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Fidelis Mofor Tajong
  • 58 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 20, 1953
  • Place of birth:
    Eseh Lewoh, Lewoh- Lebialem, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Jan 17, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    NYC, New York, United States
Let the memory of Fidelis be with us forever. You will never be forgotten.We hope you are in a better place looking down upon us. We miss u so dearly

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Fidelis Mofor Tajong, 58, born on November 20, 1953 and passed away on January 17, 2012. We will remember him forever.

 Memorial Fund bank account  is set up at the Wells Fargo Bank

ACCOUNT # 7117367784   The routing # is 534800501  

Contact persons in New York include  

Blasius Fonkem      9177568566  Boniface Tankeng   9145722503

Pam Fonju Nkemaka  9737048158   Nkem Thomas  9089377083  Paul Ndem 3478732299

Evelyn Fotabong16464210642  Jacinta Fonkem 17185781419

Nkemngong Eugene 9173495819

Checks and money orders should be addressed to Fidelis Tajong memorial fund and mailed to any of the contact persons to

120 W 176 St Apt 1G Bronx, NY 10453

 Thanks for your support

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Tajong Atabong on 20th November 2015

"Happy bday my sweet father words cant express how i miss u so much but i know ur resting in the bossom of the lord R.I.P papa . I love n miss u so much."

This tribute was added by geraldine tajong on 17th January 2014

"Hello father. It's been a while...I know it's about time I accept that you are gone. Today makes two years since we got to the hospital and the doctor said you were dead. I still like to believe that you have gone on a journey, and I'll see you soon. I miss you more and more every day. I love you more than you will ever know. I wish I could see you...I wish you could see me...there had been some growth, and still growing. By the way you have a new granddaughter again. She is beautiful and Sylvie thinks she looks like you, and I agree. I hope you can read this. Until next time...
I love you...
Your last child....

This tribute was added by Sylvie Tajong on 17th January 2014

"Dear sweet father R.I.P its have been two solid years since you left this earth and left all of us heart broken, our life have not been the same, this is your daughter nkeng like you always call me,  i wish for you to see me now i am becoming a grown woman like you always taught me to live life, i took all your words and till today i could still hear your voice whispering in my ears to do the right things in life, mami cry every night for you, all your daughters are in pain crying out for you, my graduation is in May it hurts my heart alot to see that you wont be there in oerson and i remember when you always talk to me about my graduation we both planned it so much, nicoline will soon be graduating as well and she will be in pain not to see you there papa please touch our hearts and souls so that we can feel your every presence, i know were ever you at you are in peace and in a better place, please fix us a place up there next to you so that we shall both see each other once again, today the 1/17/14 is a sad day for all the TAJONG families and especially your friends,families, your children,wife, grand children, your last grand child didnt meet you her name is sydney but her face shows alot of you she looks just like you but touch her heart so that she will grow to know who her grand father was Sally recently put to birth, papa goodbye for now and protect and guide us all here on earth,till we meet again i love you there will be no other person out there that i will love and call papa its only you this is your daughter Nkemgafack sylvie like you always call me Nkeng R.I.P dad we love and miss you goodbye"

This tribute was added by Nicole Tajong on 17th January 2014

"Papa goodmorning. It has been two good years that you left us. Our lives has not been the same since you left. We missed your presence around us.  My heart beats so fast as I am writing to you now.  It has been a long lonely two years without you calling me phone as you used to. I hope you and you brothers are staying together. Pls extend my greetings to them all. I will soon be graduated with my masters and it is sad that you will not0 be here to celebrate with me and the rest. Sylvie will be graduating college in may and I know she  would have loved for you to he there for her accomplishment. Amin, Geraldine n the rest are doing fine just that you not being with us makes things a little hard for us. I will be playing your favorite songs all day today and I hope it brightens your day.  May you rest in peace and please, make sure you always protect us from all the evil things that is around us.  I love you and I will forever missed you till mwe meet again."

This tribute was added by Nicole Tajong on 20th November 2013

"Happy bday papa. I know that you and the other angels are celebrating up in heaven...Not a day has past since you left without me thinking of you. I missed you so dearly."

This tribute was added by tajong atabong on 20th November 2013

"happy bday daddy i wish you were here with us celebrating this great day of your but i know where ever you are the angels are celebrating with you have fun dad i missd you so my happy 60 years"

This tribute was added by raouline djeumi on 20th November 2013

"I never had the chance to meet u dady but i heard all your stories and i know how kind and lovely you were .just to wish you a happy birthday. we will never forget about you and we will keep praying for your soul to rest in peace.R I P"

This tribute was added by tajong atabong on 20th November 2013

"DAD you were the best you thought me how to be good and polite to any one you meet on your way your such a good and loved dad i will for ever missed you dad i love you happy birthday dad"

This tribute was added by geraldine tajong on 20th November 2013

"Happy Birthday father. You would have been 60 years old today. Its still painful for me to come here. but i come just to see you. I hope your ok, as for me, its a days struggle, but im taking it one day at a time. I love you so much."

This tribute was added by Sylvie Tajong on 17th January 2013


This tribute was added by Gwen Amin on 17th January 2013

"papa it have been a year since u left us on this particular day.i  missed you so deary and i know you are in a better place.we are holding on strong and we are all doing well. i will never forget this day when i recieved that sad n unexpected phone call from sylvie crying .u were the best father anyone could ever asked you, i luv you n still do even in death, RIP PAPA"

This tribute was added by Michael Njijong on 17th January 2013

"Nkem,as i always call you. Many things are still there uncompleted. I imagined how we will have handled it so well. My absence in NY is obvious because you are not there any more. We continued to miss you dearly. May your soul forever hover and bless those who love you."

This tribute was added by ALEX TAJONG on 17th January 2013

"I went to church this morning to reflect on this day, a year ago that I was called to the emergency room in NY. You meant everything to me, and I know the Lord has you seated with all those before you.My life will never be the same, but I know you are with us everyday as we struggle each day till when we will again be united.. Rest in your perfect place till then."

This tribute was added by Roland Atembe Tajong on 17th January 2013

"Uncle, this is a year you left.Though I cannot talk to you again I still hope that we shall meet again when I am defending Masters in Salzburg. If not, then always remember that  you left people behind.Uncle Fidel, greetings to others. Atembe , FH-Salzburg, Austria"

This tribute was added by tajong shellar on 20th November 2012

"daddy happy birthday, even in dead, remember i love u so much, i saw you in my dream last night , you told me youwant to eat puff puff and i bought puff puff for you, i love u so much dad, your mamamaaa shellar"

This tribute was added by Sylvie Tajong on 20th November 2012


This tribute was added by Sylvie Tajong on 12th July 2012

"hi daddy i really missed you please come back to us father..everyday and night my eyes and heart are filled with can you leave us like this..please i hope you are right next to mami she cries each day in the house calling your name asking were you at..please father you are my world and my motivator :("

This tribute was added by tajong shellar on 11th April 2012

"DAD,i know you are watching me,all iam asking you is come to me in a different way DAD,come to me as a different person and i will know and will feel you,its getting to three months since you pass away, but tears will not live me,DAD i miss you so much, come back to me i need you in my life,iam waiting for you,i love u,tajong shellar"

This tribute was added by Sylvie Tajong on 2nd April 2012

"just want to say rest in peace father..we all loved and miss you so dearly hope you are watching over will always be in our memory..i love you father with all my heart"

This tribute was added by Julie Fuoching on 24th February 2012

"Brother Fide, you left a wide gap in your family and friends' lives. You would not remain for long without calling to check. So caring and peace loving you were. How would "Our Father in Heaven" not love you more?
You still had lots of plans. You taught us that time is not measured by the years you live, but by your deeds and the joy you bring. You did it! Farewell!!"

This tribute was added by Augustine Awongjia on 24th February 2012

"Death is inevitable but i could not just believe it when i learnt of your death.Brother Fide, was the kind of person one will always look upon.He was such a lovely father.We shall all miss you brother and at the same time we should be happy to have known a man like you.May your sould Rest In Peace."

This tribute was added by tajong atabong on 11th February 2012

"life is like a wind that blows today it on my side may be tomorrow it will be on your side it has taken my father out of my side and the surface of the earth.words cant tell how i feel for my father,s lost but i know joy will come in the morning papa i love you


This tribute was added by louis-thierry nkambu on 10th February 2012

"i never had the chance to meet u daddy but i knw u where father of a wonderful lady GWEN who change my life and took me as her kid bro. i knw u r in a better place. adieu papa"

This tribute was added by Lucia Forbin on 8th February 2012

"As the bell chimes constantly, in loving longing we thee remember.
As difficult as it may seem to see beyond the sorrow, knowing it is the will of God does make ur departure bearable. The pain pricking through the bones of our hearts, shedding tears of blood. Hopping memories of u comforts us tomorrow. Forbin, St, Pete Jay n Nevaeh."

This tribute was added by tajong shellar on 8th February 2012

DADDY as we all call you, when ever you visit Cameroon the next thing was shellar,what about your group?,sister shellar will come to us and say, my father sends his greetings,you called us to sing your thanksgiving MASS here in Mile four last year July,which we did,rest in peace"

This tribute was added by tajong shellar on 8th February 2012

"my lovely father, after you its only you in these world,you called me on that same Tuesday,asking me to give you reply on Wednesday, little did you know you will join our lord JESUS, the last word you said to me was, mamaaa, hope you are doing fine, and i answer, yes papa,i will for ever be proud of you my husband ,i love you so very much"

This tribute was added by tajong shellar on 8th February 2012

"papa you where such a good man i never knew you will leave us so soon am still in shocked i believe that one day you will come back to us  kelly and britney will miss you so much you were a true grand father to them
  your daughter sally kinge"

This tribute was added by tajong shellar on 8th February 2012

"papa i didnt expect you to die this way it so shocking to me you have always been a peaceful man and i pray you seat at the right hand of the almighty we are praying for you where ever you are till we meet to part no more.
papa fide may your soul rest in peace
your daughter sheilar"

This tribute was added by tajong atabong on 7th February 2012

"grand pa i love you may your soul rest in peace
your grand daughter Britney"

This tribute was added by tajong atabong on 7th February 2012

"papa i will always love and be proud of you ,you were a man of courage and hard working i belive you live a good life for us to follow you did your best in this world am so happy of the life you live your really a true father to me i love u"

This tribute was added by tajong atabong on 7th February 2012

"grand pa why ,you promise me that you will come in December and take me to America i have always love you now that you have gone i don have any grand father who will look after me like the way you did i will miss you  your grand  daughter Kelly baby as you always called me             grand pa bye bye and see you in heaven"

This tribute was added by Gwen Amin on 6th February 2012

"my one n only father.i still canot believe you r gone forever. it's almot three weeks since u left us.our hearts are still very heavy.we all are missing you so very much. i know that you are in a very peacful place smiling down on us. you will forever remain in our hearts..Luv u so much.."

This tribute was added by Efuelacha Valary Begabgacha on 4th February 2012

"When i remember of the days we sit and watch at the TV together in the house, i don,t seem to believe that Pa has departed from us.When i landed in New York, i had no where to go but you took me to your house where we spent one month two weeks together and you decided to break our heart by staying apart form us for ever.I pray that may the Almighty welcome you to his heavenly kingdom."

This tribute was added by Jane Leke on 4th February 2012

"Still Sound Like a dream!!
Our hearts are heavy with sadness and tears, But our memories are full of the luv & kindness you gave over the yrs.I remember ur  visits to Kumba and name u use to call me (Papa ye sis), u always wear a smile on ur face. I wish tears could bring u back, it took me so long to believe u’re gone, but I kw u’re in a better place. We love u Uncle Fide but God loves u most. Ad"

This tribute was added by prisca ngenyi on 2nd February 2012

"uncle fidel. your sudden passing away has left us in shock,  and  you shall ever be remembered for your loving words, friendship, mentoring, advicer, and teacher to my husband. the gap you have created in our hearts can never be replaced,may you walk one step at a time into the lords bossom kingdom, shower your blessings towards all you cared and loved while on earth.saying goodbye is hard"

This tribute was added by Brice Nitcheu on 1st February 2012

"May your Soul Rests In Perfect Peace!"

This tribute was added by fonjock david fonkeng on 1st February 2012

"May papa's soul rest in perfect peace.Internal rest grand on to him oh! lord and let pepetual light shine upon him. Amen."

This tribute was added by Gwen Amin on 30th January 2012

"from marie nkeng

brother fide tajong papa you made me what iam today with the help of GOD you took care of me and gave my hand in marriage ,a marriage which my honey moon was short live beacuse of the cold hands of death well GOD has a better palce for you may u rest in peace
your first adopted daughter mme NKENG nee nkefuet marie"

This tribute was added by evelyn fotabong on 28th January 2012

"NKEM,                                                                                                                    I still had to digest the fact that you are no more! you were such a loving friend,father,husband,brother and uncle.Words alone cannot say how much you are going to be missed.Your absence is going to leave a very big vacuum in our lives here in new york.GOOD BYE."

This tribute was added by Fuanjia Fuangunyi on 27th January 2012

"Got the sad news from my dad while driving, I was screaming in the car and my kids were like momma what is wrong, you left this earth young and we've asked why why why but who are we to ask why. God knows why he had to call you now, may you rest in peace, Adieu Pa Fide"

This tribute was added by Anjifua Nchindia on 26th January 2012

"what can we say, we cannot ask why because Him alone that is above us has the ans and will not reveal it to us, all we do in such moments is pray and ask the Lord to accept his soul and grant peace and comfort to the tajong family, rest assured i have Pa in my prayers at all time, may his beautiful soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by clementine atabong on 25th January 2012

"I was in total shocked when i heard of ur untimely dead cos i saw u on Zifac's sendoff party just a week n couple of days looking good..u always call to check on me and  will say provided everyone is in good health, u were like a father to each n every one of us here in NY. always bring us together.May ur GOODWORK on earth lives 4ever, may ur soul rest in perfect peace.I will 4ever MISS u."

This tribute was added by Asonglefac Nkemleke on 25th January 2012

"A brother you always was
A friend you ever remained.
But the cold hands of death stole you from us that winter day. Your untimely departure leaves a gaping hole in our company in New York, Victoria, and Lewoh. Go well brother, friend...till we meet to part no more. May the earth that gave us life be light on your shoulders. RIP."

This tribute was added by Amingwa Wilson Gabu on 25th January 2012

"Brother Fidel, your early departure is a terrible loss to the entire family.You have left a lot of what you started undone, the task of keeping the family together. Who have you assigned to continue the job? What about the promise at "Pa R.T's funeral to solve the family problem i hinted you about? God knows better, so be there for us.Adieu uncle Fidel. Forever in our minds! Adieu"

This tribute was added by Sheila Fomenky on 24th January 2012

"This has been the first shocking news I recieved this year. Uncle Fidel, when Franklin and I spoke with you on New Years day, little did we know those were your final words to us. Life is quite a mystery. You were a daddy to us all, and will always hold that special place in our hearts. May you rest in peace till we all meet again. We miss you dearly!"

This tribute was added by aleambeoh tajong on 24th January 2012

"I still not believe what I heard about you. I feel as if  I am dreaming. That you are no more. You just buried RT a few months ago. Uncle farewell. words cannot express how much I missed you. Your are the only one who frequently ask how I am doing in the Gambia. May your soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Roland Atembe Tajong on 24th January 2012

"Uncle Fidel,
“It was too early. When my father died six months ago, I was writing exams with tears running from my eyes you told me to be strong and complete my exams. Now you left this world without saying a word. I am writing my Thesis with tears running from my eyes again. Though I cannot talk to you again I still hope that we shall meet again. Uncle Fidel, prepare a place for us.”"

This tribute was added by Gwen Amin on 23rd January 2012

"father words can not explain how much im missing you. you were n still be the greatest dad anyone could ever ask for. you were always there for us no matter the circumstances. why did u leave us like that without saying goodbye. i know that you are at a peacfully place away from this sinful were a dad to every goin to mised you..R.I .P . till we meet to part mo more.luv u"

This tribute was added by Charles Tajong on 23rd January 2012

"Uncle  Fidel, the  organizer,coordinator and mentor to so many,   What  a way to depart from this earth.our absence will  create  a  vacuum that no one  can fill in this family. Oversee and guide us all in our errors.  May the good Lord be with you till we meet Again"

This tribute was added by kembou helen on 23rd January 2012

"Dear papa, i'm not still sure truely that you're gone.Infact is so painful to hear this type of information that you're no more. Words alone cannot express sorrow. Papa rest in peace.I want to extend my condolences to the Tajong's family."

This tribute was added by Mike Fonju on 23rd January 2012

"I join with so many who knew dad in offering my deepest sympathy on his passing. His loss is felt by all who knew and loved him. Rest in peace..."

This tribute was added by aka tajong on 22nd January 2012

"you helped me with things.You where the best papa ever i love the way you encouraged me.You are gone but you are still with me. may your body be gone  but your soul is still with us."

This tribute was added by Philip Fomenky on 22nd January 2012

"Uncle Fide, Gone Too Soon!
Your untimely death came to us like a bombshell. Up till the time of writing this tribute, I am still awashed with the shock of your death. You were a good educationist, a good counselor, a peace maker, a sportsman, a traditionalist all of which made you a multi-talented uncle we shall always live to miss. Adieu, Brother. Go in peace!"

This tribute was added by Michael Fondungallah on 22nd January 2012

"Brother Fide, thank you for sharing your smile with everyone you met on your journey here. It was nice to know you in Victoria growing up and to connect with you here in the US. You have been a mentor to all of us at LECUDEM USA. Those two days I spent with you and Sister Esther in New York in October are now memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. Go now and find the light of God"

This tribute was added by EDWARD TONGWA on 22nd January 2012

"Miss you indeed brother Fidey. You were always very kind to me , always encouraging me to work hard at school. Your time on earth seems so short but you  spent your years doing the Lord's work and now he called you to do more work for him by his side. Rest in peace, brother.
Edward Tongwa"

This tribute was added by Kate Atabong Ndi on 22nd January 2012

"Uncle Fide,

On behalf of Mami Anasta and her five children, Vally, Kate, Nobert, Ngenyi and Bobo, I just want to thank you for all the love you gave us, you made us feel we had a place in your heart, your kindness and compassion will never be forgotten. You have been in our lives from childhood, you never left us in good times nor bad times, you were always there."

This tribute was added by Linda Nji on 21st January 2012

"Daddy, when I read the text message from Amin saying "Linda, just to let you know that I lost my father today in NYC" I thought I was dreaming. But it was reall!!! Pa why would you leave this world so soon at 58...However, I know you are now rejoicing with the choirs and angels in heaven. You will forever be missed.


This tribute was added by Mwalimu P Bela on 20th January 2012

"U travelx from Limbe to K-town to collect them and post to the United States. Those Qualities of yours were exceptional.  They'll never be another one to replace you in our hearts, and the love we will always have for you. Go well sir and continue your good work for Jah in His Kingdom. RIP,"

This tribute was added by Mwalimu P Bela on 20th January 2012

"Uncle Fide,so it is true? oh no! oh no!
The days u often visited us at our home in kumba lingers in my heart and that of our entire family.Your generosity to us kids then was amazing. We'll always remember that special smile,that caring heart,that warm embrace, you always gave us.You being there no matter what and encouraging us to play the DV at that time via the Post. U travelx from Limbe to K-t"

This tribute was added by atem canesia on 20th January 2012

"Words cannot even express the sorrow. Weh Papa Tajong may your soul RIP."

This tribute was added by Sylvie Tajong on 19th January 2012

"your memories will live long forever....who will i ever call papa again smh am in disbelief that you are gone,may you rest in perfect peace and in a happy place looking down upon us, i love you so dearly father you are my best friend, i miss the times we spend together in the house and the jokes you did,you are my best friend and my motivator, R.I.P  Tajong Fidelis (Nkem)."

This tribute was added by Nicole Tajong on 19th January 2012

"Papa:you by far is the only member in this family i shared all my personal things with. I know you are watching us. Psalm 23:4 "Even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil".you will forever be in my heart. I know that where ever you are, you are in a better place and one day we shall meet again. i will end by saying it is not a goodbye but a see you later"

This tribute was added by geraldine tajong on 19th January 2012

"Dear Father,
          I'm still in disbelief to hear know about your death. I know that where ever you are at right now, you are truly happy to be there. Without a doubt, you were a peaceful man, and I hope that you receive that same peace that you gave to everyone around you.  You will always be in my heart. May your name live forever."

This tribute was added by Standly Tajong on 19th January 2012

"Despite all odds in life, it was too soon to leave. I find it hard to believe but its true. You left this world just at a time none could ever think of. The world might be crude though, but our desire is not to loss those close to our hearts.Though you lie there in the cold, we still believe that we shall meet again. Rest In Peace Nkem"

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