George: Youth Counselor.
George A. Peterman III
  • 41 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 1, 1972
  • Date of passing: Nov 1, 2013
He remains in our hearts

George's Memorial Service

We will be celebrating George's life on a fixed time across the globe as follows:

04:00:00 p.m. Thursday November 21, 2013 in US/West coast
07:00:00 p.m. Thursday November 21, 2013 in US/East coast
11:00:00 a.m. Friday November 22, 2013 in Australia/Sydney

This brings us all together in spirit at the same time. 

This memorial website was created in the memory of our very dear brother, son, cousin, friend and uncle, George.

Recently George had been very active in anti-Bullying causes. He set up a Facebook group and page toward that effort.

Also George has always loved "the woods" and he enjoyed trips to see the forests and trees on both coasts.

So we think this is fitting.  Please send any contributions you may wish to donate in George's memory to either:

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 1st November 2017

"My dear son, today 4 years ago your life here on earth ended. I know you are at peace now in the loving arms of our Savior. Each day there appears a memory of you and your life here on earth.Each memory  a much needed one for me. Oh, how my heart continues to miss you so.  Always you are with me. My love ever lasting for you. Your Mother"

This tribute was added by Gail Langendorf on 1st November 2017

"This year I was able to see your resting place and left wild flowers while reading your poem. I will never be completely without sadness but I do feel you remaining in the light. Love from this sister, Gail

The poem is "Remember Me"
You can find it on:
This tribute was added by Gail Langendorf on 14th July 2014"

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 1st September 2017

"Today is your Birthday my Son.  Remembering you and all the good you stood for, your smile and tenderness.  Surely Gone Too Soon. My Son, my precious Son.  Love to you always, Mother"

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 7th July 2017

"To my son, never to be forgotten.  Your site upon Mt Washington was a loving remembrance as to how you lived your life. We visited there June 14th this year. Laid some Daisy wildflowers there upon where your ashes were spread.  Gail, Brad, Fred and I remembered you  with our hearts heavy with sadness but joyful with love.  With love always, your Mother"

This tribute was added by Doris Scott on 1st September 2016

"Glory Beyond the Grave

Lord, why are my friends weeping?
Don’t they know your mercy’s set me free?
Why don’t they rejoice in gladness?
To know I’ve been entrusted heaven’s key?
Lord why do they cry in sorrow,
While nothing but peace and joy fills my soul?
Can’t they feel the thrill within me?
Now that I’ve finally achieved my goal?
Lord, why have I been so chosen,
To have been delivered from earthly care?
Why do I experience such peacefulness?
While my friends know deep despair?
Lord, can’t you grant them just a portion,
Of the happiness I share with you today?
Grant them your loving assurance; give them faith in you I pray.
Let them see deep within their hearts the contentment upon my face
For although my life on earth has ended, I’ve finally won the race.
Remind them that eternity lies ahead of me, with blessings beyond compare.
And when those pearly gates swing open
I’ll be waiting for them there.
To show them to their mansion and to tour the sights to see
Oh what a beautiful reunion
United forever. . My family, my friends, my Lord and Me
Together we’ll spend forever, praising our Lord on high
As we greet a new eternity and kiss the world goodbye!"

This tribute was added by Lori Krumaker on 1st September 2016

"Rest in peace with God dear George. Wish I had the opportunity to get to know you. Your a very special person and have impacted a lot of people for the good. Your on our memories now until we're all together with Christ someday."

This tribute was added by Louis Bluver on 1st September 2016

"Remembering our times together"

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 1st September 2016

"George, my Son.  Today is the day of your birth. Always in my heart and so much love.  You as a little golden-haired blue-eyed child growing up so gentle and kind.  Missing you every day and loving you all the way. Rest in the arms of our Lord now George.  Love you, Mother"

This tribute was added by Renee Peterman on 31st August 2016

"Knowing your birthday is tomorrow makes me happy and sad. .. happy because we celebrated so many together and sad because I Now have to celebrate your life by myself. Love and hugs all the way to heaven. .. your nieces are growing up so fast but they know their uncle George. Is watching over them. Love you. . Till we see each other again... With Love Renee' Peterman your sister"

This tribute was added by Roseann Smitreski on 20th August 2016

"RIP George"

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 15th August 2016

"I have just visited George's memorial site 5,000ft upon Mt Washington.  What a beautiful day it was to be there with my son.  The tiny yellow wild flowers were all around the stone where I, once again, placed a bunch of wild flowers I picked along the way.  Yellow is George's favorite color.  My heart sings with joy when I think of him and then turns saddened and heavy that he is not here on earth so we can all enjoy him as we know him.  So, forever missed will stay.  I love you George.  Love, Mother"

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 29th December 2015

"Another year has almost slipped by on us.  I pray that you are at peace in the arms of our Savior whose birthday we have just celebrated here on earth. I miss you my Son and I'll continue to love you till forever. Love, Mother"

This tribute was added by Anedra Guinn on 2nd November 2015

"Remembering George and his beautiful spirit.  :)"

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 1st November 2015

"My Son George.  Today is 2 years since  you departed this worldly life to enter your eternal resting place peacefully in the arms of our Lord and Giver of Life.  Gone too soon from this life.  I am forever missing you more and more.  My tears are tears of heart broken memories both happy and sad. Rest in peace my Son. Your Mother loves you so."

This tribute was added by Doris Scott on 1st November 2015

"When there is sadness in a well loved family, there is a special bond that holds us together with His grace and mercy.  Loving prayers for happy times remembered on this second anniversary of missing George."

This tribute was added by Louis Bluver on 2nd September 2015

"Just remembering all the years we shared as friends, and missing you."

This tribute was added by Renee Peterman on 1st September 2015

"George, you are on my mind and  in my heart not just on your birthday but everyday... You are an angel to me and your nieces.  It is too bad that even in death our mother refuses to acknowledge me as your sister... full blood sister, not half.  The one who is 20 months older than you, the one who would swing by your elementary school in Florida and pick you up and we would ride home together.  The one who had a great trip to LA and drive to Las Vegas and who you lived with in the 90's in NJ.  I miss your laugh and smile... My daughters know who their Uncle George was, and is in spirit. Love and kisses all the way to heaven until we meet again"

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 1st September 2015

"To my Son on your Birthday.  Twas such a happy day for me when you were born.  A true gift from God, taken too soon. Happy memories is what I have now until our souls are reunited.  Rest in peace my Son. Your Mother loves you and misses you."

This tribute was added by Gail Langendorf on 1st September 2015

"We are thinking of you and lighting a candle. It's hard to realize that you aren't getting older than 41."

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 10th July 2015

"My dear son George.  Today I placed 2 flowers upon the site there on My Washington.  One from Gail and one from me.  We love you so and I miss you so.  The green grasses and the tiny white wild flowers are in full bloom again.  The Stone led me right to your place there on the Mountain.  My thoughts are there with you and my love also.  I miss you so.  Memories are what I have of you now. Love you so, Mother"

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 30th May 2015

"My Son, I will be visiting the site upon Mt Washington, the Wamsutta Trail, where your ashes were layed last July 10.  I know the lovely wild flowers will be there, as part of you are also.  My thoughts are with /of you everyday George and I so wish I could have you here with me.  I love you. Mother"

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 28th December 2014

"On Christmas Eve at the service at Church we all lit a candle remembering the birth of our Savior.  As I lit mine, my heart reached out to you, my Son.  I miss you so. My love to you.  XO Mother"

This tribute was added by Kelly Altrichter on 1st November 2014

"I miss you every day George."

This tribute was added by Paul Martin on 1st November 2014

"Thinking of George, it's a beautiful day here in Los Agelees, cool windy and just wonderful, I remember driving around with George in his miata with the top down. he was a great driver, but it scared me sometimes... I think he got a kick out of that ! lol. I can see his great big mile right now ! I miss and love ya George !! Love Paul"

This tribute was added by anna simons on 1st November 2014

"remembering the days we came together to honor the memory of Bob,. many years had passed,,our last time you were a toddler. I enjoyed our visit. i hoped we would share happier, family time in the future.It was not to be. I pray you and my children are there together in a better place"

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 1st November 2014

"My dear Son George.  Today is one to remember you with so much love it's hard to contain within.  You are so missed each and every day.  You live forever in my heart.  On this day, November 1, 2013 you went to be in God's loving care.  I love you, always.....your Mother"

This tribute was added by Nicholas Buzard on 1st September 2014

"Thought of you today as we followed one of those CUBE cars through the Holland Tunnell.  Thinking of you a lot lately actually, wish you were around to talk with.  I guess I can just talk & hope that you can hear me somehow.

big smooches n a warm hug
happy birthday"

This tribute was added by Brad Langendorf on 1st September 2014

"It is your birthday, George, and we miss you so very much.   Lighting a special memorial candle, a "Yahrzeit" candle, it will burn for 24 hours in your loving memory.  And, the light of your love will burn forever!  We love you!!"

This tribute was added by Gail Langendorf on 14th July 2014

"*Remember Me*

To the living I am gone,
To the sorrowful, I will never return,
To the angry, I was cheated,
But to the happy, I am at peace.  
And to the faithful, I have never left.  
I cannot speak, but I can listen.
I cannot be seen, but I can be heard.
So as you stand upon a shore,
Gazing at a beautiful sea,
Remember Me....
Remember me in your heart,
In your thoughts, and the
Memories of the times we loved,
The memories of the times we shared,
For if you always think of Me,
I will have never gone."

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 11th July 2014

"On Thursday July 10, 2014 George's ashes were layed upon Mt Washington, NH.  His place is at the elevation of 5,500ft upon a lovely plot of wild mountain green grass with tiny white wild flowers all around.  It is adjacent to the Wamsutta Trail.  There is a huge natural granite stone to mark George's spot.  When I return upon the Mountain the site will be very recognizable with the Trail sign very close by.  It is at the 6 mile-marker.  I laid my son's ashes out at 11:50am on a beautiful cool, 53 degrees, and windy morning.  This is my Son's final resting place on this earth. He will rest peacefully now.  I completed my final farewell here on earth to my Son whom I love with all my heart along with his sister Gail.  Gail meant everything a sister could mean to her brother.  We'll miss him.  He lays now at rest on top of Mt. Washington.  Love to you, my son. I will always remember you.     Mother"

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 11th May 2014

"Today is the first Mother's Day without my Son George.  My heart is so sad.  I miss my Son and want to "hear" his voice again.  My tears are of both sadness and then joy also.  We had wonderful days together.  Rest in peace, my Son and know that I'll always love you and hold you close.  Love, Mother"

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 30th December 2013

"This Christmas time I missed George's home baked cookies.  He'd make enough to send to his friends!  That was my George!  Love you, Mother"

This tribute was added by Gail Langendorf on 26th December 2013

"To One in Paradise by Edgar Allan Poe
And all my days are trances,
    And all my nightly dreams
  Are where thy dark eye glances,
    And where thy footstep gleams--
  In what ethereal dances,
    By what eternal streams!"

This tribute was added by simon costello on 23rd November 2013

"For several years, George worked for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, where he was a strong advocate for LGBT homeless youth, and where he assisted many in making positive changes in their lives. He was a kind and gentle person, with a unique sense of style. He touched numerous lives, both colleagues and youth, and leaves a lasting legacy through the good work that he did."

This tribute was added by Johanna Williams on 22nd November 2013

"Dear George-

I can’t believe you are gone. I miss you so. It’s with tears in my eyes that I write this.  I have so many memories and times we shared.  I remember how wonderful you were with Jude and rolling around in my garden.  Helping me painstakingly paint his room the border of music instruments so delicate and beautiful  The smile and dance you had.  They way you tilted your head when you were thinking. The clasp of your hand when you grabbed me as we walked through the galleries and into our favorite stores.  They way you put lip gloss on.  The art of how you set the table for dinner.  The little thing you’d added to my outfit before we went out.  The time we giggled in the New Year stuffing Taco Bell into our mouths. The music you played to suit or moments.  Our trip to Palm Springs with Jude in 2010.  You showed me so much.  The beautiful art and cards you gave at every occasion.  You took time, you saw beauty, you felt so deeply.  The last time I saw you riding on your new scooter how casual you were like there had been no time since we last saw one another.  I know you are at peace and with David.  I’m sorry you had to go so soon. I squeeze you tight and look forward to see you dancing in my dreams and whisper in my ear wear the red one. I love you."

This tribute was added by Nicholas Buzard on 21st November 2013

"Bye George, your chandelier will always shine bright in this world.  I will sure miss your creative energy.  I always think of you when I go into a gallery and felt you had such an amazing gift and loved when you would create pretty much anything.  I will forever treasure the interesting & creative gifts you have made for me like my iced out Cadillac t-shirt from your label HIJK (short for hijack, so clever for a collaboration with a vintage find)
Fabulous memories of us voguing the weekend away at the hottest NY clubs when we were in college and you would come to visit me.  You were my best friend and it's so sad that certain things and distance caused us to grow apart over the last few years.  I know you have a heart of gold and always wanted to look after me and I wish I could have done more.  
Much love to Gail, Annemay, and Renee...I wish I could give you all a big hug XXXOOOO love to all, Nicholas"

This tribute was added by Lester Aponte on 21st November 2013

"George,  I know we were not really friends but we shared a deep love for someone very special and I always thought you were the only person who understood the profound loss I felt when he left us.  I admire how you turned your life around and turned your bad experiences into a positive.  Homeless LGBT youth in LA have lost a great champion and mentor.  Please say hello to David for me."

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 19th November 2013

"When my Son was reaching out he asked for prayers.  I had George's name placed on the Prayer List at Peace Presbyterian Church here in Hobe Sound, FL.  This Sunday there will be a basket of flowers placed on the Altar in his memory.  As I continue to pray for George, I ask others to continue to pray that his soul is at peace with Our Father, whom we go to for His comfort."

This tribute was added by Gail Langendorf on 18th November 2013

"I am laying this flower for my brother, thinking of him today, and knowing that he is an angel helps brings me some peace."

This tribute was added by Linda Edgecomb on 16th November 2013

"George, I met you one time, you showed me how to clean a dvd, the right way. I knew you were a kind gentle soul just with that one meeting. I wish I could have known you better. You have left way to soon, I know you are with all your loved ones who went before, but your family & friends will forever miss you......"

This tribute was added by Andrew & Carolyn Leberknight on 16th November 2013

"George ... gone too soon
You rest in our hearts. Even though we've had to part, you remain in our memories. As you rest you're dreaming of a place where peace and harmony meet. But as you dream, remember that though you're far away, you will never be forgotten. Someday we will meet again in that place of which you dream."

This tribute was added by Renee Peterman on 15th November 2013

"My little brother, what can I say... I will miss you every day until we meet again.  We had some differences,but the laughter we shared while we were living together in my apt. will echo in my heart.your nieces may not have met you but they knew who you were.I know you have your angel wings, just waiting for you to stop by and say hello ;-( Tears all the way to heaven. Love your sis"

This tribute was added by Kelly Altrichter on 15th November 2013

"Oh George....I am so sad you're gone.  When I think of you I hear that crazy laugh!  I was so relieved and happy to find you again after we had lost touch for awhile.  Thank you for all the wonderful things we shared together and for teaching me to be comfortable in any situation.  You had so much more to give!  I will miss you forever."

This tribute was added by Inge Dudda on 14th November 2013

"George, you have gone ahead of us to heaven. One day we will be together again. We love you and miss you - Uncle Curt, Aunt Inge, and Cousins Lynn, Lisa and Barbara"

This tribute was added by Dave DeSantis on 14th November 2013

"I new George from the old Bloomfield days those were fun times. RIP George. Condolences to Gail and Renee and family."

This tribute was added by Jan Cefaloni on 13th November 2013

Jim and I met you in Florida at your mother's.  We enjoyed getting to know you - a nice, polite young man whom you mother was proud of in so many ways.  You'll be missed by so many friends and family."

This tribute was added by Andrea & Jim Leberknight on 13th November 2013

"The family will forever miss you George.  May you rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Pamela Justus on 12th November 2013

"George, you came to Ohio to visit David's resting place. This was the first time I met you. We had a very nice time :).... I will always be grateful for the time you took out of your life to do this. You now have a place in heaven that is special like you. God bless you and your family."

This tribute was added by Barb Cuevas on 12th November 2013

"I am so grateful to have known you and your sweet spirit George, even for a short time."

This tribute was added by Joe Wiley on 12th November 2013

"Thanks for all the laughs and the feeling you gave me whenever I was with you and your family. You will be missed."

This tribute was added by Annemay Kelso on 12th November 2013

"George, my Son, may you rest peacefully in the arms of Our Father, Who art in Heaven.  My heart is broken.  My love for you ever enduring.  Wonderful, Happy memories of you will live on and on.  As we have always told each other,  Love, Mother"

This tribute was added by Suzanna Schiefer on 12th November 2013

"Rest in peace George, you will live on in our memories. Love Suzanna"

This tribute was added by Gail Langendorf on 12th November 2013

"To my very dear and only brother, I loved you so much from the moment you were born, such a sunny baby boy, and I am so sorry to see you leave us too soon. Love, your sister Gail"

This tribute was added by Brad Langendorf on 11th November 2013

"We love you, will be with us, forever!!"

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