Celebrating Ellie's life through our memories of her.
  • 62 years old
  • Born on May 7, 1954 .
  • Passed away on May 17, 2016 .

Thank you for visiting this memorial site for Ellie Sexton. We know that she touched so many lives and we invite you to share your own memories of Ellie, small or large. If you have them, please share pictures, too.

We will never forget her kindess and love.

Posted by Chris Fonoti on 9th May 2018
Dear Ellie... it’s still true. Every time I see a Subaru Outback, my mind goes back to you and what a lovely friend you were, so you know you are thought of every day.
Posted by Elaine Kasch on 8th May 2018
Dear Ellie, you are with us each day for I look at the plant you gave us. It is thriving and brings such happy, beautiful memories of your sweet, happy face. I miss our long conversations and laughter in the parking lot long after work hours! You remain in my heart always.
Posted by Becki Smith on 7th May 2018
Happy heavenly birthday, my sweet friend Ellie. I still think of you so often. I will always miss our early morning visits. I knew it would be a good day because it started on such a joyful note. Happy birthday, dear Ellie.
Posted by Rochelle Bronson on 7th May 2018
Ellie was a gift to everyone she came in contact with. Everyday day her laugh and smile is missed.
Posted by Amy McGuire on 7th May 2018
Happy birthday, Ellie! I love you! <3
Posted by Gretchen Markiewicz on 7th May 2018
Two years ago we lost a beautiful soul but we still have many memories to sustain us. Happy Birthday Ellie! You are greatly missed!
Posted by Debbie Kelsey on 7th May 2018
Happy Birthday Ellie. I still hear your laughter resonating the hall. Hope you are celebrating your birthday in style. Miss you a lot.
Posted by LEONA JARCHOW on 17th May 2017
God bless you Ellie. I miss seeing you.
Posted by Gretchen Markiewicz on 17th May 2017
Everyone who knew you, loved you Ellie. You are greatly missed.
Posted by Tammy Nelson on 9th May 2017
Sweet Sweet Ellie: I still cannot believe you are gone. I so miss your laugh and smile. Whenever I had an interaction with you I always felt so much better. I miss you!
Posted by Becki Smith on 8th May 2017
Happy Heavenly Birthday, Sweet Ellie. I still miss you so much. <3
Posted by Kimberly Woolbright on 8th May 2017
Oh Sweet Ellie, I have been thinking about you so much lately. Miss you, your sweet smile and that laugh.
Posted by Marcia Lescault on 7th May 2017
Still missing Ellie. Have happy remembrances. Ellie, your kindness, helpfulness and cheerfulness help me get through many a day.
Posted by Chris Fonoti on 28th May 2016
ELLIE SEXTON - Energetic, Lovely laugh, Lady through and through, Intelligent, Enthusiastic. Social, Especially kind and caring, Xceptionally loving, Tireless in every task she took on, Only one the best people I've ever known, Never one to give up. Ellie, you are so loved and no one will be missed more than you. I feel your loss more each day. There are no words that can truly capture the essence of your life and love.
Posted by Angie Arnold-Lucas on 28th May 2016
"Sweet Ellie, I was so blessed to get to know you when I was a custodian at Cromer. We had many little chats before you left Cromer, and moved on to better things. I missed our little talks. I too moved on to better work a year later, to FUSD- Transportation. You always were Happy, Kind, Sweet & Caring, and you had the Best Smile. You will be greatly missed by many. RIP Dear Ellie, let your wings take you home...
Posted by ERIKA ROYBAL on 24th May 2016
I always loved her smile and they way she would make one feel welcomed. Although she could be a little spitfire when she felt passionate about something, which I thought was awesome.
Posted by Debra Kamzelski on 24th May 2016
Ellie stopped by the night before her transition .I feel so happy I was able to see her then.. Most of our last conversation on this Earth was about the love she has for her family. She always spoke with love for Dan , Stephanie and Nick. We often spoke of this love of what matters most while we are here. I have known Ellie for quite some time but thankfully got closer in the last few years. I will never forget her because I really felt a spiritual connection to her. I will continue to talk to Ellie and I hope she has a little time on the Otherside to check in on me . I feel certain she will be a Guardian Angel to Stephanie Nick and Dan . Love from Debra Kamzelski
Posted by Tina Burrell on 24th May 2016
Every time Ellie laughed or smiled was a memory. That is how I will always remember her...smiling and laughing. I will miss you friend. We always had each others back. Love you.
Posted by Pat Therrien on 23rd May 2016
It's with a heavy heart that I write this. I first meet Ellie when I worked at the Business Office several years back. I was so thrilled when Ellie got the position as our front desk receptionist at Coconino High School. Ellie was such a sweet, loving and kind person. She will be dearly missed. Thoughts and prayers to her family.
Posted by Shannan Scannell-Wells on 23rd May 2016
You will simply be missed by all who were blessed by your light. I am heart broken that you were taken too soon.
Posted by Sherry Erling on 23rd May 2016
Ellie was the sweetest, and the most kindest person I know. She would simply just put everything down, and help a person. Working with her in ALL STARS was so much fun. I will miss her very much. God bless her family at this time, and always.
Posted by Sara N Jim Cody on 23rd May 2016
Ellie, this is your Navajo friend. I really missed you working next door to us this pass year. You were always so helpful and even going beyond in sharing your love, the sweet smile and joy you presented was God given. Ellie, with tears in my eyes, we, my family will miss you, they remember how you brought us eggs with a cheerful heart. Precious Lord took your hand, how awesome! We will keep your family in our prayers.
Posted by Elaine Kasch on 23rd May 2016
Ellie, it was so wonderful to see you just two weeks ago, to update each other about our lives/family and then to laugh with you. Best of all, to give each other a warm hug (not knowing it would be the last time). I can see the sparkle in your eyes, the beautiful sound of your laughter and your beautiful voice. I will sorely miss you, yet the gift of friendship I will always cherish. Prayers for love and strength for your family. God Bless.
Posted by Kathryn Wertz on 23rd May 2016
It was such a pleasure getting to work with Ellie at the various ALLSTARS retreats over the years. She was always very kind. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
Posted by Emily Cruz on 23rd May 2016
Sometimes in life you meet people who you brighten your day from the first time you meet. I met Ellie just a few months ago and I immediately saw what a beautiful, heart-warming, wonderfully pleasant person she was. She was a blessing and I am so grateful I had the pleasure of knowing her. She was a treasure. She is dearly missed.
Posted by Sherri Meister on 23rd May 2016
My Dear Friend Ellie, You will be dearly missed. You touched so many lives here on earth. I will always remember our wonderful times together,our long talks,and the many times Dan had to call to tell you dinner was ready,while we talked the time away. Good-bye my dear friend and rest in peace. Love Sherri
Posted by Becki Smith on 23rd May 2016
Ellie was a special Lady and a special Friend. I still have a hard time believing she won't pick up the phone if I call. I can’t think of another person who was always so happy and cheerful and dealt with frustrating moments (that we all have) with so much grace, dignity and professionalism. She made my job easier so many times. I enjoyed our talks about our “Dan”s and our families and our special times with our sisters. Ellie and I also worked together outside of FUSD, along with my daughter. I always felt Danne had another Mom looking out for her and guiding her. She always knew Ellie would help her with any problems she may have encountered. When I lost my daughter Ellie held me and cried with me, as I now hold Dan, Stephanie & Nick in my heart and cry with them. I know your loss is so great and your hearts hurt so much. Heaven has gained another Angel. Rest in Paradise Sweet Friend. I will never forget you and you will always be missed
Posted by Gaby Garcia on 22nd May 2016
I first met Ellie through All Stars, later worked with her on S3, and finally got to see her everyday at CHS. She was so sweet and caring, always considering and honoring others. It was always the little details that Ellie so carefully attended to that showed so many how much she cared for them. We had so many fun and funny times bunking together at All Stars Retreats laughing, eating, getting ready in the morning, and other fun shenanigans! I was reminded of a very funny experience several of us ladies had about eight years ago when we went to see Mamma Mia in the theater. We were reminiscing yesterday about how much Ellie was laughing throughout the movie. After learning more about Ellie's Greek heritage, complete with stories from three of her sisters, it all made sense why the movie was so hilarious to her. We at CHS will definitely miss hearing Ellie's voice over the intercom and seeing her smile and hearing her laugh. Until we meet again... Love, Gaby
Posted by Lisa Hahn on 22nd May 2016
I will truly miss Miss Ellie, everyday she had a smile, a kind word, and such a sense of peace and kindness to her. I looked forward to hearing her pleasant and kind voice over the PA system. She touched all of us each day and she will truly be missed by our CHS famiy and all who knew her. Ellie made the world a brighter, happier, and kinder place while she was here!
Posted by Marcia Lescault on 22nd May 2016
I've had to wait till today 5/22/16 before leaving this tribute because losing my relationship with Ellie is still too "raw" and weighs heavily on me. I will remember Ellie for our late in the day talks at the FUSD District Office Special Ed. Department when everyone else had left for home and Ellie just had to finish the details of a project she was doing for Diana Shaum. She was meticulous and paid attention to every detail when working on a project. Ellie worked as long as was necessary to complete projects, regular work hours didn't exist. It was bringing in the project on schedule with all its details that mattered. She told me often how she loved working on projects, watching them come to fruition - just being a part of that whole process made her feel fulfilled. And she was good at it! So Ellie - here's to you lady! I will always remember and it's now embedded in me, your positive 'can do' attitude, your smile, and your willingness to help in any way you can no matter what the request was. Your concern for others, your selflessness, was amazing! These assets will remain in my remembrances of you. Ellie, you have inspired me to do and be as you were. You are living on in all of us that knew you! God speed dear friend!
Posted by Tammy Nelson on 21st May 2016
Some people come into your life and make you a better person, Ellie was that for me. She taught me how to be kind and patience with people who frustrated me. I loved everything about her, but my most favorite thing and what I will miss is her laugh. You know that laugh where she couldn't stop and she knew she was laughing at something we probably shouldn't have been laughing at. I will miss her but she will remain in my heart.
Posted by Debbie Kelsey on 21st May 2016
Ellie, as I sit her writing this tribute to you with tears in my eyes, I'm looking at the Christmas cactus you gave me for my birthday 3 years ago, with the last of this springs withering blooms. I am drinking a cup of tea in your honor remembering your sweet kind eyes, beautiful smile and infectious laugh that would brighten up any room. I am going to miss our sisterly talks, even though they were far and few between this year. I believe God has taken you to a far better place, so you can watch over your flock at all times. Rest in peace my dear friend.
Posted by Dylan Williams on 21st May 2016
Miss Ellie was a very sweet, kind, gentle, and loving lady. Every Thursday she would come on the intercom and say "alright Panthers, time for you Thursday Pathways!" That always made me, and so many others smile. Whenever someone recived a Positive Panther she would get a big smile on her face and would get so happy. RIP Miss Ellie, thank you for the wonderful year, and spectacular smiles you shared with all of us. We will all miss you..
Posted by Joe Rauschenbach on 21st May 2016
Ellie was a bright light in this world. Her kindness and caring will never be forgotten...
Posted by Patrick Ahern on 20th May 2016
A sweet, sweet lady.
Posted by David Kominsky on 20th May 2016
Ellie was so kind and caring, she always had a smile on her face. You will be missed.
Posted by Christine Cavolo on 20th May 2016
The sweetest soul I know. I loved working with her and talking with her always. Miss you and your smiling face.
Posted by Kim Hemingway on 20th May 2016
I had the pleasure of getting to know Ellie through the S3 Grant approximately 5 years ago. I was always impressed by how friendly and helpful she was from the first time we met. A lot of our interactions were via phone or email and it was just so amazing how her perky little personality was able to be conveyed even when not interacting face to face. Ellie was always so organized and many of us marveled at how she would have a notebook containing every step of our itinerary ready whenever we were scheduled to take a trip with the grant team. Every single minute detail was taken care of and it gave us great confidence to travel across country knowing that she had planned everything for us ahead of time. Because of her ability to organize and just take care of any need I might have, I referred to her as "Saint Ellie" because she could do it all, even the frustrating things, with a smile. I will miss that warmth and genuine caring for others.
Posted by Kimberly Woolbright on 20th May 2016
Precious Ellie, You always had a smile and were Love and Joy personified.
Posted by Russ Randall on 20th May 2016
Ellie was kind, compassion, and sweet. With every interaction she was quick with a warm smile or a kind word. Truly, Ellie, we will miss you a great deal!
Posted by LEONA JARCHOW on 20th May 2016
Ellie, your beautiful smile and soul will be missed my friend. God bless your family to give them strength without you.
Posted by Sarah Calahan on 20th May 2016
Although I didn't work with Ellie for very long, we worked closely (literally, as my desk was right next to hers), and we talked often. She was always so kind to me, and asked me how my kids were doing on a daily basis. She spoke about her kids and her husband often, and always with so much love. Every morning and every afternoon we had time before and after students left, to chat while we finished our work. We talked about our families, recipes, and life in general. I will miss those times, her laugh, and her kindness. Praying for her sweet family during this difficult time.
Posted by Heather Dankemeyer on 20th May 2016
Ellie was such an amazing woman I have known her for 12 years and I can honestly say I have never met someone so giving and loving. She always knew how to make me laugh and her smile made you feel like you were someone special. She was a amazing mother who loved her kids more than anything. My kids were so lucky to have shared the All-Stars program with her, she truly made it an amazing program for all children. I will never forget our time at Cromer and of course our cookie/karaoke parties we used to have, those are some of my best memories Ellie will never be forgotten she touched so many lives and her memory will live on in not only each child she inspired but in all who were fortunate to know her. Thank you Ellie for your love and friendship and your light will always shine Love always, Heather Dankemeyer
Posted by Kelly Lasley on 20th May 2016
I had frequent assignments at Coconino High School this school year as a substitute teacher. Ellie was the first person I saw when I arrived each morning. I looked forward to our interactions! Ellie was unfailingly positive, upbeat, and cheery. I will miss her!
Posted by Jennifer Milius on 20th May 2016
I loved Miss Ellie. She will be greatly missed but forever in our hearts. God be with you til we meet again.
Posted by Rochelle Bronson on 20th May 2016
Ellie was such a treasure. I am so blessed to have had the priviledge of knowing her. I loved her kind spirit. She will always be in my heart.
Posted by Kathy Lozania on 20th May 2016
I had the pleasure of meeting Ellie through FUSD, she was a very special person that always had a warm and lovely smile, Ellie always had a word or a hug when ever you needed it. My friend may you RIP
Posted by Beth Sanborn on 20th May 2016
Ellie, thank you for making each of our lives better.
Posted by Sean Kugler on 20th May 2016
Ellie always made me smile. No matter what was going on, Ellie smiled and checked in to make sure my family and I were doing well. She wanted to know what the kids were up to. Her smile always shining through. Ellie spread joy and peace more than anyone I have ever met. I hope we can learn from her and continue to spread joy and peace each day. She has always been an angel.
Posted by Jennie Villas on 20th May 2016
Ellie was a sweetheart. She will be missed by many. Praying for strength and comfort for her family in this difficult time.

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