shortly after our arrival in Cloverdale in 1983, we cherish our long standing friendship and will miss our brother.

Bro Edwin has entered into his reward and rest. Thankfully we sorrow not as others - but eagerly long to join him in the blessed presence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Bro Tony & Sis Rebekah Abma"

This tribute was added by Matt Ardiel on 5th August 2015

"Bro Edwin Dodds truly was a "..Good and Faithful Servant". He and Sis Sally have lived a life of sacrifice for others and remained steadfast in the Light of this glorious Gospel. I was a witness of  Bro Edwin's life for over 30 years and he was a true testimony of the Grace of God. "..enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." Matthew 25:23
Matt and Hannah Ardiel and family"

This tribute was added by Shauna Grunert on 5th August 2015

"Truly Bro Edwin was a special brother...we had the privilege of going camping many years ago with him and your mom, it was a special time. I remember young people gatherings at your house, your parents so willing to open their home and their hearts.  He truly was a gallant soldier for Christ and we can say for Bro Edwin as Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 4:7 'I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:'.  He was an example to all who knew him, His love for the Lord clearly seen by all.  We will miss his thumbs up but know he is now free to run the hills of glory shouting hallelujah and praising the Saviour he loved so much! Praying for all the family that God's peace and love, that only He can give, would be your strength and comfort.

Bro. Glen & Sis Shauna Grunert and family"

This tribute was added by Jeremiah Leigh on 5th August 2015

"Grandpa,  was a great example of a Christian man. I always looked up to and respected him. He will be missed immensely. I loved and admired him very much... And I cannot wait to be reunited with him."

This tribute was added by Sally Powell on 5th August 2015

"Someone as special as Brother Edwin Dodds will never be forgotten. May the Lord Jesus Christ give peace and comfort to Sister Sally and family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  Deepak & Vandy Titus"

This tribute was added by Sally Powell on 4th August 2015

"Sitting in his office and talking was quite frequently accompanied by the need to figure out what cord got unplugged or computer malfunction needed attention next.It always seemed like he had recently purchased some new gizmo for his computer and it didn't quite work right. Talking with Edwin was always easy with one exception the day I asked him for Sally's hand in marriage. I was nervous at first but somehow he even made that easy too. Until we see you again.....We Love You.....


This tribute was added by Alana Weber on 4th August 2015

"Brother Edwin...Congratulations are in order! Can't wait to see you on the other side.
It wasn't too long after we moved to Washington that Bro. Edwin stopped by and picked my dad up to go to coffee...with the words 'You gotta taste the best pie there is' and promptly took him to the Lunch Bucket on Hannegan road. It became a favorite place of ours and we could often find Bro. Edwin there enjoying those delicious bites whenever we went. Needless to say, we were all very disappointed when it closed its doors.
There are many memories that formed in the later years, but perhaps my favorite memory is when Scottie and I announced our engagement and upcoming move to Edmonton. I'll never forget as Scottie walked over to the wheelchair and said 'Did you hear? I'm going to marry her." Bro Edwin registered surprise, and pointed to me with a questioning look. Scottie said, "Yes, and we're moving away after that." Bro Edwin smiled, but then very good-naturedly got that rebuking look and jokingly shook his fist toward Scottie, grinning the whole time. Scottie simply said, "I understand, sir! But I'll take good care of her." To which Bro Edwin then gave his signature thumbs-up.
I was thankful that we got to spend one last moment with him on his 85th birthday (which was our 1st anniversary) and will always treasure that memory.
To all the family, God bless you during this time...our prayers are with you. Till we meet again!"

This tribute was added by Gary & Leisa StJohn on 4th August 2015

"Dear Bro.Edwin,
Three years ago we wrote a letter expressing our love and admiration on your 82nd birthday, for a keepsake book your family was making. This week, after the Lord Jesus called you to his side, Sally and I were rereading the letter.  It still describes you 3 years later, as you have remained steadfast, and a true "Time-Tested Memorial" for Jesus!  You have been a stalwart soldier, both naturally and spiritually in the 10 years the Lord has given us the privileged to know you!! Thank you for making us a part of your family. We miss you every day.  Sally asked me to put this letter up, and we still mean every word; only we should say Happy 18-21 year old BIRTHDAY! ! :)  We look forward to seeing you very soon, "just a breath away."

Letter written April 19,2012:

Dearest and Most Beloved Bro.Edwin,

I know you have probably asked the Lord many times why he keeps you bound to this earth, when your heart longs for wings, to fly free.  Yet, what a "Time-Tested Memorial" you have, and continue to be, for Jesus here on earth.  You are STILL a GREAT strength to all those who are blessed to be a part of your life..You give more strength and love from your wheelchair, than many will ever give standing on their feet.. You are a soldier of the Cross, and you have been faithful in battle...You have suffered humbly, quietly, patiently, and with dignity..... all, while having a loving smile upon your face.. You have shown us all, through your life and suffering, how to be a warrior for the Lord in the face of EVERY Obstacle!!  You have been a wounded soldier, yet, you have not complained...

You continue to demonstrate this Gospel to all you meet; You have Bloomed, where you are planted!!

Your children have risen up and they call you Blessed!!  They STILL turn to YOU for strength, even today, in times of trouble....and just a look from you can quieten their fears and bring them comfort.  You're a wonderful daddy...

Your pastor has called you his "Bomber" and has drawn great strength from your stalwart stand for this Message!! You have been a TRUE and FAITHFUL Friend to him...It is obvious, the deep love he has for you!!

The staff, who take care of you daily; who have seen you at your lowest and in your suffering condition, have been forced to take notice..that "THIS is a REAL CHRISTIAN!!" You suffer quietly, yet without complaint.. while continuing to confess the Lord Jesus as your Healer and Savior.

Your friends, who love you, have been privileged to see a MIGHTY MAN of VALOR in Battle, who is leading BY EXAMPLE..... the way to our Heavenly Home.....

It has been our honor to know you Bro.Edwin, to laugh with you, to cry with you, and to rejoice around the Word of God with you.. To share with you what this MESSAGE means in our lives.. To sing with you and for you, and to journey through life beside you!!  

We look forward to running the hills of Glory with you one day VERY SOON, and we are so glad that with your 82nd birthday... you are one year closer to your young and Eternal body!!!

"The Spirit and The BRIDE say....."Come Quickly Lord!!!!"

Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 82nd BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!  We love you!!!

The St.John Family,
Bro.Gary, Sis.Leisa, Annahope and Samuel"

This tribute was added by Sarah Taggart on 4th August 2015

"Thank Edwin for allowing me into your family.  Welcome home to your reward.

Love Jason"

This tribute was added by Sarah Taggart on 4th August 2015

"My grandpa was a great man.. He was a great grandpa to go trucking with to California.. He always open his heart to hear us talk :) I was the very talkative granddaughter but he listen to me go on and on;) he always love having his grand kids around him.. We had some great times at our huge gatherings. He always open his home to anyone.. I will miss the times I came over for coffee, milk, cookies and tapicoa puffing... Love you grandpa... I'm so happy you are home and catching up with the saints of old... Love you .. My kids will always know about you and your big heart... I'm so proud that you home... I won't say bye, I'll say see you soon... Love always Sarah"

This tribute was added by Stephanie Akers on 4th August 2015

When I was a little girl you took me on long trips in the truck and gave me a love for adventure and travel that I still have today. I will never forget sitting on grandma’s lap next to you playing hide and seek with the moon late at night, or counting coyotes and deer during the day. Growing up I watched you love grandma, and all of your children and grandchildren, and you instilled a value of family on me that I am so grateful for. The way you loved your family so fiercely sets high expectations for anyone around you and was something to be greatly admired. As I got older you never failed to jump to my defense with reckless abandon. Not just me, but anyone you loved or really just anyone who needed help, or defending. You always leant a hand without hesitation. I never heard you speak an ill word towards anyone. You always believed in me even when others doubt was present. I looked up to you for fatherly advice and when it came to starting grown up life and financing my first car loan you went as far as to co-sign for me, but only if I chose something reliable like a Honda or Toyota, which brought me to my current career, and I have you to thank for that as well. I loved talking politics with you so much as we drank coffee, and watched the birds, for the time I got to live with you and the passion you put in my heart for that is something I will never be able to shake. When I read about current events or our current leaders I can hear just exactly what you would have to say about that.. I make sure to pass the word along just as stubbornly as you would have! : ) My favorite part about you, Grandpa, was how, absolutely, no matter what,  you always did the right thing, even if it was the really hard thing, you said what’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong. I hope that one day I can be remembered for the same thing. I love you so much and I will always miss you.

This tribute was added by Sally Powell on 4th August 2015

"Brother Edwin Dodds, a man who loved the air has taken the ultimate flight; but this one, he had no choice. It was a Divine appointment. A decision taken for the Lord has now had It's payday. The ignoble exit from this life is a most Glorious entrance into Eternity. Your family will miss you Bro. Edwin and I loved you as a fellow Believer. "Till we meet again".
Your brother and sister in Christ - Paul and Lynne Frangos"

This tribute was added by Sally Powell on 4th August 2015

"for you my dear father in law ...I am sure you would liked tell us these words...
For those love and loved me ...When I go let me go, don't bind me with tears, for the wonderful years we lived together let us thank God, if you have to cry, let the faith in God comfort your grief...The life continue, I will be near you will feel the warm from my love in your heart, and when you have to travel for this road, I will recievewith a smile and will tell you...Welcome never more will separate us !!
Zaida Dodds"

This tribute was added by Ken and Joyce Andes on 3rd August 2015

"We sincerely love and appreciate the Dodd family for all that they have meant to us throughout the years. Bro. Edwin greatly encouraged us when he visited our Indiana home in 1988 and freely showered us with Christian love, as we were then arranging to move our children to Cloverdale Bibleway in British Columbia. Now we sorrow because he is not physically here, but has gone to his reward, being in happy surroundings rather than this earthly "pest house." Soon he will resurrect with his youthful and glorified body and be reunited with us, and together we will go with him and Eternally be with our Lord Jesus. Praise God!"

This tribute was added by Daryl Hofer on 3rd August 2015

""One of the first people I met coming to Washington and one if the first houses I went to was brother Ed house. Had a lot of questions in my personal life and from the scripture and it was brother Ed that instructed me in many ways of my youth.
Breakfast of biscuits and gravy with my dad at his house just a day or two before he was in the hospital has become priceless.
Hearing of a loved one pass on only anchors the promises of God deeper in our souls and cause us to look away to Jesus and to this glorious resurrection that lays just before us.
Like Sharon Rose said " don't you know your teaching dad ? You teach immortality.
God bless the Dodds family and may the prayers and faith of brother Ed continue to manifest in all that He loved and all that love him.

When I get over on the other side
Find me by the sea of life
Coming out from under the throne
Where angelic choir sings
There they're singing all the time
It’s a place where there's no night
Sit under the evergreen tree's
By Gods grace that’s where I'll be

The brushings of those angels wings
As your bride so sweetly sings
Part the water, let us walk
Forever stroll with you
The power of an endless life
I'll never have to leave your side
Living in that supernatural place
Grace has brought me to that holy place

Someday when this life Is ov'r
Resting by the beautiful shore
Sitting round the throne of God
That sweet heavenly atmosphere
Where the sea of Life it flows
Together while eternity rolls
We'll fellowship forevermore
We'll never have to part no more

Daryl Tanya Boaz and.......""

This tribute was added by Sally Powell on 3rd August 2015

"My dear Dodds family, I know how you must miss your husband, father, grandfather, but he is in a MUCH better place now!  We don't grieve as others, for we know where we came from and where we are going.  He is young and strong, in a Body that will no more feel pain and suffering!  And very, very soon we will all see him again!!!  He was a wonderful example of a true Soldier of the Cross, he will be missed by us all.  Praying for you at this time, but look up!  Our redemption draweth nigh!!!  The Smith Sisters Roberta, Cecelia & Jena"

This tribute was added by Joseph and Anita Leigh on 2nd August 2015

"Brother Ed Dodds was a special man and a genuine, godly example.  He was sold-out completely to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I was amazed, many times, at his ability to testify anywhere and everywhere!  I have known him and his family since the early 80's, and loved how he and Sister Sally were always so friendly, and hospitable to us as young people, and fun to be around too! Watch out for those pranks! ;). Brother Ed loved to share his experiences and views on many subjects, and I always loved listening, as he was well worth listening to!  I remember being so grateful when he leant me a lot of his military videos in high school for my computer science project on the military!  He was very generous with his time and property, and I never forgot that!  Our family has always loved you, Brother Ed, and can't wait to see you soon in the resurrection!!

Love, Anita and Joseph"

This tribute was added by Clint G on 2nd August 2015


This tribute was added by Clint G on 2nd August 2015

"Little Sally, I must say, after thinking about all the people I've known in my 46 years....I have NEVER met ANYBODY that I respected as much as the Major & the Minor. There was a VERY tangible feeling of magic around those 2 when I was near. When I was with them, it felt like I was hidden away on some other planet. Time would slow down and I could breathe. Nobody has impacted my life as much as those two, that includes my own family here or gone.

It was YOUR mom and dad, that TAUGHT me how to FORGIVE people and to LOVE them anyways. That's a very difficult one to do, and they seemed to be able to do it effortlessly. They NEVER once judged me or shut me out, even when I had preachers and deacons gunning for me and had been shunned. They were the ONLY ones that showed love to Colleen & myself, and did NOT care what anybody thought. They definitely were the furthest thing from a hypocrite as one could be. Your parents, have been tucked deep in our heart of hearts for years, and both of them will remain there, alive in our hearts memories, come what may.

I'm beyond honoured, I can't even put into words to describe it, that they would take a fella like me, into their hearts and lives. They treated me as a son and even called me their son. I'll never forget the summer I met them. Instant bond, instant magic, instant love. XO"

This tribute was added by Timothy Goertzen on 2nd August 2015

"Onward, Christian Soldiers :). Brother Edwin Dodds has moved ahead in the ranks. We aren't far behind, though!

Thank you for the atmosphere you created, Brother Dodds. Whenever I was around you, I could feel that I was in the Presence of God. Thank You, Jesus, for the precious gift of this man's life. Truly a man of God."

This tribute was added by Liz Naber on 2nd August 2015

"Edwin Dodds put forth effort to help find our family a home when we moved to WA in 1988. He was generous with his time, his resources and always had an open home. He was passionate about God.  My memories include him locked in conversation with whomever would listen while he shared his beliefs and convictions. He was active in his community and would call reminders for me to vote to make a difference in my county and country, giving advice on current issues and contenders on the ballots. He was uncompromising in every way. He's laid down his armor, crossed the river and studies war no more. Another soldier has come Home."

This tribute was added by Sally Powell on 2nd August 2015

"To my daddy, my hero, my world...the biggest man in my life. I miss you so much.  I didn't know it could be so bitter sweet. Thanking Jesus that you are done with all the suffering, and missing you so much my heart feels like it is so broken it will never heal again. Thank you for devoting yourself to me in a way no one else ever has - and for understanding me like no one else ever has. The memories we made will carry me through this lifetime. You invested a lot of them in me and they're making great dividends still. I'll love you forever and never stop missing you until we make our promised reunion at the gates of Heaven. Can't wait to sit and talk with you for a thousand years... to hear your voice again will make Heaven so much sweeter. We were together since the beginning of my life and the ending of yours, and I'm so thankful that God gave you to me. I just pray I can make you proud of me... that somehow the mantle will fall on me and I can carry on your love of telling people about Jesus. Not goodbye... just until...
Love forever... Sally A."

This tribute was added by Andrea Van Enter on 2nd August 2015

"Brother Edwin Dodds was special to us in so many ways. He was a faithful man of God that was loved by many. He loved the Lord with all his heart, and it showed every time he would come to the services as of late, in his wheelchair, no matter how tired, and give us the Dodds thumbs up! Praying for you Sister Sally at this time. Your man is now 19 and in his new body waiting for the rest of us.
Rest in Peace, Dear Soldier of this message.

Love the van Enters"

This tribute was added by Patty Pettingell on 1st August 2015

"Wow, what a blessing this man's life has been.  I have known the Dodds family since the early 90's.  They have been a beacon of light in a sometimes very dark and dismal world.  I thank God for Brother Edwin, the patriarch of this blessed family.  I have some very fond memories of this man and his wife, Sally.  Oftentimes, at church, this couple would sit in front of us.  Brother Edwin in his wheelchair for the past number of years.  I would watch these two during service off and on because they were hard to miss.  Brother Edwin was unable to communicate during this period of his life, but he could get his point across.  To me, they were like young people very much in love.  They would almost always be seen holding hands.  Brother Edwin and Sister Sally always seemed to need to be in contact with each other.  Well, I would notice different times when Sally would let go of his hand and I would watch him get agitated until she took ahold of his hand once again.  They were so sweet that it often brought me to tears.  I know that when Sally came to church without Edwin she was very sad, like she left her best friend behind.  I love this family very much and my heart hurts for you all, but as Brother Branham said, "We do not mourn as others mourn"  God has given us a promise for a great reunion with Him, I look forward to seeing Brother Edwin in the beauty of his youth and health.  God Bless you all during this time and remember, "Joy comes in the morning".  I will continue to hold you up in prayer."

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