Enos, the man...

Shared by vonda jackson on December 27, 2010

Enos was born into this world to be one thing.......A Special Forces Soldier. And he was damn good one. One of the best. He loved the life of SF. It was in his blood. He lived his everyday life as a Green Beret. We were proud of him and proud to be part of the SF family. He taught us all well, his boys learned life is never fair but if you stand tall and take it on like a man you will succeed. I spent 21 years as his wife, it wasn't always perfect but I loved Enos. He taught me many of life's survival skills. And for that I am eternally greatfull. He was a warrior, but most of you don't know he did have a soft side. He loved his boys and was very proud of them. Our oldest made him a Grandpa of three........which that is where his soft side came out. He loved those grandbabies. His youngest followed in his footsteps and joined the Army and made his dad beem with pride. Anyone who ever served with Enos knew him as a great warrior and leader. Enos never followed......he always led the way and set the example and stanadard. Which he was always above. It's so hard to believe he's gone, but he will never be out of our hearts. Enos, I know you are up there looking down telling us were all a bunch of sissies for crying, but damn it we cant be stoic all the time. We love you and will miss you. Thank you for giving me the life I had with you and thank you so much for our boys. RIP

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