Shared by Uzo Odonwodo on April 4, 2021
Agunechibe was truly a great man. I always marveled at how a man who constantly walked with kings was still the best friend of the poor and downtrodden in Nigeria. It wasn't just the fact that he was always youthful and full of life and energy or that he was almost generous to a fault, it was perhaps his unparalleled devotion to family and friends!The first day I met him, it was just a day before the traditional wedding. I had brought him a package from his palatial house in the village. It was supposed to be a quick dash in and dash out early in the morning but he wouldn't have that.  He insisted that my friend and I sit with him and have fresh Udi palmwine and okpa. We were there for hours laughing raucously to his many jokes. I can go on an on. But every encounter was inspiring in very meaningful ways. You always come out with the impression that this was one of  the finest men God ever made. Even now, in this dark moment, we celebrate his truly beautiful life. 

FOC: voice of calm

Shared by Arinze Chime on March 28, 2021
I remember in 2009.... Under 17 World Cup....
I was a member of the LOC but I was much younger. I recall how you made sure I went back to finish the task ahead of me even when the local police struck me with a gun and everyone was calling me to apologise. 
You've always been my voice of calm and reason. 
Always ready to take one for the team. 
Always ready to bring peace. 
Death always misfires.
Wrongest pick.
Love you.

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