Evelyn Helene Lenz (Dyrnes), 61, passed away Friday April 1st.  After a heroic battle with an insidious disease, Evelyn peacefully moved on surrounded by her children, siblings, extended family, and friends.

Evelyn was preceded in death by her mother Florence, her husband Karl-Heinz, her son Christopher, and siblings Thomas and Lynda.

She is survived by her children Karl-Heinz, Erik and Jessica Lenz as well as her much adored grandchildren Emily, Aidan and Nicholas.  She also leaves behind siblings Barney, Sonja, Karen, Mark, James and Dean and a legion of nieces and nephews.

She will always be remembered for her larger than life personality, her generous spirit and ultimately her ever positive attitude.  Evelyn was always there, without hesitation, for anyone in need.

She was a hardworking bagel baker and bakery manager.  She served briefly on the Westville, NJ Board of Education.  She was a dedicated wife and mother and was known as a loving friend to countless people.  Evelyn impacted every life she encountered on her, too short, journey through this world.

A memorial service is scheduled for 12pm on April 23rd at the Cedar Brook Bible Church.  Family and friends are invited to attend in celebration of Evelyn’s life.  She asked that we keep it casual.  “No need to get all dressed up.”

Evelyn asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to her church.  The link for directions and/or donations follows:

Posted by Jeanett Russo on September 6, 2020
Tomorrow is your birthday and Im missing you so much
Posted by Dan Mayleas on April 1, 2018
Evi... The memories we shared are with me. ... Until we meet again !
Posted by Dolores Aldrich Mcdonald ... on September 7, 2017
Happy Birthday in heaven Evie.
Posted by Jeanett Russo on April 2, 2017
I didnt forget yesterday was your first anniversary in Heaven Evie. I think of you often. You make me want to be a better person
Posted by Jeanett Russo on September 7, 2016
Happy First Birthday in Heaven my sweet Aunt Evie
Posted by Dolores Aldrich Mcdonald ... on September 7, 2016
Happy Birthday in Heaven Evie
Posted by Skyy LeFevre on April 11, 2016
i want to apologize for not being there for the celebration of your life. since i was a child you have always been my idol. i work every day to try to become the caring loving compassionate person that you have always shown others. You were the best godmother i could have ever dreamed of working hard everyday to improve the quality of life because if it has one thing you showed me it was how precious life is. thank you for always being there for me never giving up on me when i had no hope. i love you with all my heart and will miss you everyday for the rest of my life. aunt Evie, Your My Angel <3
Posted by Rick Reinhard on April 10, 2016
I will cherish the nearly 40 yrs of friendship we had. if you have ever had a person like Evie in your life you need to hold on and never let go she was a inspirational person not asking for but always willing to help anyone and everyone she had met she would do what ever she for anyone if she could help she found someone that would because she would not say no I really think that can't was not in vocabulary she is a inspirational person that never seized to amaze me we all should have her determination I ill miss the chats we had about are time together her spirit we definitely raise my head when I feel down I was blessed to have her in my life she will definitely be another ANGEL in all our lives watching over everyone she will be missed but with us in our heart and memories forever GOD BLESS
Posted by Jeanett Russo on April 10, 2016
My beautiful Aunt Evie You are an inspiration to me. I will keep you for ever in my heart! At the end of every phone conversation I would say I love you & you would reply love you more! One day I said do you realize how much I truly love you & you said yes I do but I still love you more! You will always be in my heart until we meet again! I love you!
Posted by Teresa Gallagher on April 9, 2016
So sorry to hear the sad news, met her at the Smith"s Home few years ago, lovely lady.. May she Rest in Peace in God's arms. She was called away Young, God help her family in this difficuit time, God Bless
Posted by Dolores Aldrich Mcdonald ... on April 9, 2016
Evi I remember you so well. We worked in the bagel store With Bobby and had a lot of fun. I am so sad for you and your family. Maybe you will see my parents again. If you meet my husband give him a kiss for me. Tell Karl not to be jealous. Rip my friend.
Posted by Dan Mayleas on April 9, 2016
​I have so many fond memories of Karl and Evi going back to when both were first dating. Karl spoke mostly German while Evi spoke mostly English. Then there was me or I (for the grammar police) who understood both languages. I was instantly promoted to interpreter and came along on some of their dates. Looking back on this I should have felt like a third wheel on a bicycle but I did not feel awkward ... so along I came to translate when ideas needed to be shared. At the time we all lived a few houses away on Brighton 3rd St.
Many Christmases came and went and were spent celebrating and bonding. Not to long later Evi and Karl had children .. you all know who you are. (Pardon my dark humor).

As time went by I went on my way I forget if i got a job in the city and moved out to my first apartment or went to college. I'll have to get back to you on that and check my resume. Anyway the two of them got married and they moved a few blocks away.

One fine day the family moved to NJ and the closeness was more difficult to maintain, separated by distance and life events we all listened to the beat of a different drummer so to say. I recall many visits for a few days going fishing on a party boat the "Jet" in Sheepshead Bay. Since Andre was a second mate on the boat it felt like one big party Free this no charge for that etc etc.

Evi and my mom were the best of friends and do what women do, while Karl and I did the fishing thing. My memory is clouded but I recall spending time together during the holidays be it Christmas or the 4th of July.

The most precious event that I recall though is the time my mother had become terminally sick and Evi spent endless weeks caring and helping my mom during her last day... for which I am eternally grateful to you , Evi. Hopefully I can for lack of better word repay you or your family for you unwavering loyalty and the love you showed all of us .. never asking anything in return always in good spirit no matter how bad things got.

I am sure I am missing a lot of other event to be thankful for to have known you but time especially when getting older seem to merge and details become fuzzy. One thing is for certain that I will miss you Evi and hopefully we can meet again when I reach the other side.
Posted by Angela McCarthy on April 8, 2016
I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and spend a little time with such a fun loving, sweet woman like Evie. My heartfelt condolences go out to my dear friend Gerri and your family.
Posted by Christy Eller on April 8, 2016
I am devastated to hear this news. What a sweet and wonderful spirit your Mom had. You could never be miserable around her, that laugh! I will never forget that laugh! Your family will be in my prayers!
Posted by Lizabeth Egan on April 8, 2016
My heart aches for my darling niece Gerri. Evie was a darling person who seemed to always be there if needed, like magic. Her strong happy attitude was felt by everyone. I didn't know her very well. But I always liked her. Even as a child she was a special person. Sorry she had to leave so soon. Her precious family members who were waiting for her, have welcomed her with open arms. God Bless her children, her sisters and brothers, Geh and all who loved her. Rest in Peace Evie.

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Posted by Jeanett Russo on September 6, 2020
Tomorrow is your birthday and Im missing you so much
Posted by Dan Mayleas on April 1, 2018
Evi... The memories we shared are with me. ... Until we meet again !
Posted by Dolores Aldrich Mcdonald ... on September 7, 2017
Happy Birthday in heaven Evie.
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