Let the memory of George be with us forever
  • 65 years old
  • Born on July 25, 1946 .
  • Passed away on June 13, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, George Trodella, Jr. 65 years old , born on July 25, 1946 and passed away on June 13, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Brian McGuire on 5th September 2016
George the 3rd- You & your sister were so blessed to have such great parents. I remember wishing that my parents were anywhere as near, great like your parents. George you remember what I said about one of the 3 of us going ? I started thinking about that back in the fall of 2015. I deceided to make a phone call- 563-37(you- Know.) I'm just glad it wasn't you. I knew one of us was going. I read your message to your Dad. You were right on everything. You are the Man of the Family, so Man- up. You have two little sisters that need you. Melanie has taken too much of the Burden, while you were off in outer space. I am not judging you, infact last I was in Touch with you all, I was orbiting too. I'm coming up on four years of being out of That repulsive behavior. I had to get straight, because I was looking at eventual Prison, and you know what? When I completed a total of 5 years in Veterans Court, which included 3 trips to jail, ending the last stretch in Maximum Security, the Judge dismissed all the charges, it was a Miracle. Anyway, I hope you follow through and Honor your Father and your Mother, The Saint that she was, and your Father, he always did the best he could and I had an enormous amount of respect for Mr. Trodella. He stepped up to the plate: Big Time. BTW, The Ann Stork Center would be a great place for Tiffany. My Dad was the Executive Administratior there for 25 years. I don't know why, I never mentioned it. They use State funding, but it is A Private Residence with all kinds of activities and services for people like Tiff, and it requires no additional payment other than she already qualifies for. It's a Great Place. My Dad could of made a lot more money in the Corporate World, but he was a Crusader for his clients. I wish your Mom and Dad Peace & Harmony now that they are back together and waiting for you three to join them when the time comes. God Bless. (Not to down-play your beliefs, Mel.) I think it all comes together in the End. I have yet to ponder the magnificence of the Kabala, as of yet.
Posted by Melanie Trodella on 25th July 2015
Dad, if you were here - physically- I can garebtee professional paid men to gentlemen would be showing charisma and honorable class. Guess what I've been schooled in the hard knocks is right. When you loose a mom, you loose soft tender motherly protective/guarded type of love- BUT when you loose a father, people seek for prey due to the lack of physical protection. I'll say this- knowing what a few not worth mentioning their soul-less names, my "MAMA-T", "PAPA-T", "NANA", "PAPA", "MOTHER AND MOST DEFINITELY - UNDOUBTABLY - are going to do more than any tangible physical damage control could be fathomed. Don't test my mother, and especially my father. You know who you are & if not, just know my father adored me, we were an extremely close one of a kind bonded duo! You'll feel the wrath once it pays back all the unjust and uncivil weaklings that *think they've secured their own agendas- well if my father's healthy physical body was here, and he was witnessing what's being forged and placated on his baby girl, trust this- ass classy and professional as he *always was, he'd really enjoy caging up and throwing down some well earned legal suits by taunting criminals and to those he once (sort of respected) but- shame on the paid "professional" man who lacked gumption, honor and lack there of due diligence. Shame shame. Happy Birthday Daddy I love you every day- always your baby girl- always going to prevail (in honor of YOU - my father, a man with love and class. Happy Birthday Daddy, go haunt and teach a few of these wasted scandalous souls a daunting long well-learnerd lesson. Spirts are everywhere, watch you backs. You know this includes at least 3 specific criminal deranged souls that have disrespected / intruded into your private property father, along with "professionals" who "only had your daughter's best interest", dad all your missing is a tight living hug and some lawsuits that will be in rout. Go haunt these lying sacks- you deserve to be hasty and wild - go nuts- it's your birthday! I adore and miss you! My favorite KING of the jungle- my Leo the Lion! I love you so very much- I miss you every single day. EVERY DAY! I love you Send me your energy, the weird unique one we use to always get around this time of the year too! Gosh only my father and I would seriously only understand that. Do your thing dad-
Posted by Melanie Trodella on 16th March 2015
Daddy, every single day... I love you, I miss you madly - I love and miss talking about corrupt politics with you daddy, sharing dry humor, cooking you meals, sitting with you and laughing about something as as light heartedly as buying Tiffany flag pole size underwear, what else- gosh there are so many memories, I never really know where to begin. I continue to keep you, daddy- alive through the your everlasting lingering spirit which will never stop flowing around and within my awaking life. Daddy, your work was not left 'unfinish' rather, your work/lessons are simply never ending nor will never be "done". As a result- to this very day; we ( 'Lil Geo III', our special 'T.N.T.' along with *myself- will forever relish *your teachings, upbringing, class, unbiased care/heart, due diligence, including your *fairness oriented lessons for which I, (and we) will continue to instill within the fibers directly from your soul > passed along to us (your children), via binding, adhering to our roots from blood to our universal cosmic connection between the robust connections directly flowing inward from your spiritual ongoing energy to us/ your baby girl, TNT & LIL' GeoIII, we forever thank you while celebrating your energy that surrounds us- your life! That, in if itself ...is our utmost memorialized purpose to never allow you to fade away, because... Daddy, you are still here. All I would change is to hug you, talk (with an active dialong between us) and to laugh and live/enjoy the life we never quite reached all together, which was a life of deserved, hard earned *happieness, a life that should have revoked more stress, and promoted more ease. Heaven knows, you of all people EARNESTLY deserved that! I see you in my mind daily, and I am at least happy to have that! Daddy, I love you. Love, You're baby girl~ Melanie Rose (Aka) "Mela-Fish"/ "Gill" Miss your irreplaceable sense of humor! I really miss listening to AM / Talk radio with you (in addition to so much more) it's always the simple & littlest things in life- that are simply never to be duplicated while remaining absolutely PRICELESS! To hug ... Is the equivalent of a trillion monetary dollars. That's all I'd love to do- Miss you always. 2012 (for me, equates to just yesterday) Time is illusionary. George Pellegrino Trodella, Jr. You are forever loved ⛅️☁️☁️
Posted by George Trodella Lll on 15th March 2015
Dad,U will always be missed,You were one of a kind,I will do my best to honor you,even though my track record hasnt been perfect,All I can do is my best,honor the family as you would,and God willing I have the strength to push forward and be vigilant,and be as fair funny,and fundamental as you would,It is time for me to step up to the plate,and I,ll need all the prayers and blessings to do so,united we stand divided we fall,You are forever missed and I hope u are in a place of love,peace,and contentment for which you fully deserved but never quite got it here,God Bless You,and I wish u happiness through all eternity,Amen,your son George the third....

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