This tribute was added by Annmarie Young on April 16, 2020
Our prayers are with you all. Thanks Uncle Gene and Aunt Fran for being great friends with Mom & Dad.

Annmarie, Donna Jo, George, Jill, Derek Jensen
This tribute was added by Harry Haas on April 3, 2020
Dear Fran and family.
Gene was a close family friend for over 50 years who will be sorely missed. He has ministered weddings and baptisms for our family. Our Children grew up together. We have enjoyed many good times thru the years. One being the fishing trip the guys went on and wound up cleaning their fish in front of our houses in the wee hours of the morning. Smelling up the entire neighborhood. Fran and Gene took us on our first camping trip many years ago. This was a good experience we will never forget. We even bought our own camper after that. When they moved south we followed them soon after.  A decision we have never regretted. With tears in our eyes we say good-by to a very special friend who has been a special part of our lives.   Forever in our hearts  Janet and Harry
This tribute was added by Kathleen Miri on March 30, 2020
Dear Frances and family,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. We remember Deacon Gene and all of you from St. Veronica's. He was one of the kindess and most sincere men we have ever known. May you find comfort in the love and warm memories of Deacon Gene as you entrust him to the tender embrace of Jesus. He has now received the crown prepared for him from the beginning. "Well done, good and faithful servant."
Kathleen and John Miri
This tribute was added by Guy Okulewicz on March 28, 2020
Deacon Gene was a wonderful man who impacted the lives of all who knew him. Our family was blessed to be able to enjoy his company at many Knights of Columbus and parish activities, as well as Moire family gatherings. He always welcomed us with open arms, treating us all like members of his own family. He truly had a positive impact on us all. We will miss him greatly.
This tribute was added by Theresa Calsetta on March 28, 2020
Deacon Gene and Fran both have always been an inspiration to us. Their pure joy of any small accomplishment was amazing. I remember Deacon Gene getting so excited when I asked him if we could start a youth group at St. Monica for the younger children (elementary and middle school). He immediately smiled and handed me his daughter's name and phone number. Reach out to Jeanne she will help you and of course, she did. Thank you Jeanne. I also remember when he told me to keep the youth group going when I was struggling. Even though we are a small group, it is essential that children of ALL ages see God's love and I was called to share that with them.

Thank you Deacon Gene for all your words of wisdom, encouragement, kindness, and generosity. You will be missed greatly for you are truly loved by so many.

Love, The Calsetta Family, Wayne, Theresa, and Shannon.
This tribute was added by David Furbish on March 27, 2020
I knew Deacon Gene through the Knights of Columbus. He was a wonderful, friendly man who always seemed to have a smile. He always made you feel welcomed.
This tribute was added by Robert Maras on March 27, 2020
Deacon Gene and his wife Fran have been such a wonderful part of our lives. His sense of humor, his love for our parish and his ability to tell a great story will be so missed. God bless you Deacon. Keep an eye on St. Monica's for us!
This tribute was added by Scott Rusbarsky on March 27, 2020
I first met Deacon Gene during a weekday mass. He was filling in for Father Alex. His message was so passionately delivered. I remember leaving and making it a point to just say "Thank you" at the end of the service. It is very rare that a homily is given during the week. Leaving there I truly knew that I met someone very special that day. I came to realize, as I have listened to him many times since then, that Deacon is Blessed. He had found his way to give back and deliver a special message in only the way he does. Later, as I realized that he was a Brother Knight, I would always track him down at meetings just to be in his presence. His radiant smile and funny disposition always made every moment I spent with him seem special. There are not many men whose sincerity has impacted me like Deacon Gene has. I love you, Deacon! As I said the first time I met you - "Thank you" for every minute I was able to spend with you! I will miss you dearly. 
This tribute was added by Ron Borrello on March 27, 2020
I moved to New Jersey in 1997 coming off one of the most trying times of my life having undergone 2 open heart surgeries in less than a year and wondering how we would financially meet our expenses. Religion at the time didn't seem like the answer and started to turn away from the church. I gave in this one Sunday and went to St. Veronica's with the family and saw Deacon Gene "preach" as he called it. I heard this man who seemed like a fellow New Yorker who sounded like he should have been working on my car instead of wearing robes on the altar. But he struck a chord in me, and we struck up a friendship that continued after we both ventured over to St. Monica's. I can't help but think how he knew he was dying a few weeks back yet he called me when I was in the hospital having surgery to see how I was doing. He was a special, special man and I am really going to miss him. Rest in Peace Deacon Gene. Thank you for your love, guidance and friendship.
This tribute was added by John White on March 27, 2020
I first met Gene in the St Monica’s Knights of Columbus Council 11529. He was always very supportive of activities and events the Knights would sponsor and at our council meetings he provided for our spiritual insight and inspiration. I was always in awe of how he could come up with beautiful and meaningful prayers off the top of his head. I witnessed him do it on many different occasions, he just had a knack for doing it; he definitely had a calling from God. My wife and I got to know Gene and Fran on a different level after I was selected to the Diaconate. I went through a tough time when my mentor who was helping me with my decision to become a deacon suddenly passed away. Dcn. Gene stepped in with words of encouragement and support and continued to do so right up to the end. Just a little over two weeks ago when I was able to visit him in the hospital he was more concerned about me and how I was doing in my studies and the Diaconate then about him and his situation. That was the guy we all loved and that is the guy we will all miss. My dear brother in Christ, your mission here on earth is complete; your eternal life with God is just beginning and now you know the answers to all of the mysteries. I know you and Mike are looking down on all of us. Rest in Peace Brother!
This tribute was added by Sandy O'Byrne on March 22, 2020
Son, Boyfriend, Uncle, Husband, Father, "Brother", Friend, you were there when I was first learning to walk and talk. I believe you were a part of the family before you married my Aunt. You had a cool car and a great smile. Your whiskers were sharp but your love constant. You moved too far away, but I found my way there. You kept family traditions alive. You offered advice sometimes never heard, you always had my best interests at heart. You officiated at my Wedding and welcomed Brendan warmly, you Baptized my girls and inspired my son You are and always will be loved my Dear Uncle. Rest now in our Father's arms. God Bless.
This tribute was added by Patricia Irvine on March 22, 2020
I guess I have know Gene for the past 50 years. I met him and Fran after Mass one Sunday - they had received as a couple (Marriage Encounter) and I got excited to be able to welcome a new couple to our Parish Family. We grew together as a 'family'. ,times when we worked the 'festival'; a pig roast on 4th of July. The get togethers at one another's homes, the cook-outs, sharing our journey in Marriage Encounter and especially sharing our spiritual journey. All wonderful memories! as the song goes "Thanks for the Memories" rest in peace Gene  love
This tribute was added by Lind Hostetler on March 22, 2020
There are no words for how much Gene meant to us. He was a special friend and we will always treasure special times spent with him and his family. Especially memorable for us is the sermon he gave at our wedding. It was a privilege and a blessing to share part of the final leg of his journey back to the arms of God. Our love and prayers are with you Fran, and with your precious family. His love for all of you was and remains unbounded and eternal. Hugs of peace and comfort to all.
Lind and Donna

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