Let the memory of george be with us forever
  • 41 years old
  • Born on August 3, 1971 in lowville, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on February 14, 2013 in watertown, New York, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, george tuttle 41 years old , born on August 3, 1971 and passed away on February 14, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Nancy Harris on 3rd August 2018
Mom wishes u were here so we can celebrate your 47th Birthday with u.i miss u so much.theres not a day that goes by that I don't think about u.I wish I could put time back when u were in the emergency room I would of made u stayed and took care of that blood clot.but I wasn't there.i love son and Happy Birthday.LOVE U MOM
Posted by Nancy Harris on 30th July 2018
Your mom misses u so much and your kids do to.Douglas is doing great ,you would be proud of him.sheridan is growing into a beautiful young lady.mom loves u .see u when the Lord calls me home
Posted by Nancy Harris on 6th February 2017
Some times I just don't know what to do..I miss u sooooo bad.I wish heaven had stairs,i would come to see u.hugs and kisses son.✝❤
Posted by Nancy Harris on 30th January 2017
Well George, it will be 3years February the 14th,mom misses u deeply.know one knows how much.I miss those talks we use to have..wish u were here.I love u with all my heart.❤
Posted by Nancy Harris on 25th December 2016
Merry Christmas son, love and miss u so much.✝✝❤R.I.P.
Posted by Nancy Harris on 7th December 2016
George, mom misses u so much, around this time of year, been thinking about for a lot today.I love u son, and merry Christmas.R .I.P.
Posted by Nancy Harris on 10th October 2016
Setting on the couch thinking of u.I miss u so much it hurts.love u son
Posted by Nancy Harris on 3rd August 2016
Want to wish you a Happy birthday George,i miss u very much.wish u were here so we could celebrate together. Love u son,R.I.P.will see u when I get there.xxoo
Posted by Nancy Harris on 13th July 2016
Well son, its not getting any easier.I miss you so bad it hurts.I think about you every day wishing you were here with us..love and miss u dearly.R.I.P.son
Posted by Nancy Harris on 6th May 2016
Well son mom is thinking of you, as I am always.got to go and have exrays monday kind of worried about it, hopefully it turns out alright.miss the hell out of you and love you
Posted by Kaylee Elizabeth on 26th February 2016
https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1074114142645349&id=100001403192432 A video for my loving uncle.. I miss you everyday... Love you.
Posted by Nancy Harris on 14th February 2016
Its not getting any easier son.I would love to see you and tell you how much I miss and love you.
Posted by Nancy Harris on 13th February 2016
Well George tomorrow will be 3years you have gone to your home in heaven.god will take good care of you.I don't know how much longer mom can hold on.I hurt every day.I wish god would of took me and let you live.love you so much and miss you son.r.I.p.see you when I get there xxoo
Posted by Nancy Harris on 5th January 2016
Just thinking about you like I always do.wish I could bring you back so I can give you a hug and tell you son how much I miss you.R.I.P.
Posted by Nancy Harris on 10th December 2015
Love you son.
Posted by Nancy Harris on 15th November 2015
miss you so much wish I could see you son,love you xxoo
Posted by Nancy Harris on 22nd October 2015
I haven't got much to say,but I love and miss you son and wish you were here.xxoo
Posted by Nancy Harris on 17th September 2015
Well George ,mom is setting here thinking about you, the times we use to set and talk and how you made me laugh,i miss that so much,i love you George wish you were here.part of me went with you when you passed on.Marge and Scott have there own little life's, some times I like to here my kids tell me I love you mom.you don't know how much I want to know that.well rest in pease my son.love you.
Posted by Sherry Bacon Genito on 3rd August 2015
Happy Birthday in Heaven my Handsome Nephew, you are sadly missed by many we Love You XO Love Sherry & Gary <3
Posted by Cindy Mosca on 3rd August 2015
Happy Birthday George !! May You RIP and Have a Great birthday in Heaven*** Mom and Family Miss You Terribly along with So many others <3
Posted by Nancy Harris on 3rd August 2015
Happybirthday son sure do miss and love you.wish you were hear.r.i.p.xxoo
Posted by James Frizzell on 20th July 2015
To a great friend and a lost brother. Had many great time together and will also be my best friend. we miss you George . wish you were still here with us. Say Hi to My Diana for me. Her birthday is the 23. Say happy birthday to her for me. Love ya bro and may God be with you.
Posted by Nancy Harris on 20th July 2015
Well George my son, its me mom telling you I miss you so very much.your birthday is is coming up August 3rd I will be thinking about you.we are picking up your daughter Sheridan and.bringing her down to Connecticut with us for a couple of weeks.she's growing up fast.she will be with us on her birthday the 2nd of August.well george. Mom loves and misses you.R.I.P.
Posted by Cindy Mosca on 31st May 2015
You are Missed by Many ~~ May You RIP <3
Posted by Nancy Harris on 31st May 2015
Well George, mom is still having a very hard time with you being gone.I miss you so much.wish you were here.I miss your laughter, smile, and the talks we use to have.I wish it would get a little easier.you will always be in my heart and mind .i love you son, may you always r.i.p.
Posted by Vanessa Harnden on 30th May 2015
Hey buddy just wanted to say I miss u
Posted by Nancy Harris on 21st April 2015
Well George,my son I miss you more and more everyday.I wish I could hug you and give you a big kiss.I want to see you so bad it hurts.you will always be in my heart and on my mind.love you dearly son.will see you sometime soon.r.I.p.
Posted by Kevin Kennell on 19th February 2015
to my brother ,i still think of you often wondering what we would be doing .(probably no good lol) i miss you ill always have great memories of things we've done . to everyone that truly knew you your alive and well in our hearts forever. if you could give your dad a buzz for me that old army dog . miss you :(
Posted by Nancy Harris on 15th January 2015
Miss you son so much,wish you were here.mom loves you.r.I.p.xxxooo

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