This memorial website was created in memory of my loved father, Ghassem Khosravan.

Ghassen passed away on August 25, 2018 at the age of 80 following a 2-month battle with all kind of diseases.

We will remember him forever.

Dad, it remains incredulous that we are at this juncture where we have our hearts overflowing with fond memories of your tireless love but unable to hear the rich timbre of your voice or be enveloped in your characteristic warm bear hug.
You are painfully missed each passing minute.
You remain the essence of your family, Daddy, you remain the flavour in us.
We all miss you interminably.

Posted by Behnam Khosravan on August 25, 2021
We miss you dad, where ever you are have peace and joy.

Light and love for you lovely baba

Posted by Behnam Khosravan on February 23, 2021
Happy birthday dad.
We miss you so much baba jan.

Love and light❤️❤️
Posted by Behnam Khosravan on February 23, 2020
Happy birthday dad❤️,
I admire you and the way you lived as an honorable man, love you for ever.
Rest in peace baba ❤️
Posted by Noushin Ezati on November 14, 2019
یکسال و چند ماه از تولد جدید پدر و برادر عزیزم آقای خسروان میگذرد.یادت در قلبم زنده است. روحت شاد و آرام باشد
Rest in peace Mr. Ghasem khosravan
I miss you
So sorry ...
He was a good teacher ...
He was a good friend ...
He was my good brother ..
Rest in peace my bro.
14 /11/2019
Noushin ezati
Posted by Cindy Challed on October 13, 2018
My name is Cindy Challed and I am writing in memory of my brother, Bill, who served in the Peace Corps in Iran in 1972. Ghassem Khosravan was Bill's teacher and, I feel sure, his friend. After training, Bill died in a car accident, but in his effects were photos of many happy times spent with Ghassem, Behnam, and the close group of volunteer trainees. I have been blessed to get to know many of them over the years and I know Bill would want me to share his deep regard for Ghassem at the time of his passing. Behnam reminds me that his father and my brother are together in heaven, and this is comforting.
Posted by Ron Stitt on September 9, 2018
Although it has been over 50 years since I last saw Ghassem, I still have very fond memories. I was one of the first two Peace Corps volunteers assigned to Quchan, and Ghassem was one of the first people I met there. Over the next 2 years we spent a lot of time together and became close friends. I was involved in several community projects there, which would not have been successful without his help. I still have several pictures when we were together, which I would share if his family is interested. He was one of the most respected individuals in the town, and I was proud to call him my friend. My sincere condolences to his family. He was special.
Posted by Patrick Dorr on September 9, 2018
My name is Pat Dorr. I was the Peace Corps TEFL volunteer assigned to Quchan in the fall of 1966. Ghassem Khosravan was my liaison during my stay in Iran. He was a tremendous help to me in getting me acclimated to the culture of Quchan. He kept me informed of anything that was going on, even things that I had no idea that I needed help on. My roommate the first year was Ron Stitt, an Ag volunteer, who had been in Quchan a year. Between Ron and Ghassem and a few others, I never felt uncomfortable during my stay. Ron Stitt and I started a library in Quchan, and also oversaw the building of a school in the village of Chalaki.
The second year in Quchan, from June 1967 to the May of the next year, my wife joined me in Quchan. My wife, Janice Leypoldt, was a TEFL teacher in Shahr e Kord, a small town in the mountains west of Isfahan. We married in Tehran in June of 1967. Before she came to Quchan, Kosravan helped get a residence for us to live in and found a place that would make a bed for us. When Janice arrived in Quchan, Khosravan helped to get her set up teaching TEFL in girls’ schools. Khosravan’s wife and the wife of Dr Merzai became her good friends, and taught her how to cook a number of Iranian foods. Janice has since that time always cooked rice the Iranian way.
We don’t have many pictures of Ghassem Khosravan and his family, but the ones we have are included here.
Pat and Janice Dorr, Tigard Oregon
Posted by Cyrus Golshan on August 28, 2018
Ghassem was a lovely man, a great TEFL teacher field officer, with a warm and caring heart for the young Americans with whom he worked. He had a great smile and laugh, and loved to joke. It was always good to see him and to spend time with him. He will be missed by those who worked with him in Peace Corps and remember him so fondly. 
Bruce Kelsh Peace Corps Iran 1973-75
Posted by Genna Wangsness on August 28, 2018
Behnam, On behalf of the entire Peace Corps Iran Association community who knew your father, I send you our deepest sympathies on your loss. Your father began working for Peace Corps in the U.S., training volunteers in Vermont, and his service continued through the 70s. I have posted a photo on Facebook of you, your father, and others including volunteers who were training in Ghuchan. His memorial is now included in our Memorial Book, and his death notice will be included in our next newsletter, KhabarNameh, in September. Genna, PCIA Historian
Posted by Behnaz Khosravan on August 28, 2018
پدرعزیزم وجودت باعث افتخاروسربلندی من بود.رفتنت به هیچ عنوان برام قابل باورنیست.آسمانی شدنت مبارک عزیزدلم.شبی که بیمارستان تاصبح هوشیاربودی وباهم حرف میزدیم باعث دلگرمیمه ووجدانم راحته که
درحدتوتوانم بهت رسیدم ..امیدوارم ازمن راضی باشی.بامرورخاطرات خوشی که باهم داشتیم دلخوشم بهترین پدر.❤
Posted by Arsham Motaghi on August 28, 2018
پدر بزرگ عزیزم
چیزی جز خوبی از شما تو ذهنم نیست
امیدوارم از من راضی باشی ♥️
Posted by arshia m on August 27, 2018
best grand father ,i have nice memory's with him , i love him
Posted by John Limbert on August 27, 2018
What a loss for his family and many friends!  It seems like yesterday (although it was almost fifty years ago) that we came together for Peace Corps training programs with so many good friends.  We will remember his laughs, his patience and his ability to introduce so many people to the wonders of the Persian language and the great culture he loved and wanted others to love. روحشان شاد
John and Parvaneh Limbert
Posted by Babak Ramezani on August 27, 2018
Word cannot express how we are sad to lost him , he was great father for his children and amazing person with always sympathy for others and smiling in his face , I am sure he is in very good place right now , you will be missed , he was my uncle ...
Babak R M
August 27 2018
Posted by Hamid Cooper on August 27, 2018
I always remembr mr. Khosravan as a gentle loving soul , a good responsibile dad !
Posted by Paul Barker on August 27, 2018
It was a great honor and pleasure to know Ghassem Khosrovan during my 5 years with the Peace Corps in Iran. We Peace Corps Volunteers knew him as an outstanding teacher of Farsi, as an empathetic and wise TEFL Field Officer, and as a good natured and funny colleague.  Once as Ghassem and I were returning to Tehran after a long field trip to the south and west of Iran, Ghassem stopped and found a phone to call his wife. He told her that he was really sorry but we had been delayed and he would be a couple of days late getting home, the situation was beyond his control. He was home to a very surprised wife about an hour later. Naughty Ghassem. 
After Peace Corps Ghassem returned to employment with the Ministry of Education, but he always considered his years with the Peace Corps in Iran to be the height of his professional career. He certainly left a lasting and positive impression on the lives of scores of Peace Corps volunteers in Iran. He will be missed and remembered fondly for a very long time.
Posted by Ken Pransky on August 26, 2018
I fondly remember Ghassem! I remember him telling me that sometimes he would walk down the street with his hand over his heart in the typical Iranian greeting, saying, "pelican, pelican," instead of "salaam aleikum." I think he had a wonderful, impish sense of humor and I wish I had known him better!
Posted by Saeed Ra on August 27, 2018
روحشون شاد و یادشون گرامی. ایشون مردی بسیار خوب , دوستداشتنی و مهربونی بودن
خداوند روح اقای خسروان رو قرین رحمت خودش بکنه و به همه بازماندگان مخصوصا بهنام عزیز صبر بده
Posted by Keith Kendall on August 26, 2018
He was one of the most kind and patient people I knew. I did not see him much after training, but I also enjoyed talking to him about my experiences as a volunteer. So sorry to hear about his passing.
Posted by Van Nelson on August 26, 2018
The universe, our world, my world has lost a bright light with the loss of Ghassem Khosravan. In the past years our talks have been few and far between, yet they were joyous happenings. Our conversations, about the past and the present, always were interrupted by great laughter. Condolences to those Ghassem loved, his wife, his children and grandchildren, and to the many others, who like me were embraced by Ghassem's warmth and engaging person.
Posted by Guus Schilder on August 27, 2018
i like to light a candle ...

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Posted by Behnam Khosravan on August 25, 2021
We miss you dad, where ever you are have peace and joy.

Light and love for you lovely baba

Posted by Behnam Khosravan on February 23, 2021
Happy birthday dad.
We miss you so much baba jan.

Love and light❤️❤️
Posted by Behnam Khosravan on February 23, 2020
Happy birthday dad❤️,
I admire you and the way you lived as an honorable man, love you for ever.
Rest in peace baba ❤️
his Life

Ghassem lived as an honest man

Ghassem Khosravan was really a lovable person and everybody adored him.

He loved his Peace Corps time & memories and of course his buddies.

I will add a lot more about Ghassem, but for now i can not write any more...

Please sign the guest book and leave your memories of him here. We will be so grateful. Rest in Peace, Dad.

Recent stories

Story of Ron Stitt with Ghassem

Shared by Behnam Khosravan on November 11, 2019
Ghassem was the English teacher in Ghoochan when I first arrived as a peace corps volunteer.  
There were two of us and we were the first pc people in ghoochan.
So this was Ghassem’s first interaction with the peace corps.
The other volunteer, Mike griffin, was also an English teacher and I was there for community development programs.
I helped create the first public library there, led the building of a new school in a nearby village, as well as a few other programs.
Ghassem was not only helpful as an interpreter, but got involved in all aspects of these community programs.
He was a very respected member of the community and I simply could not have imagined the success of these programs without his help.  We spent a lot of time together and I thought of him as a very close friend.  He went on from there, after I left, to get more involved with the peace corps and I understand made a lot more friends in the pc organization.  

Share your stories please with us

Shared by Behnam Khosravan on August 27, 2018

Please sign the guest book and leave your memories of him here. We will be so grateful. 

Rest in Peace, Dad.