Glen at his drafting table in the early 50's
Glen L Witt
  • 98 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 22, 1918
  • Place of birth:
    Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Date of passing: Jun 13, 2017
  • Place of passing:
    Downey, California, United States
Fair Winds and Following Seas...
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Glen Witt, 98, born on August 22, 1918 and passed away on June 13, 2017. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Pat Workman on 7th November 2017

"I just learned of the passing of Glen L Witt.  Only in recent years did I even become acquainted with the company.  Since then I have avidly followed this site.  I have not only been inspired by the designs, but more importantly, to me, the man behind it all.  Gayle, your sharings have made me feel as if I am part of your family.  I suspect I am far from alone in that.  Your father gave us so much more then boat plans.  He gave us an example of how a man should truly live and help make life better for family, friends, and strangers."

This tribute was added by Mike Bauer on 22nd August 2017

"bye Glen, Thanks"

This tribute was added by Tina GAllagher on 22nd August 2017

"His plans gave me hope that I could build a small trailer and get out of being homeless. That will always be priceless to me. He will be sorely missed."

This tribute was added by John Downing on 22nd August 2017

"Glen, thank you for the knowledge and inspiration you gave me through your books and plans.  Thank you for the time you spent that one afternoon at your business when you autographed my brand new copy of "Plywood Boat Building".  You may have gone home, but you will remain with us through the knowledge and inspiration you gave us all!"

This tribute was added by Dan Spurr on 21st July 2017

"Glen made a difference in many people's lives. His body of work is impressive."

This tribute was added by John Downing on 12th July 2017

"Glen has been an ispiration for me for thirty years.  I have dreamed about building a boat and purchased plans and books.  Some years ago, I happened to be in southern California on business and had the opportunity to visit Glen L Marine.  I bought Glen's book on Plywood Boat Building and he was gracious enough to autograph it for me.

He was a fine Gentleman, with an equally gracious daughter.  He will be missed, but my world is definitely better for his presence.

John L Downing, III
Amherst, NH"

This tribute was added by Allyn Perry on 6th July 2017

"I was fortunate to have worked for Glen for 35 years. I began with Glen L. Marine as an apprentice wood worker in 1971 and soon became shop foreman. Working for Glen was an incredible  privilege. As an employer Glen was beyond generous. During down economic periods Glen kept employees working out of sheer compassion.  I regarded Glen as a good friend who offered me sage advice often. Glen L. Marine was a family affair with Gayle and Barry also contributing mightily but the rest of us were always made to feel an important part of this family. Those of us who were fortunate enough to work for and with Glen lost more than an employer. A huge part of our life also left us and will never be replaced."

This tribute was added by Ibelema Faango on 6th July 2017

"I was deeply touched knowing that Glen has passed on. I also have benefited from his works even though I live across the seas, far away in Nigeria."

This tribute was added by Paul Riccelli on 30th June 2017

"Likely the most influential person in the home built industry. Innovative, influential, very helpful and generous. A hole now exists, not probable to be filled any time soon with his lose. My deepest sympathies and thoughts for Gayle, John and family."

This tribute was added by Sean Coleman on 28th June 2017

"My deepest condolences  Gayle, John and Family, I have always enjoyed the emails and as soon as I get healthy again and I will, I will be building a Glen L boat. Although it will take longer now.......
     Smooth sailing Glen,, you will be missed.....Sean"

This tribute was added by Matthew Mackenzie on 27th June 2017

"Please accept my most profound condolences on the passing of that great man who was your father.  Although I hope to soon join the ranks of Glen-L boat builders, I have already had the immeasurable pleasure of reading Glen's books and studying his plans..  And dreaming."

This tribute was added by Pierre LaRochelle on 26th June 2017

"The boating world loses another great one!  Fair winds and following seas Glen L. Witt."

This tribute was added by Bob Thomas on 25th June 2017

"Have followed Glen-L marine all my life. I feel a great loss. My condolences to the family. You are in my prayers."

This tribute was added by John Nystrom on 25th June 2017

"With the passing of your Dad, Glen, we have lost one of the last of a generation of creative people that brought boat building to the masses, great souls like Percy Blandford, Phil Bolger, and Harold Payson.  Blessings on you and your family."

This tribute was added by Alan McLaughlin on 21st June 2017

"Glen's amazing designs continue to inspire. I have built 5 Squirts over the years starting when I was a teenager. may he rest in peace and continued success to the business he created."

This tribute was added by S. brown on 20th June 2017

"Fair winds and following seas Mr. Witt. Thank you for sharing your lifetime of achievements with us. God speed to Gayle and the "Crew" you truly have made the world a brighter place."

This tribute was added by Butch Barto on 20th June 2017

"Gayle and John We are very sorry to here of your fathers passing . Paula and I will have you in our prayers. His legacy will live on through the decades in all the Glen L boats that have been lovingly built by their owners in the past , and all his designs yet to be built in the future."

This tribute was added by Michael Toogood on 20th June 2017

"You have been such a big part of our lives. "Fisherman", "Lucky Pierre"
"Vera Cruise" "Utility" and "Squirt"
So many happy memories.
Fare well my friend."

This tribute was added by Jay Degges on 20th June 2017

"Though I never actually met Mr. Witt,  He taught me, and all of us a lot about boats and boatbuilding and about perseverance.
        He has touched so many people in a manner that undoubtedly made us more capable, independent, and certainly expanded us in such a positive way.
        He must have been,- make that Be, wonderful."

This tribute was added by Rosales Schneider on 20th June 2017

"Dear Gayle, my heartfelt condolences for the death of your father, the spirit of him will continue in you as captain of GLEN-L, enthusing many who dream of building a boat.

Ignacio Rosales Sch."

This tribute was added by Paul McComas on 20th June 2017

"Gayle, Your Father's life and work will continue on and his soul, will be in your heart forever. Love and Prayers for your loss.

Paul McComas
Jacksonville, Florida"

This tribute was added by Dennis Brown on 20th June 2017

"Sad times, but glen will be remembered for a long time to come,i have almost completed Delta Q"

This tribute was added by Jim Blakemore on 20th June 2017

"My family built two of your designs, the Glen L 21 and Centerfold.  My sincerest condolence to you and your family"

This tribute was added by Gudmundur Fridrik Johannsson on 19th June 2017

"Thank you Glen for lighting my dream. God bless you. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Brenda Cooper on 19th June 2017

"Gayle:  my heart is heavy knowing the sadness you are feeling.  I do know how much you loved your Dad and how often you saw him and how you took care of him.  Feel comforted knowing that your Dad knew you loved him so much.  What a blessing for any parent to know that their child loves them!"

This tribute was added by Farag Farag Hanna on 19th June 2017

"I am so so sorry for the lost of the great Mr.G.L.Witt , it is years now and I am waiting for the right timing to start building my dream boat, kept watching your site every week and have more inspiration , my only problem is to have a place where I can  work. but just to see the success of others thanks to Mr. Witt was filling me with Joy and no stop hope, may God bless his sole for all the happiness that he put in the heart of the others with his help, and bless you to keep his memory and tradition alive for the joy of many others and for many many  years to come. Thanks again Mr.  Glen , may God rest your sole in his great peace."

This tribute was added by David Kamper on 18th June 2017

"In New Zealand we have a single saying /word to describe such a person and legacy such as Glens


This tribute was added by James Brown on 18th June 2017

"I am deeply saddened to learn of you father's death. Many were inspired by him to do the build a boat they could not otherwise afford; to learn new skills; to work with a daughter, son, spouse, or friend; to take pride in, to celebrate, and to share with both friends and strangers alike the path from creation to christening. To carry in your memory the unique aromas of turpentine, tung oil, varnish, saw dust, stain, and paint, or to catch out of the corner of your eye the unmistakable glint of sunlight reflecting off the varnished surface of a wooden boat; to hold a sweating bottle of a cold,refreshing beverage while taking a break as a ballgame plays on a transistor radio (a WHAT?) or maybe an iPhone. And to have these long-ago memories spring to life when unexpectedly encountered and transport you back to a distant time and place populated with family and friends now far away or gone. Your father, and those like him (yourself included) accomplished this by creating boat plans and the means to carry them out. How marvelous...for him, for you, for us.  May his memory be for a blessing, and this Father's Day be for a celebration, commemoration, and affirmation of his life and his gifts to us all."

This tribute was added by Ed Davis on 18th June 2017

"Our prayers go out for you. I first got interested in building a boat thru your ad's. Rest in Peace Glen.
Ed Davis DSC USN Ret"

This tribute was added by Garry Nelson on 18th June 2017

"My deepest condolences Gayle and family. Although I never met your father, I feel as though I knew him, from your stories over the years, and the enjoyment I have received from planning and dreaming of the day I build a Glen-L boat."

This tribute was added by Doug Hepler on 17th June 2017

"Dear Gayle:
Thanks to your father, we discovered a new and unique chapter in woodworking... building wooden boats.  His plans and lessons made what looked like a very complex operation, actually quite simple, and very much fun.  If you were to add yet another accolade to the many tributes to your father, I would add "teacher".  My then-10-year old son and I bonded nicely when crafting our wooden dingy, based on your dad's plans.

My prayer is, "A great man is coming back to you, God,.  Thanks for letting us have him for awhile."

God Bless you and your family,

Dr. Doug Hepler
Teacher, Kwajalein Jr-Sr High School
Kwajalein, Marshall Islands"

This tribute was added by Ken Hankinson on 17th June 2017

"So sad to hear of Glen's passing.  Glen was not only my mentor but my closest friend and teacher.  I would not have had the opportunities I have had in my life if I had not met him 57 years ago and he had taken me under his wing. We made a complimentary team and his influence through all the years was invaluable to me.  I know this is a very sad time for you and your family, but may the love of friends and family see you through."

This tribute was added by Doug Wolven on 17th June 2017

"I feel like my being a boat builder is a combination of my dad and Glen-L from the time I bought that first catalogue at Thrifty Mart over fifty years ago. I'm so thankful to have been able to walk in the door and say hi to Glen, to you Gayle, John, Darla, Paul or Barry over the years. We are a boat building family because of Glen's vision and warmth. God bless, and thank you, Glen-L Witt."

This tribute was added by John Wilder on 17th June 2017

"Gayle Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved father.  Might I say that he taught you well and you are doing an outstanding job carrying on his legacy.  Blessings on you and yours and I celebrate his rich full life.  John Wilder"

This tribute was added by Norm Stevens on 17th June 2017

"I recently finished a Glen-L camper, and many times during the build I thought about the man behind the creative, detailed plans. Sorry to hear of his passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to all. I'm sure he's smiling, knowing that Gayle is carrying on with the Glen-L company."

This tribute was added by charley courson on 17th June 2017

"My thoughts , prayers and condolences to the Witt family. I have yet to build a boat, but I am dedicated to the website until that day and beyond. Please continue with the inspiration Mr. Witt left to all of us."

This tribute was added by Mike Bauer on 17th June 2017

"God Speed you Glen"

This tribute was added by Mo Sherrill on 17th June 2017

"Such sad news!  In 1958 I built the Glen L. "Miss Crackerbox" racing boat.  Unfortunately I didn't have the money to properly outfit it with the proper engine, etc, but I did get it running with several marine engines that provided my young family the pleasure of running around Lake George, NY in my crackerbox I called "Furioso."  The building of this boat gave me the inspiration of restoring other boats later in my life.  I still have the Glen L. Marine catalog from those years.  Having built "Miss Crackerbox" formed much of my love of wooden boating that has lasted throughout my entire life.  Glen had a keen eye for designing the boats that gave many people the where-with-all and the pleasure of becoming a proud boater who built their own boat."

This tribute was added by Ron Humphrey on 17th June 2017

"I felt a sadness when I read that Glen had passed on, the 1st boat built was the 'Missile' in 1963, so have always admired Glens unique skills to design so many easy build, but classy boats, he shared these skills & helped so many........... to do something meaningful & fun.
Wonderful memories."

This tribute was added by Martin Bolton on 17th June 2017

"Such sad news of Glens passing, my deepest condolences go to all his family.
His legacy will live on in all the boats that have been built from his plans, a little bit of him is in them all."

This tribute was added by Ian Stewart on 17th June 2017

"Dear Gayle & Family, Please accept my sincerest condolences on your loss. Your dad was obviously a great inspiration to many people, and your plans have been used world-wide. I haven't yet built a boat but seeing the boats that some have built from your plans are truly awesome."

This tribute was added by Bob Brown on 17th June 2017

"It is sad to hear of Glen's passing.  However, his legacy will go on, especially through all who have built a boat from one of his plans. I am privileged to be working on a boat project, and would not be able to do so without his wonderful company. I pray that he rests in peace, with pride in the family and company he created."

This tribute was added by Pat Burgess on 17th June 2017

"A genuine inspiration...   So many years I dreamed of his boats...  God Bless"

This tribute was added by Reid Lowe on 17th June 2017

"My dad built two Glen L designs over the years, and now so am I.
Building boats made my dad very happy, thank you Glen.

To the Witt family please accept my deepest condolences."

This tribute was added by paul brinkman on 16th June 2017

"Gayle, my prayers are with you and your family. Your Dad was a real
inspiration to me over the years. My Dad and I built your pram kit together over 55 years ago and when I was the location manager in the early days on NCIS he supplied the show with the kit that Mark Harmon  built in his basement.All my best wishes, Paul Brinkman,Jr."

This tribute was added by Val Pennington on 16th June 2017

"Gayle,So sorry about your dad.Ive built 3 of his boats.
Row me
My next one will be the Cabin Skift.
Will be praying for you and your family
Sincerely,Val Pennington"

This tribute was added by Enrique Concha on 16th June 2017

"Thank you Glen for all the many years of pleasure in dreaming and building your boat proyects. Rest in peace. Enrique Concha from Chile"

This tribute was added by Philip Coyne on 16th June 2017

"God bless you Gayle and your family. I have enjoyed building the latest boat from the plans and products I purchased from you."

This tribute was added by Bob Ramsey on 16th June 2017

"Gayle and John,

I've never met Glen but did talk with him several times by phone when I started my first boat project back in 1985.  He was so helpful and kind to me then.  Thank you for carrying on his great legacy.  bob r"

This tribute was added by Vitaly Pyanykh on 16th June 2017

"Sad news, Gayle. Hold tight and continue his path. You are strong and I am sure, he will be proud of you, watching your success from Heaven!
Wish you patience!"

This tribute was added by Phil Potter on 16th June 2017

"Such sad news. My prayers are with the family. He set the standard for this industry."

This tribute was added by David Mard on 16th June 2017

"Very sorry to hear that we lost a legend.  

May he sail eternally in the heavenly fleet.


This tribute was added by Denis Bergin on 16th June 2017

"May my Zip travelling the majestic Shannon in Ireland be a small tribute to his inspiration to budding boatbuilders throughout the world, the most rewarding boat I have ever built, it is with sadness I will have my Ensign at half mast this weekend, may he rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Douglas Kohk on 16th June 2017

"The first boat I built was a Glen L design. This started a love for boat building .  I since build two more. Plus some others, thank you.
Sorry to here of his passing."

This tribute was added by Andy Garrett on 16th June 2017

"What greater gift can a man give than the gift of pride of accomplishment?

That is a legacy worth having.

Thank you sir.
Fair winds and gentle seas..."

This tribute was added by Ed Engle on 16th June 2017

"What a wonderful gift it was to have Mr. Witt bless us with his foresight, and encouragement. Thank You. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family."

This tribute was added by Aleksandar Vidak on 16th June 2017

"My sincere condolences.

I guess old schools are disappearing, but there are wise ones to
keep the legacy alive.

It has been a thrill just reading the material on your site and weekly letters. I can imagine how much more it will be building from your plans.


This tribute was added by Tina GAllagher on 16th June 2017

"I am truly sorry for your loss. Mr. Witt's philosophy of creating plans so people could build their own boats and RV's was nothing short of a blessing for so many people. The world is a sadder place without him and his legacy will NOT be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Jim Colville on 16th June 2017

"Our thoughts and prayers go with you and your family in this time of lose. Please take the time to get together with the people you cherish and celebrate his gift of life, and all the good Glen L has brought to the world."

This tribute was added by Rory Hamilton on 16th June 2017

"My grandfather built his first Glen-L designed boat in the mid 1960s. My earliest and greatest memories early-on in my life are being on and around those boats. When I grew up and started my family, I built a Glen-L of my own for my family to enjoy.  I truly hope some kids and their kids and their kid will enjoy...or build a Glen-L boat!  I am lucky to have had the opportunity to have met Glen in person when I was in Bellflower a couple of years ago. He has left an incredible legacy for others to enjoy for generations to come."

This tribute was added by jack thein on 16th June 2017

"To be absent from the body is to be
present with the Lord...R.I.P. Glen
Thanks for sharing with all of us."

This tribute was added by Niall Kelly on 16th June 2017

"What a legacy to leave behind.
Its no wonder that Jesus' best friend was Peter, a fisherman and builder of boats.
RIP Glen
Building a malahini from original Glen l plans, no CAD technology, has been the second best achievement in my life!"

This tribute was added by bob Oten on 16th June 2017

"I've never met your dad or you, but without his expertise, I would have never been able to have the dreams and ambitions I do now for my remaining years. What a gift he was to all of us. May God continue to bless his family."

This tribute was added by Bill Trandum on 16th June 2017

"Our entire family's life was enriched by building and sailing our beloved Glen L 12, "The Buick."  Every kid learned to master single handing that beautiful boat.  Glen L. Witt's legacy is now perched to live on through our nine grandchildren."

This tribute was added by Jason Stutz on 16th June 2017

"An inspirational leader to us all, that if you follow your dreams, your legacy will be great.  Everyone knows Glen L, whether they have built a boat or admired them.  Cheers to an enduring legacy.  May Gayle continue it into the next generation!"

This tribute was added by John Rich on 16th June 2017

"Thanks for being an inspiration to countless boat-builders around the world.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family."

This tribute was added by scott hitt on 16th June 2017

"A well of information, flowing with traditional wisdom and insight...thank you for providing a tribe of waterman with the tools of our trade.  Rest Well.  Blessings to your family.  Scott"

This tribute was added by Jim Stewart on 16th June 2017

"Thank you Mr. Witt for making it possible for people like me to pursue  the building of a beautiful creature that floats.
An adventure that never would have been experienced without you.
Sail on Mr, Witt....................."

This tribute was added by Chris Byers on 16th June 2017

"Touching site.
Glen really changed the boating world in so many ways! Something I will always be grateful for, thanks! :)"

This tribute was added by mike Blanchard on 16th June 2017

"Sorry to hear the loss of a great visionary. May your sails always catchwind in the great beyond. Thanks for all the great Happiness you brought to the GlenL community. you will be greatly missed by all"

This tribute was added by Mark Forss on 16th June 2017

"Thank you Glenn for all you have done for the boatbuilding community and for all of the enjoyment and happiness you have given my family and I thru your Glenn L 14 sailboat......"

This tribute was added by Mal Fender on 16th June 2017

"My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Bless you Gail for carrying on. We are all mortal and as I approach 83. . I can only hope for a productive time as long as I have. I built many boats - only 1 was wooden. The first..with my dad. Always remember it. Deeply admired. Glen.  Bless you all."

This tribute was added by Malcolm Williamson on 16th June 2017

"Glen was an inspiration to thousands of boat builders and dreamers (like me). Your continuation of his work is the best tribute anyone can give. My condolences."

This tribute was added by Bernie Melican on 16th June 2017

"An old Irish saying says that "Death comes not with the last breath, but rather the last time your name is spoken"  Since Mr Witt has touched so many of us over the years, it's not likely his memory will ever fade."

This tribute was added by Paul Snowden on 16th June 2017

"This is very sad news.  My sincere condolences to your family.  Glen was indeed a legend who will be missed.  I will always pay a small tribute to him by proudly displaying the Glen-L flag on my Monaco.  His legend will live on for many, many years in the beautiful boats he has created.  Skip"

This tribute was added by Lenox Carter on 16th June 2017

"Thanks for your guidance and support, i wish him and your family "Fair wind and following seas" god bless."

This tribute was added by Darla Schooler on 16th June 2017

"I had the privilege and honor of working with and for Glen for over 32 years.  (1981 to 2014).  He was always fair, honorable, and a joy to be around.  He will be greatly missed, but WHAT A LIFE!  hHis legacy will go on and on in all the boats built from his designs.  Miss you, GLEN."

This tribute was added by Chris Bartlett on 16th June 2017

"Glen you should be so proud of the legacy you have left behind not only by inspiring others such as myself to build their own boats, but also by the legacy you have left behind in the wonderful daughter you have raised in Gayle to continue on to provide such a great resource. You will truly be missed but your legacy continues on in her."

This tribute was added by Richard Herrington on 16th June 2017

"It is indeed a sad day to hear this news.  I never had the pleasure of meeting your father but through his books and writings, his memory will remain in my heart, in my life.  You were very fortunate to have had such a great man for a father... a lifetime of good memories.  I am very thankful for the role your father had in my life, giving me the knowledge and skills to build boats... giving me the desire to dream... to make it happen."

This tribute was added by Roberta Hegy on 16th June 2017

"Although I never met Glen, I feel I knew him most of my life admiring the many boat designs he created. I got to know and be friends with his daughter Gayle and her husband John Brantuk while attending the Glen L Gatherings. I did get to talk to him about the Torpedo and communicated with him through the forum and email about modifications. The Torpedo is a very special boat and a special pet project of Glen's in his retirement. I am so proud to have made that design come to life and to have named it after him. I am so glad to have been a small part of his life. He was a large part of my life and my dreams. God Bless You, Glen. You will be Greatly Missed."

This tribute was added by Jack Graham on 16th June 2017

"Thanks Glen for the inspiration to persue our dreams and discover our hidden talents. You've touched the lives of so many, what a legacy."

This tribute was added by Kirk Adie on 16th June 2017

"Fair winds and calm seas Glen, and thanks for many decades of inspiration."

This tribute was added by David Fannon on 16th June 2017

"May God bless all who knew and loved Glen with His comfort, strength and peace. Even though I never met Glen face to face, I feel as if I knew him through his books and articles and through conversations with Gayle. As I am about to complete a boat he wonderfully designed, I have been blessed by his vision and creativity. Until we meet again....
2 Corinthians 1:3-4"

This tribute was added by Jamie Blackwell on 16th June 2017

"So sorry my prayers are with u He was a super talented gentleman.I really enjoy your e mails.Jamie"

This tribute was added by Joseph Neuwirth on 16th June 2017

"I am glad to say that I have purchased a "Fancy Free" sailboat which Glen L designed. And, I am working to rebuild it to a standard that he would be proud of.
Gayle, I know your dad will be missed and even though he lived a long and full life, the death of a parent is always hard. Please accept my condolences."

This tribute was added by Jim B on 16th June 2017

"Although I never met him, I am building one of his designs.  Forever grateful for all of the good times it has brought me.  Thank you Glen"

This tribute was added by Douglas Murdoch on 16th June 2017

"Our thoughts are with you and your family at this time.                              Regards Dougi Murdoch. ❤️"

This tribute was added by Jason Kovatch on 16th June 2017

"Thank you, Glen, for your legacy of wonderful, creative and beautiful designs and the business to provide them, which has brought me untold hours of delight. I first saw your work over 40 years ago and have copies of all your books, and almost every catalog you ever printed, and an array of study and building plans all which I treasure. They are all loose and untidy from my poring over them. Although I never built one of your boats I learned so much from their lines, and recognize them on sight as old friends. They are Timeless. Long may they sail!"

This tribute was added by Tom Barclay on 16th June 2017

"I wish peace and serenity to you all, family and friends, who feel the loss of such an accomplished creator. It may not be possible even to imagine the hours of joy and pleasure Mr. Witt brought into the world. Few live so well."

This tribute was added by Bill Edmundson on 16th June 2017

"Gayle & John
There are tears around the world right now. Your dad brought us so much!


This tribute was added by mikey m on 16th June 2017


This tribute was added by John Brantuk on 16th June 2017

"Glen never ceased to amaze me. Kind to those who needed kindness, straightforward with those who needed direction, honest in all his dealings, and loving to his family and friends. He will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Gayle Brantuk on 16th June 2017

"Thank you for your guidance, encouragement, love and support. I will miss you always."

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