Big Sis.

Shared by Tayo Akinrelere on 16th February 2019

Way back in Akure, I knew my brother was smitten by someone. It didn't take long for me to know who. My conclusion was this someone must be exceptional. I was not disappointed. You were not only a pillar to my brother, you were the same to the whole family. Devoted and loving mother, passionate and God fearing. Sister Fade, you were there for us when we needed you. A big sister indeed to I and my younger ones. Your prayers and counsel when I discussed challenging issues with you are still vivid. You made my bros complete. I, Faith and the children will surely miss you. Though you left us too soon, God surely knows best. Goodbye, Sister Fade, sleep well.

AUNTIE FADESOLA - 'She's "THE" Sweetheart!' - Mofeti and Moroti Lucas

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My mum was my best friend.

We were used to creating inside jokes on everything . But I’m not going to share any of our jokes because they are precious secrets.

It’s sad to know that she’s gone now but she would forever remain in my heart. I’m grateful to God for the 15 years I spent with her. I remember when she was talking to me about my senior prom and what she was going to do. There were a lot of ups and downs between my mum and I but I would say mostly ups.

I remember coming home everyday after school and seeing her working, I would tell her to close the laptop because offices were closed.

Then we would eat lunch and watch Judge Judy together. Every second I spent with her was very precious and I really hoped we could make more memories in the future but God has a reason for everything.

My mum is the main reason I want to be a pediatrician. She made me fall in love with little children and she also had this way of making little children fall in love with her.

My mum also had a way of impacting people’s lives whether she knew them or not, that’s one of the things I really loved and admired about MY MUM!


May YOUR Soul Rest In Peace!

​MY MUM, MY MOTIVATOR - Oluwatomi Akinrelere

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One thing I love the most that my mum did was call me “HER SON”.

As a school proprietress she usually met different kids, some younger or older than me and she would occasionally call the male kids her sons. Even though it wasn’t biologically true, part of me still felt a little bit of jealousy for those kids. So anytime she called me her son it always gave me a reassurance that I was the one and only true son of the strongest, bravest, most exuberant, finest, and funniest woman on the earth.  

Anytime I think of my mum, my favorite memory is her last words of encouragement to me, she told me that in anything I do, I should always ask the Holy Spirit for guidance so that I can be the best I could ever be and make her proud of me “HER SON” Whenever I think of this, I just feel grateful to God because she left me with the thought of someone, THE ALMIGHTY GOD, who would always be there to guide me when she can’t.  


MY MUM, MY MENTOR - Oluwasemilore Akinrelere

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June 2nd, 1970 my mum was brought into this world. 

May 30th, 2000 I was brought into this world by my mum. My mum loved taking care of me and making me look good. She always has from day one and she did for all her children. 

My mum was bold and confident. She never allowed anyone to intimidate her. She was a leader that loved bringing out the best in people she met and the people around her. She was friendly to people in a new environment and she had a lasting impact on everyone who came within her circle of influence. 

My mum was funny in her own way and always came through when I asked her for things. The work of a mother is not an easy job but my mum did it so effortlessly. 

I’m glad she brought me up the way she did! I wouldn’t want it any other way. 



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Fadesola mi, Amoke! 

Words fail me at this very moment to put into writing, my thoughts of YOU!

How do I begin to write about the WRAPPED GIFTED TREASURE, you were, constantly evolving as we journeyed through life? 

I had envisaged discovering and savoring new depths and surprises to the AMAZING "GOOD THING" and "FAVOUR OF GOD" I was blessed with on June 19th 1999, but God sees the end from the very beginning!

I thank God for the amazing life we enjoyed together, thank God for the gift of YOU and our wonderful children, I see you in each of them daily.

I will return, my darling, I will be back to share more of my fondest memories of "Our life" together!


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