Graham touched the lives of everyone he met and he will never be forgotten.
  • 84 years old
  • Born on August 11, 1929 .
  • Passed away on October 5, 2013 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of Graham Neale who died age 84 following a long hard battle with motor neurone disease. Graham touched the lives of everyone he met and we will never forget him. Please take a moment to add a message below or click on the "Stories" tab to leave a longer message / memory (it doesn't have to be a story!). Thank you. xx

Posted by Edgar Pullicino on 13th August 2017
Graham will always standout in memory as a superb physician who combined care with clinical excellence. Many researchers and clinicians- in-training who were taken under his wing have benefited from the guidance and direction which he always gave so enthusiastically. God Bless Edgar Pullicino
Posted by Fiona Neale on 11th August 2015
Today Dad would have turned 86. In his memory and to celebrate his birthday I would like to share with you the book that was made possible by all of you who sent your thoughts and memories about Dad. Thank you once again for helping to create such an an incredible picture of Dad's life, the impact he had on your lives and on the practice of medicine. Happy birthday Dad and Grandad, Loving you always and forever, Fi and Sophia
Posted by Naomi Kerr on 25th January 2014
I read with sadness of Graham's death in the BMJ. Graham was the outstanding student in our year at Bristol Medical School. We were full of admiration for his ability to apply himself to the course, and towards the end of the course to realise how much he knew. He was always quiet and modest, but we were not surprised that he went from house jobs in Bristol to the Hammersmith, and later to Addenbrookes. I admired him as a student, and from reading these tributes, he has made an amazing contribution to the care of patients, and has had a lasting influence on his colleagues. What a contribution to life.
Posted by Julie Barber on 3rd January 2014
Dr Neale was my first ever "boss" when I was one of his house officers many years ago in Addenbrookes. He was my medical hero ever after and I will all ways remember him for his great kindness and wonderful irreverent sense of humour.
Posted by Annette Marshall on 19th November 2013
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Neale whilst working with Imperial and have referenced his research many times. He was so quiet and modest but such a great role model. Sincere condolences to the Neale family.
Posted by Sonal Arora on 17th November 2013
I worked closely with Graham in the patient safety unit at Imperial and we literally all used to refer to him as 'the father of patient safety' and indeed to all of us. He always had time and a smile for everyone. Although Graham is gone, his spirit, his words, his love will always surround you and through you and his work and everyone he has helped, will he never ever be forgotten.
Posted by Caz MacDonald on 17th November 2013
Graham was a delightful and charming and highly intelligent man who I am sure will be sorely missed by all, and particularly his family. He will forever be remembered by us in North London as the man who introduced us to the boogie board which transformed many people's lives. I send you my warmest thoughts to his family.
Posted by Hilary Colbert on 17th November 2013
Graham was one of the kindest, gentlest men I’ve ever known and also one of the most modest. What an incredible, brave battle he has fought with that ghastly disease – making sure he continued to use his great gift of intellect right up to the end. Fiona's tale of him with Sophia is hugely moving and I hope will she will be some comfort through the long dark days of grief.
Posted by James Murphy on 17th November 2013
Graham stood out from other doctors. I was very impressed by his courtesy, knowledge, prompt response and the interest and compassion he had for my clients. Even when he couldn’t be of assistance, he thought nothing of emailing long helpful letters listing alternative names and areas I could refer to. His helpful emails were gratuitous. If you didn’t know, this is so rare as to be unique.
Posted by Hermon Dowling on 17th November 2013
My wife Evelyn and I had great admiration for Graham. Despite considerable personal difficulties in his life, Graham achieved an amazing amount and was held in high regard by all who were privileged to know him. He bore his devastating and progressive illness with great courage and fortitude. Evelyn joins me in sending our sympathies and condolences.
Posted by Irene Elia on 17th November 2013
Graham was so intelligent, caring, and modest. Family, friends, and patients have lost a wonder. His work and compassion will always inspire me, as I told him last year. I hope that the memory of the good he did will inspire and unite all of us to help each other. As it is said, 'The memory of the righteous is a blessing.'
Posted by Maria Ahmed on 23rd October 2013
It's been a huge privilege to have known and worked with Graham during my time at the CSRU. He was perpetually supportive and full of enthusiasm for improving the safety and quality of healthcare. An absolute legend who will be sorely missed.
Posted by Anna Pinto on 22nd October 2013
I have known Graham since I joined CRSU in 2008. Graham was a true inspiration for all of us who were new in patient safety research. I will never forget his genuine passion for a safer healthcare and his endless support to junior researchers. We will miss Graham a lot. My deepest condolences go to his family.
Posted by Colette Fennelly on 21st October 2013
Graham was a very special person with amazing insight and warmth. He was so generous with his time and expertise. He is a huge loss to everyone in the medical profession and to all his friends and family. To Graham everyone was family and we were fortunate to have known him and his caring personality. Sadly missed with lots of love Colette,Johnny & family.
Posted by Wilson Family on 21st October 2013
As a doctor and a friend, Dr. Neale was truly inspirational and we consider it a great privilege to have known him.
Posted by Dermot Kelleher on 20th October 2013
I had the privilege of being intern to Graham Neale and Donald Weir many years ago in Sir Patrick Duns Hospital in Dublin and experienced Graham's superb skills in educating a young physician to continually ask questions and to learn from every patient. A superb physician, a great academic and a wonderful man who had a substantial and lasting impact on academic medicine in Dublin.
Posted by Bob Middleton on 20th October 2013
What a terrible loss. And what a loss to Medicine and to the next generation. You must know what a "warm spot" all his colleagues and peers had for Graham. I will always remember and treasure my friendship with him - surely the gentlest, kindest, most empathetic and knowledgable Physician that any of us had the privilege of knowing.We will remember Graham with great fondness.
Posted by Roger Kneebone on 20th October 2013
Graham was extremely kind to me when we first met at Imperial. We had many wide-ranging discussions and I greatly enjoyed his wisdom, his sense of humour and his kindness. This is a very sad loss.
Posted by Sylvia Cottee on 19th October 2013
I first met Graham in 1982 when I joined his Addenbrooke's Nutrition Team as the first Specialist Nurse, we kept in touch ever since. Even now I recall his exceptional bedside manner; he'd sit holding the patient's hand (feeling their pulse of course), speaking softly and directly to them. He was a great man, a role model, an uncle figure to me; greatly missed, never forgotten.
Posted by Deborah Gill on 18th October 2013
I was sorry to hear of Graham's passing. He was a truly excellent human being and touched many people here at UCL. So many students and junior doctors fondly remember him as their wise and kind personal and professional development tutor. He taught this not just the lesson but through his actions and his humility.
Posted by Shabnam Undre on 18th October 2013
I met Graham while I was doing my PhD at Imperial College in 2003. Graham was at the CSRU and helped me with a project on patient record reviews I did in India. Graham was always very kind and helpful and had the patience to answer all my crazy questions and guide me whenever needed. He always had a smile on his face and I will remember him fondly. A great man and no doubt amazing father.
Posted by Denis Cusack on 18th October 2013
My thoughts are with you in celebration of your father's wonderful life and contributions to medical education and practice and in your loss of a great father and friend. May he rest in peace and may you have serenity in your time of bereavement.
Posted by David Kerry on 18th October 2013
Graham was one of the very kindest people I have met. He was one of a rare breed, always putting others before himself. I wish there were others more like him in the world we now live in. My condolences to you all.
Posted by Robert Hammond on 18th October 2013
It was a pleasure helping to look after Graham. He dealt with a horrendous diagnosis very calmly and appeared very wise - I'm sure he was a great doctor in his day. Condolences to all the family.
Posted by Teresa Weiler on 18th October 2013
Graham was an incredibly dedicated man and so generous with his time and knowledge. Graham was an enormous supporter and advisor to us at Chaucer and visited many times to meet with us and share his wisdom and knowledge. Graham had a very important impact on us personally and our work, he had a real insight into our client group. He was a very special man. Please accept our condolences.
Posted by Asim Sheikh on 18th October 2013
Graham was our University external examiner until 2012. We were very saddened to hear of his illness then, and are very saddened to hear of his passing now. Graham was an excellent and diligent examiner and made a great contribution to University College Dublin (UCD) and in the wider field of patient safety. He will be a loss to you all and to the wider community. May he rest in peace.
Posted by Rhona Flin on 18th October 2013
I met Graham several times at patient safety meetings and he was such an inspiration to all of us working in that area. We were very pleased when he agreed to come up and talk at one of our Scottish meetings and he managed to horrify us all with his report of his research into diagnostic error, which I notice has recently become a much more discussed topic, no doubt due to his influence.
Posted by Catherine Warwick on 18th October 2013
Graham was the most delightful of men. He very kindly offered his time and wide knowledge to support a project I was doing for my masters thesis. His generosity has always remained with me and will encourage me to do the same for my students one day. Dr Neale is a man I will remember well for his kindness, generosity and accomplishments as a doctor. My condolences to all his family.
Posted by Susy Long on 18th October 2013
Graham and I met in 2007 in the CSRU and even though I never knew Graham as a practising clinician he was inspirational - I could tell that he was just the sort of doctor I wanted to be - always putting the patients first, very self-reflective and always trying to learn or help others learn from things that could have been done better. We will all miss him but will never forget him.
Posted by Eddie Edwards on 18th October 2013
I considered Graham both a friend and an inspiration. His dedication throughout his career was always to improve the lives of patients, students, colleagues and friends. He affected many people, myself included. Not everything has gone so well for me in recent years and Graham offered wise advice and genuinely cared about all those lucky enough to come into contact with him.
Posted by Susan Burnett on 18th October 2013
Graham's desk was always piled high with papers and medical records he was reviewing. He made a real difference to people's lives, not only the medical students he taught and the patients he treated, but also through his research. He was very stoic as the MND took its toll; even when he found it difficult to talk, with a smile and a few written words and he could still make us laugh.
Posted by Nick Sevdalis on 18th October 2013
I have known Graham for a few years, and although we only collaborated occasionally I have always had the greatest respect for his vision and care for patients, and his extremely hard and pioneering work on improving their safety. Graham was loved and respected within our wider group. He was a real exemplary figure, and he will be hugely missed.
Posted by Zaline Iqbal on 18th October 2013
Graham was on the Board of Directors with me in Bevin Square. He always was kind, considerate and helpful. He often spoke of you Fiona and spoke of you with pride. Saying goodbye to a parent is the right 'passage of way' but that doesn't lessen the pain. Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself and hold on to the wonderful memories.
Posted by Edward Gordon-Smith on 18th October 2013
Those of us who were lucky enough to be at Hammersmith with Graham knew him as the kindest and gentlest of men and a fantastic physician only fierce in his advocacy for his patients. I know that although Graham's end was long expected it will still be a great sadness to you and the family and I would like to extend my deep sympathy to you at this time. Kind regards, Ted
Posted by Margaret Morley on 18th October 2013
Graham was highly thought of at AvMA, and all the “girls” loved to have a chat with him when he came in to the office – which was often. All our thoughts are with you and the family at this difficult time.
Posted by David Levine on 18th October 2013
Graham and I corresponded some time ago about our mutual interest and suggestions for medical education. He was a true force for clinical practice and will be sorely missed at a time when too few are prepared to fight for professional values and standards.
Posted by Mary Calladine on 18th October 2013
Graham was such a good man and we shall not forget him; a true beloved physician. He was always a true friend and mentor to me and one of my role models. I know that he did not believe in any further life after this one. He said "we live on in our children" and that is certainly true, but I hope and believe that he is alive in some realm of being.
Posted by Paul Miller on 18th October 2013
I was SHO and then registrar with Graham 1970-72. I learnt a tremendous amount from him. Graham was a distinguished gastroenterologist, who made a major contribution with his research, and a superlative general physician. He worked phenomenally hard always putting his patients, trainees and students first. He was delightful man with a wonderful sense of humour and a pleasure to be with.
Posted by Derek Wight on 18th October 2013
I worked closely with Graham during his time at Addenbrooke's. I had greatly admired his qualities. All who knew him much appreciated what he gave to his patients and the medical community. Although he came to Addenbrooke's as a gastroenterologist he was always one of the old school of Hammersmith-trained all-round physicians. I much valued his advice. Please accept my profound sympathy.
Posted by Nick Wight on 18th October 2013
I was one of his SHOs many years ago. GN (as we knew him) was part of the reason I chose gastroenterology as a career and if I have achieved anything then it is partly because of his influence. I consider myself to be lucky to have been part of a golden generation at Addenbrooke's and your father was our leader. I hope that I have managed to uphold the standards and qualities he taught me.
Posted by Deirdre Wallace on 18th October 2013
When Graham was lead for the Professional Development Spine he used a desk in our office on Thursday mornings. I remember Graham laughing - he always had something fun to say and a joke to crack. Instead of us younger ones keeping him from his work he used to entertain and distract us all in good fun and faith! Graham was a great role model - really dedicated to his work and the students.
Posted by Tim Cox on 18th October 2013
Graham was an incredible doctor, teacher and parent, among so many other things. His staying power, commitment and sense of justice never left him and are a great example to all of us. Graham worked out many things for himself but he didn’t keep them to himself. He was an immensely kind and dedicated person; a doctor's doctor. We celebrate his massive achievements and owe him a huge debt.
Posted by David Inwald on 18th October 2013
I am very sorry to hear about Graham. He was a lovely man and utterly dedicated to his work. I very much enjoyed and appreciated working with him on the few joint projects we had together. I would like to send my condolences to his family.
Posted by CK Connolly on 18th October 2013
My path crossed with Graham's intermittently throughout our careers. I always respected his intellect and clinical acumen. My thoughts go out to his family.
Posted by Rodney Grahame on 18th October 2013
I really know Graham best from the 1960s when we were both registrars at the Hammersmith Hospital. I remember him from those times as a quiet, modest man and a caring and compassionate doctor, who stood out from the crowd of doctors at the Hammersmith of those days. My sincerest condolences to all his family, Rodney
Posted by Deirdre Kelly on 17th October 2013
Graham, I remember when we first met in Dublin in 1976, I had to translate the Dublin accent for you and how much fun we had together. You had a huge influence on my early career and I always admired your complete integrity, clinical, academic and human. I was able to implement these values in my own life and work in Birmingham and am grateful for your guidance and support to me throughout my p
Posted by Ian Byatt on 17th October 2013
Graham was a great & wonderful man and the world, his friends, &, of course, his family, will be the worse without him. Motor Neurone disease is a terrible thing, but Graham continued to help others right to the end. I'm so glad the he & his granddaughter Sophia got on so well; a big thing for him at the end of his life and a big thing for her at the beginning of her's.
Posted by Paula Ayres on 16th October 2013
Thank you Graham for being such a kind support during my first year as a PDS tutor - & here I am some 8 years later!
Posted by Benjamin Lamb on 16th October 2013
I am very sad to hear about Grahams death, my thoughts are with his family and friends. Graham will be missed by the department and his contribution to education and healthcare on both personal and professional levels are a tribute to him.
Posted by Colin Borland on 16th October 2013
Graham had a very big impact upon how I practise medicine and his advice proved invaluable in finding a specialty and Consultant post which have proved exceptionally rewarding and fulfilling for almost thirty years. You are in our thoughts at this sad time.

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