You lived as a light set on a hill,
You left this world in a blaze of glory,
10 YEARS ON, You continue to shine…
  • 21 years old
  • Born on August 14, 1981 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on October 24, 2002 in Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Olufunto OMOTAYO 21 years old , born on August 14, 1981 and passed away on October 24, 2002. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Adaora Chima on 25th October 2018
Continue to rest peacefully.
Posted by Ebunoluwa Oloyede on 24th October 2018
Lovely memory of you dear.
Posted by Nicky Ogunkunle on 24th October 2018
Always in our hearts :-) Continue to rest in peace...
Posted by Olatokunboh Eletu-odibo on 15th August 2018
We love you and will never forget you.
Posted by Sola Oshinowo on 14th August 2018
Forever in our hearts,your passing on reminds me that man's stay on earth is for a limited time and we have to always prepare to meet Our Lord Jesus christ.
Posted by Nicky Ogunkunle on 14th August 2017
Darling Funto, gone but not forgotten and forever missed. Still remember that beautiful smile of yours. You lived a short live on earth, but the impact you made is forever.
Posted by Ebun Oloyede on 24th October 2016
Miss you dear
Posted by Ebun Oloyede on 14th August 2016
Funtido!!!! Rest on dear.
Posted by Temitope Omotayo on 14th August 2016
Tido, we miss you greatly, rest on my darling sister.
Posted by Wole Akosile on 14th August 2016
I remember meeting this young, cool, beautiful lady at my cousins and was impressed with her intelligence, maturity, faith and calmness. Funto your life was short but you left your imprint in the sands of time, you are never forgotten.
Posted by Ebun Oloyede on 14th August 2015
Posted by Oladimeji Ogunyinka on 15th August 2014
hmmmm...... FUNTO i do remember does days at Ikoyi baptist church when we laughed at the way u bounced wen walking and ur ever love for rest in the bossom of the Lord Almighty....
Posted by Akin Rotimi on 14th August 2014
I can only imagine the woman you would have become by now. I remember you now as always; fondly challenged by your faithful Christian walk. Happy 33rd posthumous birthday my friend!
Posted by Betchi Wamyil on 14th August 2014
Its amazing going through memory lane. I was pretty young then. I do remember how your mum was in a state of grief. When i heard, i thought something was not right since you were young, beautiful and always smiling(literally)...... Thanks for the legacy and the lessons you left for us to emulate.......
Posted by Nicky O on 14th August 2014
Continue to rest in peace our beautiful friend.... What a privilege to have known you.
Posted by Temitope Omotayo on 14th August 2014
Funtido, to say we miss you is an understatement, you made such a great impression on me, how wonderful it would have been if you were still with us, hmmmm, we thank the Lord for the life you lived.
Posted by Jennifer Ibezim-Atuzie on 14th August 2014
How can I ever forget that smile.that bouncy walk.That passion for the things of God.Oh all the songs you taught me.We spoke and were supposed to meet at gnet that year.But u never made it.U chose to be with the Lord like apostle Paul would say.I miss you so much.A lot has happened over the years but one thing remains-the impact you had on every one that came in contact with you.Sleep on dear friend! !!!
Posted by Kay Lord on 14th August 2014
Funto, I don't know you, but with what I have read here, you share an uncommon similarity to my late wife who passed on over 10 years ago. Why do great people and lovers of God go home so early? I guess only God Himself has an answer for that. May your soul continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord. Agape!
Posted by Damola Oluwo on 14th August 2014
Continue to rest in peace, dear friend. You sat behind me ss1 to ss3, and I can never forget you. Such a gentle soul, always puts a smile on everybody's face. You are one of the reasons I do believe that the very best of us leave this world early to go and be with The Lord. I also know that you left an amazing impression with the people you knew. Orun a ke o. Sun re o.
Posted by Nneka Nwaobi on 14th August 2014
Funto I can remember when I used to chase you about and you would always say nneka nau don't u get tired of looking for my trouble. You were one of my dearest classmates. I was really hoping to see u after school and then I heard the horrible news. I can remember ur smile, long fingers and ur walk that always used to make me laugh. I miss u dear friend. FUNTO OMOTAYO! I would always say or FUNTI. Continue to rest God's beautiful child.
Posted by Kashimana Tsumba on 21st July 2014
You were an amazing classmate.FGGC sagamu. The wonder years...You live on, for to live is Christ and to die is gain. Death were is your sting? WE shall meet again at his feet.
Posted by KEMI SOWEMIMO on 24th October 2013
Posted by Adaora Chima on 16th December 2012
When Funto and I were assigned to the same desk in Sagamu, I recall wondering if it would be a good match. I wasn't sure I would get along with this thoughtful looking 'tomboy'. The year that passed was one of an amicable relationship, full of friendly mischief. Funto was calm, smart, and definitely made an impression on me. May her soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Abby Sokunbi on 5th December 2012
Remember you very well from Sagamu days and whenever I think of you, what comes to mind is your smile, your walk, your "happy-go-lucky" nature. Not even one single negative thought comes to mind. You were just you, happy. Some things we never get an explanation for but knowing you walked with Christ here on earth you can only be in a better place indeed. Miss you
Posted by Ibilola Famugbode on 21st November 2012
Funto!I remember the yr u became my bunky at Fggc Sagamu,I remember the easy going tomboy u were back then.We were so different but u were so easy to get along with so we did just fine.Then as God would have it we gained admission the same year at O.O.U where we wd stop to gist in front of mini campus.U were sold out to christ so I know ur in a better place.I'm sure w'l meet again someday.
Posted by Racheal Odunewu on 3rd November 2012
Wow!!! I'm reading through all these tributes & I'm amazed @ how much impact you made & the impression you left on everyone who had the opportunity to meet you. You will not be forgotten; although, I never met you, I'll never forget you because you've just made an impact on me even in your absence. I'm sure you're soaring in the bossom of The Lord... RIP Funto!!!
Posted by Akan Etuk on 30th October 2012
Funto was my brightest example of a young person living holy. Completely set apart to Jesus, her life radiated peace and love. I believe God called her home early for his glory. If all the soul searching I had to do is anything to go by, I know she died not in vain. Rest well, beautiful soul.
Posted by Samuel Abayomi Orija on 28th October 2012
These are great tributes to a departed soul. This is a testimony that I should live my life well in Christ while am still privilege to make use of oxygen gas. May God continue to be with the families you left behind and as well grant your soul eternal rest. RIP Olufunto Omotayo!
Posted by Opeyemi Ogunsola on 27th October 2012
This is heart-rending!How can the exploits of a 21-year old command such following,10 years on?This is awesome.Interestingly,I am of the same age.Just rest on in God's bossom.You are added to the list of people i want to meet when i get to Heaven.
Posted by Adeniji Hebron on 27th October 2012
I'm speechless!...just saw the true definition of christian impact! here...i'll tow this line i promise...R.I.P!
Posted by Temi Doh on 27th October 2012
Thanks for being an inspiration not just to me,but to everyone u came in contact with.Your letter...priceless.
Posted by Daniel Obazee on 27th October 2012
" I walked into FECA VI years ago as the then WESTERN REGIONAL SEC on a regional visit, you stepped forward to receive me and made my stay memorable and never to be forgotten. Your smile, your friendship and your hospitality was none to be compared to . Your love for God was seen by all and thats the beauty you left behind. Remain in JESUS bosom till we meet to part no more .
Posted by Joke Karibo on 26th October 2012
Rest in Peace Funto. I have so many fun memories of Funto from JSS 1N, all the trouble we got into as a class and the song she made up about some of our classmates:) It was a time of laughter and growing up. I remember her as a fun and happy girl. My heart goes out to her family and friends.
Posted by Mosunmade Faderin on 26th October 2012
How times flies! Ten years already that we bid you farewell? You touched the lives of everyone that came your way. Your passing on was a shock to all of us and we're still asking why? Our consolation is that we know you are with Our Lord. Rest in peace, Funto till resurrection day.
Posted by Oluwaseun Oyawale on 26th October 2012
New Testament in the Jean back-pocket, swagger in the walk belying your years, glint in your eyes at the mention of the Word and penchant in your heart for things spiritual. Quintessential word damsel, thoughts of you remain evergreen. Funto dear, smile on...shine on. (Forever loved)
Posted by Adeolu Ogunnubi on 26th October 2012
Never really thought that story dat u passed on was true..U were such a beautiful soul...I met u in FECA VI and i still remember the smiles...d passion...the simplicity of ur person...FUNTO...WE ALL MISS U IN FECA LAGOS !...Ten years already...We take consolation that the resurrection morning would soon be here and we all shall be reunited never to be seperated again...Sleep on! FUNTO !!
Posted by Milex Hussein on 25th October 2012
Only GOD knows why. R.I.P
Posted by Raphael Okochu on 25th October 2012
I remember when we used to play soccer at "lift-side". You were always a free spirited person with a beautiful soul, most importantly a lover of God. Rest in peace my dear friend.
Posted by Falade Tayo on 25th October 2012
Though I didn't know you personally I however heard so much about you from your brother( Topeee). With what I heard you must be such a wonderful person. It quite surprising that it 10yrs already that you left this sinful world. May your gentle soul rest in The Lord.
Posted by Tosin Iyayi on 25th October 2012
I remember Funto from way back in primary school. Not much to say but I'm highly touched by the testimonies of people who knew and walked closely with her. May her soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Onome Mac on 25th October 2012
Precious Funto, Too many memories! We spoke 2weeks before. I still remember. I still miss you! You taught me "Practical Christianity" Till we meet again!
Posted by Oluwafunto Salami on 25th October 2012
Posted by Philippa Odika on 24th October 2012
I am deeply touched as to your loss even tho the last I saw of u was 1997 when I left FGGC sagamu. I'm just hearing about ur exit. I. Remember your smile and how u used to come to my bunk and have a tate-a-tate. I know we shall oneday see again in glory. May ur gentle soul rest in peace
Posted by Adesoji Odugbose on 24th October 2012
You were a dear sister and a special friend. I still remember your passion for Ministry and the things of the Lord. Funto, your years on earth has left an indelible mark on us.
Posted by Ama Azobu on 24th October 2012
Funto, i remember you darling, i remember because you were one of the most friendly heart warming people i have ever met. The last time we saw was in Shaggy 1998 but you made a lasting impression on me just like you did everyone that you met. I know you are with the lord, Till we meet again dear...Rest peacefully
Posted by Ademoye Oluwaseun on 24th October 2012
Funto, you came,ran your race & conquered.It was very difficult accepting that you had gone,but it was comforting knowing undoubtedly that you had gone to rest in our Father's bosom. Hmmn,your memory remains fresh in my heart;the way you shed tears when you laugh too much, regular sneezing, love for trousers &strict allegiance to Christ Jesus.Miss U
Posted by Ayokunle Oyawale on 24th October 2012
I remember your first day at FECA V.I and how I was assigned to follow up on you. Thanks for your simple heart. When we last saw we walked and laughed, and I held your hand for the first time...not knowing it would be the last. You were a rock of support to me, not failing to scold me even though i was President and you, Secretary. Your life is an undying light to all who knew u...Thanks.
Posted by Ochuko Okotie on 24th October 2012
Awwww.... Funto, may your soul continue to rest in peace ....
Posted by Baderin Banjo on 24th October 2012
Dearly beloved, I never met u neither do I know u but I am amazed at what I read on this page today. U passion for the lord and his work here on earth, I know this generation has lost a great vessel in the hands of the master. This page to me is also a reawakening call to do more fore the Lord, Beloveth U are just asleep and we shall meet when the roll is called yonder, Adieu I
Posted by Iyobosa Idehen-Sanni on 24th October 2012
hmmm...its been 10 yrs already..woowwww. Funto you were a gem really, easygoing and fun...i remember a song u formed about dinner and stuff..anytime i remember the song , a smile forms on my lips just at the same time my eyes tear up. You will be fondly remembered. Rest in peace dear

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