Let the memory of Elder Ronald be with us forever. The righteous hath hope in his death (Pro 14;32)
  • 79 years old
  • Born on April 30, 1937 .
  • Passed away on March 9, 2017 in ABERDEEN, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom.

With immense gratitude to God for a life very well spent, yet with heavy hearts, the Fountain of Love Family announces the transition to glory of our beloved brother, father, grandfather, friend  Elder Ronald Fake, 79, born on April 30, 1937 and passed away on March 9, 2017.This memorial website has been created in His memory , We will remember him forever. Jesus is Lord!

The funeral arrangement is as follows - 

Service of Songs
Date - Tuesday 14th March 2017  
Time: 6pm
Venue - Fountain of Love Church, Aberdeen

  Funeral Service
Date - Thursday 16th March 2017
Time - 11am
Venue - Fountain of Love Church, Aberdeen

 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Aberdeen Treetops
 161 Springfield Rd,
  Aberdeen AB15 7AQ


Posted by Dorothy George-Nmadu on 9th March 2018
Grandpa, a year on; but still in my heart.... I am so grateful for all those videos you sent...I watch them over & again. I see you how I want to remember you... with a twinkle in your eyes and a smile on your face...and a warmth in your heart. I am blessed and highly favoured... and you are foreverloved...forevermissed.
Posted by Lolade Okunrinboye on 9th March 2018
Dear Grandpa Ron, a year has gone past already. Continue to rest in peace at the bosom of our Lord. xx
Posted by Sylvester Ofogba on 9th March 2018
Gran Pa, Still seems like yesterday you left us. You’re dearly missed but we remain confident we’ll meet again never to path. Continue to rest in the Lord. Love, Sylvester
Posted by Hope Okhuoya on 9th March 2018
Papa Ron you are fondly remembered today! AMazing Grace how sweet the sound! I can also say Amazing Papa Ron how sweet the man! Lots of love sir and Respect till we meet again! epoH
Posted by Rosie Banks on 9th March 2018
Dad I miss you every day but find comfort in your unfaultering faith, that you knew you were going to a better place. A year ago today Angels came and sang you home xxx Blessed and Highly Favoured . Til we meet to part no more Dad and Mum xxx
Posted by L M on 29th March 2017
My sincere condolences to family and friends. I am sorry for your loss.Words cannot express or erase the pain of loosing your loved one. The death of a loved one can be very painful and weight heavily on our hearts,Very soon Jesus will use his god given power to bring back to life the ones fallen asleep in death. John 5:28,29 says " All those in the memorial tomb will here his voice and come out ,to a resurrection of life ". How thrilled we all will be when Gods promises become a reality. May you all continue to hold the precious memories of your dearly beloved Ronald close to your hearts
Posted by Afolabi Otitoju on 26th March 2017
Tribute by Oluwapelumi Otitoju I cried when I heard that Pa Ron had died. I never knew somebody that felt like a Grandpa to me. He was always happy, positive, and had a really kind heart. There is one phrase that he always says: I am blessed and highly favoured. I will never forget that. I was upset for a few days but then I realised that everyone has to die. I am positive and sure that we will all see him in heaven one day. Tribute by Ibukunoluwa Otitoju Dear Pa Ron, I was sad when I heard that you died. I am very sure that you made a lot of impact on peoples lives and that is why people will miss you. I know that one day we will see you in heaven.
Posted by Stanley Okosodo on 17th March 2017
Surely, we'll miss this great and committed general of God!! Nothing could separate you from the love of Christ nor stop you from preaching the gospel. To you every avenue was a good platform to tell others about the love of Christ. Your positivity, commitment, boldness and confidence in Christ inspires everyone that comes in contact with you. Thank you for the selflessly services in God's vineyard. We love you but God loves you most. Rest in peace with the Lord!
Posted by Ebenezer Daramola on 17th March 2017
Oh Pa Ron, it's sad to know that you are no more with us in this sinful world but we thank God for the life you lived and your relentless service to God which we are now taking solace in because we know you've only been taken up by your creator for a pleasurable life in eternity. Pleased to have met you and ask that you continue to rest in peace till we meet at the feet of our saviour. Adieu Pa Roland Fake.
Posted by Leah-Anne Banks on 16th March 2017
Poem written just for you Grandad.... A treasured man in all our hearts, You’ve shown us all what love imparts, A man of God you pathed the way, With morals, values and courtesy. Your cherished wife and our dear Nan, Now offers you her gracious hand, Your time has come with her you’ll be, United again eternally. You hold my heart you wonderful man, Please keep it safe with you and Nan, Until the day we meet again, I love you Grandad, sleep tight, Amen.
Posted by Olayinka Adesina on 16th March 2017
I thank God for the life of Grandpa as I fondly called him. He made my adjusting to live in Aberdeen very conducive from year 2004. He always asked me how am surviving in my studies, church and the environment. I will never forget your message in late 2004 titled "Remain top-up" and your demonstrations. You always called me Yinka-my man! I will not forget our barbecue exploits! Your words of encouragement to me anytime you stopped by at Faith Clinic were soul-lifting. Thank you for your passion in evangelism which am trying to get to. It was a pity that you could not make the trip to Ayrshire as you promised but I know you have joined the cloud of witness watching us as we march on and proclaiming the lordship of Jesus Christ in Scotland and United Kingdom at large. We missed you. Sleep on in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ till we meet and part no more. Adieu! From Pst Yinka Adesina for the family RCCG FOLW, Ayr
Posted by Ini Ekanem on 16th March 2017
Indeed, you were blessed and highly favored of the Lord. I believe you have finished your race and a crown awaits you. Rest in the Lord, Elder Ron... Adieu...
Posted by David Banks on 16th March 2017
The adventure was strong in my Grandad. His heart was full and his actions stretched across the globe. He is no longer here but I will always carry him. In my thoughts, actions and recipes. In how I view those who need help and how try to find a way to help them. I see him in the flowers and the birds and all the things he could name. I see him when I think about what I will do next and I know I will see him again when I try to live out my last years as graciously. Because that's the thing about love and I've learned that the only way to carry on is allow yourself to carry them with you.
Posted by ISRAEL RAJAPPAH on 16th March 2017
Great Brother, RON, we desperately missed you a Lot and it's an irrecoverable loss to me, family and people of God.You are a man of faith, love and great Big vision and you have got a Big heart for the Nations.You embraced me and my family with a tender loving heart of the Lord Jesus and you always went for the second mile to extend your ministry helps to me & family as servants of God ! We did enjoy your loving fellowship and that of my sweet sister Pam and you always entertained us with a gift of hospitality ! Ever since I met you for the very first time in Aberdeen in 1997, it's been a great and strong loving fellowship. Juliet, Revine, Divine and me are greatly grieved in our heart for your home calling - a quick departure - but your brilliant smiling face and encouraging words are ever before us and your charming voice is still heard in our ears ! You politely opened your door to receive me and my family. Your house was always a second home for us in Scotland ! A Home away from home ! We can never ever forget all your love my brother ! Thank you so much dear brother Ron and Sister Pam and we are ever grateful for your precious lives ! We Praise God for you have successfully finished your race of faith in Jesus name ! As you always say " You are highly favored and blessed by the most High God in Jesus name ! "Well done, good and faithful servant of God- Elder and Deacon Ron - Enter into the Joy of your eternal father! Bye for now ! Have a joyful rest in the sweet presence of the Lord! Heartfelt sympathies & condolence to all my brothers, sisters & dear ones of the family and church ! With much love & Prayers, We do remain, REV. DR.ISRAEL, PASTOR JULIET, Dr.REVINE & DIVINE RAJAPPAH - EDRO MISSION INDIA
Posted by Leah-Anne Banks on 16th March 2017
My Grandad, my best friend, my Friday night date and my hero. You hold a very special place in my heart and I can't describe how much I'm going to miss you. We have had so many great times just the two of us and with the family. You have touched hearts all over the world and so many people love you, for that I am so proud. I will miss you every day until we meet again. Love you lots like jelly tots. Leah-Anne xxxxxx
Posted by Chris Fake on 15th March 2017
Dad You will never realise how much you touched so many hearts, You weren’t just only my Dad but Best Friend too who would always be there if I needed you. I hope I manage to live my life half as good as you did yours. Dad I can’t believe that this day has come, I always expected you to be around forever, Pity you weren’t here just now you always knew what to say. You and Mum could be so kind and gentle but also knew how to be firm when needed, Both would give their last to help others such a beautiful trait to have. Dad you taught me so many things along the way you were a Jack of all trades and Master of most, We fished, We poached, We mended / Fixed and bodged, The only thing could never grasp from you as you know was the cooking thing and sure you were not offended by that. Heaven has certainly gained another Great Angel and you can take your place up there and join our Mum the way it should be together forever. Hope the Lord is ready for Both of you up there and ready for your help. Your famous words you said so much “Blessed and Highly Favoured” well I reckon it wasn’t just you but also all the hearts you touched. I rarely told you that I loved you lots and hope you realised how much I did. We had so many laughs along the way and especially the last wee while. Dad I miss you so much – You will always be in my thoughts and in my Heart.
Posted by Lade O. on 15th March 2017
Hardly would a book be sufficient to write about the life of a good man. The beginning: Some years ago (season 09/2010), I watched a group of puppets do a rendition of the hallelujah chorus followed by a more hip rendition of Victory by Tye Tribbett. I found that really amusing, entertaining and uplifting as well. On seeing the lads & lassies behind the curtain (who were operating the puppets), come out, I saw this elderly looking man amongst the group (some teens and other young adults like myself)...and I said to myself… he’s got to be one of the coolest folks on this planet, to be involved in such. That’s where it all began for me and that’s how I got involved in puppetry myself. Fast forward years on, there’s been no dull moment knowing you. A teacher: You know you’d find a lot of people with wealth of experience who do not share or say anything. This was not the case with him. So many lessons I have learnt from him. He was always at hand to give counsel. We had lots of good talk and sometime I just sit and marvel wondering… but then, I say this is one of the benefits of having a Granddad (and definitely God sent)…you don’t get this kind of info or talk anywhere else. I am indeed grateful to God for bringing me in the path such a man who was very open, caring and also passionate about the welfare & upbringing of others. You loved us all. Kind as you were with words, you never failed to correct us when we went out of line. You loved children so much and they all warmed up to you as well. A Great Man: Sometimes the talk of great men sound like a fictitious story. Something we only get to read about from days of old maybe the 1700s, 1800s or see from afar or maybe seen on documentaries, etc. On a personal note, I have been privileged to know this man to be a great man in person. I tell you...Elder Ron is a true example of a great man. A great man you were indeed. One I walked with, worked with, and I even dined with him. Speaking of dining with him, I have been privileged to witness/encounter the Chef he was. His cooking skills were brilliant. I may have not had as much as his immediate family did but I can testify to his wonderful & amazing talent when it comes to good food….various dishes, you name it…pies of various forms, bush meat, the rabbits, how about the mince pies? The talk of mince pies is a chapter on its own. If you have never had one of his mince pies…I tell you …you are on a long thing. Those were not your regular mince pies you get from your high street shops! Looking back: This great man has left a mark on each and every one of us in one way or another. He touched lives of many not just his immediate nuclear & extended family, the church, but even people in the community as well. He lived a fulfilled life having ran his race well. Indeed a great man amongst us has gone to be the Lord. I am thankful for the privilege of knowing him. He was indeed a friend, our Dad, Granddad, a mentor and a soldier of Christ. Looking forward to the resurrection morning when we all meet to part no more. Adieu GrandPa Ron. #blessedAndHighlyFavoured For the Trailblazers (Puppet Team) Lade & Taiwo O.
Posted by Haastrup Adegoke on 15th March 2017
To beloved grandpa Ron. You came into this world and fulfilled destiny. You exhibited a good example of love , commitment, passion for soul and off course a great evangelist. Sir no doubt about it, You finished strong and empty. We cannot forget you as a family and as a church. Rest on in the bosom of our heavenly father. Adedayo Adegoke & family.
Posted by Dorothy George-Nmadu on 14th March 2017
Grandpa, it has been an honour and a privilege to have been within your circle of "Grandpa's Girls". You were generous with your wisdom, prayers, wise counsel and scrumptious recipes! I will forever be grateful and cherish your seeking me out to comfort and encourage me in my season of hopelessness and despair. I remember particularly; a note you had written and given to me during Service.... years ago. You saw my inner turmoil and reached out to comfort me. For the tears and the hugs; for the laughter and the songs, I say a heartfelt "thank you for your kindness towards me". May your labour of love be rewarded. ... Rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Posted by Ola-Funsho Sanusi on 14th March 2017
"Blessed and highly favoured"; these powerful Spirit revealed words continue to resonate with the thought of you Grandpa Ron. Indeed you are truly blessed and highly favoured. You inspired many. You leave behind shoes so large to be filled. So confident you've run the race gracefully well and your crown
Posted by Ijeoma Okeke on 14th March 2017
I only met you once when I visted with your daughter Rita but that singular encounter was enough for me to know that you loved God very much. And you were very passionate about sharing God's love with anyone who came around you. You've served your generation well and the fruits are speaking for themselves. So take your well deserved rest in the father's bossom. I pray that your family and church will know God's comforting love at this time .
Posted by Louise Jappy on 14th March 2017
Grandad,im so very proud to call you that, will miss you so much you always encouraged me,and also taught me a lot when I was growing up, to many to list, and was always there for me through time times, you and nanny both, 2 very special people to me and my family , love always Louise xxx
Posted by Adesola Agboola on 14th March 2017
My tribute to a fine gentleman and God's servant Elder Ron. The news came to me as a rude shock but consoled by the exemplary life you lived as a Christian. Your interactions with me though few, but enormous in its impact. Thank you for showing us how to love and be true. Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Agape
Posted by Helen Omotowa on 14th March 2017
It really sadden my heart to hear about your death. I cannot forget the flavour you add to my 40th birthday with the purpet show you did, your memory lives within my heart...your frequent greetings and concern show to me and the children was really appreciated and valued and Even though I've left; your death indeed is a loss to us but your memory lingers on. may your soul RIP Grandpa Ron.
Posted by Laura Newman on 14th March 2017
Grandad you will be missed so much by so many people. There are too many wonderful memories to even begin to share but I'm sure many will agree that your faith inspired us, your amazing cooking taught us and your love linked us all together. It makes me smile to know that you are now dancing with Nanny. You prayed with dad a lot and helped him with his biggest fear, I bet you have found him now and gave him a big I told you so ⭐️ Love you always Laura Xxx
Posted by Lanre Edem on 14th March 2017
With the little time I knew you, you have been a source of inspiration and encouragement. Your zeal and passion for God was amazing flowing from a heart filled with love. Rest well in the bosom of our Lord.
Posted by Sylvester Ofogba on 14th March 2017
Grand Pa, I thank God for the exemplary life you lived. You were an inspiration, a role model, a do-er of the Word and always ready to help. You never let a chance pass you by to share the gospel of salvation. Declining health didn't reduce your passion for soul winning and helping others. We will miss you greatly but are assured that you are in the bosom of the Lord. Just as the bones of Elisha brought life to the dead, the testimonies of your life will give life to all those who hear it. Rest on, Gran Pa! - The Ofogba's
Posted by Irene Ukanwa on 14th March 2017
Our dear grandpa, I thank God for your life well spent in the things of God. You have been a perfect soul for everyone you came across. May your death bring many more people to the kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Your life with us will always be remembered. Sleep well at the bosom of Jesus.
Posted by Mayowa Malomo on 14th March 2017
Sadly missed my beloved great GRANDPA RON, remembered always for your love and inspiration. Much love ❤️
Posted by Tracy Odirichukwu on 14th March 2017
What fond memories I have of you and Pam. I met both of you when I just have my life to Christ. We enjoyed evangelism outside Marks And Spencer's then fellowship at the ACCF on Saturdays,RCCG Sunday mornings and the Holy Ghost party didn't stop there, we would all then fellowship at the Watchman fellowship Sunday afternoons. How I longed for the weekend to come again when Monday came around. How I thank God for how he used both of you in my life, to help me grow as Christian, helped me know who I was in Christ and supported me through the pruning process, you even provided me with emergency accommodation for some nights when the devil attacked my family mightily in which I had no where else to go. That act of love showed me the true body of Christ in action 1 Corinthians 12:26. That is the true church.... Not just on a Sunday.... Not just on a Wednesday but in our practical living 24/7 until God calls us home and this is what you both did. Both of you are an example to us all. I will always remember what you both did for me, our loss is heavens gain, rest in peace, love Tracy and Chioma Odirichukwu
Posted by Bola Lekan-Lawal on 14th March 2017
Grandpa Ron was such an amazing person, the smile, the encouragements, words of wisdom and those little seeds you dropped went a long way.You were a soldier of christ.You were an inspiration to my family. We will miss you greatly. Adieu Grandpa Ron!
Posted by Ejiro Sanya on 14th March 2017
Granpa Ron, I was one of your distant admirers. I admired your marriage and how liberal you were with everyone. How can I and my kids forget the puppet shows in church? Those were magnificent days! But the most important message I took from you that has stuck with me, is an admonishment you gave to parents to bring up their children in the way of the Lord and not copy western behaviour. I have used this short but profound message to advice mothers! Although I and my family will miss you dearly, we are greatly excited that a saint is born! The devil had no chance over your life! Praise God! I am even more determined than ever before to finish my christian race strong! Enjoy God's presence! The real thing!
Posted by Dimeji Dixon on 14th March 2017
"The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone born of the Spirit." John 3:8 Elder and Grandpa Ron, Your humble and gentle carriage may have been unassuming but your love and passion for God was undeniable in your character and words. You will be dearly missed. Sleep till we meet again.
Posted by Glory Elofuke on 14th March 2017
Grandpa Ron , You have left an indelible footprints on the sands of time. Your devotion to God and love for souls were enviable. Wow! What a blessing you were to us! You will be greatly missed however we are reassured that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord Jesus. Till me meet to part no more , Adieus!!!
Posted by Babs Omotowa on 14th March 2017
Grandpa Ron - You were an inspiration and a role model to me and you will surely be missed. Your warmth, genuiness and love for God and humanity was always glaring and infectious. Your exemplary family life and love for your wife was always pleasing to see. We take solace that you lived a good life in the service of the Lord and that you are now resting peacefully in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by HOPE OKHUOYA on 13th March 2017
Grandpa Ron as we all call you.... You fought a good fight You finished your race strong. You were a soldier, an Army of the Lord A history maker you are, A General indeed You taught us what it means to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! Your passion for souls to come to the Lord is evident in your speech. We love you dearly...... You have been a great example to us all ....... You have taught us what true love means in the aspect of ministry, marriage, family e.t.c.... We will miss you in everyway.... A great cook you were and your great receipes will never be forgotten Even though your death is so painful We know that you are in a better place. You are with the Lord. We have no doubt about this! You are with the Lord We love you dearly........ You have showed us clearly that the greatest thing in this world is knowing the Lord Your favourite words will forever ring in our ears.......................... "I am blessed and highly favoured" We love you so much........... Hope, Bunmi & the Boys!
Posted by Abidemi Adeoti on 13th March 2017
Dearest Grandad, as you were fondly called by all. What a fulfilled life you lived! What an inspiring, rugged soldier of the cross you were! You had a large heart to accommodate all your Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren, and multiple adopted Children, Grandchildren and extended Family members. You and Grandma Pam were so full of life, joy, love for the Lord and for each other! I remember when my Parents came visiting us in 2008, and you came to visit them, took them out to the mountains, and drove them outside of Aberdeen, they still remember you and have never stopped talking about your kindness and friendship. I am privileged to be among your Special "Grandpa Ladies", whom you daily showered with love, attention, words of encouragement, jokes, and delicious recipes of different foods that I will cherish forever. Sleep on Great Man of Valour! Till we meet on that glorious morning, where we shall all meet to part no more. Loads of love from Bidemi &Tunde Adeoti
Posted by Fola Okubanjo on 13th March 2017
Dear Grandpa Ron, I thank God for the opportunity I had to meet you. You always had a warm smile and your life has touched so many of us. I remember you saying everyone needs to be told about Jesus and we should not feel like only certain people need to be told. I will always remember these words. You will be greatly missed Grandpa. Rest in prefect peace.
Posted by Segun Ibigbemi on 13th March 2017
Awww... Grandpa Ron you were such an inspiration... the news of your transition from here to that better place came as a shock! But we are greatly comforted in the assurance that you have gone to rest in the bosom of the Lord. You were always full of smiles and always had an encouraging word. You have touched so many lives than we'd be able to know and your memory will surely live on and remain cherished in our hearts!! Sleep well great general until we meet to part no more!!!
Posted by Kunle Olatunji on 13th March 2017
The very first time I meet you, without a word I knew that you were a rare gem. You presence in a gathering bestow on it a divine calmness that will greatly be missed, papa, sleep on till we meet again at the feet of Jesus Christ.
Posted by Dupe Omotosho on 13th March 2017
Dear Grandpa Ron can't believe you are gone..... " Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of the saints". You touched our lives in so many ways; you were such a great inspiration. We have no doubt that you are now resting in the bosom of the Lord and re-united with Grandma Pam. You will be sorely missed. Adieu General Ron Fake
Posted by Titilola Adenuga on 13th March 2017
'Grandpa Ron, you lived for God. Your faith was seen in all you did . You always had words of wisdom for everyone. I can never forget the day you spoke to us about raising our children in the way of the Lord. We love you but God loves you most. Blessed is the memory of the righteous.
Posted by Ifeoma Umez on 13th March 2017
Dear Granpa Ron, don't even know where to begin from....... I received the news of your passing with shock, shock but then I had a peace in my heart when I remembered that you had translated to one of the many cloud of witnesses written about in the word of God. You were a close family friend to almost all the members of my family. You were a good friend to my late mum. Whom you visited often with fish, or birds or even cooked food and of cos your fervent prayers when she was ill. We all always looked forward to you and late sis Pam's visit to my mum then before she passed on. You were a strong pillar for us throughout the dark hours, months even years after when the pain of my mum's passing had dissipated. You prayed for me without my requesting for it. You encouraged me whenever you felt I was lonely or aching. You knew how to reach out and connect to a lonely heart. You had the right words, Wisdom, Humour and laughter was always never far from your eyes and lips. You have touched more lives than you can ever imagine. We love you Your memory is blessed.....your memory lives on in our hearts.
Posted by Lucy Ewen on 13th March 2017
To my Grandad. Wow what an amazing example you and nanny set to us. I have so many memories of you both, sleep overs, homemade play dough, delicious curries, singing, sub titles on the tv and much much more. You will be forever missed by us all, and I will continue to share your stories with Georgia. She will grow up knowing who you were. Reunited now with nanny. You waited patiently but now you can both be together in heaven. Love you always. Lucy, Neale and Georgia. Xxxxx
Posted by Charles Adoga on 13th March 2017
You have left a new song with me "I am blessed and highly favoured". This shall remain with me and I shall surely remember you with this special song when the wave of time tries to dim your memories in my failing frail frame. You fought like a good soldier - recruiting men and women into the army of Jesus. I recall the strategy on effective evangelism you delivered in Victory Assembly a couple if years ago. The armies in Victory Assembly are growing stronger and our testimonies will not be complete without you. Rest on in the Lord.
Posted by Fabian Chukwuma on 13th March 2017
Just some 12 years ago, I remember you asking me what I was looking for in life? And the advise you gave me was to get working for the Lord. That has always been your trademark, greatly concerned for the work of God, the gospel and restoring the lost. I will surely miss your sound advise and encouragements. Thanks to the Lord for using you greatly to impact lives.
Posted by Ify Odugbemi on 13th March 2017
GrandPa , You are greatly missed . I thank God for the life you lived. The passion for souls. The great drive you had. I remember in my darkest hour , you consistently sent me text messages to encourage me , in church you spoke a word of prayer to me every Sunday through that season. God bless you for your impact in our lives. I celebrate you but God celebrates you more .
Posted by Ogochukwu Emele on 13th March 2017
Dear Grandpa, you lived a life full of emulation. Those encouraging words that you will always give, those testimonies that brings one to tears and those wonderful smiles on your face will not be forgotten. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Aderonke Ajayi on 13th March 2017
Oh my dearest Grandpa how I miss you sorely. Never thought our Saviour was taking you home now, it really did catch  me unawares no small thanks to your humours and defined words of hope that watered down my fears and agitations but alas you had to change abode to the Heaven by His grace. Words and space fails me to recount the numerous encounters with you that impacted my life and family members positive. "Da"‎ as you were fondly called,  thank you for living out the practical side of being a Christian and your unquenchable thirst to reconcile sinners back to Christ is worthy of emulation.  You surely left your marks and footprints on the sand of time in your generation ‎and to us all. God bless your soul as you Rest In Peace in Abraham's bosom. You re unforgettable Grandpa and I love you always. Fondly memories  Ronke Ajayi Lagos, Nigeria
Posted by King MacPepple on 13th March 2017
You were so lovely, genial understanding and encouraging. The only joy is that you have gone to meet the Lord and your lovely wife. You were so inspirational and positively affected my life and my family. I remember with fondness your advise on marriage and raising kids. Thank you so much for making a great impact on my life. Rest in the bosom of our Lord till we meet again. Adieu Pastor Ron

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