last dance

Shared by Aniqua Jackson on July 14, 2014
Now as I sit back and think the last dance you and granny danced together was on my birthday. Its crazy the little things that happen and at the time are insignificant until that was the last time that will ever happen. I know you loved her and she loves you. I want to have a love and a marriage as beautiful and memorable as the love y'all had for each other. Until I see you again. I love you papa.


Shared by Karen Washington on January 9, 2012

I remember when  you were sick and you chewed your pills instead of swallowing them. You then turned and said to us that you got all the medicine oujt of those pills. You still had your beautiful spririt, although you were very sick. How much I miss your smile and laughter. We have seen a new year come to pass just wish you were here. Mom is doing okay but I know she misses you. We go to church and right now it gives us some peace. I know that it would make you proud. Love you sooooooo much Daddy.

Life Lessons

Shared by Paulette Huckaby on May 20, 2011

I remember the day that I told you that I was going to have a baby and that I was getting  married.  I was worried about how you would react, what you would think of me?  Would you be ashamed?  This thought was uppermost in my mind, I was so afraid, especially since Karen was having a baby at the same time.  We live in such a small town and we were subjected to very harsh criticism and gossip.  The day we all sat down to talk about it I told you about some of the gossip.  You said that you could never be ashamed of us. You loved us no matter the circumstance and you always would.  You proved that everyday, and especially in the way that you loved those grandbabies when they arrived. Chris and Nikki didn't know how blessed they were about to become to have you and momma for grandparents!  You truly provided an example of how a man loves and takes care of his family through everything.

"Locked Up"

Shared by Aniqua Jackson on May 3, 2011

I remember when Chris and I were in kindergarten, and we came to the police department on a field trip. You locked me and him in the backseat and turned the siren on. We felt sooo special, because all the other kids were looking at us and wanted to be locked in the car too. Thank you for always making us feel special, because you will always be special to us. Love you paw.

going home

Shared by Karen Washington on May 1, 2011

We were on our way home from work and I was telling you how worried I was about how my kids were gonna turn out. I was questiong the way I raised them and you gave me some beautiful advice. You said they were good kids and they would make their way in this world. You said they have to make mistakes in order to learn and grow from them. You said even if they veer off in the wrong direction that God would bring them back ecuase they were good kids and I raised them that way. You told me never to question how I raised them because I did my best.

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