This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved son, brother, husband, father and friend, Emeka (Paragon) Nnodimele, 55 years old, born on July 25, 1967, and passed away on July 28, 2022. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Kenneth Nwagwuocha on August 16, 2022
Uncle, I still cannot believe that you have left us to go be with the lord. I am still in shock,
You were a wonderful and kind man, loving husband and most of all a great father to your lovely kids. Thank you for everything you did during your time with us, you shall always always remain in our hearts.

May the roads rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back, may the sunshine warm your face,
And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Goodnight Uncle, till we meet again.
                             - Bobby Bo.
Posted by Adaure Odu on August 15, 2022
Adieu Emeka Paragon, May God Give the family you left behind the fortitude to bear the loss.
Posted by Nduka Stanley on August 13, 2022
Good Night (Emeka Paragon
Nwannem o (meaning brother) as we always call each other because truly we are brothers both in the Church and community.

Nwannem o it is very difficult to say goodbye to you because you will always live in my heart, I also know that I will see you again.

You told me in hospital bed that the situation will end in praises now praises to almighty God on the resurrection day. Amen.
For now we go separate ways but you will always be my irreplaceable brother and friend.
Till we meet again in heaven take your
deserved respect.
Nwannem o Bro Nduka
Posted by Miracle Uchendu on August 12, 2022
Tribute to Uncle Emeka
   It is with deepest sorrow and sadness that we write this tribute to you . This still feels like a dream. Still hard to accept the fact that we wouldn’t see you again .
  Uncle Emeka, you were a man with positive humor. Hard working, selfless, brave and strong.
You were a great warrior!!! You fought to live, till your last breath.
Chaiii!!!! Uwa nka dikwa egwu oooo…..
    We all wished you good health and quick recovery but the cold hands of death came too soon and took you away from us .
    It broke our hearts to loose you , but you will forever be in our hearts.
Only God knows what’s best and we cannot question.
Good bye Uncle Emeka.
You are gone but never forgotten.
From( Dabbie, Mimi, Kamsi and Muna.)
Posted by Dare Ojo-Bello on August 12, 2022
I am deeply saddened by this news. Although we haven't seen for a long time since I left PH, when I heard the news this morning, it came as a shock.
Bro Emeka, you will surely be missed. Take heart Sis Amarachi. My prayer is that the Almighty God will grant our dear brother eternal rest and may the family he left behind receive the grace to bear the loss.

Adieu till we meet to part no more!
Posted by Promise Madubuko on August 11, 2022
De Emeka, the news of your death came to me as a shock and unbelievable. You were a good brother, a wonderful friend, a great mentor to me. You died when we need you so much. What more can I say, such is life. As much as we⁵ desire that our loved ones remain with us for a very long time, no one can determine how long they’ll stay. Death comes like a thief in the night, an unwanted visitor, taking away loved ones and leaving our hearts torn.
Dede m! My heart is totally torn as death took you away from me. You will greatly be missed. May God grant you internal rest my beloved brother.
From Your brother Promise.
Posted by Nkechi Ibeokoye on August 10, 2022
Tribute to a Dear Brother In Law....Uncle Emmy the thought of writing this, the tears can't stop flowing. I sincerely wish this is just a dream, a prank or something to wake up from.

Uncle Emmy as i fondly call you, i never saw this coming at all as our last conversation over the phone you sounded so strong and optimistic, you words were " Nma pls talk to your sister Amara(Your wife) to be strong for you that Nothing dey happen(smiles). I never knew these would be your last words to me.
Uncle, You left without Warning. Gone so fast. Now all we have Are memories
Of our past. You are loved by so many. The pain is unbearable.

Your actions were always kind
A generous hand and an active mind
Anxious to please and loath to offend
A loving brother, caring brother-in-law and faithful friend
We’ll all miss you very much.

My wish now will be
To have you back healthy
And alive.

We Love you But God Loves you Most...
Adieu.. dear brother in law!!
Adieu.. Uncle Emmy!!

NMA IBEOKOYE nee Okeiyi(Sister In Law)
Posted by Emmanuel Nwauy on August 10, 2022
To our dearest Uncle...who is so caring and loves family more than anything....I can remember when we were young .you were the disciplinarian we had always wanted to hear..we were doing good academically..always want to be sure we were taking our studies serious....and also ready to fight and protect us too from anybody....We love you so much Uncle and we will forever miss you ....Sleep well our dearest Uncle....till we meet to part no more....
On behalf of the Family of Dee Onyechere Nwaubani....
We say.....Sleep well in God's Bossom ...
Posted by Kings Robinson on August 10, 2022
And so shall our day meet us ,ready or not.
It's with deep sense of lost,that I on behalf of the family of Robinson,Ariwaodo Eze, commiserate with the entire paragon family on the loose of Emeka.
Amaogwugwu in ur death lost a gem,at a time we were looking forward to more of ur positive contribution, towards peace and development in Amaogwugwu.
Such becomes of us, for we must surely meet the death we dread.
Find ur place in the bossom of ur creator.
Peace to all men of good will.
Posted by Chukwuebuka Lucky on August 10, 2022
I don't know wat else to say about my uncle except that l was extremely fortunate to have him as my uncle and now he is gone, l miss u. We also take comfort in the fact that your mission on earth have been fulfilled.we thnk the Lord for your life and bid u farewell until we meet again, Rest in peace uncle.

Posted by Millicent Onyekachi on August 9, 2022
A Tribute To a Jolly Good Uncle

Chai!!! Uncle, It just dawned on me that you are truly no more kai!! So you are not here to tell me " Nnee! Ehh!, Imaa Oburo Obere Ihe o"? Writing this tribute just reminded me of your optimism in every single thing, Truly, loosing you no be small thing,mana ya diba. You were an encourager, you were such a humble, gentle, understanding man, I always looked forward to gisting with and listening to you. If it pleased God to call you home,onye ka anyi buzi? Gaaa nke oma, Para Nwoke Oma AKA "Oburo Obere Ife" Keep Resting in Peace. UDO!!!
Posted by Chidiebube Samuel on August 9, 2022
Our dearest Uncle Emeka, it is heartbreaking writing this knowing we would never see you again, never hold you again, never look at you again. Penning down a tribute this soon is something we would have never thought would happen.

Uncle Emeka described in three words- vibrant, hardworking and heartwarming. We remember all the times we meet at home and the village, very vibrant and always ready to make the children smile and laugh.

If the Lord has called you home, who are we as mortal men to debate? We know the timing is not the best but you’ve left a beautiful wife and 4 amazing children to carry on your Legacy.

Dearest Uncle, you would be deeply missed. We miss you and we love you. Rest Easy king, Emeka (Paragon) Nnodimele.❤️

~ Ijeoma, Enyinnaya, Ngozi and Chidiebube (Umu Dada Eziaha).
Posted by Uloma Vivian on August 8, 2022
Hmmmmm....I have been postponing to do this because I am yet to come to terms with the fact that you are no more... Uncle Emeka, this wasn't how it was meant to be but God knows best...This hurts deeply and I am still pained..In all, I am consoled that you are in a better place free of pains and sickness.. Thank you for your constant love and support towards us...Please keep watch over your wife and kids.... May your gentle soul rest in Peace....Amen
Posted by Akinbode Adebisi on August 8, 2022
A vibrant member of RCCG Mens Fellowship who will be surely be missed by all of us.
A jolly good fellow whose contribution and eloquent use of English is always available to our collective delight.
Paragon, RIP till we part more.
The Good Lord will comfort, console and come through always for the family you left behind in Jesus Name. Amen
Posted by chima uzuegbu on August 8, 2022
But i will not have you to be ignorant, brethren , concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope 
  For we believe that Lord Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Lord Jesus will God bring with him .
 Emekus Nwannem, what can i say. I spoke with you few days before your demise, and i promised that i will come and see you. Indeed, life is a stage, you have played your own part. ( GOOD PART).
  I thank God Almighty for you lived a good life.
   Rest on nwanne.
Chima uzuegbu

Posted by Uzo Ben on August 7, 2022
Nwanne, just like you kept asking, why all of a sudden. Nobody knows the answer. Let God be Lord. can't believe how, I dropped you off for the last time that faithful Monday. Still can't believe I won't hear that, nwanne morning. Words can't explain the devastation. Rest in peace brother.
Posted by Onyinyechi Doris Irozuru on August 7, 2022
Saying goodbye this soon feels wrong so instead I will just say we will miss you so much . My little chikamso your friend is asking after you and she so much miss your chatting with her. One thing I know is that you are at a better place right now where sickness and death will be far from you. Rest In Peace my uncle Emmy as I used to call you sir.
Posted by Elizabeth C Onyegbule E on August 7, 2022
Dee la -na-udo, it’s been a unique journey for you, life offered you a lot and you offered life your own quota, this is the life we live in.
We bless God for everything, both good and bad moments.
We bid you fare well till we meet again at the resurrection day.
Rest In perfect peace
Posted by Aise . on August 7, 2022
We know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. Your Death came as a shock to us and as you sit in the arms of the Lord, your family, and friends mourn your death. Your body might be gone from this world but your spirit will live on in our hearts forever. Today we will mourn you in our own way as we pay a tribute to you. Rest in peace, uncle.

Samson, Aise, Ade and Eti
Posted by Chukwuemeka Okpokiri on August 7, 2022
This is really a sad loss. The last time i spoke to Emeka, he said to me "we will see soon",i never knew that soon will be no more and that it was going to be the last day i would here your voice.
You were great man, a big brother one will always wish to have any given day. If it were up to us, you will be here today but our heavenly father, the giver of life who has called you to glory knows best and we cant question him.
God will grant you eternal rest in his bossom. To you all his family and to my best, humble, unassuming, friend and brother Iheanyi, take heart. God will grant you all the fortitude to bare Emys loss. My sincere condolences.
In all, to God be all the glory. Good speed and Gods blessings.
Posted by Alexander Onyema on August 7, 2022
Emeka nwannem, I never knew it will be like this. God knows the best my brother. Rest on till we meet to part no more. Goodbye my brother. Definitely, we shall meet on the other side on the appointed day.
Posted by Emeka Olekanma on August 6, 2022
Emeka, it’s heartbreaking. It’s tough to accept it. You were a gentle and beautiful soul. You had a generous heart. You believed in fairness. You were hardworking and resourceful. You were one of the very amiable fellows in school. After school, we had only few times to spend together, due to distance, but you made a huge impression each time we did. Just as you were very generous, you were equally a very grateful person. Grateful for life, grateful to God, and grateful for everything that you received. You were peaceful. You had a warm personality. Your belief was strong, and rooted in goodness. You left too soon, my brother. Your exit is no doubt, a difficult blow on people who know you. You will forever be remembered. Only God can fill the void which you have left in your family, and I join to pray that He does that and more. Rest In Peace, my brother. This is a tough part to handle. Can’t believe we are bidding you farewell at this time.
Emeka Olekanma
Posted by Odi Mbah on August 6, 2022
Parara Nwanne mu ,You were a broda and a real friend even more closer to me than those from my mothers womb..Our journey together started a very very long time ago and our loyalty for each was never douted. There is no one that knew u or me that didn't know our closeness...Each time I look up picture tears flood my eyes and my heart gets heavy and i wish i could kneel before our almighty creator and beg for you to return..know that you are heavily missed but Jehova knows best as he gives and takes and i am comforted knowing you are at peace with the Lord..Rest on my Second half and watch over us ur beloved ones..U will ever be missed till we meet to part no more ..God bless ur wondeful Soul
Posted by KCy Igwe on August 6, 2022
He was a jolly good fellow who believed in the tenets of true friendship.
May his soul rest in the bossom of our creator.
Fare thee well bro
This is quite unbelievable that I now refer to Parara in the past tense...
Posted by Chika Onyekachi on August 6, 2022
Hmm! Can't believe you are gone from were such a friendly and simple person.the last time ,you were in Lagos,you prayed with me that I should not be perturbed,that God will bless me with my own kids.the following year,God eventually showed me mercy. I'm so pained you were unable to see my triplets. May your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen. Ngozi Onyekachi.
Posted by Blessing Osungwu on August 6, 2022
This happened so quickly. It's still like a dream. The last time I saw you at the hospital, you were in good spirits exercising so much faith that even I was so encouraged.
Our hearts are broken, but we will soldier on. In our grief, we will still judge God faithful. You fought the good fight, you finished your race and you kept the faith.

Keep resting in the presence of the father in glory. You will always be loved and remembered.

Rev 21:4 - And God shall wipe away all tears from eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.
Posted by Chika Onyekachi on August 6, 2022

What can we say to the Lord, our Maker and Creator.
Words fail me, I honestly never foresaw writing a tribute like this about you, rather I was looking forward to seeing you in Lagos when you come for the Christ Embassy Healing School as discussed few weeks ago, but I believe it’s the will of God to call you home so soon, I say so soon because it is to us, but to your Creator, it was the right time, and we can’t question Him.
Emy, you came into my family as a Son in-law, but you became a Senior brother to me and my siblings, your humility and loving kindness was your greatest asset.
Though you are no more with us here on earth, you will forever be in our hearts.
Farewell my brother, Farewell till we meet again in Heaven to part no more.
Onyekachi. Chika
Posted by Iyke Maduako on August 6, 2022
Dear brother, I thank God for the life you lived. Though you may be absent in body but it is more important that you are present with the Lord.
Rest on in peace.
Posted by IHEANYI NZEAKO on August 6, 2022

What a life, How can this be true?, I can't really believe you're gone. I still can't accept it, because I still remember all the time we spent together, So many things you taught and showed me, but you forgot to teach one last thing; How to let you go. I know you didn't mean to leave like this. But sometimes we have no choice. I miss being your little brother.
I will forever miss my STRONGEST MAN

Posted by Imaobong Odumah on August 6, 2022 dearest friend's hubby. it was a rude shock when I heard this devastating news, but what can we do? Who are we to question God? The Lord giveth and He taketh away, blessed be His name. Rest on in your saviours bossom.
Posted by Kelechi Ukewulonu on August 6, 2022
Life itself is a journey of the knowns and the unknowns.
Unknown birthday
Unknown country/city of birth
Unknown life events
Unknown death day.
The above unknowns are beyond man.
However, we are sure that;
God loves us.
God cares so much for us.
God's mercy endures forever.
On that love of Christ I urge the family of de Emeka to depend on now.
May the soul of de Emeka rest in peace.
Posted by Chijioke Okorie on August 6, 2022
Dede m(Parara) it's hard for me to believe that you are dead....but never the less, May almighty God, the creator of life & death grant you eternal rest, also be with your family as you rest on with the Lord Jesus Christ RIP Nwanne m
Posted by Maxwell Iroha on August 6, 2022
De Emeka your death came as a shock to me, but what's important now is that you lived a simple life worth emulating. May your gentle soul RIP my Dede.
Posted by Daniel Ifeanyichukwu on August 6, 2022
Thanks for your great impact on everyone around you. Thanks for being a great teacher. Working with you was fun. The lord grants you this peace because he knows that you deserve it. Continue to rest in the lord ... Adieu engineer!!!
Posted by Princewill Ndubuka on August 6, 2022
The little time I knew and spent with you was so great that I personally added you to my list of friends due to your kind nature.
The news of your demise has really swept me off balance and I begin to ask what went wrong, no human is in the position to answer that question except God Almighty.
I'm only consoled that you gave your life to christ and that many people may not have the opportunity to do.
My heart goes out to your wife, children and all your family members for loosing you in your prime.
Parara as I fondly called you, rest in peace till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Biali Kandi on August 6, 2022
You will be greatly missed. I pray that the Lord strengthen and comfort your entire family.
Posted by Brenda Kenneth on August 6, 2022
There are people, whose light that they bring to the world remains even after they are gone.

Death is never the end, but a new beginning for those we have lost to where they are greeted by the familiar faces of old.

Indeed, life has shown us again, Its hurtful side by taking you away from us when we didn't see it coming.

God saw that you were getting tired, so he put his arms around you and whispered, "Come With Me". Because, you needed to go to the other side, void of stress and worries.

You were a man who exuded kindness.
Your sense of humor was exceptional.

Death leaves a heartache, no one can heal and your demise has left a deep wound in our hearts forever but, who are we to question God?

We will hold on to the beautiful memories we created

Your life was a blessing to all who came across you and your memory is a treasure worth holding forever.

I won't forget your funny jokes and laughter.

Our consolation lies in the fact that you are now an angel watching over us.
We will miss you greatly.

Farewell,uncle Emeka
Till we meet on the Resurrection morning….Your Inlaw Okwuchi
Posted by Chidobe Nzeakor on August 6, 2022
Please accept my deepest condolences for your family's loss. May the good Lord comfort your family at this time.
Posted by Jesters house Concepts on August 6, 2022
The world would miss the smile and happiness you bring to all. Rest on paragon till we meet to part no more
Posted by Nnodimele Chidubem on August 6, 2022
Omo!!! honestly i don’t know what to say, because everything still seems like a dream to me, Dad i seriously can’t believe you’re gone! On the day you were to go to the
hospital for check up you told me and my siblings not to worry that everything is going to be fine that we shouldn’t be scared, little did we know it would be our last family conversation...
 You where always on positive vibes you hated bad energy, even in the toughest situation there is always a way whenever you’re around. Can’t believe i would never see you again.
Paragon, My fighter, My strong man and my Snr. Man Goodnight ,you needed the rest.
Rest In Peace Dad till we meet to part no more.
         Nnodimele Chidubem (your Son)
Posted by Nnodimele James on August 6, 2022
Tribute to my hero
 My dad was my hero. He was the most courageous and resourceful man. I never questioned if he loved or cared for me because he made it so obvious. I still feel him with me each day and I am living life for the both of us now.”
  He loved us so much that he goes extra mile to make sure we never went hungry or embarrassed...well no one can question God..he knows the best ..RIP my hero forever in our hearts..
       Your son:Ebube Nnodimele James
Posted by Emeka Okeiyi on August 6, 2022
Tribute to Uncle Emeka My Big Brother in-Law.(ọ bụro obere ife, as my wife calls you).

I still can't even imagine/believe I am writing this tribute about you at this time. Indeed there is nothing in this life. Uncle you were a perfect gentleman, life was unfair but God knows best,we cannot question him. Your demise is painful,very painful but we find solace in the truth that you are with your maker. There are alot of beautiful things to write about the relationship we share but I am sad. I am sad because you should still be here alive with us, I and my entire family will miss u o uncle. Find peace and keep resting in the bosom of the Lord. May your demise not be in vain. Goodnight uncle. Forever in our hearts.

Emeka Okeiyi Onyekachi (your brother in-Law)
Posted by Nnodimele kelvin on August 6, 2022
Tribute to my one and only Dad

What a life, hmm i cannot still believe that you are gone. I couldn't still believe my eyes when I saw you lying on the hospital bed receiving treatment because, you were a man that refused to be held down by ill health, you go to work even when ya not feeling too strong.
The love you had for us your children was incomparable, you made sure we never lacked anything good in life.
From my secondary school days to my university level right now, you took me to school by yourself.
You always make sure i never lacked anything in School, even to extent of borrowing to make sure I don't lack a thing.
Every day I always miss the name you call me Bobby.
Everytime you always carve out time to advise us ya children, especially after morning devotion
You always tell us we should take things steady, and you keep on telling us every thing will be fine.

Dad, as I fondly call you rest in perfect peace, till we meet in heaven one day.
Posted by Lilian Amarachii Nnodimel... on August 5, 2022
Atula egwu gi kam nonyere Ele l’anya gburugburu n’ujo Nihi na m’ onwe m bu Chineke gi, nga gbagume.

Thiis was your last message to me. You sang so quietly that i told you to be encouraged by the lyrics that God will see you through’not knowing it was your last message to me.
Hmmm really I can’t pen down my emotions,feelings and thoughts because they’re soo much.

Kaii!!!!! Life is not fair (crying)you were one that never gives up easily. You were one that never sees impossibilities in any venture you embark on.

You were one that was always ready to go into the lions den just to help out (oh parara the risk taker ).

You were a father that desires the best for his children. You were always proud of me and ready to show me off to your friends whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Emmy bobo, am proud of you because you made the best decision ever in your last moments. Your last Sunday in church , you spoke with the new comers (first timers) promising to do a follow up on them as you decided to join the evangelism group and choir...
Honestly, I can't seem to wrap my head around it yet. Your last moments were.... (oh my God )

I believe you ended well because you made peace with your maker and this will always be my consolation...

My agwu, sleep on and rest in peace with your maker, where no harm can ever get to you again....
You will always remain in my heart....

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Recent Tributes
Posted by Kenneth Nwagwuocha on August 16, 2022
Uncle, I still cannot believe that you have left us to go be with the lord. I am still in shock,
You were a wonderful and kind man, loving husband and most of all a great father to your lovely kids. Thank you for everything you did during your time with us, you shall always always remain in our hearts.

May the roads rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back, may the sunshine warm your face,
And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Goodnight Uncle, till we meet again.
                             - Bobby Bo.
Posted by Adaure Odu on August 15, 2022
Adieu Emeka Paragon, May God Give the family you left behind the fortitude to bear the loss.
Posted by Nduka Stanley on August 13, 2022
Good Night (Emeka Paragon
Nwannem o (meaning brother) as we always call each other because truly we are brothers both in the Church and community.

Nwannem o it is very difficult to say goodbye to you because you will always live in my heart, I also know that I will see you again.

You told me in hospital bed that the situation will end in praises now praises to almighty God on the resurrection day. Amen.
For now we go separate ways but you will always be my irreplaceable brother and friend.
Till we meet again in heaven take your
deserved respect.
Nwannem o Bro Nduka
his Life
Mr. Nnodimele Emeka Eze, was born on the 25th day of July, 1967.
He was the third of 6 children of Late Mr. Nnodimele Sampson Uwadi and Mrs Nnodimele Chidinma Nmaogo.

He was born at Uruakpan, Akwa-ibom State and
hails from Amaogugwu community in Umuahia North LGA.

He attended Methodist College, Uzuakoli from where he proceeded to the Enugu State University of Technology, ESUT where he read Cooperative Economics.

He was married to his beautiful and loving wife, Deaconess Nnodimele Amarachi Lilian, née Okeiyi and they are blessed with four wonderful children, three boys and one girl.
Master Nnodimele Kelvin Chidera
Master Nnodimele Gideon Chidubem
Master Nnodimele James Chidiebube
Miss Nnodimele Sharon Chikamso

He was a devout Christian and an active member of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God, New Breed Mega Parish, Port Harcourt. He served the Lord faithfully until he was called home. He was a loyal friend, dedicated husband and father and well beloved friend.

Emeka slept in the Lord on 28th of July, 2022 after a brief illness.

He is survived by his Wife, Children, Mother and 4 Siblings.

Emeka, fondly called Paragon (Parara) by his friends and associates, will be greatly missed.

Sleep well dad, rest in the bossom of our Lord

Your Son,
Kelvin Chidera Nnodimele
Recent stories
Shared by JOHN ARIWA on August 6, 2022
You lived a life Worthy of emulation, may your soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name amen
Shared by Iheanyiparagon Nnodimele on August 6, 2022
And the Dead in Christ shall rise first and we that are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them to meet with the Lord in the Air.
Nwannem nke mhuru na’anya thank you for saying YES LORD, Thanking you for always believing in me and my FAITH. I thank my God that he gave us your siblings the opportunity to be a huge part of your life journey, standing with you and by you from the first day you became a family man till the day you decided to leave your body to be with the Lord.
Thank you for that last request that I should call you on a video call which I promptly honored, talked with you and prayed for you few hours before your transition.
Nwannem it is well with your soul. Sleep on in prefect peace cos now all is vanity upon vanity.
(yadiwa, ka ufo jifo ka ufo Ede fo)

Love you always.
Iheanyi Paragon Nnodimele