A man's got to do what a man's got to do.

---------------John Wayne
  • 79 years old
  • Born on December 17, 1935 in Canton, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on July 7, 2015 in Florida, United States.

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Posted by Dave Stein on 17th December 2018
Happy Birthday Frank. I hope they are throwing a great party for you up there. We love and miss you.
Posted by Dave Stein on 30th December 2017
Sorry I missed your birthday. My computer broke down and couldn't write, but we were thinking about you. I know you would be telling me I should have bought a Mac. I have been having issues with my back and have been going to physical therapy. The girls there remember you and asked about you. I told them you had passed. They were sorry to here that. They told me about how you would tell your stories and bring them elephant ears from Central Park. You always did have a way with the ladies. I know you didn't realize what an impression you left on everyone that met you. I know you did on myself and my family. We all miss you dearly.
Posted by Dave Stein on 7th July 2017
My friend is now gone for 2 years. I miss you buddy.
Posted by Dave Stein on 17th December 2016
We are all missing you again on this day of your birthday. I was so sad to hear of your sister passing. She was a special lady and I know you loved her. This year you will be spending your birthday together. See you again some day. I am sure by then you will have many more stories to tell.
Posted by Tim Shea on 7th July 2016
Frank-knowing you are in a better place is comforting. You were such a giving and thoughtful individual that I know you are enjoying all heaven has to give. Pray for all of us left here including the world. Although you are missed, we rejoice knowing you have no pain, no problems and are comforted by those that have gone before you. The Shea's
Posted by Dave Stein on 7th July 2016
It has been a year since I lost my friend. We all miss you more than you could know Frank. I think about you every day when I go outside and see your house. We miss having holidays and birthdays together. I do get a smile on my face every time I tell one of the many stories you have told us about your incredible life. You were an amazing man and a great friend. We went to Central Park Restaurant for dinner tonight. Of course we had your little divers helmet that is kept at the restaurant with us at the table. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at your favorite place. Every one there had a fond memory to tell of the times they were with you. We all love you Frank.
Posted by Dave Stein on 17th December 2015
I am thinking about you today. We would have been celebrating your birthday with you today. It is hard not having you here with us, but we will be remembering all the good times we have had together and remembering all the great stories I have heard about your life before I met you. Loving and missing you.
Posted by Claudia Lee on 16th October 2015
Just thinking about my uncle this morning. Still missing him everyday. We did not see him often, but I feel we were close. From the times I spent with him in California, many Christmases together, to the times my husband and I and our kids spent with him in Florida, many memories will be with me always, Uncle Frank thank you for taking me to Disneyland, thank you for always making me feel special. Whenever my kids watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy what they remember most is sitting in your tv room on the floor every night of our vacation watching them with you. Greek food will always remind me of you, of the wonderful times we all went together. You helped Morgan not be so terrified of cats, you brought our family closer together and you are missed everyday, Mom is so sad without you, she loved talking and arguing with you everyday. I will miss having someone to make fun of Mom with :) , among so many other things. We are better people for having you in our lives and our family is smaller in number and spirit with you gone. It has taken me this long to be able to put into words just some of the wonderful times we had together. This is only a small sampling of all the wonderful memories. Miss you always.
Posted by Pam Hughes on 20th August 2015
It seems like only yesterday that I was working at a UPS store, which was close to Frank's home in Florida. Frank would come in frequently to send out packages to his family and friends whom he held great value to. He would bring his recyclable packings to us as a donation of his thoughtfulness. One day, while I was at work, a gentleman asked me if I knew anyone who would be interested in cleaning someone's home and be willing to give him 10% as a finders fee each time the house was cleaned. It did not sound like a bad idea to me, so I accepted. This person ended up being Frank. Frank loved trains and had a train room where he spent a lot of his time tinkering around. When I first started cleaning his home he would clean it before I got there. We would laugh together and I would say " Frank, you are the only person I know that picks up before the maid gets here." haha He would remind me he had been a bachelor for a long time. When Frank realized I was giving up 10% to this person, he said to me " well, if you get fired and I change my mind you will not have to give him a dime." hahaha We laughed and he fired me for a total of five seconds. He always enjoyed family and friends coming in from out of town to visit. Our friendship grew over the next 9 years. Over these past 9 years I have rented a home from him. As well as my daughter. My husband and I got married together in our rental. Frank will be forever an important part of our marriage. Frank liked the fact that John liked using a Mac computer and would let John go over and write music. My husband John grew a quick liking to Frank. The two of them talked politics. They enjoyed each other. we spent many meals with Frank at his favorite local establishment. Frank was never wrong when it came to knowing what food was good. Frank loved ice cream and chocolates. John began cleaning Frank's coy pond and poolside. Frank was the type of person that his character and demeanor attracted others. Frank, one day happened to mention needing his yard weeded because his lawn man did not do weeds. I graciously accepted this responsibility. There was something about pulling weeds I found therapeutic. He was always thankful and so was I. It became a silly joke that I knew which weeds were going to come up next. As well as, look when he backs out of his driveway so he does not hit my car again. I will miss Frank in many many ways. I will miss the stories of how life was when he was young. Many times he would save a package to open with me to share in the excitement of the many toys he would order such as music boxes and other collectables. The size of his heart he wore on his sleeve. Knowing Frank has been a blessing to myself as well as my family. There will never be another Frank. Until we meet again. The world has been a better place because he was in it. As his picture sits on our refrigerator a day does not go by that he does not come into my mind. We will always think of Frank and smile. A personal Thank you to his family for sharing such a wonderful man with us. Thank You for creating this page. Lifting our prayers to bring you much comfort and peace through all understanding. Respectfully, Pam and John Hughes
Posted by TOM STITT on 7th August 2015
As a child I always thought of Frank as a uncle although we were cousins. He was my grandfathers brothers son.Frank was around our place a lot in his teen years and also his father my Uncle Tom. He left the Cleveland area for the navy about 1955 and the next time i saw him was 1959 when his ship a destroyer the USS MACON came to Cleveland. He came to the house in uniform and i was both glad and awestruck by his showing up . He gave us a tour of the ship that impressed me greatly as a child of nine. I would always ask where Frank was and was told he was on the west coast and they thought he was on secret missions for the military as a frogman. How cool was that to a kid!!! The years passed and I would wonder about him and then my father called me and said that they had made contact and Frank and his sister Marilyn were coming to Franks high school reunion in Cleveland . We had a great time catching up and talking about old times. We kept in contact and i visited him in San Diego and Florida .He was such a interesting guy and will be missed many. RIP COUSIN FRANK
Posted by Eric Swenson on 5th August 2015
The most incredible journey of my life's work began when Stan Follis hired me to join his crew as a script writer at Naval Ocean Systems Center in SD. There, I met Frank Stitt, an incredibly talented video production expert, largely self-taught. He quickly became my champion--teacher, mentor, team leader, confidant, and best friend and buddy. We traveled for jobs to Naval facilities all around the country. Frank was fearless, and always worked to become an expert in photography, video production and editing. His talents were a keystone of our office structure, and I was truly lucky to to have been there and to have known him. I will forever be indebted to his can-do spirit and unselfish sharing--he taught me so much! Always my pal...! Frank was fun to be with, and had lots of interests. As a smart, savy collector, his home was filled with antique music boxes, clocks, camera equipment--you name it...! I remember the tragedies of his life..., but he always survived these better than most would, and happily and admirably. FIRST, a fire in his Lakeside, CA neighborhood swept up the hill and totally destroyed everything he owned. How he survived by walking up the driveway at the last minute and watching the destruction took much courage, was quite an unusual inspiration to me. SECOND, I remember the night he fell and injured his spinal chord. He actually called me in the middle of that night after the accident and we talked while help on the way came to take him to the hospital. It was an honor for me to support him in this moment in his life. This, too, was one of the biggest of life's ordeals anyone could survive, and he did, with courage and dignity! He continued to work even with his disability. He truly was a best friend and he became an inspiration in his strength and attitude to survive. God bless, and love for Frank... never to be forgotten!
Posted by Paul Heckman on 2nd August 2015
One of my very best friends passed away. I don't take losses like this easily. Frank Stitt was a great help to me at my work at the Naval Research and Development Laboratory located on Point Loma in San Diego California. His effort in the Photography group there greatly helped to enhance my carrier as a physicist by creating films hat documented that I personally ran. These films and videos were used to ensure that the presentations to our sponsors in Washington DC kept our programs were funded for the entire 35 years I was employed by the lab. Mutual respect during the entire period between 1972 thru 1995 brought us together as friends having lunch together at the lab and then, after retirement, with my wife and I weekly until he moved to Florida. His basic attitude in life was to live and let live. He wouldn't judge other people. This is what I admired greatly. I'll always admire him as a friend. I'll miss him.
Posted by Tim Shea on 29th July 2015
I first met Frank in 2003, I was the listing agent selling the home he last lived in for SHERYL Mims. My family and I got to know Frank better because our close friends live next door, the Stein's. Frank, sick of the poor interest rates given by the banks, made a smart business decision to purchase properties to rent out. I was his Realtor on all those properties and I could not ask for a better buyer to work with. We were often at the Stein's when Frank would come over for dinners, holidays, birthdays,etc. I had a special liking to Frank because he had come originally from the midwest-Ohio and I was from Illinois then he came from California where my dad grew up(San Diego) and served in the Korean War. Frank was a special guy who had such a full life and experienced things most will only dream about. Now he has no suffering or pain and can do all the things he use to do-they say when you pass away that your "image" is that of when you were in your 30's. There is no doubt that Frank is very happy and looking over those he left behind-although we can not yet understand it-one day we will and will once again share time with Frank. Our prayers continue for his family and friends and a quick healing. Mary Jane, Jordan and Tim Shea -Berkshire Hathaway Realty
Posted by Linda Larkin on 25th July 2015
I have had the pleasure of taking care of Frank's medical needs since I have known him he always referred to me as kiddo when he needed me to tell the doc somthing for him. Frank was always a kind hearted and respectiful man, he had wonderful neighbors who were always there for him. Frank I sincerely hope heaven is a wonderful place Gods blessing to you Frank
Posted by Stan Follis on 19th July 2015
I met Frank about 45 years ago when he was working at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center as a diver/photographer and I was just getting trained as a diver. I had started work at Naval Electronics Laboratory in 1964 and it became Naval Electronics Laboratory Center in 1968. I worked with Frank in film and video production when both laboratories merged and became Naval Ocean Systems Center in 1978. We shared an apartment on Chatsworth Blvd.across the street from Point Loma High school when we were both going through our separate marital transitions in the late 1970s. We thought of ourselves as the Odd Couple. I will let you guess who was Oscar and who was Felix. Frank was my best man when I married Kathy in 1980, and "Frank" has been the answer to one of my security questions for internet banking. I retired in 1994 and Frank retired soon after. We kept in touch with visits to his hill top home in Eucalyptus Hills and lunches at local restaurants like T.G.I. Friday's. Frank moved to Florida soon after his home, video equipment and collectables burned to the ground in 2003, it was truly a great loss. When Frank moved to Florida it was a blessing that he moved next door to Dave and Pam Stein. Frank was devoted to his family and loved their visits, but like many families, they were scattered across the county. The Stein family was there all the time ready to help in any way they could. I was fortunate to be able to visit him 3 or 4 times over his Florida years and it was obvious that he had found a home he could be comfortable in. He got me interested in Skype and we shared time over the world wide web. When visiting him in New Port Richie we would go out to eat and usually found restaurant with a booth and Frank would take the left side of the booth, it was his way. Frank will be missed by all who knew him, he was kind and tolerant soul. Via con Dios, old friend. Stan Follis
Posted by Erhard Baltrusch on 14th July 2015
When I came to the US in 2010, I worked for a company in Naples, Fl, building model railroad layouts. We had a small L-shaped N-Scale layout in the workshop which was my first solo project for that company. Turned out, the customer was Frank. I drove up from Naples to Frank's home several times to clarify some open questions and, of course, for the delivery of his layout. It seems that Frank and I developed an instant affection, as if there was an invisible link between us. In 2011, I moved from Naples to Orlando and visited Frank more frequently, mainly to work on his layout. Those work sessions developed more and more into talking sessions. We often spent hours talking about our lives and even the most trivial things. Maybe this friendship developed because we both shared memories of a naval life; him more under water, me more on the surface sailing cargo vessels. I have never ever met a more integral, honest, and caring person in my life than Frank was. When I moved to Port Richey, Frank offered me to rent one of his houses which I gladly accepted. And yes, old friend, I still keep it up... The next repairs are already scheduled and when the peaches are ripe, I'll set some aside for your cobbler. I miss you, buddy but will never forget you.
Posted by Robert Marshall on 13th July 2015
Frank was a wonderful and caring Father that I have many Fond childhood memories of. He always made a good impression on everyone he met and was greatly respected. He will be missed but never forgotten. So often in life we seem to just take for granted the relationships we have with others and the simple things that the Lord blesses us with , and its not till they are lost or taken from us that our hearts break and grieve.

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