Let the memory of Gilbert be with us forever
  • 92 years old
  • Born on March 8, 1921 in Norfolk, Nebraska, United States.
  • Passed away on April 28, 2013 in Norfolk, Nebraska, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Gilbert Voecks. Gilbert proudly served his country in the US Army from 1942 to 1945. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Mary Vaughn on 28th April 2018
Dad I miss you so much. There are many things that happen in my life that I wish I could call and tell you about. You would respond in a way that only a wonderful, loving dad could do. No one else can fill your place and encourage me, comfort me, be proud of me the way that you did. I had a flat tire recently on my car in Las Vegas and I was thinking of you the whole time thanking you for teaching me how to change a flat tire. I am forever grateful for all that you taught me about life, for your calm demeanor, your playful approach to life, and tons of other things that you did for me. Love you forever and ever.
Posted by Betsy Finley on 8th March 2018
Happy birthday, Uncle Gib. Each year that goes by, doesn't seem to ease the loss of you on earth, but I know we will be joined together with all the rest of the Finley clan. I cherish the time I had with you on earth.
Posted by Mary Vaughn on 30th April 2017
Dad - I think of you all the time and miss you so much. I have mementos of you scattered around the house: a teddy bear made of your clothes sitting on my mantle, another teddy bear that the Elks club sent me of one of the shirts you wore, your name plate from Central Finance sitting on my desk, the last picture I took of you from your 92 birthday sitting on my night stand. And the most important one of all, a picture of you and Aunt Pat on the dining room windowsill that is always there to remind me of the wonderful times we had together playing cards - mostly around Aunt Pat's dining room table. I wish that there were more memories that we could create together but I am so grateful for all the wonderful ones that I do have of you and mom and all the people that were apart of my life because of the two of you.
Posted by Betsy Finley on 28th April 2017
I still miss you and all the rest of my family who have gone on to heaven. I know, or at least I hope, we will all be together again someday. Maybe I need to be cleaning up my life and stop being so grumpy all the time, so that I ensure I am joined with all of you when my time comes. What you did with all of us kids when we were actually kids, created such fond memories I hold near and dear to my heart. Thank you for being such a fun uncle.
Posted by Judi Voecks on 10th March 2017
Hey, Uncle Gib I remember when we did a lot of things like you teaching me to climb rope, none better than you and Dad. Swinging in the trees and playing Tarzan, sounds silly now, but fun then. Those were the days.
Posted by Jeanne Fontenot on 9th March 2017
Happy Birthday Dad! I've been thinking about you! Wish you were here! We could have enjoyed a BBQ and some golf not necessarily in that order. Just wanted to thank you again for such a great 47 years. I couldn't ask for more. I love you Dad.
Posted by Betsy Finley on 8th March 2017
Happy 96th birthday, Uncle Gib. I often think of my family members who now reside in Heaven when my life here on earth is crazy. I know you are all there rooting me on, giving me the strength to persevere. I have the best family ever, and I'm so glad to have had you in my life.
Posted by Betsy Finley on 28th April 2016
Still miss this good man. He was a great uncle who always found time to have fun with his nieces and nephews. I can only imagine the party my deceased relatives are having in heaven. Makes my journey on earth worth it, knowing I'll be with them again someday. At least I hope I'm worthy of being with them again.
Posted by Jeanne Fontenot on 10th March 2016
Happy Birthday Dad (a little late just like all your cards!). I've been thinking about you. I miss you Dad. I wish I could watch a western with you. Or go golfing or play cards, really any of the things you enjoyed doing. Happy 95th Birthday I hope your celebrating somewhere!
Posted by Mary Vaughn on 9th March 2016
Happy birthday, Dad. I still miss you so much and think of you all the time. Life just isn't the same without you.
Posted by Clara Divis on 23rd May 2015
My sister, Kristy and I were just talking about Mr. Voecks today because Louise posted a picture of our house on 3rd street. I am so sorry to hear of his passing, but I am sure he is dancing up a storm in heaven with your mom and talking about the good ole neighborhood with my parents. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family as each year passes you can continue to celebrate his life. Hugs Clara Divis
Posted by Mary Vaughn on 28th April 2015
Dad It doesn't seem that long ago that Lindy and I came and celebrated your 92nd birthday with you. But then I think back about all the days that I think of you, miss you and they add up to a lot. Since you've been gone I've realized that the social highlight of my life was spending time with you in Norfolk and playing cards with you and Aunt Pat. Now that you are both gone, I realized that perhaps it wasn't very smart of me to tie my social life so much to your generation. No matter what life just isn't the same without you - just not as much joy as when you were here. I have a picture of you by my bed and I say good night to you every time I look at it and tell you how much I love you and miss you. You gave me a great life and for that I will be forever grateful. Just wish that you were still here so that I could tell you in person. So much love in my heart for you.
Posted by Jeanne Fontenot on 28th April 2015
Hi Dad I can't believe it's been 2 years. So much has changed and also stayed the same. I can still hear your voice clearly and Moms too for that matter. I was sad to see Aunt Pat go in February but I'm so glad she's with all of you now and not in pain any longer. Life is very different without the 2 of you...Norfolk seems less like home but it is home and will always be home. Know that I'm always thinking about you and wishing for things that will never be. I love you Dad! And my life is better for having had you in it for so many years.
Posted by Kathy Menard on 28th April 2015
I can't believe it's been two years since your passing, Uncle Gib. And now our beloved Aunt Pat has joined you and Bet and Dad in Heaven. We miss you all so much. All of you added a spark to our lives that has carried with us throughout our growing and adulthood. You all did a fine job and I think you'd be proud of each of us. We are individuals and yet all share the same bond. I believe we've carried on the family ties as best we can and for that legacy we thank you. We miss you all so very much.
Posted by Joseph OTTO on 8th April 2015
Dear My Uncle Gib, Wow, It has been two years, were did it go. My wonderful Mother, passed away on February 01, 2015. I know that she is with you all, but boy I really do miss her very much. A tear is running down my face as I'm typing this so I know she is with you all. I feel her presents some days, I can smell, since her presents around me. I know that my family feels the same way. How do you express that to people, if you have not gone through it , then how do you know how I feel. Yesterday, was my Mother's Birthday, She would have been 85. It does not seem real, she was always their when you needed her. A wonderful beautiful women, that would give you anything you wanted and feed you until your heart was full of love. God I miss her deeply, her laugh, her touch. God Bless you Mom. I miss you, Until we me again, I Love You Love, Joseph Thanks Gib, for understand and listening ? I Know you are there?
Posted by Mary Vaughn on 8th March 2015
Happy Birthday Dad! I so wish you were here so that we could celebrate together. Things just aren't the same without you. I miss you terribly but so very glad for all the fond memories that we have. Love you forever and then some.
Posted by Barbara Benson on 8th March 2015
Happy Birthday Gil, I miss you and all our Saturday morning phone calls...always beginning with "How's my favorite Brother in Law?" You would always respond "Fine and How's my favorite Sister in Law?". We'd laugh and talk about the weather, etc. Heaven got sweeter when you arrived. Looking forward to seeing you and being with you for all eternity. With much love, your favorite sister-in-law, Barbara
Posted by Jeanne Fontenot on 8th March 2015
Happy Birthday Dad!!! I miss you! Your sense of humor especially!! I'm always remembering all the goofy things you did. I am so lucky you were my Dad and taught me how to laugh even when it's hard to do. Love you always Dad!! And always have a smile on my face thanks to you!
Posted by Mary Vaughn on 5th June 2014
Today would have been my mom's 90th birthday. She was born June, 5, 1924. Hard to believe that she has been gone for almost 35 years but so glad that we had the time with her that we did. She was the love of my dad's life so it seemed fitting that I leave a tribute to her on his memorial space.
Posted by Mary Vaughn on 29th April 2014
"I am not a body, I am free for I am still as God created me." So glad to know that you are still with us dad even if I can't see you. Sure do miss talking to you and visiting with you.
Posted by Barbara Benson on 28th April 2014
Every Saturday morning I would call Gil from Seattle and address him as "my favorite brother in law" and ask how he was. He would respond with a greeting to his "favorite sister in law" and a hefty laugh. I truly miss those calls and hearing his voice. I was able to attend his 80th birthday party. My eyes are tearing up just thinking about him. I just talked to my sister Lois and she reminded me about his passing. Heaven just got sweeter. We'll be together for all eternity.
Posted by Kathy Menard on 28th April 2014
Uncle Gib, Missing you today as much as a year ago. It simply doesn't seem like a whole year has gone by. Love ya. Say hi to all our loved ones.
Posted by Betsy Finley on 28th April 2014
Uncle Gib will always be missed. I can't believe it's been a year since he's left us to be with his Maker and the rest of our wonderful family. Thankfully, the Finleys, Ottos, and Voecks taught all of us the importance of family, so we'll always live on whether we are together in person or just in our hearts. Imagine the huge party we'll have when we are all reunited in heaven.
Posted by Gerry Voecks on 9th March 2014
Dad's birthday was most important because it marked the beginning of the Voecks, Finley and Otto family of spring birthdays. I remember (don't ask what year, for crying out loud) Aunt Pat planned a March and April birthday party (her's included) for all the family recipients. Needless to say, there wasn't enough room on Aunt Pearl's Chocolate Cake for, I believe at the time, 21 names. Astrologically speaking, it's a wonder any of us agreed on anything. The fire sign of Aries had to influence most of our 'angelic' behavior. NOT. It was and always will be Dad's humble gentleness that will keep us in line. Without a raised voice, he was heard loud and clear. Thank you, Dad, for leading us in the right direction(s). Love, Gerry
Posted by Joseph OTTO on 9th March 2014
Uncle Gib, Just wanted to Wish you a Happy Birthday from the Otto Family. Miss you very much. Mom and Dad say Hi, and there is not a day that goes by that we don't think about you. Tell everyone the we miss them all to. Give HUGS AND KISSES. We will see you again, and when we do, we will have a Great Game of "PITCH". LOVE YOU
Posted by Patrick Finley on 9th March 2014
Happy Birthday uncle Gib !!! You are missed !!
Posted by Mary Vaughn on 8th March 2014
Today is the 93rd anniversary of my dad's birthday. I wish that he was here to celebrate it with us. Lindy and I were in Norfolk to celebrate his 92nd birthday last year. I love him so much and miss him every day.
Posted by Joseph OTTO on 28th December 2013
My Uncle Gib was one of a kind. Very loving, caring, Very understanding man. He would give you anything you asked for. He would always honk the horn to his vehicle every time he would pass buy my mother and fathers house. God I miss that very much! We would, as a family, laugh, cry, play cards, eat, talk, what a true family does. Its not the same with out him here. But I know I will see him again, and every one else will be at the table too. I can not wait to see them all again?? God Bless You Gib, Until that day comes, " I Love You "
Posted by Jeanne Fontenot on 14th November 2013
I was so lucky to have him for my Dad for 47 years that it still doesn't seem possible someone so full of life and who seemed like he would live forever isn't with us anymore. Even when I drive his CRV to work everyday looking at the little ball on the antennae that Dad placed there I think about how goofy he is and much fun it will be the next time I see him. Till then Dad. I love you.
Posted by Sherry Grusd on 8th November 2013
As A little girl he was my first love. He carried me around on his shoulders and was always a kind and gentle man.
Posted by Sherry Grusd on 8th November 2013
As a little girl uncle Gib was my first love. He carried me around on his shoulders and was alway fun and such a kind man.
Posted by Judi Voecks on 7th November 2013
"By Larry Today is Veterans Day. There will be special a dedication today at the Vets Home which will honor in perpetuity The 3 Voecks brothers, WWII Vets with a bench in their honor. My Dad, a favorite uncle and another uncle, a purple heart recipient I only know from photos and stories. May their service and contribution always be remembered"
Posted by Lindy Vaughn on 3rd November 2013
My Grandpa was always a lot of fun. I always loved doing things with him because he was cheerful and had a way of making those around him a little bit happier just by being present. I'll never forget the time he went bar hopping with me in downtown Denver on my birthday. Not many girls can say they've done that with their grandpa. He was always game for just about anything.
Posted by Betsy Finley on 1st November 2013
Gib was the uncle who did things with us kids. I loved when he'd take us to see the Christmas decorations in Norfolk, or taking a hike along the river at TaHaZooka, or climbing the hills at Virges Park. He loved his card games, and was a fierce competitor, but he'd teach you along the way what not to do. I miss his youthful attitude he held until the day God called him home. Luv U Gib.
Posted by Kathy Menard on 1st November 2013
Uncle Gib was a kid at heart. He was always the one who took all of us cousins on little adventures-hill climbing, sledding, walks along the river. His energy never ceased to amaze me. He had a quiet spirit about him and yet a zest for life. I loved him and I miss him. I thank him for all the good memories.
Posted by Patrick Finley on 1st November 2013
Uncle Gib, I thank you for your humor you were always so funny and jovial. I thank you for teaching me how to play pitch. I miss you and Aunt Betty. Love always Patrick
Posted by Mary Vaughn on 31st October 2013
My dad taught me many lessons in life that helped me be successful, happy, and a loving person. He took me to work with him when he was selling cookies. That experience along with helping him with chores around the house taught me the joy of working collaboratively. I dedicated a book that I wrote to him, my first mentor in the business world. I wouldn't be where I am today without him.

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