super lola

Emily was born in Laguna and settled in Puerto Princesa Palawan. She has 2 kids - Apple and Jason, and step children as well. She loves us very very much. She was a loving wife, no matter what the circumstances were and the never-ending drama, she never gave up just so she could spend some time with papa. She loves him dearly. A loving lola to all her apos.. but especially to her one and only favorite apo -- Aleya, her love. 

She loves dogs and at one point had ~10 at the same time. One of her favorite was a mini poodle mix named Prince, and another was a Shitzhu named Macky. She loves to bake.. baking cakes -- Chiffon, Custard, and Carrot cake are her specialties. She writes all her recipes down and now I have them and will try to carry on some her specialties. She also loves to sing. I remember her liking the Carpenters (Top of the world). She would take me and Jason to a karaoke place and sing and order yummy food!. Food! She appreciates food.. especially steak. Masarap kumain. She enjoys ballroom dancing. A few nights a week she would go out with friends to go ballroom dancing. I have a memory of her and her friends having a great time learning a dance together.

Her best quality I would say is her strength -- emotionally and physically. A few people she knows told me that she is one of the strongest women they know. Malakas ang loob. She always hangs in there. I honestly don't know how she does it... many would have given up but she never did. This is how I want to remember my mom.. how strong she was. She didn't let anyone bring her down and refused to be a burden to anyone. She was a fighter.

She was also a good friend. I received messages from her friends... I don't really know much about this area so I will let her friends share their stories. But I do know she cares a lot and was always willing to help if she's needed.

Lastly, like I mentioned above, she was a great Lola. She loves Aleya more than anything and would video call her every Friday (see video clip) and send her angpao.. kahit na hirap sya sa pera... as well as surprise packages. 

We will always remember you as a loving lola!

"Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity."  ~Mother Theresa