This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Eunice Adeloye 88 years old , born on April 6, 1932 and passed away on May 14, 2020. We will remember her forever.

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Posted by Emmanuel Adeloye on May 25, 2020
Dear Grandma,
Though our relationship lived vicariously through stories and reminiscing, I learned that you had a loving soul, a spirit that burned with the passion of God. I wished I could have experienced your calling to Christ and learned from your leadership. You touched many lives and was the medium for many blessings. Through you, you've revealed to me more of who I am as an Adeloye. A revered last name that because of you I truly appreciate. I love you and know you are sitting comfortably with the father above. Rest easy
- Your grandson Emmanuel
Posted by Lynnell Omolabake Adeloye on May 25, 2020
To my Beloved Mother-in-law (Mommy)...!!! When I last spoke to you on the phone (FaceTime) on Mother’s Day I would’ve never thought that would be the last time I’d see your beautiful face or hear your sweet voice..!! Seeing that you had just told my husband, children and I that you want us to come to Nigeria to see you when all this craziness in the world is over. I want to thank you ☺️ for all that you have ever done for Me, Ireti and the children. I appreciate you, love you, and know that you have lived a good life. Now you are pain free our sweet ANGEL !!!! Soar as high as the sky will take you. RIP..... Mommy ..!! I LOVE YOU...!!!!

              Love Always,
                  Lynnell Omolabake

Posted by Olusesi Oyero on May 25, 2020
I knew mummy through her sons and daughter Damilola, Ireti and Monisola. She was a great woman & I’m privileged to know her.let celebrate her pls, do not mourn coz she left an impact , a good name bible describes as priceless .. She touched many lives that even u guys are not aware of . Missing her is an understatement. Goodnight mummy Adeloye.
Posted by Tolu Ogunsola on May 25, 2020
Mummy Adeloye you're a rare gem, you lived well. You're so kind, loving, selfless, hardworking! Mummy you're truly Abiyamo tooto. Mummy continue to rest in the bosom of God Almighty.
Posted by Adeloye Olayinka Junior on May 25, 2020
Well all going to miss you granny, You were a great and wonderful mother and grandmother to us all, I still do have fond memories when I was still very young, You always made sure during our holidays we all your grand kids were with you at Ketu, You wake us up very early and taught us how pray. Even thou we were always loud and noisy, You were always happy to see us around. We do know you now in a better place and we would always all you granny.
Posted by Damilola Adeloye on May 24, 2020
Iya mi toto ( my dearest mom)

Where should i start from, you have been my rock right from the womb, where i spent 10 months. I can't even imagine how much pain you were in, but didn't give up on me. Two week after i was born, i was severely sick, and hospitalized for 1 year and 3 months, everyone gave up, even the doctors, but you refused to let go of me; you prayed, fought and advocated for me, your entire being was spent making sure i survived. My beautiful mother, my guardian angel, thank you will never be enough for everything, for always seeing the best in me, and believing in me. You helped me grow and learn, you also brightened up my darkest days and cloudiest sky. You path the stormy ocean for me to pass through, you are an angel, my dearest friend, and my amazing mother. I will forever miss you and you will always remain in my heart. Good night mummy, till we meet again.
Posted by Alexander Ayokunle Adeloy... on May 24, 2020
During this very difficult time, heavy heartedly, I'm proud to say how happy I am to have the last name ADELOYE. It brings great words to mind such as; Tradition, family, faith, strength, and also discipline. All in which grandma instilled in every one of our lives. She was the only one whom my father listened to, other than my mother. As a child, my brother and I witnessed how a man should keep after his mother and his family. As an adult I cherish the moment where you're sitting on the same couch as your son and great grand son, trying to teach him how to play his drum, though all he wanted to do was take a bite out of his drumstick. Through this moment of disbelief, I continue to treasure every memory we were able to share. I remember Grandma taking me and her bible everywhere she went. Grandma made sure we knew that we could overcome any circumstances by standing on faith and unity. 88 years of wisdom, knowledge and experience will be passed down for generations to come. As we continue to celebrate all that you've given through the years, from your garments to the joy of your company, the peace in your laughter and your unconditional love, I pray Grandma, I truly pray that your spirit lives forever and the mark that you left upon THIS family is forever appreciated and never forgotten. Thank you so much for fulfilling the duties that God placed upon you as a Grandmother, I love you always, Ayokunle, Ayolekan, Adenike Adeloye.
Posted by Sabo Ameh on May 24, 2020
“And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be left alone. I will create a helper fit for him”. (Genesis 2:18) Thus mommy you were created as a perfect fit for daddy Adeloye. You were a perfect helper to daddy so we celebrated your birthday

When you were on earth, you inspired everyone who came your way. Young and old. Especially my mother, who always had a sleepover with you. We celebrate your inspiration.

You showed us unconditional love. You were like a beacon of light that has brightened the darkest part of a journey. We celebrate you.

As you embark on this journey to meet our daddy, may both of you be seated on the right hand side of God. You were a wonderful mother, grandmother, and a friend to many. Your spirit is pure to the core. You had no hatred in your bones. Your bones stood strong to defend the defenseless. Your blood flows in the spirit of those whom you have touched.

Mother, you had no equal. Woe to death that has taken you away from us but we celebrate your love, compassion, humility, and empathy. Your smile was like the sunrise that pierced through the curtains of our hearts and gave us a ray of hope and happiness.

Thank you for the love you have showed to us when you were on earth. Thank you for the tender care that you have provided to us when you were on earth. Thank you for embracing us even in our foolishness. Thank you for taking away our greatest moments of our darkest skies and giving us the sunshine through your unconditional love, sacrifice, compassion, even when our actions were stupid. Thank you mommy for everything you have done for us while you were on earth. You will never be forgotten. We will forever celebrate to you.
Posted by Bukkie Adeloye on May 24, 2020
It broke my heart to loose you now ......….. Even though, death is inevitable, however, I wish the Most High had granted me another day with you, in order to say thank you. Mummy was beautiful, kind, sweet, caring and brave. Only a generous person would open her arms wild to accept another child into her family. She loved me whole heartedly, even with my flaws. Thank you mummy for given me the a gracious man to marry, for teaching me that everything is feasible with prayer. Our lives goes on, but with a part of us missing because when God called you home, a part of us went with you. Your grand children were all looking forward to seeing you mummy, my heart is broken that you are gone, I wish I could hug you and not let go, telling you how much I love and appreciate you and everything you did for us. Indeed, it brings me joy knowing that you are resting in the arms of the Lord. You will forever be cherished. Rest in peace mummy.
Posted by Cindy Adeloye on May 24, 2020
Dear Family,

As I write this tribute to say goodbye to my mother in law Eunice Omobobla Adeloye I struggle to find the most eloquent words to describe my feelings of her untimely passing. So here is a short story of us. When I married David Adedayo my life changing culture experiences began from day one. My next was meeting Mummy. My husband did his best to reassure and prepare me, however I was afraid she would discard me and persuade her son that an American woman wasn't good enough for her favorite child. Dressing in traditional clothing was another brand new way of life for me. Mummy brought me the most beautiful outfit I had ever worn. She showed me how to wrap it around my waist and she tied my head piece. I felt like a princess. We bonded over a journey leaving California to drive across America to North Carolina three nights and four days. Mummy read the bible out loud the whole trip all day.She instructed me to repeat her words in Yoruba. Together we witnessed the land of America from sun up to the most beautiful sunset anyone would ever see in their life. We went to beaches and amusement parks. She loved the waves and the feeling of the sand beneath her feet. Over the past 3 decades I had the honor and privilege of being her daughter in law. I will miss mostly hearing her prayers for my family. So I take solace now because they are coming from heaven. Praise the Lord Praise the Lord Amen Hallelujah. Rest in peace knowing that your love, spirit, humility shall go on for generations to come forever and ever. I will miss you.
          With a heavy heart
          Mrs.Cindy Ajoke Adeloye          
Posted by JOSEPH Adeloye on May 24, 2020

My beloved Grandmother ( Eunice Omobobola Adeloye) you were always a loving presence in my life. When, my immediate family, (my father Dayo, mother Cindy, brother Alexander) began you were there to love and guide us on our journey as family. We were blessed to have you in our home no matter what state from California, North Carolina, Texas and back to North Carolina. While, my parents were away providing a better life, you cared loved and watched over my brother and I. During my adolescents, you gave me a feeling of tranquility as if the spirit of God was there whenever we talked. Now, in my adulthood no matter how far away I will always feel the warmth of your heart and the power of your spirit.
Joseph Adebayo Adeloye
Posted by Olalekan Daodu on May 24, 2020
Good Night Mummy Adeloye (alias Mummy Agba) as we fondly call you.

You are just our second mum from childhood. You’re caring, loving and an epitome of beauty. You radiate in kindness and gentleness. I recall how you profoundly called our late mum (Iye Funmilayo) and our dad (Johnson). You saw us grew up and you tell us story of how well you took care of us all and especially our sister in her infancy. You and daddy Adeloye (Daddy Agba) were always there for us. My memory of growing can be forgotten as I learnt the passion of fervent prayer from my mum and you. Your fervent prayer travelled across distance within houses and we can feel the result till today. You did not only not care for all my brothers – Toks, Dayo, Dami, Ireti and sister Moni but every family members.

Talk about hospitality. When growing up, I am always happy for the fact that the “striking sound of a pestle and mortar of hot moulded pounded yam from mummy Adeloye’s compound is an invite to extra Sunday Lunch. From the kindness of her heart, she always have food to share.

When we are growing up, we never have time to ask or interview our parent but thank you for wisdom and story she shared with us on where the bond and family relationship all started from.

We never left you sight without being blessed with prayers. We are blessed today because we know sweet is the memories of the godly. Proverb 10:7

Mummy, May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of our lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
From: Lekan Daodu
Posted by Olumuyiwa Ajibola on May 23, 2020
Mommy,fondly called Iya Ekiti was a great, wonderful, and caring mother/grandmother to all of us blessed to have her as the matriarch of the family. Personally, I feel strongly touched by her demise as I'd miss her steady words of wisdom and prayers at every given opportunity to be in her company. Till her last breath, she remained a very courageous, dedicated, and prayerful devotee just as Christ commanded. Little wonder, we can rest assured that she is now in a better place. Adieu Iya Ekiti! Sun re o, Mama oni 'nu re! Goodnight till we meet to part no more!
Posted by Chelsea Adeloye on May 23, 2020
I remember when you came down to visit everyone in America, and when you left we drove you to Atlanta and i saw you get on the plane, i loved when you would always send us jewelry and clothes. I wish i could talk to you again, i wish i would’ve come to visit you. I hoped that you could’ve been here to see me graduate. Everything happened so fast, but i know your in a better place, and i know you’re watching over me and my family, we will always love and miss you grandma.
                        Chelsea Adeloye❤️
Posted by Lauryn Adeloye on May 23, 2020
I remember when all the grandkids would leave school and we’d get off the bus and we would run to grandmas house because we all knew she had food waiting for us and we would be so hungry, it was times like those I wish I could go back to and cherish just a little bit more, I love you so much grandma thank you for everything, from the clothes and jewelry you sent us from Africa to the countless lessons to teaching me songs in Yoruba, it was terrible that we couldn’t come to visit you in Africa, that’s what I regret the most, i know you are in a better place and that you are watching over all of us I love you so much grandma.

Love, Lauryn
Posted by Elijah A on May 23, 2020
You never realize the value in something until its gone, the loss of our beloved Grandmother hurts us as a whole and she will always be missed but never forgotten, as much as she sacrificed to make this family as big as it is means a-lot, without her none of us would be here and while she was in the states she watched over all of us at the same time everyday after elementary school which was a handful but she always cooked, made us do our homework, just overall the best example of a Grandmother who loves you unconditionally, you will be missed grandma love you. .❤️
your Grandson Elijah Adeloye
Posted by Ade Adeloye on May 23, 2020
What a special Mother’s Day this year, the children , my wife and I got to speak to her on FaceTime, she couldn’t even recognize the kids, because they have grown so much, we were excited but we never knew that was her saying a farewell to the family and I want to thank her for making this day possible, we never knew this was going to be our last goodbye but it was special and will stay in our hearts forever and always, throughout my life she has taught me how to pray and to worship the lord, and i utilized her teachings and had the honor to extend it to my children, so that they too can portray it to their children as well, you never stopped praying and with your good faith in God I’m sure you are with him right now, and mom continue to Rest In perfect Peace. Love your son, Ade (Ireti)
Posted by Daramola Oyinlola Olayink... on May 23, 2020
Grandma Chief (MRS) E.B Adeloye JP Mama Adura (Aduramigba)
   My sweet Grandma , wonderful and adorable mother (sorry I remember the day you told us you are not our big mummy that we should always call you Grandma ketu ),it is so painful that I didn't have the opportunity to see you at all before you passed -on .
    I remember all the beautiful memories of you, your advices , teachings as a Grandma, reminiscing on the good times you had in your your youthful days , very insightful stories and experiences (smiles). Even though we have those little arguments and ended up laughing again together (best grandma ever ) , your sweet memories will forever stay with me.
   I and Tinuola will greatly miss you Grandma. RIP GRANDMA

Posted by Oluwaseun Adebisi on May 23, 2020
My dear beautiful, adorable and sweet grandma (CHIEF MRS. JP E. B. ADELOYE), it is indeed a painful one to do this because I didn’t have the privilege of seeing you at all this year before you went to rest. I will miss being called ONAOLAPO as you are the only one that remembers I possess such a beautiful name. 
The few days I get to spend with you in 2013 give me the opportunity to learn how to love ‘JESU KRISTI’ the more, read the YOOBA BIBLE quite fluently, and also how to sing that favorite unique song of yours… EMI O YIN O BABA, EMI O YIN O BABA, OLUDA AIYE OOO EMI O YIN BABA, KINIUN EYA JUDAH E MI OYIN O BABA, A LA MO TI MO ORI IPIN BABA E MI OYIN O BABA, EMI O YIN O OOO, EMI O YIN O O BABA.

Even when you are aging you gather that strength and your substance to go far and near just to celebrate with friends, families, and your loved ones (TRUE RESILIENCE). I am so glad you could bless my most important journey (Marriage) while you are with us. Myself, husband, OLAMILEKAN, and the entire family of Samuel O. Daramola-Olaleye (SAMU STADIUM) will forever miss you and cherish you in our hearts.

We know that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord to reign with him till eternity. GOODNIGHT GRANDMA.

Oluwaseun Adebisi (nee Daramola-Olaleye)
Posted by Bimbo Oke on May 23, 2020
Mummy Mummy! “Correct” Mummy! It is hard to believe that you are no longer with us on this side of eternity. I remember the last time we were together. I was in the room with you easily for hours and you told me a whole lot of stories, evoking a whole range of emotions from laughter to sheer shock! We did not run out of things to say! 

Though we mourn, we mourn as those who have hope. You have run your race and you have finished your course. We thank God for all the lives you touched and the blessing that you were while you were here. Your legacy is blessed, and your memory will be ever green.

Rest in peace dear Mummy.

Bimbo Oke
Posted by Ranti Babson-Oke on May 23, 2020
Grandma Ketu as fondly called by me and the kids.Thanks for the gifts and love you showered me with. You loved my husband so dearly and extended it to me. 

You understood the times and seasons and you stood out among your peers. You glowed effortlessly and sure knows how to speak volumes with your fashion sense.

Grandma knows the importance of prayers and was always ready to pray whenever we visit. The kids will miss you, the biscuits,drinks and your hugs.

Yours was a life well spent. Adieu Grandma Ketu.
Posted by Fadeke Ajibola on May 22, 2020
My beloved Grandma, I miss you dearly. I find solace that you are among your fellow angels and Heavenly Father guarding us from above, as your love knows no bounds. Grandma, I love you so much and I am immediately filled with joy when I think about all the times we have spent together. I miss seeing you give your one of a kind, radiant smile.

You will always be my shining Light, and you perfectly suited the nickname I gave you of “The Matriarch.” Your birthday on April 6th being a day before mine on April 7th goes to show that you have always been one step ahead. No other role model can compare, with your charisma, guidance, and wisdom.

Being an octogenarian is no small feat – all glory to God.

God has secured you in his place and we have secured a place for you in our hearts.

Your granddaughter,
Posted by Mayo Ajibola on May 22, 2020
To my beloved Grandma,
      I greatly appreciate everything you did for your family, as you helped guide and support in each and everyone one of our lives, including my own. You helped raise me to become the person I am today, and for that I'm so blessed to have such an amazing and caring Grandma. You will remain in my heart and thoughts for eternity, and I know you will continue to be in my life as you watch from above. I love you so much Grandma, till we meet again.

Your Grandson,
Mayokun Ajibola
Posted by Jumoke Oduwole on May 22, 2020
Mama rere! Fondly I called her “Mommy! Mommy.” She would respond, “omo ayiye”. I loved her dearly. I always looked forward to hearing her praises and compliments whenever I greeted and hugged her. That always made me feel important. Mama lived a good life and touched so many lives of people that were close to her. She was very outspoken, courageous, and loving. Heaven gained another beautiful angel. You are gone, but your memory lives with me. You are very dear to my heart and you shall never be forgotten. Rest In Peace. (Mama rere).
Posted by Olusegun Ajetunmobi on May 21, 2020
Mama....mmmmm....i'm so dumbfounded and can't even think of what to say!!! I am so happy that l got to know you and your beautiful offsprings in this lifetime. You have left a great impression on people's minds and l know your memory will be cherished forever. The brief periods we had time to interact l 'd cherish for your motherly advices . Mama ..e sun re o. E ma gbagbe awa ti e fi sile lo o. May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Oluremi Ojo on May 21, 2020
Mama was beautiful inside & outside. Very loving , caring & a lover of peace. When l had my first child she was around in Akure on a visit & helped me in caring for my big tummy ( post delivery )then . I also remembered how she mediated between my Dad & l , just in her pursuit of peace in my polygamous family . Adieu Mummy Ketu , May your gentle soul Rest In Peace Mama rere
Oluremi Aduloju Ojo
Posted by Adesola Omoking OLAJIDE on May 21, 2020
In lovingly memory of our famous mummy Adeloye alias Iya Tokunbo. Mama was a loving mother and also a disciplinarian, with so many guys under her care she had to be. Her hospitality was without measure, from Apapa rd to Oluyombo st her house swarmed with visitors, especially the many friends of her children. Mummy Ketu you were a great friend to my mum late chief Mrs V S Omooba. Your husband's brought you together and you became sisters for life. Even we kids were egbons and aburos for life such was the love you expressed to all. May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus christ till the marriage feast of the lamb
Posted by Mathilda Ajibola on May 21, 2020
To My Amazing Grandma,
    The day you came to America and I met you in person was one of the best days of my life. You were always easy-going, happy, and effervescent. The time that I spend with you, there was never a dull moment. Your smile would always bring warmth to someones soul and leave a smile on their face. You have achieved many things in your life. Your life was an adventure. You have travel to many places like, Israel, Britain and the United States. You lived your life to the fullest. You inspire me everyday to never give up and try new things.
Grandma you taught me many things, one of them was, whatever situation i face was to put my trust in God. You would always put people in your prayers. You would pray to God and say God is in control. I was so blessed to have you in my life. I wished God would have given us more time to make more memories. But God knows the best. You are in the hands of our maker. May you continue to look down on us. You will always remain in my heart forever.
Mo ni fe re, Grandma.
Rest in perfect peace. 

  Your Granddaughter,         
      Mathilda Omorinsola
Posted by Shola Rosanwo on May 21, 2020
A Life well lived is a precious gift, of hope and strength and grace, from someone who has made our world, a brighter and better place.

It’s filled with moments, sweet and sad with smiles and sometimes tear, with friendship formed and good times share, and laughter through the years.

A life well lived is a legacy, of joy and pride and pleasure, a living lasting memory our grateful hearts will treasure.

Rest well Ma 
Posted by Oke Joseph on May 21, 2020

Grandma, as we all called you, I thank God for your life and the good legacy you left behind.
Nobody wants his or her loved one to go no matter the age, but you have been preparing for the day to come because about five years ago, you called Mr. Samuel O. Daramola Olaleye your half-brother representing your father's side, late Reverend E. Adeyomoye representing your mother's side and I representing your husband's side that we should start looking for a very good and effective mortuary where your body would be preserved till when our brothers and sister (your children) would be ready to join hands with family members to give you a befitting burial with fanfare because death could come at anytime. The coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world at this time has prevented us from fulfilling some your desires.
You were 2-in-1 in our family, a daughter and a wife, because you once told me that when our grandfather, Late PA Ezekiel Adeloye led members of our family to your father's house at Araromi Quarters Ilupeju Ekiti to ask for your hand in marriage with his son Late Chief W. E. Adeloye. Your father declined the proposal because according to him you are a sister to your would be husband because your paternal grandmother was a member of our family and thus it was impossible for both of you to get married. But as God had already ordained it, you became husband and wife with the consent of your father and the whole family. Despite the relationship, you did not look down on any member of our family whether great or small.
I thank God again for the wonderful children He blessed our mother with, they took good care of her and always made her comfortable till she breathed her last breath and she lacked nothing.
Grandma was a devoted Christian I meet her reading her Bible always whenever I visited her. At times she would quite bible passages to me so I can read when I get home. As old as she was, she always read the bible without glasses. She didn't joke with her tithes no matter how small the money she got was before using the rest for her own personal needs.
I am happy that God heard her prayers because she always prayed that she did not want any of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and those taking good care of her from her husband's side and from both her father mother's sides to go before her and God answered the prayer.
I cannot quantify the honour and respect she gave me and the trust she had in me. She was loved by all members of her husband's family. She was acommommodating and she didn't discriminate. If you go to her with sadness, you will leave with her presence with happiness. She was a good adviser.
The popular songs of mama included the following
I know that you have gone to glory and I am sure you will get the place ready for me like our fathers, mothers and your loving husband did for you.
Please, rest in peace and in the glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus' Christuntil we transit someday into God's glory when we shall live together forever.

Joseph A. Oke
Olori Ebi Omo Ode
Iaye Ilupeju Ekiti.
Posted by Kafilat Ogunleye on May 21, 2020
Rest in peace my lovely grandma.

Mama was always a very jovial person. She was always happy and excited whenever I called or visited her.

I was privileged to attend her 87th birthday Thanksgiving service and I was happy to see her immense involvements in different charity organizations.

Mama, may God almighty accept all your good deeds and contributions. May God accept all your labor of love. May the angels of God admit you into the gates of paradise and may God continue to bless the family you left behind.
Posted by Modupe Omowaye on May 20, 2020
The Olaleye family are all bereaved and so equally qualified to console each other over the loss of Mama Bobola. My childhood memories of mama Ketu will lingers forever in my heart. I can still remember vividly how my late father, Pa Giwa Olaleye her uncle will send me to deliver yams, plantains and other foodstuffs to her whenever she comes for a visit from Lagos to Ilupeju. The foodstuffs packed in a big basket, and I will carry it on my head from Araromi to her house.
Immediately she sighted me at a distance, she will start saluting me in our family “Oriki”
‘ O kun o, Kare omo ogun ule Uro
Omo olose kan-an meyinti j’oye
Omo olose meji tako tabo
Omo alagbado orara ruru
Aimona gbe sinu agbado .......
Kare o, O seun o’
I used to get very excited to hear her saluting me in our family “Oriki” which she was saying effortlessly.

She was the first person to give me brand new Naira notes. I think she always collected brand new Naira notes from the bank whenever she is coming home because she gives me new notes every time.
As a child I was always eager to go and greet / deliver messages to her from my father.
I didn’t know the last time I will see her was at Seun Daramola-Olaleye’s wedding in Nigeria.
We will miss you a lot in our family.
Sun Re o Mama Ketu.

Modupe Omowaye (Nee Olaleye)
Posted by FEMI OGUNSOLA on May 21, 2020
Ode to my Mom

My Mom, Eunice Omobobola was first created as an Angel, then she came to this world 88 years ago to live like an Angel and at 10.40pm on the peaceful evening of 14 May 2020, she departed to heaven to continue her service as an Angel. How Glorious !!

Her eldest Son, Adetokunbo and I became friends at Unilag in the early '80s and I would sleepover at their family home from time to time. Toks and I took to each other like bread and butter and Mummy adopted me into a Hen and Chick relationship that would endure for about 40 years.
She engraved me in her heart as Toks' twin brother and engrafted me into her family as de facto elder brother to Ademidayo, OluwaDamilola, IretiOgo and Monisola.
I lived at home with her as a young Bachelor till November of 1990 and in that period she taught me how to pray and commune with Jehovah her father.
When I opened my professional office at 47 Marina, Lagos in 1998, Mommy was the 'Pastor' that dedicated the space and I prospered in that place.

She was my Mentor for a while but I remained her close Confidant till her last days.
Her love for me was so pure and so robust that even my biological mother, whom I loved no less, was jealous of us.

Clearly I have been truly blessed to have as my Mom one of the most beautiful, most resourceful and most accomplished of women I have ever known, despite all constraints and biases.
Today, I celebrate her life and rejoice in her reunion with her Father in heaven whom she served indubitably and indefatigably while on earth.

Mummy, you have "fought the good fight, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith. From now on, the Crown of righteousness is laid up for you..." (2 Timothy 4:7-8).
I will celebrate the love we shared and cherish your memory for the rest of my days.
I ask you all to please join me in shouting seven resounding Halleluyah in honour of the sweetest mother ever!!

Love you Mom.  Requiescant in pace donec iterum conveniant.
Posted by Ariyike Oke on May 20, 2020
I remember the first time I met Mummy back in Ibadan when the family came over to our family for formal introductions. I could immediately see where my soon-to-be brother-in-law Toks (a.k.a. “My Bros”), inherited his very good looks from!

Mummy was a real family woman. She loved spending time with her grandchildren. It was her pride and joy feeding and nurturing them when she was on holiday with them when they were younger. She was very kind to me and always greeted me with a warm smile.

One thing I remember that Mummy did not like was the cold. In winter, she wore so many layers! I would tell her “Mummy, I can't believe you are wearing a shirt under your sweater!” and I recall she would pull that up her shirt to show me a thermal vest underneath, and this by the way was indoors! We always had a good laugh.

I thank God she got to see her many grandchildren and was even a great grandmother! I also thank God for the blessing that Mummy was.

Mummy, may your soul rest in peace.

Posted by Gboluwaga Idowu on May 20, 2020
Grandma, beautiful inside out. Even though I am an in law, grandma would engage me each time I went over and we would talk for hours touching on diverse topics as she would with her own son. We thank the Lord for your life and of the assurances that you are resting in the bosom of your maker till the resurrection morning. Sleep on grandma.
Posted by Kikelomo Oke on May 20, 2020

I really had awesome moments with you while you were still here with us. Your were indeed an outstanding mother among the rest. You were loving, fun to be with, selfless, accommodating and above all, a giver.

I will forever miss your lovely lyrics sang in Ekiti dialect. Those songs came effortless from a very pure heart. I won't forget the lovely gift you gave me at your 87th birthday. 

Your passing on came to me as a rude shock. I will indeed miss you. Sun re mama rere.
Posted by Jumoke Ajayi on May 20, 2020
May your sweet soul rest in perfect peace. You were a beautiful, caring and amazing mother to all. Many good things were said about you and I know your family will miss you a lot. I personally know that heaven has gained a beautiful angel.
Adieu grandma.
Posted by Lape Adeloye on May 20, 2020
To a special Mother in Law

When I think of Mummy, I can just see her in my mind’s eye - very elegant, fashionable and always extremely well co-ordinated!

Another hallmark of Mummy’s was that she was very jovial! She always had lots of amusing stories to tell that would keep everyone laughing!

Mummy was quite an amazing woman. She truly had a large heart and was a mother, not just to her own, but to countless others.

Mummy loved, and was truly loved and cherished.

Most importantly, Mummy was a very devoted Christian who loved God. She ran well and she finished strong.

Thank you Mummy for all that you were to us. May your beautiful soul rest in peace.

With love

Lape Adeloye
Posted by Ade Ojuoko on May 20, 2020
Mama is Gone!
Mama was love, great, honest and truthful.
What the world needs now is Love, she preached love and practiced love.
Thank you mama for the love and May the Lord give you the desired and deserved rest.
Mama, we will miss you surely.
Sun re o mama rere
Posted by Segun Oke on May 20, 2020
Only last month, April 6, I called Mama Adeloye to congratulate her on her birthday and as usual she immediately recognized my voice and in her usual nice voice and joyous disposition she sang along with me and then exclaimed, "Daddy Ibadan, how nice of you as you always remember my birthday." Then she started praying for me for our good relationship to last forever. She never sounded ill at all.
Mama oninu re, a lover of her children, a woman who fears God, loves God and trusts God. You have lived such a good life and by the grace of God you are survived by five wonderful children, two of whom I am proud to say, Tokunbo and Dayo are now my children. I will really miss your charm and hospitality.
Adieu sweet mother and keep resting in the bosom of the Lord.
Professor Segun Oke OFR
Posted by Olubunmi Mabamije on May 20, 2020
Mummy Adeloye,
Words elude me when I heard of your passing on. But the Lord knows best. I knew you as an industrious woman, never mincing words and a lover of the propagation of the gospel.

Yourself and my late mum had a unique relationship that most of us never understood. After her demise I just did not know how to face you cause previously you kept on saying she must live to see your passing on but our God knows best.

Sun re o
A fighter and a lover of her children.
Posted by Bolaji Ezekiel (Nee Ogunj... on May 20, 2020
Mummy, Mummy, you were a great woman!

You came, you saw & you conquered!
Despite all your challenges, background & constraints in broke through!
 Despite all your pains, betrayals, tears & came out strong and on top!
 You achieved feats & dreams that an average person of your group could not!
 You were a record breaker & an award winning woman!
 You opened the door of your house to so....many of in a million mother!
 Now as a woman.... I now understand it all ... better...
Thanks for being one of my memories & a challenge
 The last time I was with you in Lagos, you encouraged me & emphasized once again that I should stand and not fail God knowing that life is a battle.

Indeed, in you is fulfilled the scripture in Gen. 32:28 "...hast thou power with God & men, and hast prevailed"
 You've only gone to be with your Lord whom you loved so much...Rejoice in his bosom & Rest on!
To my twin-sister (Moni) take heart...Mummy deserve to rest.
 And to my big brothers (Tokunbo, Dayo, Damilola & Ireti ) ...please be strong & keep the bond.
 Love you all.

Adieu on...

Your daughter,
'Bolaji Ezekiel (Nee Ogunjobi)

Posted by Adebukola Adegunle on May 20, 2020
Dear Grandma
    The matriarch, you were the strongest and most beautiful woman I ever known. That night I watched and saw you fight death, but all I could do was sit close by. I'm grateful I got to share your last few days here on Earth with you. The last conversation we had the day we were home alone together soothed my heart, and immediately I loved you more. You thought me how to read the Yoruba bible, no one pronounces my name better than you do.
  Rest well Grandma, I'm missing you already strong woman
Posted by Adetoro Ayeni on May 20, 2020
The Tribute to A Great Matriarch!
Dear Brothers and Sisters! We are all bereaved & so equally qualified to console one another over our common loss- Our Mummy, Grand Mother, Great Grand Mother and Matriarch- Chief Mrs Eunice Bobola Adeloye.
Space cannot contain all that should be written on Mama Adetokunbo so I will summarise my experiential walk with Our Mum as follows;
* A Faithful Follower of God.
* Dependable
* Faithful to her Marriage
* Accommodating
* Spiritual and Prayerful
*A Virtuous Woman whom her Children called Blessed.
* Truthful & Contended
* Very Patient
* Though Ascertive
* Yet Persistent & Focused in whatever She believed in.
* Tolerant
*Not Contentious
* A Great Lover of People & respectful too!
* A Good Neighbour
* Beautiful and fashionable.
Mummy I didn't know it was going to be this early as I was just contemplating having a time to know more about the history of your Paternal Line but alas death played a fast one on us.
Good Night Mama for you have finished the race that was set before you, so go meet your Maker and receive your reward and be resting till The Resurrection Morning when all Saints shall be gathered unto God. O daaro Mama mi!---Ayeni Olubunmi Abiola & Aderoro Oluwasinmidele Ayeni
Posted by OLATUNJI OKE on May 20, 2020

I practically met you since my infancy been part of the larger househood of omo ode Iaye of Ilupeju -Ekiti. I became more fond of you after my wedding. Each of my visit to your house was memorable.

My wife was always thrill with the way you " Salamo" (The Ekiti lyrics in praise to God). The Lyrics came effortlessly making everyone around to appreciate our culture and heritage.

I can't forget my last visit which was on mothers' day (10/05/2020). We spoke extensively, though you were weak but not restless so i did not see death coming. We even spoke on 12th May,2020 and i was happy cos you sounded more lively than my last visit.

I could remember the advice and assurance you gave me saying "Olorun mi a kuku se ohun taa nwa" (My God will definitely grant our desires). I never knew that would be the last time i will see you.
I am loud i met you and i knew you. Sleep on eye mi agba, Eunice Bobola Adeloye aya Uba mi Willie Ekundayo Oke Adeloye.

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!
The strife is o'er, the battle done,
the victory of life is won;
the song of triumph has begun.

The powers of death have done their worst,
but Christ their legions hath dispersed:
let shout of holy joy outburst.

The three sad days are quickly sped,
he rises glorious from the dead:
all glory to our risen Head!

He closed the yawning gates of hell,
the bars from heaven's high portals fell;
let hymns of praise his triumphs tell!

Lord! by the stripes which wounded thee,
from death's dread sting thy servants free,
that we may live and sing to thee.

Alleluya! Alleluya!! Alleluya!!!
Ija d’opin ogun si tan:
Olugbala jagun molu:
Orin ayo lao ma ko.
– Alleluya!

Gbogbo ipa n’iku ti lo;
Sugbon Kristi f’ogun re ka;
Aye ! e ho iho ayo.
– Alleluya!

Ojo meta na ti koja.
O jinde kuro nin’oku:
E f’ogo fun Olorun wa.
– Alleluya!

O d’ewon orun apadi,
O silekun orun sile;
Ekorin iyin ‘segun Re.
– Alleluya!

5. Jesu, nipa iya t’O je,
A bo lowo iku titi:
Titi la o si ma yin O
– Alleluya!

Posted by Oluseyi Ogunleye on May 19, 2020
RIP mummy Leko. My mom never stopped talking about how well you took care of me and my sister in infancy and early childhood. I would always be grateful. Indeed, my childhood memories and of Lagos would not be complete without a mention of you. You would affectionately call me “ Se Se”, a name you still called me when I last spoke with you a couple of weeks prior to your passing. Ironically, anytime I talked about seeing you again you would say “ ki o ba ti a ba mi” meaning, “if you would still meet me”, hmmmmmm.
E sun re o mummy Leko, you would always be remembered!
Posted by Bibire Adeloye on May 19, 2020
Grandma, I wish you were still here, but I was told I met you when I was 1 year old. I thank God for keeping you till the age 88 I thank god for your successful life . Now that you are not here , I am sad because I didn't get to know you like I would love to . You will be missed, and forever remain in our hearts please say hello to my other grandma in Heaven, May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Idowu Ogunleye on May 19, 2020
*My tribute to our mother, Mrs Eunice Omobobola Adeloye*

The news of the demise of my mother Chief (Mrs) Omobobola Adeloye came as a shock most especially when it happened barely a month after her birthday and after she spoke and prayed with me a day before her passing to glory . I couldn't control my tears. She's the definition of a mother. Although she was not my biological mother, she never discriminated against me throughout my stay with her.

She got married in 1952 to Chief W.E Adeloye, native of Ilupeju Ekiti. Chief W.E Adeloye who was an established accountant. He travelled to United kingdom in 1956 and both later settled down after his return from UK in Lokoja where he worked as an accountant in Federal Public Service, Inland Water Ways Department, Lokoja in 1959.

Following the relocation of her husband who became a Director of Finance and Admin in Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation both then settled in Lagos

Chief (Mrs) Eunice Omobobola Adeloye was a successful Merchant. She dealt in textile and registered with a distributing company in Ikeja where I would always follow her during holidays.

She was a passionate mother and caring parent to all her wards. To both her biological and non biological children, she epitomized love, care, passion and all good African motherly virtues. She has 5 children which I automatically became the sixth and the eldest and she still cared for me when i got married. I am tremendously grateful to her.

To all the children- as you have looked after her during her old age, I pray that God will make your children dutiful to you too and make them coolness of your eyes.

The list of her non biological children are inexhaustible.
Growing up with her, she was highly industrious, hygienic and God fearing. People close to her can testify to the fact that she was a devout Christian. Aside her honest merchandising, she contributed towards humanitarian development which was rewarded by numerous awards and titles given to her. She's the Iyalode of Ijo St John's Anglican church, Ilupeju Ekiti. She's also the president of Ladies Progressive League, All Saints Church, Ketu. She was installed as the Eyetuase of Ilupeju Ekiti.

She lived in many Nigerian commercial cities and also in Britain and United States of America.

I got both my basic and secondary education because of her encouragement and support. She made it a duty upon herself that I was well taken care of. She was fond of me just like her children. Whilst living with her I worked as a clerical officer in Military of Defence in Lagos and Thomas Wyatt at Costain. She provided for my needs and cherished me more than words could express. Even after my marriage and before i went to join my Late husband Dr Idowu Ogunleye In Ibadan, I stayed with her with my first daughter Omolara Ololade and my son Seyi Ogunleye. Her fondness of me can't be over stated. I was extremely comfortable with her.

Before her death she was constantly in touch with us. I could vividly remember that she called me a day to her demise and passionately prayed for me- not knowing that would be our last conversation! She will forever live in our hearts. She will forever be remembered for her motherly role and fondness of both her biological and non-biological children.
To all her children, I pray for her soul to rest in eternal peace and Gods comfort during this time. She lived a good life and blessed with good health.

By Mrs Idowu Ogunleye
Posted by Tunde Jegede on May 19, 2020
She was kind, accommodating, generous, industrious and humorous. She had a special nickname for me which she used to teased me with whenever we met. My mum told me she gave me that name when I was an infant. Of course, she teased me with the name the last time I saw her at a wedding ceremony at Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria about 12 years ago. She was beautiful inside and outside. May mama's soul rest in perfect peace.
Tunde Jegede, Alberta-Canada
Posted by Bamidele Omolola on May 19, 2020
Mama has gone meet the Lord!! Mummy Ketu as you are fondly called.l was so sad when i heard that you are gone. I can't say all you ve done for me , I can't forget the words of advice you impacted on me as a mother,even when i wanted to compromise,you were not far from me ,you prayed for me, and you preached to me as well. I believe the Lord will accept you and may your soul rest in perfect peace

Adieu mummy,yeye omo

Bamidele Omolola(nee Adeloye)
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Posted by Emmanuel Adeloye on May 25, 2020
Dear Grandma,
Though our relationship lived vicariously through stories and reminiscing, I learned that you had a loving soul, a spirit that burned with the passion of God. I wished I could have experienced your calling to Christ and learned from your leadership. You touched many lives and was the medium for many blessings. Through you, you've revealed to me more of who I am as an Adeloye. A revered last name that because of you I truly appreciate. I love you and know you are sitting comfortably with the father above. Rest easy
- Your grandson Emmanuel
Posted by Lynnell Omolabake Adeloye on May 25, 2020
To my Beloved Mother-in-law (Mommy)...!!! When I last spoke to you on the phone (FaceTime) on Mother’s Day I would’ve never thought that would be the last time I’d see your beautiful face or hear your sweet voice..!! Seeing that you had just told my husband, children and I that you want us to come to Nigeria to see you when all this craziness in the world is over. I want to thank you ☺️ for all that you have ever done for Me, Ireti and the children. I appreciate you, love you, and know that you have lived a good life. Now you are pain free our sweet ANGEL !!!! Soar as high as the sky will take you. RIP..... Mommy ..!! I LOVE YOU...!!!!

              Love Always,
                  Lynnell Omolabake

Posted by Olusesi Oyero on May 25, 2020
I knew mummy through her sons and daughter Damilola, Ireti and Monisola. She was a great woman & I’m privileged to know her.let celebrate her pls, do not mourn coz she left an impact , a good name bible describes as priceless .. She touched many lives that even u guys are not aware of . Missing her is an understatement. Goodnight mummy Adeloye.
her Life


         Chief (Mrs.) Eunice Omobobola Adeloye was born on April 6, 1932 to Madam Mary Aina Olaleye and Pa Ogundaisi Daramola Olaleye, both late. She is of the Oloja Iro ruling house, Ilupeju Ekiti. She lived with her Aunt, Madam Alice Ajayi Omotalade from childhood until she got married to Chief W.E. Adeloye in 1952. She has lived in many of the Nigerian commercial cities and so also in Britain, Israel, and United States of America. She finally settled down in Lagos and excelled greatly in merchandising. She was a successful businesswoman and devoted Christian.

1. She was the Iyalode Ijo of St. John's Anglican Church, Ilupeju-Ekiti.

2. The President of Ladies Progressive League - All Saints Church, Ketu, Lagos.

3. The Vice President of the Christian Morning Star - All Saints Church Ikosi-Ketu, Lagos.

4. The Iya Egbe (Matron) Temidire Society of Ilupeju-Ekiti Community in Lagos. 

         As a mark of further encouraging her untiring effort in contributing to the development of the town, she is being installed the EYETUASE of Ilupeju-Ekiti.
          In our hearts we know that you are in a better place, where theres no pain and eternal joy. Finally you are at peace and you have answered the call to glory. Continue to rest in peace, Mama Iya Ekiti.

          She is survived by her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, a sister, a brother, and half siblings.
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To The Matriarch Of Our Family!!!!!!

Shared by Lynnell Omolabake Adeloye on May 25, 2020
To my Beloved Mother-in-law (Mommy)...!!! When I last spoke to you on the phone (FaceTime) on Mother’s Day I would’ve never thought that would be the last time I’d see your beautiful face or hear your sweet voice..!! Seeing that you had just told my husband, children and I that you want us to come to Nigeria to see you when all this craziness in the world is over. I want to thank you ☺️ for all that you have ever done for Me, Ireti and the children. I appreciate you, love you, and know that you have lived a good life. Now you are pain free our sweet  ANGEL !!!! Soar as high as the sky will take you. RIP..... Mommy ..!! I LOVE YOU...!!!!

                           Love Always,
                                   Lynnell Omolabake 

If I can only hear your voice again

Shared by David Adeloye on May 24, 2020
Dear Mom, 
I am so fortunate to be your son and it is truly a honor to call you my mother. The moment you died, I was on the phone with you and I heard you take your last breath. My heart was torn in two; one side filled with heartache, knowing that I couldn't be by your side and the other filled with joy in celebration of a good life lived.
You are a wonderful mother, one who never grew old and who never stopped loving me. Your  heart was a solid gold and your voice and smile made a sunshine.
Growing up, I never understood the importance of you until I left for America about forty years ago. I missed you so much that i convinced you to visit in 1985. 
Throughout the years I had caused you a lot of heartaches, but you took each one with stride. Remember the first time I told you I was leaving for America? You looked straight at me and said " Ōmō yi ma pa mi" (My son, please don't kill me!)
And when I told you I was joining the US military, again your reply was " Śo fę pa mi ni" (Do you want to kill me?)  The strongest reply i ever elicited from you was when I told you I was going to war, and characteristically you replied " Mo ti ku, Dayo ti pa mi" (I'm dead; Dayo you have killed me!!)
Throughout the times you remained strong and steadfast for the family. You guided me to respect others and obey God's will. I am glad for the discipline you have instilled in me. I know you have gone to rest but you are still watching over me.
When you celebrated the last mother's day on earth, I promised you roses when i see you again. But if roses grow in heaven, I will ask the lord to pick a bunch for you, place them in your arms and tell them they are from your son.
I will always love you for ever. My wife, your grandsons and your great-grand kids miss you and the extend their warmest greetings  

Your Presence Will Be Missed

Shared by Karen Grant-Gillyard on May 24, 2020
My Brother In Law and Family Your Mother was always So Kind To Me and My Family she treated Me With Grace and Kindness Always To My Brother Adedayo Adeloye my Sister Cindy Adeloye and Family Love Al