• 89 years old
  • Born on September 26, 1923 .
  • Passed away on September 27, 2012 .

Gloria is survived by her children, Chris, David and Connie, as well as grandchildren Terence, Brian,and Courtney and great granddaughters McKenzie and Ainsley.  Although we are spread out across the country, we always kept in touch with Gloria, and were saddened as we watched this amazing woman gradually lose contact with us as a result of her dementia.

Visit this page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phojcG-aB-8&feature=youtu.be to see Gloria's family photos and hear her stories of childhood and growing up.

Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7043QDwhqQ to hear Gloria reading from her diaries.

A dedicated teacher by profession, for over 25 years, Gloria spent her career teaching reading in various public schools.   But she found her greatest satisfaction teaching the less privileged children in  East Harlem, New York.  A keen intellect, always open to new ideas, she continued to learn and evolve throughout her  life and career. She was an empathic and honest writer. Her book titled  "Homework" was published in 1970. It chronicled her teaching experiences with disadvantaged children using techniques of the "Open Classroom".  
In her early twenties, her life experience led her to  become a champion of women's rights and reproductive rights .These were causes that she would support thoughout her life.  She would openly talk about women's rights, without regard to the popularity of issues, or political correctness.

In retirement she was a tireless political activist, volunteering for many political campaigns. She supported groups such as  FAIR and Religious Witness with Homeless People in San Francisco.. She  always brought her activism to the streets participating in anti-war marches.and union picket lines.

For the last few years of her life Gloria resided at the Irene Swindell's Residential Care Program in San Francisco;a small non profit care facility specializing in Dementia Care. Living there she felt safe and secure,due to the commitment and dedication of the staff. She often sang loudly as her memory for music never failed. She treated the staff as she always treated working people, with appreciation, and as equals.  She, in a way,was able to continue teaching because the program incorporates therapy interns learning to work with the geriatric residents . She would also be pleased that the program is staffed by Union workers who get a living wage for their hard  and sometimes times difficult work.  The Foundation provides support to families who exhaust  their financial resources so that their loved ones  can remain in an environment of dignity and excellent care.

The family requests that tax deductible memorial gifts can be made to
   CPMC Foundation  c/o Irene Swindells Alzheimers Residential Care Program
   Donations can be sent to: The Swindell's Program
                                             3698 California St. 3rd Floor
                                             San Francisco, CA 94118

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Posted by Henry Murphy on 20th October 2018
Gloria, You immediately made me feel welcome into your home, a book and plant filled apartment in Elechester. You had wonderful laugh, which I heard often. you encouraged my love of books and I tried my best to plow through the living rooms wall covering and very eclectic library. I traveled extensively on the couch there, "Sailing with Slocum" around the world, visiting "Patagonia", learning about "Earthquakes, Fire and Thunder". I loved talking to you. And now that I am a father of a daughter, I wonder at your open minded ness and grace.
Posted by Connie Channon on 26th September 2018
“Gloria, I still miss you, always will. Every year at this time, I remember the ‘birthday dinner’ we shared annually. I also think of you especially these days as so many of us continue our public protests re peace and justice issues…even more this time: defense of our very democracy. Thank you for walking on the “right side of the road” when you once trod this life; it was my honor to have walked beside you, Gloria, my friend. Sister Bernie Galvin
Posted by Connie Channon on 26th September 2016
Thinking of all of you this time of the year! Love, Sister Bernie --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gloria Channon made me a better person. “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same” - Flavia Weedn Gloria Channon was such a person for me. Gloria had such a profoundly deep soul, and it was that which made her such a wonderful, warm, loving human being. We all know that her heart was big enough to take in every poor child she ever met, every hard working man or woman,every homeless person, every individual whose dignity and rights were denied by an ignorant, greedy and unjust society. On more than one occasion, I have seen Gloria tip a poor waiter with more than the total cost of the meal. She genuinely loved poor, struggling, suffering people. It is no wonder that she was so loved by all who really knew her. I tell you truly, Gloria Channon made me a better person.
Posted by Connie Channon on 26th September 2015
A remembrance from Sister Bernie My dear friend Gloria, During the many years you were with us down here, you made this world a better place! If heaven can be improved in any way whatsoever, I’m sure you are quite busy organizing for change! Atta’ Girl! I look forward to joining you again one of these days. Love and admiration, Sister Bernie
Posted by Wilfred Jones on 23rd November 2012
Gloria, you and I for a brief and beautiful time took care of one another. The light that you shared with me shines within me still. For the rest of my life, as long as I live, you live. I give my thanks to you Gloria, for your light and your love. J.
Posted by Rachel Leisng on 18th October 2012
I loved having Gloria as our neighbor. I got to know her as a witty and brave role model. Even in her golden, velvet, years she stood up and spoke her mind. I'll never forget her writing a sign for her window to support the local hells angels who lived down our street after they had been raided by the authorities. It was a beautiful thing! You are missed, Gloria!
Posted by Connie Channon on 7th October 2012
Sister Bernie Galvin has shared " The Gloria I Knew and Loved" in the stories section
Posted by Luella Hill-Dudley on 6th October 2012
It was such an honor to be her caregiver. I miss her daily. I miss her singing and laughing with me. She was such a precious lady with a great spirit. I am so very happy I had the priveledge to be her caregiver. You will always be remembered and a special place in my heart for you. Now you are dancing and singing with the angels.
Posted by Robert Sarison on 5th October 2012
Gloria will forever be in our hearts as a wonderful, vital member of our community at the Swindells Program. She was a playful tour-de-force of joy, who showed us all how to live in the present moment. I lost track of how many times she kissed my hands after the first few years but her expressions of affection to those aound her will be greatly missed. With gratitude to her caring family.
Posted by Charles Martel on 3rd October 2012
Thank you Gloria for your vigorous and passionate positions on Politics and social issues. You always kept me on my toes. And thank you for showing me some of the wonders of the SF Bay area. I will miss you and hearing about you from your devoted and loving children.
Posted by Dave Channon on 29th September 2012
Gloria took me on many trips- To the studio of Pearl Primus when I was maybe 5 or 6. Pearl was an African American modern dancer and her place was full of huge drums, taller than me. One time Gloria set us up at a crash pad in DC after an anti war demo - at a swanky Virginia suburban house with long white shag carpeting and carpeted with shaggy hippies. Good-bye Gloria,
Posted by Dave Channon on 29th September 2012
Gloria reads from her diaries on this video, starting with her childhood. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7043QDwhqQ

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