Let the memory of francis be with us forever
  • 37 years old
  • Born on November 8, 1961 in green bay, Wisconsin, United States.
  • Passed away on January 25, 1999 in oconto, Wisconsin, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, francis charles, 37, born on November 8, 1961 and passed away on January 25, 1999. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Mandy Wilinski on 24th August 2018
hey daddy it ur country pumpkin . im stepping in and to say hey im thinking of you and i miss you. doing good living life and not doing stupid stuff that you would be kicking me in the butt. love ya always and forever.
Posted by Nicole Schroeder on 19th February 2018
This may be a late one I knew someone's anniversary was soon I just did t know when. I'm lighting that candle. Death his a hard thing to realize but knowing he has no pain And has probably kicking you in the butt with every mistake you made. A father's love is joyous and to lose that is heartbreaking. Just know he still watches over his family. You'll be ok, and to have this memorial for him is part of your healing process. Putting your foot down and saying no is not being greedy it's helping yourself better your life at a hard time.
Posted by Amanda Wilinski on 16th February 2018
hey daddy it ur country pumpkin here leaving u a message . i miss you a lot ,but now i can really say that im in a good part of my life right now having god in my life and my health a lot better than it was . i wish i was in this journey a long time ago. it makes life so much happier and healthier . ive got rid of the negativity and only accept positive things in my life now people cant accept that than i dont need them. i know they are family and friends but i got to do what makes me happy. i hope ur looking down at me and saying my daughter has done it finally and be proud of me . i luv u daddy. well i can say i luv u but im going to let u go, but u will always be in my heart. i just want you to rest on that moutain peacefully.
Posted by Amanda Wilinski on 24th January 2017
lighting a candle to show im here thinking of you, i really dont think ill ever be able to let you go . its to much pain. you were my world and after u passed i felt i died with you my heart left my chest. today i feel so cold and hurt. i know its not ur fault it was god telling you it was ur time . luv ur country pumpkin
Posted by Amanda Wilinski on 8th January 2017
hey dad today is not a good day i feel down everyone is getting sick. i am sick and aunty patty is sick . i dont want her to go . i love her. my grandma lepp is really sick too. i miss you everyone is gonna go on me and then when mom goes thats going to be hard i wont have no parents left. please guide me make me better person depression is setting in . well ur anniversary of your death is coming up and its going to be hard. well thank you for letting me vent i miss ya alot. love always.ur daughter.amanda sue .
Posted by Amanda Wilinski on 10th February 2016
dad I sit here drinking coffee listening to music and just chillin. thinking about you wishing u were here. I would like to ask you a question dad please give your son a swift kick in the but and go on meds and so he can settle down. he don't listen to no one and if you could just give him a sign. he might change things . I really love and miss you. but for now help us keep him safe .
Posted by Amanda Wilinski on 25th January 2015
Daddy today I'm lighting a candle on memory of you. I luv in miss you. You've been gone 16 yrs . wishing you were still here.but I know your in my heart. Luv ya daddy.
Posted by Amanda Wilinski on 7th January 2015
Daddy just sitting here thinking of you your smile and your laugh. Remembering the day you took me down the bay Beach slide as a young child. Luv n miss ya daddy
Posted by AMANDA WILINSKI on 23rd July 2014
dad i am thinking of u today on how my life would be with u here in it. i really am missing u very much. i am sorry for the pain i have caused as i was growing up. i should of listened to u . it was just for the best interest in me that u said no to things and about me going to school. i really miss ya .
Posted by AMANDA WILINSKI on 20th July 2014
i really miss ya very much and wish u were here, but know you will always be in my heart and thoughts.

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