Let the memory of Godlove Chi Awasom enlighten us to live life and love life to the fullest. It is well with his soul.
  • 41 years old
  • Born on February 23, 1975 in Kumba, South West Region, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on September 30, 2016 in Savannah, Georgia, United States.

Hello friends and family,
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Wake keeping at Family Compound at Muwacho-Alachu

  8:00AM: Removal of corpse from Bamenda Mutuary
  9:30AM: Laying in state at the family compound
10:00AM: Funeral service at P. C. Alachu
12:00PM: Departure to the family compound
12:30PM: Burial, Refreshment & Departure 

Posted by Marceline Awasom on 2nd October 2018
Forever missed indeed. You are constantly on my mind. Jr and Daniel always share some fun memorie with Benjamin
Posted by Innocent Awasom on 1st October 2018
Shake, Last evening while watching a game, thoughts of you came to mind. Flash back of you playing soccer and running down the field. Could you be part of the NFL or soccer squad in the heavenly realm? The boys are all grown up and mom is just so amazing with her strength and all! Your CD is on in the car and the boys have started to sing some by heart and I smile as that part of here for the long haul. Continue to rest in peace dorn petit frere and we know you spirit lives on in the velvety laugh, music and your beautiful family.
Posted by MERCY ASSAM on 23rd February 2018
Hey Pappi, still going through mixed emotions of hurt, loss and comfort that you are resting. It has been a tough few days listening to your music at night, but somehow I sleep through peacefully. We will miss you forever. Just spoke with Valmy late this evening who walking home from the library called because she thought of you.You will never be forgotten. Oh, lest I forget, she wrote a song for you. I will share it first with Marce and the boys before I add it here. Sleep sound my dear. I love you.
Posted by Victor Awasom on 23rd February 2018
Goddy, its only your body that left us, because you continue to live in our memory and thoughts. Benji is growing into a boy while Danny and Junior are maturing into teenagers and their mum is doing just what you would have done for them. Thank you for leaving us with such blessings for children. We know u are in a better place in peace and security from the all Mighty. We will for ever miss u.
Posted by Marceline Awasom on 23rd February 2018
Life has and will never be the same since you left our home. Tu me manque by Harry Diboula brings back memories. Painful but I can't help listening to it often. We all miss you Schartz
Posted by Nde Charles on 2nd October 2017
Goddy. It's one year since you left. Your memories will never die. Your charming smile is engraved in our hearts. The three handsome boys are here. Look at junior when he smiles---same disarming charm. Greet our fathers and grandparents and Goodwill. You are forever missed indeed. Uncle Doctor.
Posted by Victor Awasom on 30th September 2017
Goddy Shake its one year today since you left us. We know you are in a better place with your Lord Creator. We forever miss you bro. RIP
Posted by Violet Awasom-Nkimbeng on 23rd February 2017
Happy birthday my darling brother. I hope you are resting well in your new home. I miss you so much and may your sweet soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Patience Akenji on 15th November 2016
Goddy, I wish I could say its ok. I find it hard to add you to the list of people we have both been lamenting that they went too soon. I know the normal thing to do as a Christian is to accept this fate. But why do I still not want to talk about it ot think about it. So now I should also say gone too soon and it will be alright I guess. Sorry I can't. But it doesn't matter what I think or say now. God is supreme and He alone knows why. Smile and sing your way into His kingdom. You will always be loved.
Posted by Maatsi Ndingwan on 14th November 2016
Goddy, you endured to the very end. You have left a whole community of friends, classmates and family so abruptly. We miss your smile indeed. We still can't believe it but this is real. You live on in our hearts and all the good times we had. We see you in the kids. Rest on dear Godlove. God loved you more and He called you home to be with Him sooner than we hoped. God has smiled on you and set you free.
Posted by Nde Charles on 14th November 2016
Goddy going to Germany at tender age of seven taught you stardom .You were a thriller everywhere you went. The charming baby smile lingered on .You ran always on the fastest lane. the race is over , the battle is won.Farewell. As a star medical ethics immortalizes you Delima!."To treat or not to treat". Sing and dance with Godwill, Pa Teacher and Pa Moderator till we join you. Adieu my brother and son. Dr Awasom Charles
Posted by Innocent Awasom on 14th November 2016
Shake my don petit frere. It saddens me that all the plans you engineered and nurtured will not see the light of day with you running the show physically and lighting up the place with that jazzy velvety voice of yours. Your dream for family unity lives on. Your spirit lives on brother because I consider your early departure as a celebration of a great life, flowered by the beautiful children, wife and family you temporarily left behind. Your legacy lives on and you will remain fondly in our hearts forever, until we meet again in a more beautiful place! Rest in a peaceful sleep my brother and friend.
Posted by Victor Awasom on 14th November 2016
Hey Shake, my dear brother, words alone cannot tell how we feel, to know that you left us. It’s very hard and painful. I just can’t stop thinking down memory lane of your life as you grew up. To think that it’s all over is unbearable. We wipe our tears because we know you are living in a better place with our Lord. We will forever cherish the little time we had with you and will live to celebrate your life. I LOVE YOU brother.
Posted by Marceline Awasom on 14th November 2016
My beloved Schatzi. I don't know if this whole ordeal will ever feel real to me. Just like our falling in love and quick wedding, you left so soon. I've asked so many whys but found no answers. I miss you my Schatzi dear, the boyz will greatly miss you. But I'm doing just what you taught me, staying strong, keeping a big smile on my face, not being afraid of tomorrow even when I'm not sure of making it there, living and saying "everything will be fine".
Posted by MERCY ASSAM on 14th November 2016
My dear Pappi, your fast train ride came to an abrupt halt.I know you still had a lot to give us all, but I guess it was not meant to be. Not even the promise you made, to one day tell me how you create a music piece.I will miss your singing, your smile, your hugs and your warm embraces. Rest in peace my dear Pappi. It is well!
Posted by Violet Awasom-Nkimbeng on 13th November 2016
Still waiting to be your "back up singer" Shake. I took it personal when you told me I could not. Instead of not talking to you, I should have pushed through. Now you are gone and I am here imagining when it will ever be done. My dear brother, I wish I could turn things around.

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