This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Greg Dobrenchuk, who was born on March 18, 1951 and passed away on December 21, 2010.

We will love, miss, and remember Greg forever.... We are grateful for the many cherished memories of him that we will always have, and we take comfort in knowing that Greg now rests in peace in God's Heavenly Kingdom.

Remember Me

To the Living, I am gone,
To the sorrowful, I will never return;
To the angry, I was cheated.
But to the happy, I am at peace.
To the faithful, I have never left.
Talk to me, and I will hear,
your prayers, they com
fort me,
your laughter makes me laugh,
but don't weep
for me as I have my reward,
I am with the Father and He will never let me perish,
The Lord com
forts me, and longs to comfort you.
So be happy my family and don't despair,
I am in good hands, waiting
for the day when
the Lord calls you to come home.



Posted by Linda Wigglesworth on March 17, 2014
Remembering you, dear brother - especially on your birthday- thinking of you every day -and wishing you were here to share....Love, Linda
Posted by Vance Odonnell on February 7, 2014
Just another day without you dear Greg...we're in between snow don't get to tell me how nice it is on your much you love your music...I don't get to tell you how deep the snow is, how much wood we have burned.

I don't get to tell you how much I miss you.
Posted by Gloria Gutwirth on December 21, 2013
Remembering you today in many joyful ways as I pray that you are at peace and light a candle for you.Love Aunt Glo
Posted by Linda Wigglesworth on December 21, 2013
Thoughts and prayers are with you. You are very missed, my brother... always remembered. Love, Linda
Posted by Dana Dobrenchuk on December 21, 2013
Dear Greg,
On this day, the darkest day of the year, I take comfort in the joy of all the many memories we shared together. You are deeply loved, and sorely missed. Merry Christmas, my Brother!
Love, Dana
Posted by Vance Odonnell on December 21, 2013
Solstice and you my friend are forever...Kathryn and I will light a candle tonight and hold you in our hearts. This is a day when joy and sorrow hold hands. 

"Love is The Deal
Posted by Donna Noble on March 20, 2013
It is hard to think about March 18th without you being here physically. But you are always in our hearts, thoughts and prayers, and I'm sure that makes you smile, Greg, not just on your birthday. Your thoughtfulness and genuine care and concern for all of us, will never be forgotten. May your soul and spirit feel nothing but love coming your way today and always!
Thank you brother XO
Posted by Linda Wigglesworth on March 18, 2013
Thinking of you each day, dear Greg.....remembering you always...
Posted by Vance Odonnell on March 18, 2013
Greg my friend it's been another year, one day at a time, time once seemed's still just sad that we aren't going to talk and laugh about anything today. Life goes on here with my being grateful for the time we did have being friends. I hope you are at peace.
Posted by Dana Dobrenchuk on March 18, 2013
Happy Birthday, Greg! You are deeply missed, and will always be loved by your family and friends. It saddens me greatly that I cannot celebrate it with you today. Thank you for all that you did for me, and all that you taught me. I will strive to be as good a man as you were. I just wish we could share some more laughter together... But I'll cherish the memories that I do have forever.
Posted by Vance Odonnell on December 21, 2012
Greg buddy I am filled with gratitude that you were such a good friend to me and I miss you everyday.
Posted by Gloria Gutwirth on December 21, 2012
Remembering you today Greg and your wonderful traits of humor,compassion,and caring.We miss and pray for you everyday.Love,Aunt Glo
Posted by Linda Wigglesworth on December 21, 2012
You are always and forever in our hearts, dear Greg daily thoughts, memories, and prayers... I think of you instantly whenever I see a beautiful, colorful sunset. I think of you on this darkest, first day of winter, and I light candles. You are remembered each and every day and deeply missed.
Posted by Dana Dobrenchuk on December 21, 2012
Dear Greg,
I miss you every day, but even more so on this darkest day of the year. I'm grateful to have had you as my brother, and I'll never forget the things you taught me, and all the good times we had together. May you rest for all eternity in God's heavenly kingdom, my brother! Until we meet again... Love, Dana
Posted by Vance Odonnell on April 15, 2012
It's spring...I feel like I do in all the other seasons...I miss you
Posted by Mary Lou Freeman on March 19, 2012
Greg, today I said a special prayer for both you and my grandmother - March 18th - the day of your birth and my beloved grandmother's passing. May you share your laughter and fun with her and continue to watch and bless over your treasured family. May Gloria feel your daily sunshine in her new home in Florida.
Posted by Jan Pritchard on March 18, 2012
Thinking of Greg and his family on this memorial day of his birth.
Posted by Erica Noble on March 18, 2012
Missing you my dear Uncle. xox
Posted by Dana Dobrenchuk on March 18, 2012
Happy Birthday, Greg!

Although you are no longer physically here with us, I continue to feel your presence with me every day, and it gives me strength. I couldn't have asked for a better brother. I miss your laughter and humor and kindness. Until we meet again, my brother... Love, Dana
Posted by Vance Odonnell on March 18, 2012
Old friends are my treasure...our friendship was such a gift...thank you buddy for all the years you shared your heart, joy, and a few sorrows along the way...I feel very blessed that you were my friend.
Posted by Lin Wigglesworth on March 18, 2012
Happy Birthday, Greg!  Thinking of you every day - and most especially this day - remembering all the fun celebrations - the many themed cakes and parties throughout the years - and all the wonderful thoughtfulness, creativity, and caring of our loving family and dear friends. May God Bless.
Posted by Gloria Gutwirth on March 18, 2012
Dear Greg, Remembering you on your 61st birthday with gratitude that you were a part of our lives and with thankfulness for all that you gave us with your unique being.We will always miss you and pray to feel your presence. Love, Aunt Glo
Posted by Gloria Gutwirth on December 23, 2011
Remembering you with love in our hearts and thinking about all your wonderful qualities: each day one comes to mind- your wit,compassion,kindness,and craftsman's talent along with your musical gifts. Rest in Peace this Christmas. Love, Aunt Glo
Posted by Vance Odonnell on December 21, 2011
Greg buddy...I look at your picture everyday on my's the first and last image I look at...I wonder if any of us could have helped you...I do wish I had called you to check inner voice was telling me to but life got busy and then I said tomorrow I will call...I'm still wearing that awesome wool shirt you gave me so many years ago...I so miss you.
Posted by Dana Dobrenchuk on December 20, 2011
Thinking of you again today, just like every day. I wish I had gone to see you a year ago tonight, instead of a year ago tomorrow night...Thank you for being my big Brother for 53 years. I take comfort in my cherished memories, and we all take solace that you are in God's Heavenly Kingdom. Merry Christmas, my Brother. I miss you.
Posted by Linda Wigglesworth on December 20, 2011
In our circle of love, we are forever all holding hands together.... We love... We care deeply. We know you are there; unseen to us now, but with us. We all share the same heart-felt energy. In our thoughts and in our hearts, we remember you, Greg....always.
Posted by Gary Andreasen on April 4, 2011
I just heard about Greg's untimely passing. I was deeply saddened and also quite shocked. Greg was my supervisor at the US Census last year. He was a great boss and a fantastic person. He will be truly missed.
Posted by Dana Dobrenchuk on March 18, 2011
Happy Birthday, Greg! You are sorely missed, and always in our thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Dana Dobrenchuk on March 18, 2011
Happy Birthday, Greg! It was a beautiful spring day here, and you were in my thoughts and prayers all day.  Tonight, I went and got pizza from our favorite place – was OK, but just not “right”. I feel your presence – I hope you hear my prayers.
Posted by Erica Noble on March 18, 2011
Happy Birthday Uncle Greg, We love and miss you so very much. Thank you so much for watching over us. Love Erica and Daniel xo
Posted by Linda Wigglesworth on March 4, 2011
We are deeply missing You, Greg….an integral part of each of us. There is a hole in each of our hearts. Each and every day, you are remembered...your chuckle, even heartier with mischief behind it...the love and generosity of your heart...your smiles of contentment and satisfaction for job(s) well done. You took pride in your work. You owned it. Creating-anything-was your passion.
Posted by Diana Hajen on February 18, 2011
Dear Greg,
You are truly going to be missed. I will always cherish the good times we had together, and all the laughter. We had some great times when you lived in Ma. I know the good Lord is watching over you. You will always be in my heart forever.

Posted by Diane Rogers on January 19, 2011
To Greg's Family and Friends,
Greg will always be remembered for his thoughtfulness, kindness, and his cares for others. Never putting himself first. Alot of tears have fallen for such a wonderful man. I have dated him for about one year but some things are not meant to be. His guitar has given him peace when needed. Now he rest in peace. God Bless In Jesus Name......  Diane
Posted by Mary Lou Freeman on January 17, 2011
I only dated Greg for such a short time so many years ago but will always remember his beautiful green eyes and winning smile. His sense of humor was truly a gift and he was passionate about his family, carpentry skills,baseball, and guitar. He will be greatly missed but is eternally embraced in Paradise by God and his loving parents. May he dwell in peace throughout his eternity.
Posted by Vance Odonnell on January 11, 2011
Dear Greg, time is passing with each day. Today is yet another in my journey of sorrow. I hold on to the gratitude that we told each other that we were best friends and that we loved each other. I loved our friendship, our connection. I loved your sentimental side, your chuckle, and your kind heart. I have faith that you hear the prayers of all those you loved.


Brother Vance
Posted by Norma Savlon on January 8, 2011
Greg,I am very happy that I got to know you. Though I never had a chance to spend much time with you, I did enjoy that week that you spent with us before your moved to Florida. We didn't need to spend much time with you to know you were kind and sensitive, thank you for making us feel at ease.
I pray that you are now at peace in the arms of your Father.
I will remember you.
Norma Savlon
Posted by Jan Pritchard on January 8, 2011
Although I have never met Greg I feel as though I have through his Aunt Glo. May you rest in peace in the arms of Jesus and enjoy the peace you so well deserve.

My sincere condolences to the entire family.
Posted by Gloria Gutwirth on January 4, 2011
Greg will always be remembered for his quick humor,creative and perfectionist carpentry and cooking skills-making toy shapes in pan cakes.He was an enthusiastic and promising athlete in baseball and foot ball.Always quick to acknowledge kindnesses from others, he was equally quick to bestow kindnesses on others.We will think of him every day. Aunt Glo
Posted by Dana Dobrenchuk on January 1, 2011
To all of Greg's family and friends,

A private service was held for Greg on December 28, 2010 in Pensacola, Florida. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the American Red Cross.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Our dear brother, Greg, will be forever loved and missed, and always remembered.

Greg's sister Donna,
Greg's sister Linda,
and Greg's brother Dana
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Posted by Dana Dobrenchuk on March 18, 2020
Happy Birthday, Greg!
You will always be continually missed and loved. I think of you every day, but even more so today... I wish we could be celebrating together... Happy Birthday! Love always,
Posted by Linda Wigglesworth on March 18, 2020
Happy Birthday, Dear Greg. You and "Your Day" will never be forgotten. Precious memories and so, so very much love...always... Linda
Posted by Vance ODonnell on March 17, 2020
St. Pats on the eve of the day that you began your journey...your auspicious never made a big deal out of were quiet...I never knew. 
And now I do, remember it and am grateful for the friendship we lived in. 
Recent stories

Virginia Beach, VA

Shared by Dana Dobrenchuk on March 18, 2018

Greg came to visit me at my house in Virginia Beach, around 1994-95.  I can't remember the exact year.  He had a great time golfing at the course at NAS Oceana.  Then, I needed some help with my 1987 Buick Regal "T" Type.  The fuel tank had rusted through, was leaking, and needed to be replaced.  I got a new one, we drained and un-bolted the old leaky one, and we were lying on our backs in the driveway trying to get the new one in place.  Sometime during all that, Greg rolled over, and said "Look, here's a 4-leaved clover!"  I couldn't believe it - I had never seen one before!  

Sure enough, an actual, real-live, 4-leaved clover, growing in a clump of regular 3-leaved clovers!  I don't know how he spotted it!  Greg picked it, and placed it out flat between two small pieces of glass or plastic.  I think I still have that here somewhere, now I have to go look for it!

Thanks for all your help, my Brother, and Happy Birthday to you!
Love, Dana


Batter Up

Shared by Dana Dobrenchuk on March 18, 2015

Dear Greg,

It’s baseball season again, and so I naturally think of you…  I remember all the times playing catch, and all our batting practice sessions in our back yard in Wenham, using the plastic “whiffle balls”.  Then, you turned it up a notch, and we started using the plastic golf balls instead!  Faster, more movement, and harder to hit!  But you knew it was good hit if it cleared the lilac bushes, and it went to Eaton Rd or Miss Johnson’s yard!  You tried to teach me to pitch – curveballs, sinkers, knuckleballs – but I was never close to being as good as you were.  But thanks for trying to coach me.  And I remember as a kid going to all your games with Mom and Dad to watch you play…  I’ll never forget that Grand-Slam homer  you hit at Patton Park!  That was awesome!  If I remember correctly, that won the game, didn’t it?  You were good, really good!  And we enjoyed watching, as much as you enjoyed playing.   “Batter Up!”

Love, Dana

Trips and Travels

Shared by Dana Dobrenchuk on March 18, 2014

I remember the many motorcycle trips Greg and I used to take...  Sometimes, we didn't even know where we going to go, except "up north, and into the country".  We rode all over NH, ME, VT, upstate NY, and even up to Toronto to visit our sister and her family.  The Canada trip was a long haul, that's for sure!

One time, we set out late on a trip up north, and when we got way up into Maine, it was well past dark.  I don't think we even knew exactly where we were, when we decided it was time to call it a night.   We were driving on a country road, and now it was really dark by this time. So we looked for a secluded place to turn off.  We made a quick campsite well off the road we had been travelling on, and turned in for the night...

When we woke up the next morning, we were more than just a little bit surprised to see we were camped on the edge of a dump!  Well, we got a good laugh out of that, and since we still needed to eat breakfast, we decided to make a small fire and cook up some bacon and eggs, before riding on.  So, we did just that.  We were both laughing about it, and ate our breakfast on the edge of the dump, like a couple of hobos!  Of all the places to stop for the night, in all that wilderness!

Good times!