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The story we remember the most was when Barb and Gene were traveling alot. They went on several cruises. On these cruises Gene said they always boarded in alphabetical order. One time while they were waiting to board, he told this man he thought he would just change his name to “asshole” so he could board sooner. Every time this man seen Gene on the ship, he would say! “Hi asshole, how are you?


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Beyond good - bye,

there is a beautiful,

peaceful place

where memories live forever.


Brian, Jane, Peter and Nixon

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Unforgettable.  Nat king Cole 

There youll Be.   Faith Hill 

Dont Blink.    Kenny Chesney

Jeff's Speech

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Dad was born in 1929, that was also the beginning of the Great Depression ,, Pictures and televisions were 2” and only in black and white.,,,
He grew up in the Iowa countryside in the 30z & 40z , in the shadow of World War 2
While Growing up on the farm in Iowa, as a teenager he helped with the farm chores, went to school dances & drove his dads farm equipment and automobiles.
He self taught himself to fly his dad’s piper cub airplane at 14 years old.
Can you imagine him 14 years old Taking off on downhill dirt roads in an airplane
he would fly with his friends Don Rorher ,Gene Osborne,Bob Stephens.  Flying low and slow over the cornfields and his buddy’s while scaring the heck out of them ,,,,somehow he fed livestock from that piper cub and it only carried one heavy bale of hay at a time ,,, unfortunately his dad boyd wrecked that plane , with grandma Virginia on board ,,they hit the side of the barn but luckily there were no serious injuries ,,, they had a heck of a lot of fun growing up in the Iowa countryside with his little sister Carol,and first cousin-brother Don Rorher.

Dads Best Friend Gene Osborne gave dad the nickname, “Guts.” I wondered why ,, Dad said Because of all the crazy things they did and…
the fact that they would fight each other and Osborne would knock dad out but ,,,dad could not knock out Osborne …Dad said. he had the “Guts” to keep coming back for more! Good Ole Guts, he recently told me that he Passed out during my delivery due to smelling Mom’s “ether rag” medication.
Guts was Just fine with his denture Missing a tooth , and Falling down on concrete after a few too many at Jayne’s. The concrete was bloodstained, but he told us not to wash it ,
Dad was A Patriot, A Mason , an Elk, a Legionnaire and a proud Army Veteran.
Dad graduated High school in 1947. In 1948, He enlisted in the Army with his best friend and fellow prankster Gene Osborne. In Army boot camp Dad dreaded the 8-mile march (which Osborne Got  out of).  Then After boot camp, they were off to Japan across the pacific onboard the Troop Ship Sylvester Antilock.
His buddy Osborne signed dad up for Kitchen detail for the entire trip.
They were stationed in Japan 8 months where he received the Samurais sword you see on the table as well as the Rifle and bayonet . They went to the Korean War as support troops. They returned 6 months later on the ship back to Seattle, bought an old car, and 4 young army guys drove back to Iowa. Dad Remained in army as USDA meat inspector.
Later He was at a roller rink where he met mom and they married in 1950.
Dad yearned for something different, so he moved his family to California, where he earned a degree in engineering, and a proud Career in Aerospace. 
He worked at Rockwell International, a nuclear defense company, for 40 years, as an Executive Engineer. His “Strategic Systems Division” had the responsibility for the Guidance of America’s minuteman nuclear arsenal deterrent a picture of middle on the memorabilia table..
Dad continued his Iowa tradition, he took us teenage kids there 3 years in a row, during summer break, to work the farms, detassling corn and bailing hay, I went to the same Legions dance hall and we rode the same gravel roads.
Mom and dad visited often, seeing their family Decoster’s and friends.
Dad would meet his buddies Don Brandon , gene Osborne and Don Roher for coffee at the towns local “25 cents a cup” Rexall drugstore, and at the Interstate 80 truck stop. Dad remained involved with farming his birthplace farm to this day, with sister Carol and stepbrother Rich. 
All the Memorable events. Large Family parties at Christmas and Thanksgiving ,, fried turkeys,, early school years at Sacramento st, Family birthdays and all the holidays in the pool on Carlton Avenue , both homes just blocks away from here
Their 50th anniversary party in Vegas w Elvis 
Their 60th anniversary party w Mariachis and gambling tables 
Mom and Dad’s 70th anniversary would have been next year .
When we told dad recently we were having a 90th Birthday party for him,
he said “OH BULLSHIT !!”  But within a day and the weeks leading up to it he got pretty excited for his party!
Many of you enjoyed your last visit with Dad at his 90th party On February 9th.
 He liked Pulling us kids on a homemade huge plywood disc ironically called
the “Big Dipper“ behind a huge wooden boat ,,,
Always passionate about flying, Dad and his friend Jim Magner created
a “flying wing like a kite ( maybe it was the original hang glider)?”
they pulled it behind a car in parking lot,,, you can guess. That didn’t go to. well!
Dads last flight was on his 88th birthday,in the blue biplane you see in pictures.
Puertecitos Baja CA family trips with the Stokers.
He liked The 501 Cafe and Medina’s long lunches with his work buddies,,
 Many years in vacation homes on the Colorado river with Stokers and Cornelius…
Dune buggies and ski boats! And, of course, a keg built into a refrigerator on the dock, …that all us underaged kids snuck beer from.
I’ll always cherish those great memories of growing up with Dad.
Dad took advantage of early retirement, And I was worried what he would do to stay busy ,,, I asked him once how he’s doin. Is he ok ? He said.
Are you kidding every day is a Saturday!!
Some of his rather unique habits were ,, well dad was a coupon clipper. ,
one house rule was Do not THROW OUT THE ADS!!!!!  …Which he had 40 pages of.   
Free lunch at Costco, Franzia Box wine and “2 Buck Chuck” from Trader Joe’s.
Those were some fun times!
Harbor freight tool freebies, which a few of you were lucky enough to receive at his 90th party.  
His hair would get long but he would wait till I got there for that “Free” hair cut I would give him. 
Some of Dad’s other Favorites. 
 He was a Cadillac man. He Liked Nascar & Jeff Gordon, Fox News,
NFL Quarterback -Payton Manning, Tiger woods.
and the “greatest of all time”- Mohammad Ali .
He Liked his coffee Black and peanut butter on his toast and an occasional Breakfast at Johns Cafe. 
Always the charmer, He would Invite Ella & her girlfriend to lunch and
order drive thru , 2 for 1” Burgers to go.  Because, of course, dad already had drinks back at home.
He Fixed everything, he Always had Projects,epoxy was his best friend. 
His garage was AMAZING… Every tool, screw, nut, wire, glue whatever you need to repair anything ,Dad had it categorized in the garage. 

He was a Family man ,,
He Taught us strength and the values of working hard and to succeed. A do it yourselfer. He was A great example to follow.   He Loved all his kids, earned a good living and most all other times, he spent with family….
Dad visited with mom almost every day at her home nearby in palm desert.  
He loved his sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
And It was his Strength that helped us thru the Recent losses of Ken & Jayne.  
And Dad’s strength will carry us all thru this,,

It was Dads time. “Guts”. was not afraid.
He Often said he Was the “last man standing “and he was very proud of that.
He knew it would soon be over. We talked about dying and Guts was ready for it.
Dad wasn't happy dealing with aging and the problems associated with that,,,

We talked with Dad at his bedside Valentines night…
I told him I loved him ,, We said Goodnight….  
Dad gave us “all his heart “ and in the end… his heart had no more to give. 

He Passed away while asleep on Valentines night, Painlessly & Peacefully...
 We Love You Dad. God Bless You Dad.

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