Let the memory of Elaine be with us forever
  • 69 years old
  • Born on August 19, 1946 in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Passed away on March 9, 2016 in Clearwater, Florida, United States.

Elaine Marie Wirth of Clearwater passed away at age 69 at 7:57pm on March 9, 2016.  She faced many challenges and life changes over the last eight years since being diagnosed with COPD however anyone who met her would have never known the extent of her struggles.  Elaine was always kind-hearted, even tempered, and caring; traits that she brought forward in life from her previous home healthcare nursing career.  She will fondly be remembered as a strong-willed, loving mother and is survived by her 4 children, Derek, Brian, Steven, and Dawn; 4 grandchildren, Sara, Cody, Lauren, and Matthew; her brother Jim and his wife Mary; along with 3 nieces and one nephew.  She was predeceased by her younger brother Paul, a US Marine killed in action in Viet Nam.  There will be no services held, as those closest to her know she wouldn’t want any fuss over her peaceful passing.    

This memorial website was created for you all to share your happy memories, she would never want to cause any pain or sorrow.  Smile when you think of her.

Posted by Dawn Teabout on 19th August 2017
Thinking of her always but especially today, her 71st birthday. I hope she's somewhere listening to country music as loud as it goes, breathing easily, and dancing around. I remain a broken-hearted daughter forever lost without her mom...
Posted by Nicole Vernon on 9th March 2017
So many wonderful memories of your sweet Momma!! She always felt more like a mom when we were younger and not just my best friends mom. She welcomed me for endless sleepovers and always stood up for us. Most recently we had a mutual love for The Chew and Candy Crush with those "impossible" levels
Posted by Brian Davis on 9th March 2017
I have so many great memories of Mom. I always felt so safe and warm when we hugged. I miss that more than anything. I love you mom. I miss you so very much. Just one more hug is all I wish for.
Posted by Jean DeGeorge Filep on 9th March 2017
I have so many great memories of you. I miss you and think of you every day. I know you're happy and you are watching over your family and my family. Love you!!!! <3 <3
Posted by Dawn Teabout on 9th March 2017
A whole year has gone by...I never realized how often things happen in life that I just couldn't wait to tell her about until she wasn't there for me to tell anymore. One of my most recent favorite memories, although I have MANY, was on Christmas when I got her drunk and all of a sudden everything was hilarious...she couldn't stop laughing that hard deep belly, make ya cry, genuine laugh! I took a picture of her at that moment and it makes me smile. There are so many "I wish" statements I could leave here in sorrow but I'll just remind myself and anyone reading that should wouldn't want us to be sad. She's finally able to breathe easy after 8 long years of struggle. She told us kids that she didn't want to live past 70 because it sucks not to be able to breathe. She made sure she left us on her own terms, and I'm proud of her for being able to make that decision. I'll love her forever.
Posted by Brian Davis on 20th August 2016
I sure wish I could have sang Happy Birthday to Mom yesterday.
Posted by James Carter on 19th August 2016
As I awoke this morning, my first thoughts were of you. Missing you on this your 70th birthday. May you rest in peace on this special day, we love and miss you.
Posted by Melanie Morris-Douglas on 15th July 2016
I just found out about Elaine's passing. I will dearly miss my neighbor. We always had our chats at the back fence. She was such a lady.
Posted by Jean DeGeorge Filep on 25th March 2016
Thank you for all the love and support over the years. I love you and will miss you. You have earned your wings. xoxoxoxo
Posted by Cheryl Vergilis on 24th March 2016
You were always such a big part of our lives, especially Moms. You and her get to hang out again, which makes me so happy. I can see it now, by the pool, smoking and drinking Kahlua! I can also hear you whistling for Rebel!!!! That whistle would make us all stop in our tracks!! I am glad you're at peace reconnecting with so many. I Love You Always....until we meet again!! XOXO
Posted by Jennifer Lofgren on 23rd March 2016
I consider myself lucky to have had you in my life Elaine. I'm glad we reconnected the past few years. Amazing, beautiful and kind are just a few words to describe you. You will be missed but never forgotten. Tell Mom I love her and spend lots of days chatting up above. Xoxo Love you.
Posted by Dawn Teabout on 15th March 2016
I have no words right now, I am still too heartbroken but I look forward to sharing memories in the future. I love my mom more than anything in this world and I always will.
Posted by Brian Davis on 15th March 2016
Thank you Mom. You sacrificed your life and gave so much to all of your children. We always came first in your life. You gave so much love and understanding. The morals you taught and love you gave will live on forever. My Mother, my hero.
Posted by Sue Wallace on 15th March 2016
Heaven has another angel.....I know that your family will miss you very much, but there is one thing I do know,my Mother is sure glad to see you....May you rest in peace, you certainly deserve it.
Posted by Ashley Malone on 15th March 2016
Our sun will shine a little brighter and our sunsets will have a special glow for a very special angel has entered heaven. Dawn and her brothers have a beautiful guardian angel watching over them. You will forever be missed.
Posted by James Carter on 15th March 2016
Feeling the loss of my sister, brings back many memories of our child hood days. Reconnected after many years of non communication, we were able to remenice over the last few years of our lives together. She will be missed, rest in peace dear sister. Love Jim
Posted by Peter Lofgren on 15th March 2016
Elaine you were a special soul and an enlightened spirit. You had that spark of fire in you that spew forth warmth to any who were fortunate to come across your path. There was a sparkle in your laugh that tiptoed into our hearts. Life is much richer for the many who are grateful for experiencing your magnetic life. Thank you for the moments in time ~ Peter

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