"Let the memory of Gale be with us forever"
  • 69 years old
  • Born on November 23, 1942 in California, United States.
  • Passed away on February 17, 2012 in Arizona, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Gale Janet Morgan Bunts, 69, born on November 23, 1942 and passed away on February 17, 2012. We will remember her forever.

See her obituary in HER LIFE section of this site.

We will have an End Of Life Celebration 8/4/12 in Tucson Az
4:30 PM at 602 North Wilmot Road
Tucson, AZ. 85711

We are asking that everyone bring a favorite book. We will have a book exchange in Gale's honor and donate any remaining books.  As you know she was an avid reader and loved all books especially mysteries.

As an active and skilled advocate for children throughout her life, it seem fitting that in lieu of flowers please make a donation in Gale Bunts' honor to Casa De Los Ninos; contact: www.casadelosninos.org, Krystal Alonis 520-624-5699, ext 308.

Contact the family for more details.

Please feel free to add pictures, memories and thoughts on this page. Our love and memories of Gale will last forever.

Posted by Kimberly Bunts on 23rd November 2018
Happy Birthday Mom xox love you!
Posted by Kimberly Bunts on 26th July 2018
Thanks for the butterfly! Kisses
Posted by Kimberly Bunts on 19th February 2018
Love you Mommy! Thinking of you and missing you today.
Posted by Zahid Kahn on 23rd November 2017
May almighty God rest your soul in peace... We will always miss you, thank you so much for giving me a great daughter Kim.
Posted by Kimberly Bunts on 23rd November 2017
Happy Birthday Mom. I love and miss you. Kimberly
Posted by Kimberly Bunts on 20th October 2017
I love you now and forever xoxoxoxo Kimberly amethist
Posted by Kimberly Bunts on 8th September 2017
I love you Mom!! Miss You!!
Posted by Windy O'Malley on 17th February 2016
Miss you Mommy. I need you
Posted by Martin Bunts on 24th November 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY I know your watching all of us. We miss you still and think of you all the time. Love your favorite son Martin
Posted by Kimberly Bunts on 20th February 2015
Hi Mom, I hope you were looking down today and saw Noa's mighty and dramatic bag drop at school and my trek over to the farmer's. Other than love and worry families are good for entertainment eh? I miss you! Sometimes there are things that only you would be the person to talk to and I'm not sure if my thoughts are readable and I really need to practice praying :). Just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you and love you very very much! K, N and Z
Posted by Martin Bunts on 23rd November 2014
Happy Birthday mom I love and miss you so much. I think about you every day. I know your up watching us all. sometimes I can feel you near me Till we see each other again. I love you. Love your favorite son Martin
Posted by Zahid Kahn on 23rd November 2014
A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY to Mom.... Please God, make them remember that Today is a special birthday. Make them understand that The memories don't go away. Bless them, with ears to hear and hearts that care. Enable them to listen while I share. Shelter them that they may never know our pain. Help them to help me know that our Mom life was not in vain. Help them to remember, Lord that I wish that our Mom was here So we could still celebrate. To understand that we still feel the nearness of our Mom. To see beyond our smile and the Words, "we're okay." Please God, just let one remember today Is a special birthday! We miss you very much, You are a great Mom (Gale) I can see your face and love in your sweet daughter "My J.K"....Z
Posted by Kimberly Bunts on 23rd November 2014
Hi Mom, Just thinking of you and want to let you know how much we love and miss you. Kimberly, Noa and Zahid
Posted by Mattie Stone on 23rd November 2014
My cousin, my best friend. I'm in process of writing my life story, dear Gale, and it's completely right and expected that so much of it is about you, too. If you had not then and now been part of my life, I can't imagine what kind of hash would have been made of it. Thanks to you for being there and being here still in my heart and in my soul...."you'll be my friend when we grow old...." to quote a favorite poet. To me you are still "forever young" - to quote another. Mattie
Posted by Martin Bunts on 18th February 2014
I cannot believe it has been two years. I still miss you everyday. I think about you all the time. I miss your soothing words and your laughter. RIP love your favorite son MB
Posted by Kimberly Bunts on 18th February 2013
A year? Time is a funny thing ... your parting is like yesterday but not having you here and all the times you've been missed seems like an eternity. I love you Mom -K
Posted by Windy O'Malley on 17th February 2013
Miss You Mommy.
Posted by Anastasia Coon on 23rd November 2012
Thinking of you, Gale and your loving family today, on your birthday. Sending lots of love, Anastasia
Posted by Kimberly Bunts on 30th August 2012
Some people come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime. Gale came into my life for all of those reasons! By Carolyn Jackson
Posted by Laura Wallace on 29th July 2012
I have so many memories of Aunt Gale as I spent many summers with the Bunts' family. I can't think back on my childhood without thinking of her.....very special!
Posted by Windy O'Malley on 18th July 2012
From Will Brown "...And the Wind cries 'Gale'" (after Hendrix) - Windy, high winds are often called Gales. She was a high wind that blew through our lives. I will never be able to listen to the moan, whistling and wail of high winds without thinking of Gale."
Posted by Windy O'Malley on 18th July 2012
From Will Brown "Each life represents a library of sorts, an accumulation of experience. Her library has now stopped accumulation, however you can still peruse its archives."
Posted by Zahid Kahn on 13th July 2012
I will always have this big hole in my heart that I found a person, my mother-in-law "Ms Gale" but I didn't get chance to meet her in person. I talked to her on the phone and skype video chat. She always had a smiling face and was very sweet and kind. I am very thankful to her, she sent to me a greatest gift (K) of my life. I wish peace for her soul and I will always miss her.
Posted by Kimberly Bunts on 12th July 2012
My Mom loved Agatha thought she might like this - "A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path." ~ Agatha Christie
Posted by Kimberly Bunts on 12th July 2012
"God could not be everywhere, and therefore he created mothers."
Posted by Mattie Stone on 31st May 2012
Gale, Best friend, confidant, sister, co-conspirator. And I will always love you. What I see when I think of you...a wry little smile and twinkling eyes under a carefree mass of salt and pepper curls. You had your convictions, that's true, and you would lay them aside in a moment in the interest of love, of compassion, and of heartfelt generosity.
Posted by Martin Bunts on 18th May 2012
Mother dear, its been 3 months since you left us, and I still cannot believe it. I call your phone, and no answer. i love and miss you every minute of every day. I will see you in my dreams, till we meet again. Love your favorite son MB
Posted by Windy O'Malley on 7th March 2012
As long as I'm living my mommy you'll be,
Posted by Windy O'Malley on 6th March 2012
Today I was looking at the Memorial page and Quinn looked over to see pictures of Mom and said, " I LOVE MY GRANDMA".
Posted by Linda McIlwee on 5th March 2012
Sorry to hear of Gail's passing. We grew up together in the Lewis Flats area. Linda Birchfield
Posted by Anastasia Coon on 5th March 2012
Gale and Tony were second parents to me when I needed it most. I am forever grateful for their love and welcoming arms as they shared their home and family with me. Gale was lost much to soon.
Posted by Kathy Bunts on 29th February 2012
It seems I've known Gale all my life. She has been part of every important thing that has happened in my life, plus she was the great love of my dear brother's life. I will always miss her.

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