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B’nai Israel Social Hall
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-Although we’re not of the Jewish faith, we’ve enjoyed this space on happy occasions!
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  • 58 years old
  • Born on July 25, 1960 in Gainesville, Georgia, United States.
  • Passed away on December 13, 2018 in Stockton, California, United States.

This website was created to honor the memory of Glenn. We welcome your stories, thoughts, pictures and videos. Engaging with people was so important to him so hearing that Glenn has touched your life in some way helps to ease our tremendous pain. Thank you for your love, support and patience.

We hope to see you on 2/16/19 to share stories & memories! 

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Favorite charities: Habitat for Humanity, Sacramento Tree Foundation, Georgia Tech, Powerhouse Science Center & Yosemite Conservancy

Posted by Shep Campbell on 11th January 2019
Nancy and I have many fond memories of Glenn. We first met him and Crystal when they lived in Virginia. One of the best involved a wine challenge dinner that they hosted. The challenge was Va. wine versus his favorite California. To spice things up, we invited friends visiting from Scotland. After many tastings, jokes, and Scottish bribes, it was declared a California win. Crystal, even though you haven’t lived in Va. for years, you and your family will always be Virginians! Our prayers are with you and your family. Shep and Nancy Campbell
Posted by Allen Heyl on 7th January 2019
Too many great times over the years to remember here. Others have done a wonderful job of relating how he affected those who knew him. Glenn lived life like most people only wish they could do it. He was all in, all the way, all the time! He was my very good friend, even though miles and years mounted up. He will always be in my fondest memories .
Posted by Christopher Workman on 4th January 2019
I am so saddened to learn of Glenn's passing. He and I worked together at Toray Plastics. To this day, I look back at this experience as some of the best times of my career. Glenn and I maintained a friendship over the past 20+ years, and I so enjoyed speaking with him. We always clicked on business topics, and found much humor in day-to-day life. I could always count on a good 'belly laugh' when talking with Glenn. Our thoughts and prayers to Crystal and family. Glenn will forever be in our memories.
Posted by Steve Martin on 3rd January 2019
Simply stated - I loved Glenn. He was the best of the best as a friend and business companion. We had so many great times together in San Francisco and Dallas both socially and in business. My deepest sympathies to Crystal and the boys/men. Glenn left us much too soon. He is in my heart forever. A fond memory is Zach was not a year old yet in Dallas. I needed some Glenn time and called to go to lunch. He was babysetting Zach. We decide to get together at our favorite shrimp place on Hillcrest and Beltline. It was January 7th and we sat outside at a picnic table. Zach was in his carrier and we sat him on the picnic table. Now in January on this day it was 74 degrees. Of course Glenn and I each had a schooner of beer. What great times and memories !!! Steve Martin
Posted by Martin Gilvarg on 29th December 2018
Glenn, Lifelong friend, saw too little of him the last few years but checked in on Glenn a few years back in Sacramento, and remember his home in Dallas, we also shared an apartment at St Johns Wood and some complex on the Northside in Richmond back in the early 80's. Played basketball every weekend morning and in leagues in the early days and in a 3 on 3 in Dallas during his time there. Best wedding memories and meeting Crystal and all her friends. We worked together at Westvaco where Glenn's ability to sleep through an alarm walk in to a meeting and flash a casual smile was a gift. We shared business stories as we worked in different businesses, I'll miss his face reality way of cutting through my BS. Such a great friend, such a great laugh and so much more. I miss you man .....So sorry for your loss Crystal, Vanessa and I are thinking of you and the boys. Martin
Posted by Richard Williams on 28th December 2018
I lived with Glenn in 1985 in Richmond at St John's Woods and what I thought was an apartment complex turned out to be an extended College experience for young adults with tennis, hoops, swimming, clubhouse, bands and keg parties. I met Glenn playing hoops at the complex and we ended up as "roomies". A transplanted Yankee from Boston and a smooth talking southerner hit it off great. Glenn's friendly, outgoing, "let's do it" demeanor was the main reason our unit was the "frat house" for about a dozen hoop playing, hard charging, hackers and former athletes. We ALWAYS had a half dozen people hanging out on a daily basis. One thing i LOVED about hanging with Glenn were the belly laughs that were contagious and endless and brought tears. Strangely, beyond extreme love of Georgia Tech, he was a big Dallas Cowboys fan! What is with that? He also could never leave a golf course with a "loss" and would play OT golf in 100% heat til he won. Our unit at "The Wood" was ground zero for all activities and Glenn was the ringmaster. Smiles, Cribbage, Golf, Hoops, Horses, and Parties were the norm. I have a hundred stories of Glenn and will never forget him. Neither will Big Al, Hoppy, Wayne, Bobby, Dickie, Barry, Jack, Jeff, Chris, Joe, Don, Bear(posthumous) and many others. Bless the memory of Glenn Owens. My heartfelt sympathy and best wishes to Crystal, the boys and the family going forward.
Posted by Sharon Castello on 27th December 2018
I thought this would be easier to compose without tears after a bit of time but, I was wrong. I had the privilege of working with Glenn for the past 11 years. He hired me on to Enviroplex as the Project Administrator after creating this position for me. You see, I was interviewing for a different position and he had two candidates that he wanted and one position. After many conversations with Corporate he was given the okay to hire two people......"Thank God he didn't have to choose" was his quote at our ten year anniversary dinner. I am very grateful for that. Glenn made a huge impact on all of our lives here at Enviroplex. His saucy sense of humor, care and compassion for all of us here was very evident. And then there was his robust laugh. That is going to be missed dearly around here. He had such a compassion for Enviroplex and making us the best we could be. We will continue to make him proud and carry on his compassion for Enviroplex with his spirit upon us. To Crystal, Zac, Mitch and Chase, my heart hurts for you. Glenn would talk often of how proud he was of all of you and you could tell how much he adored his beautiful wife. May you find comfort and love with each of these beautiful memories that each person shares.
Posted by Paul Zmigrosky on 20th December 2018
I first met Glenn when he worked for Mobil chemical then Toray. He was an excellent businessman and also one heck of a golfer. We had many interesting times together. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family on such a tragic loss
Posted by Mary Stump on 19th December 2018
My heart goes out to Crystal and all of Glenn's loved ones. I will miss his good cheer, his bowling prowess (and patience with the novices), Crystal plotting and adjusting their wonderful Halloween costumes, his supportive comments to our young baseball players, his attentive listening and smile as he watched his family play and grow.
Posted by Anna Molander Hermann on 19th December 2018
For a person who towered over the crowd, Glenn never had trouble fitting in. Hilarious, kind, and always thoughtful, Glenn made everyone feel more comfortable and more welcome. I can't put words to the loss we all feel, whether here in Sacramento or in any of the places Glenn has touched. My love to Crystal and the boys in grieving this loss but I know that each one of you carry him within.
Posted by Christine Lippy on 19th December 2018
When I think of Glenn, I will always think of him stopping by our house on Christmas Eve with Christmas gifts for our young sons. Glenn was more than just a mentor and a boss to Jeff; he was a role model of how to treat others and make them feel welcome and at home in new place. The warm memories and friendships Glenn cultivated will live on forever!
Posted by Reed Smith on 19th December 2018
I have had the pleasure to know Glenn since 1978 when he came to Tech and pledged Sigma Chi. Since then, I don't think I ever saw Glenn without a smile on his face. He was a wonderful brother and a great person. We shared many good times and I will always fondly remember him.
Posted by Kim Daly Hanlon on 18th December 2018
I was lucky enough to be with Crystal the night she met Glenn in San Francisco, the tall, dark and handsome man with the southern drawl captivated all of us. I am thankful that I was a part of their wedding and watched as they created a beautiful family and life together. Glenn was so gracious as I visited (and probably invited myself) to their homes around the country, Texas, Rhode Island and Virginia. He was so welcoming and was genuinely interested in what was going on in my life. I have always loved to watch how Crystal would make him laugh, he had so much love for her and his sons. I am happy that I got to see him twice in the last 6 months, just wish I had more time with him. My heart is broken over Glenn's passing, he is gone to soon. Love you Glenn.
Posted by Bill Holbrook on 18th December 2018
Forty years ago Clay Owens and I attended the Georgia Tech Duke game in Durham. I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn for the first time. We had an absolute blast at the game as well as traveling back to Atlanta. Because of that bonding time I had the honor and privilege to call Glenn my little brother at the Beta Psi Sigma Chi chapter. Glenn complimented the Owens family with such a unique perspective and he had a passion for life and everyone around him. I will always appreciate the Owens family because they have embodied the true Spirit of Sigma Chi-Friendship among members, sharing a common belief in an ideal, … … and possessing different temperaments, talents, and convictions …My prayers go out to the Owens family.
Posted by Michael Andreoli on 18th December 2018
Over the course of the past year, I've had the honor to get to know Glenn as more than a business leader. Glenn has filled our days with laughter, and I can't think of a more pure and honest soul. We will miss him greatly. May the hearts of the Owens Family be consoled.
Posted by Lisa Alvarado on 18th December 2018
I would be the "Newbee", as Glenn called me, here at Enviroplex. I first interviewed with Glenn (3) months before I accepted the position. He never gave up and met with me several times until he finally wore me down, soI said ok, let's give this a shot! Well I have never have had regret for my decision. See Glenn made Enviroplex what it is today, not only a Team, but a FAMILY. Now one of our family is not here, we won't hear his very distinguished voice (he would love that), we won't hear his phone "are you there" we won't hear is laugh and we won't be able to share that bottle of champagne next year because we met our goal, but we will continue to make him proud of what he has built. Even though I am the second newest member of the Team, he has impacted my life and I will never forget him. He had faith in all of us and did not believe in failing only perseverance and I am so proud to be a part of this Team. Glenn loved this company and was an incredible leader, he was honest, always fair, made sure to let you know when you were doing a good job, when a mistake was made he addressed it and moved on, one thing he always did was say "Thank You" no matter what. Now I say Thank you Glenn for having faith in me and giving me that shot.....I will miss you
Posted by Helena Cruz on 18th December 2018
I had the pleasure of working with Glenn on various projects over the years. He definitely had a passion for his projects and expected nothing but the best from them. I will always remember him fondly. He would pass through our department to say hello. He had a very tall presence and a voice that matched. He will be greatly missed — my deepest sympathies to his family, friends, and coworkers during this difficult time.
Posted by Lisa Baumann Wieman on 18th December 2018
Crystal and boys, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. Please know that my heart goes out to you all. You are in my prayers. It has been many years but I have not forgotten your lovely family.
Posted by Gregory Blake on 17th December 2018
We just met Glenn this summer but have known Crystal for many years. Great guy so easy to talk to. Our prayers are with you all.
Posted by Kevin McRae on 17th December 2018
i worked Glenn back during his days at Mobil Chemical, and met him shortly after I started there in 1986. One could see almost instantly his charisma and how well he was liked by everyone. He truly was one of the good guys I have had the fortune of working with and knowing. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Owens family.
Posted by Suzanne Baker on 17th December 2018
Glen was my uncle and he set the bar for me when looking for my own soul mate. The summer after my Junior Year in high school my Dad sent me to spent 10 days with my aunt Chrissy and Glen after Mitch was born to help Chrissy out with Zach. Glen instantly made me feel so welcome and witnessing the way Chrissy and Glen loved and supported each other is etched in my memories forever. He was an amazing father and husband, the kind every woman dreams they will find one day. My aunt Chrissy was so very blessed she met such a wonderful man. He will be remembered forever and always!
Posted by Victoria Schmuhl on 17th December 2018
Our favorite memory of Glen was at our wedding. Curt was so nervous before the Ceremony. Curt was hyper ventilating. Glen pats him on the back and tells him just to breath, then pulls out a bottle of Jack in a paper bag. Hands Curt the brown bag to breath into. Then gives Curt the bottle and says now drink! Glen gave him a pep talk about marriage and jokes to follow. Glen and my other uncles were hysterical on the dance floor later that night. Curt felt so welcomed into the family that day. Glen had a way to comfort people with class and humor. Glen always made people feel welcome and had a genuine love for people. He loved his family and adored my aunt Chrissy.
Posted by Kelly Fejfar on 17th December 2018
It was an honor to have had the opportunity to get to know Glenn over the last couple of years. In such a short amount of time, he had such a huge impact. His passion for his work was contagious and his team truly adored him. He had the most unique personality of anyone I have ever known and I will truly miss him. My deepest sympathies to his family, children & loved ones during this difficult time.
Posted by Patty Gacutan on 17th December 2018
In a family of so many women, Glenn was our southern gentleman. Always a caring Husband, Father, Uncle, Brother and true Friend. He had a way of asking you a question, putting you at ease, and soon you would find yourself engaged in a fascinating conversation ending with a smile and some food for thought. Even when you didn’t think he was listening, his sharp wit would have you laughing til the tears came. Now we must take those happy moments and tuck them away for safe-keeping. This beautiful poem expresses our thoughts so eloquently: If Tears Could Build A Stairway “If tears could build a stairway And memories were a lane We would walk right up to Heaven And bring you back again No farewell words were spoken No time to say goodbye You were gone before we knew it And only God knows why Our hearts still ache in sadness And secret tears still flow What it meant to lose you No one will ever know But now we know you want us To mourn for you no more To remember all the happy times Life still has much in store Since you’ll never be forgotten We pledge to you today A hallowed place within our hearts Is where you’ll always stay” ~ author unknown We love you Glenn Owens!!! The Gacutan’s
Posted by Leilani Matyas on 17th December 2018
My Uncle Glenn taught me how to make a proper Black and Tan, introduced me to the magic of a Texas Kolache, and on countless occasions made me laugh myself to tears. He told me he was proud of me, and if you knew him, you'd know how incredible and genuine a compliment that is. He was our official "Go-to-Guy" in my wedding ceremony, and calmed our nerves as my Dad and I took the walk down the aisle. My heart is broken, and I will miss his presence more than I can say but I'm so honored to have had him in my life. To the Owens Family, I love you all so incredibly much.
Posted by Chris Snyder on 17th December 2018
Glenn just had a way about him that drew everyone in. Whether it was his colorful story-telling, his contagious laugh, or that Barry White voice, his presence was always larger than life and you knew you were in for something good when he was in the room. He was my coworker and friend and I will deeply miss him.
Posted by John Fulcoly on 17th December 2018
I'm so sorry to hear this. Glenn was a great partner and taught me much about film in my early career and we did some great work together. Enjoyed our times together - we always fought over who would get Glenn in their scramble team!
Posted by Ed Olsen on 17th December 2018
Even though I only knew Glenn for a short time, he was such a charismatic guy, people were drawn to him, his laugh was infectious. I really enjoyed our short time together and I will miss him. My deepest sympathies to his wife and the boys.
Posted by Paul Crabtree on 17th December 2018
I am going to miss his tremendous sense of humor and deep raspy laugh. He was always a pleasure to be around, supportive, caring and understanding. My heart truly mourns for Glenn's wife and children. We are going to miss you Glenn Owens!
Posted by Robert Rollins on 17th December 2018
Although he was taken from his family, friends and co-workers without notice, our Heavenly Father ordained his steps on this earth. All that knew Glenn will see him again on the streets paved in gold. He walks hand in hand with God and with other loved ones that have passed before him. May the Lord bless everyone during this difficult time.
Posted by Dave Duggins on 17th December 2018
As a member of Glenn’s work family he would often play off the importance of his words by telling us that he was simply, “just a dude” and that he didn’t really “do anything”. Glenn was never “just a dude”, he was so much more. He was the steady force that guided our efforts. He was our conscious behind the decisions we made, ensuring we were always doing what was right. He was the passion behind the work we completed. He was a great mentor that we all wanted to follow. He was that big loud laugh that we needed to keep our spirits up. But most of all he was a true friend. I truly will miss you Glenn, thank you.
Posted by Joel Tell on 17th December 2018
Wow I will miss Glenn. Whenever we were at a social gathering and I saw Glenn, I knew I was in for some good conversation and good laughs. His smile and his voice always lifted me up. I really enjoyed our fairly short friendship and will miss him dearly. And now for just a short story about a call I got one day...I met Glenn through our youngest sons. After knowing him for at least a year I got a voice mail that makes me laugh to this day. He had one of the most recognizable voices I know and in his typical Glenn voice he said, "Hi Joel, this is Glenn Owens (pause), Crystal Owens husband (pause), Chase Owens Dad (pause), I live down the street. I was wondering if you wanted to join a basketball team?" The message went on but I just though it was so funny that he used so many methods to help me understand clearly who he was when he was already such a memorable person.
Posted by Susan Carter on 17th December 2018
To know him was to love him!
Posted by Murray Griffin on 17th December 2018
It was an honor and a privilege to know Glenn and to be able to call him my Brother through the sacred bonds we shared in our fraternity. His smile and laughter will be missed.
Posted by John Duncan on 17th December 2018
I first had the pleasure to meet Glenn in 1985 at a Mobil Chemical sales, sports, cocktails and fun was our instant connector as we became fast friends. Tons of good memories with my dear friend...I consider Glenn one of my best friends. He was smart, witty, clever, thoughtful and spontaneous...he called me "Johnnie Babe"...oh how I wish I could hear those sweet words one more time. Rest in Peace, G, I love you.
Posted by Judith Kjelstrom on 16th December 2018
In remembrance of my dear brother-in-law, Glenn. He loved his family, friends, nature, sports and his beloved alma mater, GT. He lived life to the Max. God Bless his soul. This poem is fitting when thinking about how he would like us to remember him.... Afterglow I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one. I’d like to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done. I’d like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways, Of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days. I’d like the tears of those who grieve, to dry before the sun; Of happy memories that I leave when life is done.

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