Shared by Dee Gehring on 26th January 2019

I worked with Gary for many years in Atchison.  He was the most kind & gentle giant I've ever known. So proud of both Sean & Erin.  I'm sorry I can't make the service for him but please know I'm praying for the two of you, as I did for him each time I was informed of his trials & tribulations. Peace be with you all. He's watching over all now & forever. Loved by so many, never forgotten. 

Shared by Brandon Taylor on 21st January 2019

Gary you played such a huge role in many of our lives.  You were such a caring and compassionate individual and would always go out of your way to help anyone.  No matter what was going on in my life you would do whatever it took to make my life a little easier even if it meant making yours more difficult.  You helped instill in me a passion for the outdoors.  You loved to ski and helped me get into snowboarding.   I can remember learning to snowboard, being pulled behind a four wheeler with a ski rope!  Maybe not the best way to learn but it did the trick.  Anytime I wanted to till up a chunk of ground to plant a garden, or try my hand growing pumpkins, you were there to be supportive and lend a hand.  You always encouraged me to follow my passions and that has helped shape me to be the person I have become.  You have touched so many people in your life and I am blessed to have had you play a part in mine.    I love you.

My Dad

Shared by Erin Nichols on 21st January 2019

Dad I love you more than I could ever put into words but I am going to try! Thank you for buying me my first horse, thank you for supporting me during H.S. when no one else did, thank you for always being a phone call away especially when I was really sick! Thank you for always supporting me and pushing me to be my best, I would have never graduated with my B.S. and M.S. from KUMED if it weren't for you, heck I probably would have never enrolled! Thank you most of all for my biggest gift in life, my husband and son! See a lot of people don't know this dad but you set my husband and I up. You even took us out on our first date, yes at 27 and 28 years old! This story always makes people chuckle and smile.. like you always could do so easily. Thank you for being there for my husband when his dad passed away very unexpectedly at 40 from a heart aneurysm. That was one of your greatest gifts... being there for people when they were sick and hurting. I am keeping my promise my family and I are moving home this week. I wish you could be here with me now like we talked about but It killed me to see you in so much pain. I wish I could have taken all the pain away like you did for me and so many others. I am happy you're not in anymore pain dad and I truly hope you knew that you were loved more than I can put into words and by so many people! I promise to be the best mom to Jameson and instill in him all the amazing things you passed a long to my brother and I such as courage, hard work, compassion for others to name a few. I love you and thank you for being the best dad ever!

Shared by Nancy Martin on 21st January 2019

I first met Gary when I took my daughter to the clinic and we both loved his very direct and caring manner. Fast forward years later, I interviewed to be his clinic nurse and was selected to work with him. I learned so very much from this man in the clinic and later in the hospital ER. He was the most warm, caring, and genuine man I have ever met. He was a wonderful teacher, mentor, and supporter and has left a huge, gaping hole in the Horton Community and several others, I'm sure. While our hearts are breaking, I am confident he has been restored and is pain-free. Prayers are with his family. Thank you for sharing Gary with us. 


Shared by Sean McIntosh on 21st January 2019

Gary was a lifelong Chiefs fan and loved attending games with his family and friends.

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